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08/09/2017 Radetzky March (Strauss Snr.) Bertrand Vanbrabant
08/09/2017 Let mine eyes run down with tears Choral Rehearsal Version (Purcell) John Hooper
08/09/2017 O Lord, in thy wrath Choral Rehearsal Version (Gibbons) John Hooper
08/09/2017 An den Frühling (To spring)     (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
08/09/2017 An Chloë (Mozart) NwcChorus
08/09/2017 Cantate Dominum (Schutz) Mike Gibson
01/09/2017 Hear My Prayer / Hör mein Bitten  Choral Rehearsal Version (Mendelssohn) John Hooper
01/09/2017 Magnificat  Choral Rehearsal Version (Bach JC) John Hooper
01/09/2017 If ye then be risen with Christ (Stanford) Mike Gibson
01/09/2017 Plaisir D'Amour (Martini) NwcChorus
01/09/2017 Der Goldschmiedsgesell (The goldsmith’s apprentice)     (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
25/08/2017 Tannhäuser - Pilgrim's Chorus  Choral Rehearsal Version (Wagner) John Hooper
25/08/2017 How beauteous are thy feet  Choral Rehearsal Version (Stanford) John Hooper
25/08/2017 Tiefes Leid (Deep sorrow)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
25/08/2017 O Living Will (Stanford) Mike Gibson
25/08/2017 Vergin, tutto amor (Durand) NwcChorus
18/08/2017 They are at rest  Choral Rehearsal Version (Elgar) John Hooper
18/08/2017 How beauteous are thy feet (Stanford) Mike Gibson
18/08/2017 Clair de lune  Opus 46 No. 2 (Faure) NwcChorus
18/08/2017 Trinklied (Drinking song)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/08/2017 Faust (Gounod) Joël Clement
11/08/2017 Magnificat (Bach JC) Richard Woodroffe
11/08/2017 Der Alpenjäger D588 Opus 37 No 2 (The Alpine huntsman)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/08/2017 Poème d’un jour - Adieu (Faure) NwcChorus
11/08/2017 Te Deum in B flat (Stanford) Mike Gibson
04/08/2017 Jauchzet dem Herrn  Choral Rehearsal Version (Schutz) John Hooper
04/08/2017 Poème d’un jour - Toujours (Faure) NwcChorus
04/08/2017 Benedictus in B flat (Stanford) Mike Gibson
04/08/2017 Das Heimweh (Homesickness)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
28/07/2017 Coronation Gloria (Stanford) Mike Gibson
28/07/2017 Poème d’un jour - Rencontre (Faure) NwcChorus
28/07/2017 Sehnsucht (Longing)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
21/07/2017 The Haven (Stanford) Mike Gibson
21/07/2017 Première valse (Durand) Maurizio Spagni
21/07/2017 Amarilli dai "Madrigali" (Caccini) NwcChorus
21/07/2017 Die Sterne (The Stars)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
14/07/2017 The Bluebird (Stanford) Mike Gibson
14/07/2017 Auf einen Kirchhof (To a churchyard)  (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
14/07/2017 Deh piu a me non v'ascondete (Bononcini) NwcChorus
07/07/2017 Se tu della mia morte (Scarlatti A) NwcChorus
07/07/2017 O Lord, how manifold are thy works (Barnby) Mike Gibson
07/07/2017 The Yeomen of the Guard - Overture (Sullivan) Joe Roberts
07/07/2017 Der Blumen Schmerz (The flowers’ pain) (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
30/06/2017 Sonata FaWV N:G1 (Fasch) Maurizio Spagni
30/06/2017 Sonata FaWV N:B1 (Fasch) Maurizio Spagni
30/06/2017 Sonatina n. I (Dussek) Maurizio Spagni
30/06/2017 Sonatina n. II (Dussek) Maurizio Spagni
30/06/2017 Sonatina n. IV (Dussek) Maurizio Spagni
30/06/2017 Sonatina n. V (Dussek) Maurizio Spagni
30/06/2017 Sonatina n. VI (Dussek) Maurizio Spagni
30/06/2017 Sonatina n. III Updated (Dussek) Maurizio Spagni
30/06/2017 Mass in D minor Choral Rehearsal Version (Bruckner) John Hooper
30/06/2017 Grablied (Song of the grave)  (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
23/06/2017 Te Deum Laudamus & Jubilate Deo in D (1694 ) Choral Rehearsal Version (Purcell) John Hooper
23/06/2017 When I am laid in earth Choral Rehearsal Version (Purcell) John Hooper
23/06/2017 Mass in B minor, BWV 232 (Bachupdated John Hooper
23/06/2017 Gott ist mein Hirt (Psalm 23) Choral Rehearsal Version (Schubert) John Hooper
23/06/2017 Der Rattenfänger (The rat-catcher)  (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
16/06/2017 Sehnsucht (Longing) D879 Opus 105 No.4  (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
09/06/2017 Te Deum (KV 141) Choral Rehearsal Version (Mozart) John Hooper
09/06/2017 D 259 An den Mond (To the Moon)  (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
09/06/2017 D193 An den Mond (To the Moon)  (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
02/06/2017 Unser lieben Frauen Traum  (RegerChoral Rehearsal Version John Hooper
02/06/2017 D153 Als ich sie erröten sah (When I saw her blush) (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
26/05/2017 Christe, adoramus te  Choral Rehearsal Version (Monteverdi) John Hooper
26/05/2017 Epistel An Herrn Josef von Spaun, Assessor in Linz (Epistle ‘To Mr Josef Spaun, taxman in Linz’) (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
26/05/2017 Ave Maria (Victoria) NwcChorus
