Abe, Kim (1993 - ), Korean
Song Without Lyrics No. 1Abe, Kim00:02:58
Andersen, Mike (1983-), USA
Jam Session (2000)Andersen, Mike00:02:37
To See Her Again (2000)Andersen, Mike00:02:45
Black BearBub, William00:00:39
Aufrance, Mary Kay (1953 - ), American
Blue Little Girl (2008)Aufrance, Mary Kay00:01:48
Beaver, Raymond (1929 -), English
Cool it (1988).Beaver, Raymond00:01:42
Bell, Richard
Behold the manBell, Richard00:01:07
Light of truthBell, Richard00:01:09
C Law, D Lucas and K Pettett
Return Of The RodentPettett, Ken00:09:35
Diaz, Louis D. (1940-), US
"Ben and Wade".Diaz, Louis D00:04:44
Paisaje FinitoDiaz, Louis D00:09:22
Salsa HarpsDiaz, Louis D00:06:25
D’Arcangelo, Raffaele (1949 - ), Italian
Pourquoi moi (Why me)D’Arcangelo, Raffaele00:03:35
Feliciano, José
AffirmationHansche, Joseph00:02:46
Fitzgerald, Duncan (1954-)
If We (shorter version)Fitzgerald, Duncan00:03:52
If WeFitzgerald, Duncan00:04:20
O Sacred Head Now WoundedFitzgerald, Duncan00:04:29
Frazier, Charles Richard (1950 - ), American
Before I Found YouFrazier, Charles Richard00:03:53
Cold ComfortFrazier, Charles Richard00:03:46
For All My Blessings, definable and otherwise.Frazier, Charles Richard00:04:17
I KnowFrazier, Charles Richard00:03:25
Shadow DanceFrazier, Charles Richard00:02:53
Stadium TrashFrazier, Charles Richard00:03:20
When We MetFrazier, Charles Richard00:04:17
Friedman, Leo (1869-1927), American
Let Me Call You SweetheartRoberts, Joseph00:03:10
Furio, Nicholas (1986 - ), American
Love too Deep, 2004Furio, Nicholas A00:01:48
Graham, Barry (20thC), Australian
Six Easy PiecesGraham, Barry00:11:45
Hare, Erik
The Plague on WheelsHare, Erik00:03:05
Hayden, Thomas (1987-), English
"You make me feel so wild,", 2002 - For RachealHayden, Thomas00:01:55
Canadian Love Waltz (2002)Hayden, Thomas00:03:57
Hurting Me Inside (2002)Hayden, Thomas00:02:20
Superior Inferior, 2002Hayden, Thomas00:02:45
Hill, Mildred and Patty
Happy Birthday RockKelly, Virgil K00:02:05
Ho, John (1986-), Singaporean
Alvina, I Love YouHo, John00:01:49
ChaosHo, John00:04:04
My Love For Alvina (Extended Version)Ho, John00:04:30
Hussain, Iqbal (1971 -), British
Across the waterHussain, Iqbal00:01:38
Autumn LeavesHussain, Iqbal00:01:58
Bollywood 2Hussain, Iqbal00:00:30
BollywoodHussain, Iqbal00:00:23
Cinderella's DanceHussain, Iqbal00:00:54
Cinnamon and spiceHussain, Iqbal00:00:44
ConversionsHussain, Iqbal00:01:32
Country jauntHussain, Iqbal00:00:22
Country RoadsHussain, Iqbal00:01:28
Crinolines and raindropsHussain, Iqbal00:00:28
Dance until TomorrowHussain, Iqbal00:02:02
DiscoHussain, Iqbal00:00:45
Dracula's themeHussain, Iqbal00:00:32
FarewellHussain, Iqbal00:01:26
GypsyHussain, Iqbal00:00:41
Happy-go-luckyHussain, Iqbal00:00:33
Hold Me, and Love MeHussain, Iqbal00:01:01
IndecisionHussain, Iqbal00:00:34
MellowHussain, Iqbal00:00:27
Midnight WaltzHussain, Iqbal00:00:42
Music BoxHussain, Iqbal00:00:40
My Life's LoveHussain, Iqbal00:00:58
Peasant danceHussain, Iqbal00:00:41
ReflectionsHussain, Iqbal00:00:48
