Samson (1743)

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File: (May 2007) 293 kB
Full name of work:Samson (1743)
Composer:Handel, George Friederic (1685-1759), German
First line:N/A
Music category:Classical Choral Oratorio
Instruments:arranged for SATB (piccolo, clarinet, French horn, bassoon) and piano (converted to strings etc)
Name of file creator:John Hooper
e-mail address:john "at" learnchoralmusic "dot" co "dot" uk
Running time:04:03:20
Comments:This ZIP File contains the following NAMED sections:-
Part 1: 01-overt.nwc 1: Overture
02-day.nwc 2: This day, a solemn feast
03-awake.nwc 3: Awake the trumpet's lofty sound
04-gaza.nwc 4: Ye men of Gaza
05-awake.nwc 5: Awake the trumpet's lofty sound
06-loud.nwc 6: Loud as the thunder's awful voice
07-free.nwc 7: Then free from sorrow, free from thrall
08-awake.nwc 8: Awake the trumpet's lofty sound
09-angel.nwc 9: Why by an Angel
10-trmnt.nwc 10: Torments, alas! are not confin'd to heart
11-chnge.nwc 11: O change beyond report, thought, or belief!
12-miror.nwc 12: Oh mirror of our fickle state
13-might.nwc 13: Matchless in might
14-eclps.nwc 14: Total eclipse
15-woes.nwc 15: Ye see, my friends, how woes enclose me round
16-beam.nwc 16: O first-created beam
17-breth.nwc 17: Brethren and men of Dan
18-miser.nwc 18: Oh miserable change!
19-trust.nwc 19: Oh ever failing trust in mortal strength!
20-good.nwc 20: The good we wish for
21-deeds.nwc 21: Thy glorious deeds
22-evils.nwc 22: Justly these evils
23-grief.nwc 23: My grief for this
24-sleep.nwc 24: Why does the God of Israel sleep?
25-hope.nwc 25: There lies our hope!
26-know.nwc 26: Then shall they know
27-28son.nwc 27: For thee, my dearest son
29-30grt.nwc 29: The long eternity shall greet
30: Joys that are pure
31-thron.nwc 31: Then round about the starry throne
Part 2: 32-despr.nwc 32: Despair not thus!
33-just.nwc 33: Just are the ways of God to man
34-evils.nwc 34: My evils hopeless are
35-retrn.nwc 35: Return, return, O God of Hosts
36-dust.nwc 36: To dust his glory they would tread
37-who.nwc 37: But who is this?
38-notes.nwc 38: With plaintive notes
39-alas.nwc 39: Alas! th'event was worse than I foresaw
40-love.nwc 40: Did Love constrain thee?
41-charm.nwc 41: Your charms to ruin led the way
42-forgv.nwc 42: Forgive what's done, nor think of what's past cure
43-3a-fa.nwc 43/43A: My faith and truth
44-faith.nwc 44: Her faith and truth
45-fleet.nwc 45: To fleeting pleasures make your court
46-rep44.nwc 46: Her faith and truth
478-45x2.nwc 47: How charming is domestic ease!
48: To fleeting pleasures make your court
49-rep44.nwc 49: Her faith and truth
50-think.nwc 50: Ne'er think of that
51-trait.nwc 51: Traitor to love!
52-gone.nwc 52: She's gone! A serpent manifest
53-virtu.nwc 53: It is not virtue, valour, wit or comeliness
54-favrd.nwc 54: Favour'd of Heaven
55-law.nwc 55: To man God's universal law
56-words.nwc 56: No words of peace
57-arms.nwc 57: Honour and arms
57-arms.nwc 57: Honour and arms
58-arms.nwc 58: Put on your arms
59-stren.nwc 59: My strength is from the living God
60-camst.nwc 60: Cam'st thou for this
61-go.nwc 61: Go, baffled coward, go
62-proof.nwc 62: Here lies the proof
63-jacob.nwc 63: Hear, Jacob's God
64-arise.nwc 64: Dagon, arise!
65-song.nwc 65: To song and dance we give the day
66-dance.nwc 66: To song and dance
67-fixed.nwc 67: Fixed in His everlasting seat
Part 3: 68-trble.nwc 68: More trouble is behind
69-slave.nwc 69: Presuming slave
70-consd.nwc 70: Consider, Samson
71-thund.nwc 71: With thunder armed
72-courg.nwc 72: Be of good courage
73-sun.nwc 73: Thus when the sun
74-might.nwc 74: With might endued
75-6holy.nwc 75: The holy one of Israel

76: To fame immortal go
77-steps.nwc 77: Old Manoah, with youthful steps
78-9dagn.nwc 78: Great Dagon has subdued our foe

79: Great Dagon has subdued our foe
80-joy.nwc 80: What noise of joy was that?
81-love.nwc 81: How willing my paternal love
82-3-4-h.nwc 82: Your hopes of his delivery

83: Sinfonia

84: Heaven! What noise?
85-hear.nwc 85: Hear us, our God
86-run.nwc 86: Where shall I run
87-88son.nwc 87: Ye sons of Israel

88: Weep, Israel, weep
89-hence.nwc 89: Proceed we hence to find his body
90-dead.nwc 90: Dead march (No: 1)
91-dead.nwc 91: Dead march (No: 2)
92-body.nwc">92: The body comes; we'll meet it on the way
93-hero.nwc 93: Glorious hero
94-come.nwc 94: Come come: no time for lamentations now
95-seraf.nwc 95: Let the bright seraphim
96-unite.nwc 96: Let their celestial concerts all unite
Firstly, there are no text/lyrics; these Files were generated purely for Choral Rehearsing purposes (using a published piano-reduction Score), and so don't look pretty even though they should sound reasonable (though that depends very much on your hardware/software; mine is a Soundblaster AWE64 Gold).
Secondly, as in a number of the longer Handel Works the commonly-available Scores miss out several of the sections; in the list above these are marked originally "Not available", but recently I have obtained versions of them from the Kalmus Miniature Score (K 01319), and they are now included.
Voice-emphasised Midi Files of the whole work can be downloaded for free from my Website (above). The Site also contains Midi Files for several rather more modern Composers, for which NWC versions may be available.
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