19/05/2017 Canon in D - for Harp and Recorder (Pachelbel) Maurizio Spagni
19/05/2017 Cantique de Jean Racine (Faure) NwcChorus
19/05/2017 Die frühen Gräber (The early graves)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
12/05/2017 An die Laute (To the lute)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
05/05/2017 Deborah Choral Rehearsal Version (Handel) John Hooper
05/05/2017 Der Winterabend (The winter evening)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
28/04/2017 Cantate Domino  Choral Rehearsal Version (Monteverdi) John Hooper
28/04/2017 Die erste Liebe (First Love)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
28/04/2017 Ave Maria (Des Prés) NwcChorus
28/04/2017 The Golden Goose -- Act 1, Scene 6 (Roberts) Joseph Roberts
28/04/2017 The Golden Goose -- Act 1, Scene 7 (Roberts) Joseph Roberts
28/04/2017 The Golden Goose -- Act 1, Scene 8 (Roberts) Joseph Roberts
21/04/2017 Mass in D major Choral Rehearsal Version (Dvorak) John Hooper
21/04/2017 Die Tochter der Heide (Distler) NwcChorus
21/04/2017 An Laura (To Laura)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
14/04/2017 Sicut Cervus Choral Rehearsal Version (Palestrina) John Hooper
14/04/2017 Lied "Die Mutter Erde" (Song "Mother Earth")    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
14/04/2017 Vorspruch (Distler) NwcChorus
07/04/2017 New Version - QwikKey Music Input v. 1.7b
Fast music input for NoteWorthy Composer 2.75 or above. (QwikKey)
Ian Low
07/04/2017 Exsultate Deo Choral Rehearsal Version (Palestrina) John Hooper
07/04/2017 Edone (Edone)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
07/04/2017 Cantata n° 41 - 6 "Dein ist allein die Ehre" (Bach) NwcChorus
31/03/2017 Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in C  Choral Rehearsal Version (Stanford) John Hooper
31/03/2017 Grablied für die Mutter (A mother's funeral song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
31/03/2017 Veni Emanuel (Kodaly) NwcChorus
24/03/2017 The Golden Goose -- Act 1, Scene 2 (Roberts) Joseph Roberts
24/03/2017 The Golden Goose -- Act 1, Scene 3 (Roberts) Joseph Roberts
24/03/2017 The Golden Goose -- Act 1, Scene 4 (Roberts) Joseph Roberts
24/03/2017 The Golden Goose -- Act 1, Scene 5 (Roberts) Joseph Roberts
24/03/2017 Le corsaire Le Grand Coureur  (Traditional French (Breton)) Maurizio Spagni
24/03/2017 Allegretto per arpa  (Rossini) Maurizio Spagni
24/03/2017 Sia maledetta l'acqua  (Traditional Italian) Maurizio Spagni
24/03/2017 My Johnny was a shoemaker  (Traditional English) Maurizio Spagni
24/03/2017 Vent fin (Hey, ho! Anybody home?)  (Traditional English) Maurizio Spagni
24/03/2017 Mo ghile mear  (Traditional Irish) Maurizio Spagni
24/03/2017 Abschied von einem Freunde (Farewell to a friend)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
24/03/2017 Stabat Mater (Rheinberger) NwcChorus
24/03/2017 Timor et tremor   Choral Rehearsal Version (Lasso) John Hooper
17/03/2017 Adoramus te, Christe   Choral Rehearsal Version (Lasso) John Hooper
17/03/2017 The Golden Goose -- Act 1, Opening Scene (Roberts) Joseph Roberts
17/03/2017 Die Betende (The maiden at prayer)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
17/03/2017 Lobet, Christen, euren heiland (Buxtehude) NwcChorus
10/03/2017 Ave Verum Corpus   Choral Rehearsal Version (Lasso) John Hooper
10/03/2017 The Golden Goose - Overture (Roberts) Joseph Roberts
10/03/2017 Blondel zu Marien (Blondel to Mary)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
03/03/2017 Pater noster Choral Rehearsal Version (Handl) John Hooper
03/03/2017 The Long Day Closes Choral Rehearsal Version (Sullivan) John Hooper
03/03/2017 Auf der Donau (On the Danube)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
03/03/2017 Missa Dominicalis (Victoria) NwcChorus
24/02/2017 The Long Day Closes (TTBB) (Sullivan) Joseph Roberts
24/02/2017 Erlefsee (Lake Erlaf)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
24/02/2017 Les Contes d'Hoffman - Acte II Scène 1 - Barcarolle (Offenbach) NwcChorus
17/02/2017 Die Meistersinger - Procession and chorale  Choral Rehearsal Version (Wagner) John Hooper
17/02/2017 Fhir a Bhata (The Boatman)  (Traditional Gaelic) Gregory P Morris
17/02/2017 Wehmut (Melancholy)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
17/02/2017 Yver (Debussy) NwcChorus
10/02/2017 L'enfance du Christe (The Childhood of Christ)  Choral Rehearsal Version (Berlioz) John Hooper
10/02/2017 Efiru fra fra for So Y. Wang (Kim H) Heungbae Kim
10/02/2017 Lebensmelodien (Melodies of life )    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
03/02/2017 Die gefangenen Sänger (The captive singers)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
27/01/2017 Tu es Petrus Choral Rehearsal Version (Palestrina) John Hooper
27/01/2017 Der Schiffer (The boatman)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
20/01/2017 Lied eines Kriegers (Warrior's song)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