Remembrances pastHussain, Iqbal00:00:47
ShadowsHussain, Iqbal00:00:27
Snowfall and StarlightHussain, Iqbal00:01:32
Spanish themeHussain, Iqbal00:00:41
Spring BurstHussain, Iqbal00:00:35
Stolen kissHussain, Iqbal00:01:25
The Looking GlassHussain, Iqbal00:01:05
The PiperHussain, Iqbal00:01:06
TwilightHussain, Iqbal00:01:04
Wild horsesHussain, Iqbal00:00:42
Will you still love me?Hussain, Iqbal00:02:05
Yeh Kya KyiaHussain, Iqbal00:02:13
Jethro Tull, Anderson Ian (19??-), English
Passion PlayBodkin, Adam00:43:51
Thick As A BrickBodkin, Adam00:41:23
Kaukonen, Jorma (20thC), US
Air on a D String (Embryonic Journey Revisited)Nachbaur, Fred00:03:11
Kelly, Virgil (1966- ), USA
A Blue King CobraKelly, Virgil K00:05:00
Glad to Have Life!Kelly, Virgil K00:03:53
Kjeldsen, Andreas (1980-), Danish
Spring Day (Composed March 1999)Kjeldsen, Andreas00:01:29
Lungershausen, Rainer (1949 - ), German
Bouquet (2006)Lungershausen, Rainer00:04:54
Studie für Harfe (2006)Lungershausen, Rainer00:04:01
Theme for One Foundation (2006)Lungershausen, Rainer00:01:57
Unter einer Tanne (How I am so tired, Giebenrathslied)Lungershausen, Rainer00:02:54
Lyon, Bradford Franklin (1963-), USA
Always Never There (c2001)Lyon, Bradford Franklin00:04:42
People Lie (c2001)Lyon, Bradford Franklin00:03:09
Ride With Me, Free (2001)Lyon, Bradford Franklin00:02:07
Small Compensation (c2001)Lyon, Bradford Franklin00:03:46
Marshall, Charles (1857-1927)
I Hear You Calling MeRoberts, Joseph00:02:34
Marshall, Richard (1982 -.), English
Lazy AfternoonMarshall, Richard00:02:41
Martin, Easthope (1875 - 1925), English
Come to the fairGibson, Mike00:03:24
McIntyre,Jim (20th C), Canadian
(Give me) One more trip around the sun (1999)McIntyre, Jim00:05:05
meloncholia!McIntyre, Jim00:04:50
Sad Song for SundayMcIntyre, Jim00:05:30
Merand [Mérand], Vincent (1955 - ), French
Douce PluieMérand, Vincent00:03:53
Le Tango de PalladucMérand, Vincent00:02:38
MétéoMérand, Vincent00:03:03
Premier Printemps à L.Mérand, Vincent00:02:10
Songs from a SchoolMérand, Vincent00:11:34
Molinero, Pablo J.Luis (1942 - ), Spanish
Concerto for Orchestra in Phi (2012)Molinero, Pablo J Luis00:17:30
Washington Irving's Alhambra (2010)Molinero, Pablo J Luis01:40:52
Nachbaur, Fred (1951 - 2004), Canadian
Allergic to LoveNachbaur, Fred00:03:48
A Song About FrogsNachbaur, Fred00:02:42
Down Id Da DungeonNachbaur, Fred00:02:05
My Best FriendNachbaur, Fred00:05:13
South Nelson Mayhem (from "A Suite of Fractals") Op. 3 No. 4Nachbaur, Fred00:02:35
Storm the Castle, Apr. 2000Nachbaur, Fred00:01:52
Nachbaur, Sharon (20thC), Canadian
First LoveNachbaur, Sharon00:03:10
Ocean MemoriesNachbaur, Sharon00:02:59
Oliveira, Craig (1984-present)
Fantasy #8 for Jazz ComboOliveira, Craig00:02:04
Orwick, Paul E. (1952 - ), American
A Mother’s Song comp. 2001Orwick, Paul E00:03:09
Dance (2002)Orwick, Paul E00:02:32
Earth’s BiodiversityOrwick, Paul E00:02:15
Emlenton in the Mist (1997)Orwick, Paul E00:03:31
Frog Song (2000)Orwick, Paul E00:01:44
