Hackwith, Jason Christopher (1978-), American
Psalm 13 (1998)Hackwith, Jason00:02:54
The Last Dove's FlightHackwith, Jason00:06:49
Hafiz [Hâfiz], Post (1631?-1694), Turkish
"Vakt-i Seherde" - Nevâ Ýlâhî (Hymn in Nevâ)iNANC [iNANÇ], Ertugrul00:00:51
Hakes, Matthew (1959-), USA
Driven 2Hakes, Matt00:06:16
Halévy, Fromental (1799 - 1862), French
La Juive - Il va venirScerri, Albert00:05:07
Handel, George Friederic (1685-1759), German
"Dettingen" Te Deum (1743)Hooper, John00:36:53
"Lascia ch'io piango" Recitative and Aria from RinaldoHicks, Grant00:03:59
"Utrecht" Te Deum (1713)Hooper, John00:23:20
'De torrente.' 8th movement from 'Dixit Dominus,'Walker, Jason00:04:02
17 pieces for Treble Recorder and Basso continuoGuix, Joseph00:21:22
Acis & Galatea (1718 et al)Hooper, John01:50:44
Acis and GalateaGibson, Mike01:16:24
Air and Variations from Suite No. 5 in E - "The Harmonious Blacksmith"Ciaramella, Eric00:03:25
Alcina - Ah, mio cor, schernito seiSee Comments00:02:55
Alcina - Ah Mio CorScerri, Albert00:02:58
Alcina - Chorus of enchanted Islanders (1735)Hooper, John00:02:13
Alexander's Feast (1736)Hooper, John02:04:56
Alexander Balus (1747)Hooper, John02:42:16
Alla Hornpipe from Water MusicFitzgerald, Duncan00:03:19
All Hail the Power of Jesus' NameTate, John Paul III00:01:33
As pants the hart - Chandos Anthem No: 6a (1716-19)Hooper, John00:20:02
Atalanta - Care Selve (Come Beloved)Scerri, Albert00:03:24
Athalia (1733)Hooper, John02:04:06
Belshazzar (1744)Hooper, John02:58:38
Brockes Passion (1715-1716)Hooper, John02:34:54
Brockes Passion HWV 48Gibson, Mike01:37:49
Cantate a CristoBonomi, Ilario00:00:49
Cantate DominoVoli, Marco00:00:47
Cantate DominoSee Comments00:00:48
Come, Jesus, Holy Son of God (quintet )Shaffer, Jim00:01:57
Concerto a due cori no. 2Wiering, Mike00:14:44
Concerto Grosso #11Waterman, Charles00:26:46
Concerto N° 1 for oboe (HWV 301)Clement, Joel7:53
Concerto N° 2 for oboe (HWV 302a)Clement, Joel00:06:41
Concerto N° 3 for oboe (HWV 287)Clement, Joel00:06:33
Concerto No. 1 in Bb Major/g minor, Op. 3Waterman, Charles00:10:02
Concerto No. 2 in Bb Major, Op. 3Waterman, Charles00:15:07
Concerto No. 5 in d Mminor, Op. 3Waterman, Charles00:13:57
Coronation 2 - My heart is inditingGibson, Mike00:12:34
Coronation Anthem No.1, "Zadok the Priest", HWV.258 (1727)Hall, Damien00:05:27
Deborah (1733)Hooper, John02:19:23
Dettingen Anthem (1743 ?)Hooper, John00:13:48
Dixit Dominus (Psalm 110) (1707)Hooper, John00:34:47
Esther (1718/1732)Hooper, John01:31:45
For Unto Us A Child is Born (from Messiah 1741)Hall, A. Christopher00:04:11
Foundling Hospital Anthem (1749)Hooper, John00:33:10
Giulio CesareClement, Joel00:06:20
Gloria in Excelsis Deo (HWV 245) (1749)Hooper, John00:14:40
Hallelujah Chorus (from Messiah, HWV.56) (1741)Hall, Damien00:03:49
Hallelujah Chorus (from Messiah 1741)Hall, A. Christopher00:03:45
Hallelujah Chorus (from Messiah 1741)Allgeyer, Robert00:20:12
Hallelujah ChorusO'Neil, Grant00:03:24