13/01/2017 Opferlied (Op. 121b) Choral Rehearsal Version (Beethoven) John Hooper
13/01/2017 Einsamkeit (Solitude)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
06/01/2017 Kyrie in D minor k341 Choral Rehearsal Version (Mozart) John Hooper
06/01/2017 Sobre las olas (Rosas) Maurizio Spagni
06/01/2017 Valurile Dunarii (Donauwellen) (Ivanovici) Maurizio Spagni
06/01/2017 Der liebliche Stern (The lovely star)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
30/12/2016 Alfonso XII el sabio (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
30/12/2016 Lamento di Tristano - Rotta (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
30/12/2016 Amor vittorioso (Gastoldi) Maurizio Spagni
30/12/2016 Spagnoletta (Praetorius) Maurizio Spagni
30/12/2016 Deuxième sonate sans pèdales (Pollet) Maurizio Spagni
30/12/2016 Sonatina n. III (Dussek) Maurizio Spagni
30/12/2016 Chanson de mai (Hasselmans) Maurizio Spagni
30/12/2016 Black Nag  (Traditional Irish) Maurizio Spagni
30/12/2016 Der Sieg (The victory)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
Wishing you all a very happy Christmas
23/12/2016 Wer nur lieben Gott lasst walten   Choral Rehearsal Version (Mendelssohn) John Hooper
23/12/2016 Abendstern (The evening star)     (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
16/12/2016 O Salutaris Hostia  (RossiniChoral Rehearsal Version John Hooper
16/12/2016 Verklärung (Transfiguration)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
09/12/2016 Sechs geitstliche Lieder (Wolf) NwcChorus
09/12/2016 Ritter Toggenburg (The knight of Toggenburg)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
09/12/2016 Miss Hoolihan's Christmas Cake Updated (Horn) Richard Woodroffe
02/12/2016 Missa Salve (Victoria) NwcChorus
02/12/2016 Beim Winde (When the wind blows)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
25/11/2016 Psalm 43   Choral Rehearsal Version (Mendelssohn) John Hooper
25/11/2016 Hör mein Bitten, Herr  (Mendelssohn) NwcChorus
25/11/2016 Schwestergruss (Sister's greeting)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
18/11/2016 Te Deum Hob XXIIIc:1 Choral Rehearsal Version (Haydn) John Hooper
18/11/2016 Totengräbers Heimweh (Gravedigger's Homesickness)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/11/2016 Na fonte está Lianor (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
11/11/2016 Szene aus Faust (Scene from Faust)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/11/2016 Ave Maria - Canon for 4 Voices in F major (KV 554) (Mozart) NwcChorus
04/11/2016 The Cherubic Hymn Choral Rehearsal Version (Glinka) John Hooper
04/11/2016 Ave Virgo sanctissima Choral Rehearsal Version (Guerrero) John Hooper
04/11/2016 Allegretto scherzoso (Sor) Maurizio Spagni
04/11/2016 Vals (Sor) Maurizio Spagni
04/11/2016 Allegro spiritoso (Giuliani) Maurizio Spagni
04/11/2016 Sonatina (Giuliani) Maurizio Spagni
04/11/2016 Corrente No. 74 (Chilesotti) Maurizio Spagni
04/11/2016 Cinco diferencias sobre "Guardame las vacas"  (De Narvaez) Maurizio Spagni
04/11/2016 Menuet (Ferrandiere) Maurizio Spagni
04/11/2016 Gallarda  (De Mudarra) Maurizio Spagni
04/11/2016 Pavana en partidas (al aire español) (Sanz) Maurizio Spagni
04/11/2016 Liedesend (Song's end)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
04/11/2016 Cantata 150 Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich  (Bach) NwcChorus
21/10/2016 Pastoralmesse in F Choral Rehearsal Version (Diabelli) John Hooper
21/10/2016 Shilrik und Vinvela (Shilric and Vinvela)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
14/10/2016 L'autrier m'en aloie (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
14/10/2016 Ave Maris Stella Choral Rehearsal Version (Grieg) John Hooper
14/10/2016 Angelus ad Pastores ait Choral Rehearsal Version (Diabelli) John Hooper
14/10/2016 Lodas Gespenst (Loda's ghost)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
14/10/2016 Cantate Domino (Handel) NwcChorus
07/10/2016 Wandering waltz contra  (Traditional European) Maurizio Spagni
07/10/2016 Stabat Mater (Caldara) NwcChorus
07/10/2016 Der Tod Oscars (The death of Oscar)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
30/09/2016 Puer natus est nobis Choral Rehearsal Version (Diabelli) John Hooper
30/09/2016 Barabara Bopbop (Kim H) Heungbae Kim
30/09/2016 Te Deum (KV141 (66b)) (Mozart) NwcChorus
30/09/2016 Cronnan (Cronnan)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
30/09/2016 Elysium (Elysium)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
23/09/2016 Christus factus est Choral Rehearsal Version (Anerio) John Hooper
23/09/2016 Magnificat In D (BWV 243) - Sicut Locutus Est  (Bach) NwcChorus
23/09/2016 D904 Opus 81 No. 1 Alinde(Alinda)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
23/09/2016 Heimliches Lieben (Secret love)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/09/2016 Ave Maria Choral Rehearsal Version (DesPres) John Hooper
01/09/2016 O Vos Omnes (Victoria) NwcChorus
