To use this procedure, insert a measure number as a text entry exactly where you want it before or after a bar line. Save your file first then, starting with your text measure number entry, cut to the clipboard to the end of the staff and paste it in the textarea. Click Submit. Cut from this webpage and paste back into your NWC song. Measure numbers will be inserted before or after the barline (as you chose) in the same format and position as your model. Hidden barlines are counted but not displayed and bar lines excluded from the bar count are ignored completely.

You may insert a measure number as text anywhere in the first measure and cut the whole staff to this page. The placement of the model measure number (sum of objects with a duration from the beginning) will be compared to the sum of the durations since the last barline and, when equal to or greater than the model placement, will cause a new measure number to be created.   Multi-measure rests are now supported.

Insert Measure Numbers

Copy the above to your clipboard (it's pre-selected) and paste it into a song you have already open in NoteWorthy Composer.