Have mercy upon me - Chandos Anthem No: 3 (1716-19)Hooper, John00:19:12
In the Lord put I my trust - Chandos Anthem No: 2 (1716-19)Hooper, John00:21:23
Israel in Egypt (1739)Hooper, John01:31:18
I will magnify Thee - Chandos Anthem No: 5a (1716-19)Hooper, John00:23:24
Jephtha (1751)Hooper, John03:00:53
Joseph and his brethren (1743)Hooper, John03:02:25
Joshua (1747)Hooper, John02:00:00
Judas Maccabaeus (1746)Hooper, John02:43:52
Largo (Ombra mai fu) from opera SerseScerri, Albert00:02:10
Lascia ch'io piangaSpagni, Maurizio00:03:36
Lascia Ch'io Piango (Let Me Cry)Scerri, Albert00:04:22
Let God arise - Chandos Anthem No: 11 (1716-19)Hooper, John00:21:49
Let their celestial concerts all uniteGibson, Mike00:12:34
Let thy hand be strengthened [Coronation Anthems] (1727)Hooper, John00:08:46
My heart is inditing [Coronation Anthems] (1727)Hooper, John00:12:41
My song shall be alway - Chandos Anthem No: 7 (1716-19)Hooper, John00:23:24
O be joyful in the Lord - Chandos Anthem No: 1 (1716-19)Hooper, John00:19:37
O come let us sing - Chandos Anthem No: 5 (1716-19)Hooper, John00:30:52
Ode for the birthday of Queen Anne (1713)Hooper, John00:24:35
O praise the Lord with one consent - Chandos Anthem No: 9 (1716-19)Hooper, John00:27:37
O sing unto the Lord - Chandos Anthem No: 4 (1716-19)Hooper, John00:14:20
Overture to Judas MaccabeusPendrey, Nigel00:05:34
Recitativo and Aria from Rinaldo "Laß mich mit Tränen"iNANC [iNANÇ], Ertugrul00:02:33
Samson (1743)Hooper, John04:03:20
Sarabande from Suite XI in D minorSmedley, Tony00:02:24
Saul (1739)Hooper, John02:16:06
Semele (1744)Hooper, John01:48:10
Solomon (1748)Hooper, John02:56:57
Solomon - Arrival of the Queen of ShebaWoodroffe, Richard00:02:58
Suite No 5 in E major - Harmonious Blacksmith (HWV 430)Woodroffe, Richard00:03:54
suite Water Music (extracts)Moissonnié, Jean-Louis00:25:37
Susanna (1748)Hooper, JohnRunning time: 02:53:47
The Choice of Hercules (1750)Hooper, John00:47:45
The King shall rejoice [Coronation Anthems] (1727) - Six part version.Hooper, John00:11:37
The Lord is my light - Chandos Anthem No: 10 (1716-19)Hooper, John00:27:31
The Musick for the Royal Fireworks, D MajorTate, John Paul III00:21:06
Theodora (1750)Hooper, John03:05:48
The Triumph of Time and Truth (1757)Hooper, John02:29:07
The Ways of Zion do mourn (1737)Hooper, John00:44:08
Tornami a vagheggiar from "Alcina"Clement, Joel00:03:48
Where're you WalkWoodroffe, Richard00:03:02
Where shall I seek the charming fair from "Acis and Galatea"Clement, Joel00:04:59
Zadok the Priest [Coronation Anthems] (1727) (4 Part)Hooper, John00:06:54
Zadok the Priest [Coronation Anthems] (1727) (7 Part)Hooper, John00:06:54
Handl, Jacob (1550-1591), German
Adoramus te Jesu ChristeSchleussner, Sebastian00:01:26
Ecce concipiesBooth, Adam00:02:01
Orietur StellaGibson, Mike00:01:22
Pater noster (1586)Hooper, John00:03:52
Harmony, Virgina (1831) arr Edwin O. Excell (1851-1921)