01/09/2016 Vergissmeinnicht (Forget-me-not)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/09/2016 Lied des Orpheus, Als Er In Die Hölle Ging (Song of Orpheus as he entered hell)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
26/08/2016 Dixit Maria Choral Rehearsal Version (Hassler) John Hooper
26/08/2016 So There Rag (Saxon) Barbara Saxon
26/08/2016 Pretty and Pink Rag (Saxon) Barbara Saxon
26/08/2016 Crucifixus a 8 voci  (Lotti) NwcChorus
26/08/2016 Gentle Mary Laid Her Child  (Traditional arr. Rosario) Vince Rosario
26/08/2016 Der Vater mit dem Kind (The father with his child)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
26/08/2016 Jagers Liebeslied (Huntsman's Love Song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
19/08/2016 O Vos Omnes Choral Rehearsal Version (Gesualdo) John Hooper
19/08/2016 2nd Postludium, Op.11, Nr.5 (Brosig) Harald M. Müller
19/08/2016 Salve Regina (Victoria) NwcChorus
19/08/2016 Lied der Mignon (Mignon's Song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
19/08/2016 An die Freude (Ode to Joy)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
12/08/2016 2nd Concerto for Piano & Orchestra Op. 22 (Saint-Saens) Alfred Joyce
12/08/2016 Locus Iste (Bruckner) NwcChorus
12/08/2016 Stabat Mater (Op 138)  Choral Rehearsal Version (Rheinberger) John Hooper
12/08/2016 An den Mond in einer Herbstnacht (To the moon on an autumn night)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
12/08/2016 Geist der Liebe (Spirit of love)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
05/08/2016 Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff) NwcChorus
05/08/2016 Mass in C  Choral Rehearsal Version (Rheinberger) John Hooper
05/08/2016 Joy (Saxon) Barbara Saxon
05/08/2016 An mein Herz (To my Heart)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
05/08/2016 Lebensmut (Courage for living)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
29/07/2016 Carmen (1875) (Bizet) Joel Clement
29/07/2016 Chorus of Sparrows (Kim H) Heungbae Kim
29/07/2016 Congo  (Traditional French) Simon Gray
29/07/2016 Oscar Woods' Jig in C  (Traditional British) Simon Gray
29/07/2016 Verleih uns Frieden   Choral Rehearsal Version (Mendelssohn) John Hooper
29/07/2016 Mignons Gesang - Kennst du das Land (Mignon's song - Do you know the Land)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
29/07/2016 Der Wanderer (The wanderer)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
22/07/2016 Helpful files Warren Porter's new addresses for his helpful utilities and ABC file converter. (ABC) Warren Porter
22/07/2016 Jubilate Deo Choral Rehearsal Version (Gabrieli) John Hooper
22/07/2016 An eine Quelle (To a spring)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
22/07/2016 Auf dem See (On the Lake)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
15/07/2016 Abendleid  Choral Rehearsal Version (Rheinberger) John Hooper
15/07/2016 Der Taucher (The Diver)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
15/07/2016 Ballade (Ballad)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
08/07/2016 Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in G  Choral Rehearsal Version (Stanford) John Hooper
08/07/2016 Der Alpenjäger (The Alpine huntsman)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
08/07/2016 Der Flug der Zeit (The flight of time)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/07/2016 Iustorum animae   Choral Rehearsal Version (Lasso) John Hooper
01/07/2016 Dem Unendlichen (Der Kreuzzug)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/07/2016 Des Fischers Liebesglück (The fisherman's luck in love)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
24/06/2016 O where shall wisdom be found Choral Rehearsal Version (Boyce) John Hooper
24/06/2016 Dem Unendlichen (To the Infinite One)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
24/06/2016 Hippolits Lied (Song of Hippolytus)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
17/06/2016 Jesu, the very thought of Thee Choral Rehearsal Version (Bairstow) John Hooper
17/06/2016 Let all mortal flesh keep silence Choral Rehearsal Version (Bairstow) John Hooper
17/06/2016 Die Gestirne (The constellations)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
17/06/2016 Das Marienbild (Picture of the Virgin Mary)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
10/06/2014 Stabat Mater dolorosa  Choral Rehearsal Version (Scarlatti D) John Hooper
10/06/2016 Die Bürgschaft (The hostage)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
10/06/2016 Freiwilliges Versinken (Voluntary oblivion)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
03/06/2016 When the night wind howls  Choral Rehearsal Version (Sullivan) John Hooper
03/06/2016 Des Sängers Habe (The minstrel's possessions)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
03/06/2016 Am See (By the Lake)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
