St John Passion (BWV 245), 1723

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File: (February 2007) 187 kB
Full name of work:St John Passion (BWV 245), 1723
Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), German
Music category:Classical Oratorio
Instruments:arranged for SATB (piccolo, clarinet, French horn, bassoon) and piano (converted to strings etc)
Name of file creator:John Hooper
e-mail address:john "at" learnchoralmusic "dot" co "dot" uk
Running time:02:10:37
Comments:This ZIP File contains the following NAMED sections:-
Part 1:01- lord.nwc: 1: Lord and Master
02- 6-bet.nwc: 2: Jesus went forth
03- Jesus of Nazareth
04- Jesus saith unto them
05- Jesus of Nazareth
06- Jesus answered
07- love.nwc :7: O mighty love
08- sword.nwc :8: That the saying might be fulfilled
09- will.nwc :9: Thy will, O God
10- bound.nwc:10: Then the band and the chief captain
11- Chain.nwc:11: Chains of bondage
12- simon.nwc:12: And Simon Peter followed
13- follo.nwc:13: I follow in gladness
14- annas.nwc:14: Now that disciple was known
15- hatrd.nwc:15: Ah! Whence this hatred shown Thee?
16- 17den.nwc:16: Now Annas had sent him bound
17- Art thou not one of his disciples?
18- denid.nwc:18: He denied it, and said, I am not one
19- soul.nwc:19: Ah! My soul, what end awaiteth thee?
20- peter.nwc:20: Peter in forgetfulness
Part 2:21- life.nwc:21: He, whose life was as the light
22- 26arr.nwc:22: Then led they Jesus
23- If this man were not a malefactor
24- Then said Pilate unto them
25- It is not lawful
26- That the saying of Jesus
27- king.nwc:27: O King of glory
28- 30bar.nwc:28: Pilate therefore said unto him
29- Not this man
30- Now Barabbas was a robber
31- pondr.nwc:31: Come ponder, O my soul
32- bhold.nwc:32: Behold Him!
33- 39sol.nwc:33: And the soldiers plaited a crown
34- Hail, thou King of the Jews
35- And they smote him with their hands
36- Crucify him!
37- Pilate saith unto them
38- We have a law
39- When Pilate therefore heard that saying
40- fetrs.nwc:40: O Christ, Thy fetters mean release
41- 47kin.nwc:41: But the Jews cried out
42- If thou let this man go
43- When Pilate therefore heard that saying
44- Away with him!
45- Pilate saith unto them
46- We have no king but Caesar
47- Then delivered he him unto them
48- haste.nwc:48: Haste, haste poor souls ensnared
49- 51cru.nwc:49: And there they crucified him
50- Write thou not the king of the Jews
51- Pilate answered: what I have written I have written
52- name.nwc:52: Thy name is shining on me, Lord
53- 55sol.nwc:53: The soldiers therefore
54- Let us not divide <
55- That the Scripture might be fulfilled
56- right.nwc:56: See Him now, the Righteous One
57- fini.nwc:57: And from that hour ...
58- fulfl.nwc:58: All is fulfilled
59- bowed.nwc:59: And he bowed his head
60- lord.nwc:60: Jesu, Thou by toilsome death
61- behld.nwc:61: And behold, the veil of the Temple was rent
62- heart.nwc:62: My heart, behold the world intent
63- heart.nwc:63: O heart, melt in weeping
64- jews.nwc:64: The Jews therefore
65- help.nwc:65: Help us, O Thou Son of God
66- after.nwc:66: And after this, Joseph of Arimathaea
67- lie.nwc:67: Lie still, O sacred limbs
68- lord.nwc:68: Ah! Lord, when my last end is come
There are no text/lyrics; these Files were generated purely for Choral Rehearsing purposes (using a published piano-reduction Score), and so don't look pretty even though they should sound reasonable (though that depends very much on your hardware/software; mine is a Soundblaster AWE64 Gold). Voice-emphasised Midi Files of the whole work can be downloaded for free from my Website (above).
The Site also contains Midi Files for several rather more modern Composers, for which NWC versions may be available.
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