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Generated code is to be used on a treble clef shifted down an octave.
Select All FretQwik(C) Pos: Font No.:   Name Chord:  Pos:  Trailing Bar Line
This will hold onto your options for three months.
Need the chord names on the lyric staff?  After running this visit MoveChord.htm.

Copy the above to your clipboard and paste it into a song you have already open in NoteWorthy Composer.
If you have opened NWC but haven't opened an existing song or created a new one, Cntrl/Sh V
For more information on NWC or to purchase it, click noteworthycomposer.com
This page doesn't know what key your song is in so all accidentals are forced.  Run "Audit Enharmonic Spelling" in NWC to correct this.  Once finished the file can be saved in NWC, or exported to NWCTXT or midi format.
Other links for guitar chords: Open Chords (that table is already built into this page). Chordie (Very comprehensive list) ChordFind (Big list and it plays the chord for you)
When you assign the appropriate key signature to this song and "Audit Accidentals" or "Audit Enharmonic Spelling", unneeded accidentals will be removed.  This will also include notes in a chord when the accidental is on a (strummed and hidden) grace note.  To correct this, SAVE the file, CUT the guitar staff to the clipboard, paste it in graceacc.htm and press CLICK.  Then Cntl/V and paste the clipboard onto the staff you just cut.  The chords will now have the same accidentals as the grace notes tied to them.

Even better than the above site are user tools RickG and Randy Williams suggested here. Look at this message and the next.

Adroit evasion is another alternative. This message and those under it can build an arpeggiate tool similar to the main one except it produces hidden arpeggios. To use it choose No Strum here, audit accidentals when finished, then run a tool to create the hidden arpeggios.

An option has been made to use the FretQwik or FretQwikC font as a user font. It can be found in Helpful Files on Scriptorium.