27/05/2016 Crucifixus   Choral Rehearsal Version (Lotti) John Hooper
27/05/2016 Am Bach im Frühling (By the brook in spring)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
27/05/2016 Sprache der Liebe (Language of love)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
20/05/2016 Oh, happy the lily  Choral Rehearsal Version (Sullivan) John Hooper
20/05/2016 Der zürnende Barde (The indignant bard)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
20/05/2016 Philoktet (Philoctetes)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
13/05/2016 Brightly dawns our wedding day  Choral Rehearsal Version (Sullivan) John Hooper
13/05/2016 Abendröte (Sunset)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
13/05/2016 Tischlied (Drinking Song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
06/05/2016 Strange adventure  Choral Rehearsal Version (Sullivan) John Hooper
06/05/2016 Orest auf Tauris (Orestes on Tauris)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
06/05/2016 Der entsühnte Orest (Orestes purified)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
29/04/2016 Nightmare Song (Sullivan) Joseph Roberts
29/04/2016 Woo a Fair Maid (Sullivan) Joseph Roberts
29/04/2016 Trial by Jury  Choral Rehearsal Version (Sullivan) John Hooper
15/04/2016 Nachtstück (Nocturne)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
15/04/2016 Geheimes (A Secret)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
22/04/2016 Kara’s Theme  (Seika) Kirara Seika
22/04/2016 Preces Meae  (Seika) Kirara Seika
22/04/2016 Erste Verlust (First Loss)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
22/04/2016 Liebe schwärmt auf allen Wegen (Love Roves Everywhere)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
15/04/2016 Klaglied (Lament)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
15/04/2016 Die Spinnerin (The spinner)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
08/04/2016 Lob des Tokayers (In praise of Tokay)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
08/04/2016 Ossians Lied nach dem Falle Nathos (Ossian's song after the death of Nathos)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/04/2016 The Last Judgement  Choral Rehearsal Version (Spohr) John Hooper
01/04/2016 Erinnerung (Remembrance)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/04/2016 Die vier Weltalter (The four ages of the world)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
25/03/2016 Les Grâces Naturèles (Couperin) Carol F. Milazzo
25/03/2016 Coronation Ode, Op 44  Choral Rehearsal Version (Elgar) John Hooper
25/03/2016 Bailecito  (Traditional Argentine) Maurizio Spagni
25/03/2016 An die Sonne (To the sun)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
25/03/2016 Die Nacht (The Night)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
25/03/2016 Ouverture in A Minor, TWV 32:12 III. LoureUpdated (Telemann) Carol F. Milazzo
18/03/2016 Suite Fugue 8 (Pettett) Ken Pettett
18/03/2016 Loure  (Telemann) Carol F. Milazzo
18/03/2016 A Song of Destiny (Schicksalslied) Choral Rehearsal Version (Brahms) John Hooper
18/03/2016 Veni Sancte Spiritus Choral Rehearsal Version (Dunstable) John Hooper
18/03/2016 Der Mondabend (The moonlit evening)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
18/03/2016 Das Mädchen von Inistore (The maid of Inistore)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/03/2016 Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen  Choral Rehearsal Version (Mahler) John Hooper
11/03/2016 Yang (Van den Bosch) Bart Van den Bosch
11/03/2016 Yin (Van den Bosch) Bart Van den Bosch
11/03/2016 Wer sich der Einsamkeit ergibt (He who gives himself up to solitude)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/03/2016 Wer nie sein Brot mit Tränen (He who has never eaten his bread with tears)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
04/03/2016 Geistes-Gruss (A spirit's greeting)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
04/03/2016 Wonne der Wehmut (Delight in melancholy)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
26/02/2016 Der Schiffer (The Boatman)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
26/02/2016 Am Strome (By the River)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
19/02/2016 Pieces Of Six (Pettett) Ken Pettett
19/02/2016 Mass in C minor (KV139) - Waisenhausmesse Choral Rehearsal Version (Mozart) John Hooper
19/02/2016 Genügsamkeit (Simple needs)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
19/02/2016 Der Abend (The evening)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
12/02/2016 Die Unterscheidung (The distinction)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
12/02/2016 Bei dir allein! (With you alone!)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
05/02/2016 Duetto per violoncello e contrabbasso (Dragonetti) Maurizio Spagni
05/02/2016 Die Männer sind méchant (Men are naughty)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