GreenbrierOrwick, Paul E00:03:14
I'm a Bear, Composed 2000Orwick, Paul E00:02:02
If You Can’t Stand the Heat (2003)Orwick, Paul E00:02:32
La Petite Pas de DeuxOrwick, Paul E00:02:36
Please Don't Leave Me High and DryOrwick, Paul E00:02:15
Peterson, John (1992-)
Straight JazzPeterson, John00:01:00
Pettett, Ken (1948 -), British
Movement (2005)Pettett, Ken00:11:56
Pieces Of SixPettett, Ken00:05:35
Speechless (2014)Pettett, Ken00:29:41
Suite Fugue (Parts 1 to 7)Pettett, Ken00:42:40
Suite Fugue 8Pettett, Ken00:05:56
Plunkett, Bruce David (1965 - ), New Zealand
Ebony, in C major (2005)Plunkett, Bruce00:05:07
I don't know (2007)Plunkett, Bruce00:04:04
Outside (2006)Plunkett, Bruce00:03:21
Outside 2 (2006)Plunkett, Bruce00:03:23
There are people (2006)Plunkett, Bruce00:04:52
Pool, Don (20thC), American
A Tune for TruettPool, Don00:01:12
Brass TooPool, Don00:01:08
Y Uno Mas TwinklePool, Don00:01:46
Procter, Leigh (1988- ), New Zealander/European
I Can Make a DifferenceProcter, Leigh00:02:43
Rhu, in tae(DJ.Pops)(1998 - ), South Korean
DJ.Pops - Ladies and gentlemen (2011 Aug)Rhu, in tae (DJ Pops)00:03:48
Sweet Band 3 (2011)Rhu, in tae (DJ Pops)0:05:15
Rimler, Walter (20thC), US
Freedom Is My NameRimler, Walter00:01:09
I'm SorryRimler, Walter00:01:42
Roberts, Ron (1961- ), USA
A Song For SandieRoberts, Ron00:04:04
Rosario, Vince (1986- ), Puerto Rican
Sunset PlayaRosario, Vince00:03:02
Saarela [Säärelä], Timo (1940-), Finnish
Why Not´sSaarela, Timo00:03:10
Sims, Damian (1991-), American
Chasing Chelsey (2012)Sims, Damian00:21:32
Here's To Hoping You Come After MeSims, Damian00:04:54
Sokol, Matt (1991 - )
Blues for one, 2004Sokol, Matt00:01:32
Talisman, Rebecca (1989), American
Aunt Jemima (The Bad Pop Song) (2004)Talisman, Rebecca00:01:42
Au clair de la luneMérand, Vincent00:00:59
Vanbrabant, Bertrand (1951 - ), Belgian
'Ringo And The Executioner'Vanbrabant, Bertrand00:04:01
‘Dance in Brazil’.Vanbrabant, Bertrand00:02:40
He Plays The ShakuhachiVanbrabant, Bertrand00:03:38
Jamaica GuitarVanbrabant, Bertrand00:02:52
Musette de ParisVanbrabant, Bertrand00:02:35
Walker, Jason Donal (1970-), Irish
Nothing SongWalker, Jason00:01:37
Waylett, John B. (1952 - ), Canadian
The Bellfounder of EssexWaylett, John B00:03:23
The CrossingWaylett, John B00:03:14
Young, Michael (1984 - ), Australian
(Skankin' On) That Ska FeelingYoung, Michael00:05:29
All That Jazz!Young, Michael00:06:41
Give Up the PokiesYoung, Michael00:02:41
Grade 10 Ternary CompositionYoung, Michael00:01:04
Neighbours in the HoodYoung, Michael00:02:46
Public LiabilityYoung, Michael00:03:22
Rhapsody for Piano and BassYoung, Michael00:04:59
Slipping AwayYoung, Michael00:03:34
Television ShowsYoung, Michael00:02:03
The Dove's Last FlightYoung, Michael00:04:22
The Dream Is OverYoung, Michael00:01:48
Three MusiciansYoung, Michael00:01:34
Victim of OppressionYoung, Michael00:03:31
Zimmerman, Chas.
FootballHauck, Josh00:05:52
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