Czech composer. Much of Dvorák's music is nationalistic. He is best known for his Symphony in E Minor, From the New World (1893), written while he was in the U.S. It conveys with great exuberance Dvorák's impressions of American scenes and folk music and at the same time evokes nostalgia for his native land. He also wrote eight other symphonies, chamber works, a violin concerto, a cello concerto, and Overtures.

Symphony No. 8 in G Major, Op.88 (1889)

1. Allegro con brio

2, Adagio

3. Allegretto grazioso

4. Allegro ma non troppo

Symphony No 9 in E Minor
"From the New World"; Op 95 (1893)

1. Adagio

2. Largo

3. Scherzo, Molto vivace

4. Allegro con fuoco