05/02/2016 Irdisches Glück (Earthly happiness)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
29/01/2016 An die untergehende Sonne (To the setting sun)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
29/01/2016 An die Türen will ich schleichen (I shall steal)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
22/01/2016 Angelus ad virginem (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 King Orfeo (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Tempus transit gelidum (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Chevaliers de la table ronde (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Humoresque (Dvorak) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Anglaise rondoletto (Naderman) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Prelude & sonatina (Naderman) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Gavotte (Louis XIII) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Minuetto e Trio (Boccherini) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Ronde & Saltarello (Susato) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Sonata n.1 - Viola e contrabbasso (Borghi) Maurizio Spagni
22/01/2016 Die Sterne (The Stars)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
22/01/2016 Das Lied im Grünen (Song in the country)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
08/01/2016 Top 20 Chart for December 2015 Scriptorium
08/01/2016 Top 100 Chart for 2015 Scriptorium
08/01/2016 Grenzen der Menschheit (Man's limitations)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
08/01/2016 Der zürnenden Diana (To Diana in her wrath)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/01/2016 Mass in D major  Choral Rehearsal Version (Salieri) John Hooper
01/01/2016 Requiem (Saint-Saens) Joël Clement
01/01/2016 Requiem (Gounod) Joël Clement
01/01/2016 Hänflings Liebeswerbung (The linnet's wooing)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/01/2016 Der Schmetterling (The butterfly)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
18/12/2015 In nativitatem Domini canticum (CharpentierChoral Rehearsal Version J Hooper
18/12/2015 Meeres Stille (Calm Sea)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
18/12/2015 Der Jüngling am Bache (The youth by the brook)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/12/2015 Die Erwartung (Anticipation)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/12/2015 Der Sänger (The Minstrel)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
04/12/2015 Dettingen Anthem Choral Rehearsal Version (Handel) John Hooper
04/12/2015 Hektors Abschied (Hector's farewell)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
04/12/2015 Der Pilgrim (The Pilgrim)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
27/11/2015 Miserere des Jesuits (CharpentierChoral Rehearsal Version J Hooper
27/11/2015 Der Unglückliche (The unhappy one)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
27/11/2015 Lied der Anne Lyle (Annot Lyle's song)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
20/11/2015 St. Andrew  (Thorne) Gregory Morris
20/11/2015 Sea Drift (Delius) John Hooper
20/11/2015 Der Liedler (The Minstrel)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
20/11/2015 Das Mädchen (The maiden)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
20/11/2015 QwikKey Music Input v.1.2a Fast music input for NoteWorthy Composer 2.75 or above. (QwikKey) Ian Low
13/11/2015 Ode to Death Choral Rehearsal Version (Holst) John Hooper
13/11/2015 Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht fantasy (Gruber) Bertrand Vanbrabant
13/11/2015 Der Wallensteiner Lanzknecht beim Trunk (Wallenstein's infantryman drinking)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
13/11/2015 Stimme der Liebe (The voice of love)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
06/11/2015 Das Echo (The Echo)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
06/11/2015 Glaube, Hoffnung und Liebe (Faith, hope and love)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
30/10/2015 Muy Triste (Very forlorn) (Gotch) David Gotch
30/10/2015 He Plays The Shakuhachi (Vanbrabant) Bertrand Vanbrabant
30/10/2015 Nähe des Geliebten (Nearness of the beloved)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
30/10/2015 Das Rosenband (The rosy ribbon)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
23/10/2015 Esther Choral Rehearsal Version (Handel) John Hooper
23/10/2015 Als bezit regeert (Van den Bosch) Bart Van den Bosch
23/10/2015 Schafers Klagelied (2nd ver) (Shepherd’s Lament)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
23/10/2015 Rastlose Liebe (Restless Love)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
16/10/2015 Musette de Paris (Vanbrabant) Bertrand Vanbrabant
16/10/2015 Alte Kameraden (Tieke) Bertrand Vanbrabant
16/10/2015 Totengräberweise (Gravedigger's song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
