Eccles, Henri (1670-1742), English
Sonata in Gm for Cello: I.) LargoCohen, Jesse00:03:11
Eilenberg, Richard (1848 - 1927), German
Die Muehle im Schwarzwald, Opus 57, 1885Veld, Frits in't00:04:53
Petersburger Schlittenfahrt, Opus 52, 1885/1886Veld, Frits in't00:03:00
QuellengeisterWoodroffe, Richard00:02:57
Verlornes Glück (Nocturno), Opus 33, 1883Veld, Frits in't00:04:31
Eldering, Klaas (1951 - ), Netherlands
Concerto Opus1 1st Movt. (Supernovae)Eldering, Klaas00:06:57
Concerto Opus1 2nd Movt. (Supernovae)Eldering, Klaas00:16:22
Elgar, Edward William (1857-1934), English
As torrents in summer (from a Cantata: "King Olaf", Op. 30) (1896)Hooper, John00:01:46
As TorrentsGibson, Mike00:01:45
Ave Maria (1887)Hooper, John00:02:41
Ave MariaGibson, Mike00:02:12
Ave maris stellaHooper, John00:03:28
Ave verum corpus (1887)Hooper, John00:02:54
Ave Verum Op 1 No 2Scerri, Albert00:01:47
Ave VerumGibson, Mike00:02:49
Benedictus 1897 Op. 34 No 2Gibson, Mike00:07:03
Coronation Ode, Op 44 (1902)Hooper, John00:34:08
Death on the Hills Op72Gibson, Mike00:03:34
Dream of Gerontius (1900)Hooper, John01:27:14
Enigma Pomp and Circumstance March Op.39 No 1 in D MajorBillett, Tina00:06:32
Enigma Pomp and Circumstance March Op.39 No 2 in in A minorBillett, Tina00:05:28
Enigma Pomp and Circumstance March Op.39 No 4 in in G minorBillett, Tina00:04:46
Enigma Variations (Opus 36)Billett, Tina00:21:48
From the Bavarian Highlands (1890)Hooper, John00:25:36
From the Bavarian Highlands - 1 The Dance Op 27 No 1Gibson, Mike00:03:30
From the Bavarian Highlands Op 27 No 2 - False LoveGibson, Mike00:03:39
From the Bavarian Highlands Op 27 No 3 - LullabyGibson, Mike00:03:10
From the Bavarian Highlands Op 27 No 4 AspirationGibson, Mike00:02:28
From the Bavarian Highlands Op 27 No 5 On the AlmGibson, Mike00:03:04
From the Bavarian Highlands Op 27 No 6 The MarksmenGibson, Mike00:08:15
Give unto the Lord Op 74Gibson, Mike00:07:21
Good morrow (1929)Hooper, John00:03:31
Great is the LordGibson, Mike00:08:41
Land of Hope and GlorySmedley, Tony00:00:52
Love's Tempest Op73 No1Gibson, Mike00:02:16
Love Op 18 No 2Gibson, Mike00:01:53
My love dwelt in a Northern land (1890)Hooper, John00:03:55
My love dwelt in a Northern land Op 18 No 3Gibson, Mike00:01:45
Nimrod Enigma Variation 9 - (Opus 36)Billett, Tina00:02:38
O Happy Eyes Op 18 No 1Gibson, Mike00:01:54
O Happy Eyes Op18 No1Scerri, Albert00:01:57
O hearken Thou (1911)Hooper, John00:03:58
O Salutaris OstiaScerri, Albert00:02:52
Salut d’Amour Op 12Smedley, Tony00:03:00
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf (1896)Hooper, John01:14:00
Serenade Op73 No2Gibson, Mike00:01:34
Spanish Serenade Op. 23Woodroffe, Richard00:04:11
Te Deum & Benedictus (op 34) (1897)Hooper, John00:18:49
Te Deum 1897 Op, 34 No 1Gibson, Mike00:11:20
The Apostles, Op. 49 (1903)Hooper, John01:56:48
The Black Knight (1889-93)Hooper, John00:34:04
The Fountain Op 71 No 2Gibson, Mike00:02:47
The Kingdom, Op. 49 (1903)Hooper, John01:21:15
The Music Makers (1912)Gibson, Mike00:27:34
The Music Makers (1912)Hooper, John00:37:10
There is sweet music (1907)Hooper, John00:05:04
There is sweet music Op 53 No 1Gibson, Mike00:04:30
The Shower Op71 No1Gibson, Mike00:01:46
They are at rest (1909)Hooper, John00:03:24
Elkutlu, Râkým (1872-1948), Turkish
Uþþák Þarký (song)iNANC [iNANÇ], Ertugrul00:02:23
Ellerbrock, Joseph (1956 - ), USA
Bitonal StudiesEllerbrock, Joe00:05:17
Enescu, George (1881-1955), Romanian
Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, op. 11, no. 1 (1901)Box, Ramón Pajares00:13:11
Englund, Gunnar (1939 - ), Swedish
Den helige Franciskus' bön (St. Francis' Prayer)Schleussner, Sebastian00:02:13
Enlow, Lizzy (1986-), American
Flute Quartet no. 1 in B flat minor (2001)Enlow, Lizzy00:01:46
How Scary the ThoughtEnlow, Lizzy00:03:36
In MemoriamEnlow, Lizzy00:03:36
The Warrior--Mvt.1 from "The Reeds" piano soloEnlow, Lizzy00:01:27
Evans, Daniel (1987- ), USA
Spring (2002)Evans, Daniel00:00:46
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