Amazing GraceAdlon, Jeff00:01:56
Harrelson, G. Ryan (1987 - ), American
Duet for Two Violins: "the Fire" - 2003Harrelson, Ryan00:02:37
Duet for Two Violins: "the Wind" - 2003Harrelson, Ryan00:00:47
For the HeroesHarrelson, Ryan00:02:24
Orchetral Suite No. 1 in GHarrelson, Ryan00:11:15
String Trio No. 1 in G minor (2001)Harrelson, Ryan00:13:37
Harris, Tal (1983-), Israeli
Composed MC Escher CartoonsHarris, Tal00:01:18
Duet in Gujuri-TodiHarris, Tal00:04:00
Duet in LaleitHarris, Tal00:01:40
Etheral Orgasms for solo fluteHarris, Tal00:02:30
Four Bulbous EyesHarris, Tal00:03:37
Had Sisyphus Read Sartre...Harris, Tal00:04:16
Miniature Ballet for a Family out on a PicnicHarris, Tal00:01:38
Morning SicknessHarris, Tal00:05:36
Murder in the Absurd DegreeHarris, Tal00:01:23
Nietzsche Barks on SundaysHarris, Tal00:02:53
String Quintet #1 (or for a string orchestra)Harris, Tal00:04:02
The McDonald SuiteHarris, Tal00:04:53
Toys QuartetHarris, Tal00:07:48
Varda in S & M BondageHarris, Tal00:02:10
Hasselmans, Alphonse (1845 - 1912), Belgian
Chanson de mai (from Romance sans paroles - op. 40)Spagni, Maurizio00:04:14
Feuilles d'automne 1: Sérénade mélancolique (op. 45)Spagni, Maurizio00:02:02
Feuilles d'automne 2: Crépuscule (op. 46)Spagni, Maurizio00:01:27
Feuilles d'automne 3: Calme (op. 47)Spagni, Maurizio00:03:04
La source (étude op. 44)Spagni, Maurizio00:03:53
Petite berceuseSpagni, Maurizio00:00:44
Hassler, Hans Leo (1564-1612), German
Cantate DominoHall, Damien00:01:27
Dixit Maria (1591)Hooper, John00:02:13
Dixit MariaHall, Damien00:02:19
Dixit MariaScerri, Albert00:02:50
Have, William ten (1830 — 1925)
Allegro BrillantPorter, Warren00:05:59
Hawkes, John (1942 - ), English
Bifurcations, 2001Hawkes, John00:07:36
Conceto Movement for Violin, Viola and Orchestra, 2001Hawkes, John00:07:33
Horn Concerto (1st movement), 2002Hawkes, John00:05:45
Perpetual Night, 2001Hawkes, John00:04:39
Prelude for Brass and Wind, 1996Hawkes, John00:06:45
Serenade for Strings, 2003Hawkes, John00:15:18
Hayden, Thomas (1987-), English
"A Waltz Of The Future", 2002Hayden, Thomas00:01:22
"Something From A Dream", 2001Hayden, Thomas00:02:41
Haydn and Mozart, Johann ( 1737-1806 ) and Wolfgang (1756-1791), Austrian
Symphony No 25 in G major (circa 1783 )White, John H00:11:33
Haydn, Franz Joseph (1732-1809), Austrian
7 denières paroles du christsolange, Robin01:13:57
Abendlied zu Gott (Evening Song to God), H.XXVc:9 (1796)Hall, Damien00:04:31
Cecilienmesse (Missa Cellensis. Hob. XXII:5), 1766Hooper, John01:04:07
Divertimento HII/14 in E Flat Major arranged for windquartetBlanken, Ivo00:04:55
Divertimento HII/46 in B Flat Major arranged for windquintetBlanken, Ivo00:10:04
Harmonie-messe (Mass in B major); 1802Hooper, John00:39:00
Heilig-messe (Mass No.9 in B-flat; Missa sancti Bernardi von Offida) (1796)Hooper, John00:36:48
Imperial 'Nelson' Mass (Missa in Angustiis); 1798Hooper, John00:36:38
Insanae et vanae curaeHooper, John00:06:27