16/10/2015 Widerschein (Reflection)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
09/10/2015 Return Of The Rodent (Pettett) Ken Pettett
09/10/2015 Pilgerweise (Pilgrim's song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
09/10/2015 Schiffers Scheidelied (The sailor's song of farewell)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
02/10/2015 Tempo One, Tempo Two (Vanbrabant) Bertrand Vanbrabant
02/10/2015 Die Liebe - Clärchens Lied (Love - Clärchen's song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
02/10/2015 Lob der Tränen (In Praise of Tears)    (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
25/09/2015 Joshua Choral Rehearsal Version (Handel) John Hooper
25/09/2015 Flute in a Nutshell (Vanbrabant) Bertrand Vanbrabant
25/09/2015 Der Blumenbrief (The message of flowers)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
25/09/2015 Himmelsfunken (Intimations of heaven)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
18/09/2015 Lifecycle (Van den Bosch) Bart Van den Bosch
18/09/2015 Abendlied für die Entfernte  (Evening song for the distant beloved)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
18/09/2015 Ellens Gesang II - Jäger, ruhe von der Jagd!  (Ellen's song II - Huntsman, rest from the chase!)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/09/2015 Cavalleria Rusticana - Intermezzo arr. Vanbrabant  (Mascagni) Bertrand Vanbrabant
11/09/2015 Lied der Delphine  (Delphine's song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
11/09/2015 Dass sie hier gewesen!  (That she has been here)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
04/09/2015 Ringo And The Executioner (Vanbrabant) Bertrand Vanbrabant
04/09/2015 GEBED: Heer God (Vandenbosch) Bart Van den Bosch
04/09/2015 Symphony N° 5 (1. Trauermarsch)  (Mahler) Joël Clement
04/09/2015 KinderTotenLieder  (Mahler) Joël Clement
04/09/2015 Caprice Andalous (Opus 122) (Saint-Saens) Joël Clement
04/09/2015 Les pêcheurs de perles (Bizet) Joël Clement
04/09/2015 L'Apprenti Sorcier (Dukas) Joël Clement
04/09/2015 Der blinde Knabe (The blind boy)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
04/09/2015 Das Weinen (Weeping)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
14/08/2015 Jubilate  Choral Rehearsal Version (Tudway) John Hooper
14/08/2015 Der Schäfer und der Reiter (The shepherd and the horseman)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
14/08/2015 Das Zügenglöcklein (The passing bell)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
07/08/2015 't Is goed (Verachtert) Bart Van den Bosch
07/08/2015 Dance in Brazil (Vanbrabant) Bertrand Vanbrabant
07/08/2015 "Wimpole" Te Deum  Choral Rehearsal Version (Tudway) John Hooper
07/08/2015 Willkommen und Abschied (Hail and farewell)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
07/08/2015 Wiegenlied (Lullaby)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
31/07/2015 Jamaica Guitar (Vanbrabant) Bertrand Vanbrabant
31/07/2015 Aus "Heliopolis" I (From "Heliopolis" I)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
31/07/2015 Viola (Violet)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
24/07/2015 Walter Wals (Verachtert) Bart Van den Bosch
24/07/2015 Cantata BWV 198 "Laß, Fürstin, lass noch einen Strahl" (Trauer-Ode) _ movement 10/10   (Bach) Yann Forestier
24/07/2015 Der Geistertanz (Ghost dance)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
24/07/2015 Romanze des Richard Löwenherz (Romance of Richard the Lionheart)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
24/07/2015 Mass No: 3 in D Major (Op. 111) Choral Rehearsal Version (Hummel) John Hooper
17/07/2015 The Ways of Zion do mourn  Choral Rehearsal Version (Wise) John Hooper
17/07/2015 Jägers Abendlied (Huntsman's Evening Song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
17/07/2015 Am Grabe Anselmos (At Anselmo’s grave)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
10/07/2015 Messe solennelle Choral Rehearsal Version (Vierne) John Hooper
10/07/2015 Heidenroselein (Wild Rose)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
10/07/2015 Romanze (Romance)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
03/07/2015 Salvator mundi  (Tallis) John Hooper
03/07/2015 Im Walde (In the Forest)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
03/07/2015 Trost in Tränen (Consolation in tears)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
26/06/2015 Surgens Jesus  Choral Rehearsal Version (Philips) John Hooper
26/06/2015 Sehnsucht(Longing)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
26/06/2015 Der Jüngling auf dem Hügel (The youth on the hill)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
19/06/2015 Ik wandel in het licht met Jezus (Anonymous) Bart Van den Bosch
19/06/2015 Sortie (Verachtert) Bart Van den Bosch
19/06/2015 Missa choralis   Choral Rehearsal Version (Liszt) John Hooper
19/06/2015 Auf dem Wasser zu Singen (To be sung on the water)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