Insanae et vanae curaeGibson, Mike00:06:56
Mariazellermesse (Missa Cellensis. Hob. XXII:8) , 1782Hooper, John00:32:54
Mass in Time of War (Paukenmesse), 1796Hooper, John00:37:25
Mass No 1 - Hob XXII-3 - Missa brevis in G [Missa 'Rorate coeli desuper'], 1750Hooper, John00:06:54
Mass No 2 - Hob XXII-1 - Missa brevis in F, 1750Hooper, John00:11:34
Mass No 5 - Hob XXII4 - Missa in honorem B.V.M. in E flat major, 1766Hooper, John00:36:36
Mass No 5 in C Missa in honorem Beatissimae Virginis Mariae (Great Organ Mass) HobXXII:5Gibson, Mike00:49:23
Missa brevis St Joannis de Deo (Kleine Orgelmesse), 1775Hooper, John00:13:26
Missa Sancti Nicolai, 1772Hooper, John00:25:43
Non Nobis DomineGibson, Mike00:03:37
Piano Sonata in D major.White, John H00:10:21
Psalm 31 (Hob. XXIII-2 - 1794?)Choppy, Bernard0:01:20
Psalm 50 (Hob. XXIII-4 - 1794?)Choppy, Bernard0:01:12
Psalm 69 (Hob. XXIII-6 - 1794?)Choppy, Bernard0:01:06
Schopfungsmesse (Mass No.13 in B-flat; Creation Mass) (1801)Hooper, John00:44:07
Sixteenth Mass (Theresien-messe), 1799Hooper, John00:44:19
Stabat Mater (1767)Hooper, John00:57:05
Stücke für Flötenuhr (Pieces for Mechanical Clock) (Hoboken XIX)Spagni, Maurizio00:30:59
String Quartet in A major Op.20. No.6White, John H00:19:10
String Quartet in D minor, Op. 42.(1785)White, John H00:13:11
String Quartet in D minor, Op. 76, No. 2.White, John H00:19:19
String quartet in E flat, Op 1, No 2 (1757)White, John H00:17:40
String Quartet in G major, Op 77 No 1White, John H00:21:25
Symphony #18Waterman, Charles00:15:11
Symphony #25Waterman, Charles00:19:22
Symphony 30 (Alleluia Symphony )Waterman, Charles00:16:17
Symphony no. 94 "Surprise" in G (1792)Box, Ramón Pajares00:22:34
Symphony No 17Waterman, Charles00:22:04
Te Deum (Hob. XXIIIc:1) (1764)Hooper, John6 mins 50
Te Deum Laudamus, 1798Hooper, John00:10:00
The Creation (Die Schopfung), 1797/8Hooper, John01:46:51
The Heavens are Telling, from The CreationWarner, Silas00:03:26
The Heavens Are TellingBishop Ron00:06:31
The Seasons (1801)Hooper, John02:10:40
The Seven last Words of Christ on the Cross, 1786Hooper, John01:04:27
The Storm (1792)Hooper, John00:08:59
Haydn, Johann Michael ( 1737-1806 ), Austrian
Missa tempore Quadragesimae in D minor (MH 553)Gibson, Mike0:12:45
Requiem in C minor (MH 155) (1771)Hooper, John00:35:34
St Ursulae Mass (MH 546) (1793)Hooper, John00:42:15
Vesperae solennes (1782)Hooper, John00:33:42
Vesperae solennes MH 321 (1782)Lamminga, Klaas00:33:29
Hely-Hutchinson (1901 - 1947), English
Old Mother HubbardWoodroffe, Richard00:02:15
The Owl and the Pussy CatWoodroffe, Richard00:02:09
Henschel, George (1850-1934), German/English
Morning Hymn, Op. 46, No 4Mill, Carl B00:01:21
Herbert, Victor (1859-1924), Irish
Hearts of Erin - Stars and RosebudsScerri, Albert00:02:30
Hilton, John (c1569 - 1608), English
Lord for thy tender mercies sakeGibson, Mike00:01:43
Ho, John (1986-), Singaporean
Alla Marcia from Symphony No. 2, Opus 52Ho, John00:02:30
Hoekstra, Tim (1962 - ), Dutch
AndantinoHoekstra, Tim00:01:09
Christmas eve in the springHoekstra, Tim00:01:55
Sonnet 49Hoekstra, Tim00:02:13
Hoffmann, Georg Melchior (1679-1715), German
Meine Seele rühmt und preist, 1st movementForestier, Yann00:07:22
Schlage doch, gewünschte StundeForestier, Yann00:05:45
Hoffmeister, Franz Anton (1754-1812)
Concerto in D major for ViolaLeBaron, Brian00:07:19
Viola Concerto in D majorHirao, Yoshikazu00:18:49
Hoffstetter, Roman (1742-1815), Austrian
String Quartet in FWhite, John H00:20:21
Holborne, Anthony (????-1602), English
Heigh Ho HolidayWalker, Geoff00:01:41
Noel's GalliardWalker, Geoff00:02:12
PavanWalker, Geoff00:01:39
The HoniesuckleWalker, Geoff00:02:55
The Night WatchWalker, Geoff00:02:26
Holst, Gustav (1874-1934), British
Christmas DayWoodroffe, Richard00:06:22
I vow to thee My CountryWalker, Jason00:01:57
Ode to Death (1919)Hooper, John00:11:14
Swansea TownGibson, Mike00:03:18
The Perfect FoolScerri, Albert00:02:47
Hooper, Edmund (1553 – 1621), English
Magnificat & Nunc dimittis (Short Service)Hooper, John00:05:36
Horne, Nigel (1959 - ), British
Perpetuum Mobile, 2003Horne, Nigel00:03:35
Hovgaard, Thomas (1984-), Danish
"Jesus Kristus, bliv her hos os"Hovgaard, Thomas00:01:07
Country DanceHovgaard, Thomas00:01:13
Prelude to "Jesus Kristus, bliv her hos os"Hovgaard, Thomas00:00:48
Howard, George, English
Jack-a-Dandy Polka. 1896White, John H00:02:39
Hubay, Jeno (Eugen) 1858 - 1937, Hungarian
Berceuse, Op. 74 No. 2 (1898)Ciantar, Noel00:03:35
Blumenleben, Op. 30 No. 1 (1887-1889)Ciantar, Noel00:02:48.
Bolero, Op. 51 No. 3 (1893)Ciantar, Noel00:02:38.
Menuet, Op. 52 No. 2 (1894)Ciantar, Noel00:03:32.
Souvenir, Op. 49, No. 1 (1894)Ciantar, Noel00:03:42
Hughes, Jeremy (20thC), USA
Ballade a al RougeHughes, Jay00:03:35
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in Eb, op.4Hughes, Jay00:02:53
Prelude and Sonata for Piano, op.2, no.1Hughes, Jay00:08:42
Prelude no.1 in F# minor for piano, op.3Hughes, Jay00:02:01
String Orchestra in B min., op.1Hughes, Jay00:02:17
Hummel, Johann Nepomuk (1778-1837), Austrian
Mass in B flat (Op. 77), 1805Hooper, John00:28:42
Mass No: 3 in D Major (Op. 111), 1830Hooper, John00:36:13
Trumpet Concerto in Eb MajorSaarela, Timo00:17:16
Humperdinck, Engelbert (1854 - 1921), German
Hansel & Gretel - Tra la la la little motherScerri, Albert00:01:17
Hurlstone, William (1876-1906), English.
Phantasie for String Quartet.(1906)White, John H00:07:06
Trio in G for Pianoforte, Violin and Violoncello( Op. posth.)( 1906?)White, John H00:22:06
Hussain, Iqbal (1971 -), British
Greensleeves - variationHussain, Iqbal00:00:35
VoyageHussain, Iqbal00:01:19
Hutchings, A E, English
Dudley Castle Polka (1895)Woodroffe, Richard00:03:33
Hyman, Tony (1954 - ), South African
Rainy Day DreamsHyman, Tony00:01:26
Salig in U Hande(Tranquill in Thy Hands)(2006)Hyman, Tony00:02:39
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