19/06/2015 Lied des gefangenen Jägers (Song of the imprisoned huntsman)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
12/06/2015 Frühlingsglaube (Faith in spring)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
12/06/2015 Sei mir gegrüßt (I Greet You)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
12/06/2015 Des Tages Weihe (The day's consecration)   (Schubert) Rob den Heijer
05/06/2015 Ave Maria  Choral Rehearsal Version (Byrd) John Hooper
05/06/2015 Old-time religion (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
05/06/2015 Om tare tuttare ture soha (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
05/06/2015 Putta Nera - Ballo Furlano  (Mainerio) Maurizio Spagni
05/06/2015 Ave Maria (Arcadelt) Maurizio Spagni
05/06/2015 Menuets I et II (Rousseau) Maurizio Spagni
05/06/2015 Deuxiéme Menuet (Rousseau) Maurizio Spagni
05/06/2015 Ständchen - n. 1 from "Drei leichte stücke" Op. 29 (Poenitz) Maurizio Spagni
05/06/2015 Die Spieldose (Music box) - n. 2 (Humoreske) from "Drei leichte stücke" Op. 29 (Poenitz) Maurizio Spagni
05/06/2015 Wiegenliedchen - n. 3  from "Drei leichte stücke" Op. 29 (Poenitz) Maurizio Spagni
05/06/2015 An Emma (To Emma)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
05/06/2015 Der König in Thule (The King of Thule)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
29/05/2015 Ave Maria (Verachtert) Bart Van den Bosch
29/05/2015 Te Deum Choral Rehearsal Version (Gibbons) John Hooper
29/05/2015 Der Fischer (The Fisherman)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
22/05/2015 Ne irascaris, Domine  Choral Rehearsal Version (Byrd) John Hooper
22/05/2015 Good morrow  Choral Rehearsal Version (Elgar) John Hooper
15/05/2015 This Joyful Eastertide  (Lonneke) Michael Lonneke
15/05/2015 Easter Fanfare No. 2  (Lonneke) Michael Lonneke
15/05/2015 Thanks Be to Thee (Dank sei dir Herr) Updated (Ochs) Michael Lonneke
15/05/2015 Britons, strike home!  Choral Rehearsal Version (Purcell) John Hooper
15/05/2015 Fantasia voor Piano (Verachtert) Bart Van den Bosch
08/05/2015 Tristia, Op. 18  Choral Rehearsal Version (Berlioz) John Hooper
08/05/2015 Fischerweise (Fisherman's ditty)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/05/2015 An Mignon (To Mignon)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
01/05/2015 Wandrers Nachlied (Wayfarer's Night Song)   (Schubert Lieder) Richard Woodroffe
17/04/2015 Chester Choral Rehearsal Version (Billings) John Hooper
17/04/2015 JukePlay NWC2 Viewer Player v1.0a  PHP User Tool that calls NWC2 Viewer to play NWC and NWCTxt files. (JukePlay) Ian Low
17/04/2015 Carnival Of Venice, Cornet Solo With Variations (Clarke HL) James Karageanes(Zorba)*
* Before he died, Jim asked me to keep this submission until it could be put onto the Scriptorium without any copyright problem. - R.
10/04/2015 Theodora Choral Rehearsal Version (Handel) John Hooper
03/04/2015 Der Hirt auf dem Felsen D965   (Schubert) Joe Roberts
15/03/2015 Mass in F (Deutsche Messe) D872   Choral Rehearsal Version (Schubert) John Hooper
15/03/2015 Gaúcho Corta-Jaca  (Brazilian) Shai Oisiovici Laks
15/03/2015 QwikKey Music Input v.1.1b Fast music input for NoteWorthy Composer 2.5 or above. (QwikKey) Ian Low
27/02/2015 Symphony No 8 in G minor, Op. 100  (Lachner) John White
27/02/2015 Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes  (Traditional) Joseph Roberts
29/01/2011 QwikKey Music Input v.1.1a Fast music input for NoteWorthy Composer 2.5 or above. (QwikKey) Ian Low
23/01/2015 Top 100 Chart for 2014 Scriptorium
23/01/2015 Andante (Galuppi) Noel Ciantar
23/01/2015 Allegro (Galuppi) Noel Ciantar
23/01/2015 Nisi Dominus Choral Rehearsal Version (Vivaldi) John Hooper
09/01/2015 Danza (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
09/01/2015 Gagliarda (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
09/01/2015 Se io m'accorgo (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
09/01/2015 Vaghe bellezze et bionde trecce d'oro vedi che per ti moro (Anonymous) Maurizio Spagni
09/01/2015 Bianco fiore (Negri) Maurizio Spagni
09/01/2015 Saltarello (Galilei) Maurizio Spagni
09/01/2015 6-14 '06 (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 Different (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 S4 #x (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 S4 24th (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 S4 no 10 (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 1 (of 6) (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 2 (of 6) (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 3 (of 6) (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 4 (of 6) (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 5 (of 6) (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton
09/01/2015 Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 6 (of 6) (Hamilton) Jay Hamilton

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