Anthems & Military Music

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Traditional Australian
Waltzing Matilda for Brass Quintet N. Simmons8k00:02:34
Waltzing Matilda A. Scerri2k00:02:30
Marsh, Stephen Hale(1805 - 1888)Australian
Australian National Anthem - Hail to Victoria! A. Scerri5k00:04:17
Traditional British
Rule, Britannia! A. Purdam4k00:01:07
Rule Britannia! for Brass Quintet N. Simmons3k00:03:12
(for piano) C. Alberga2k00:00:48
Jerusalem for Brass Quintet N. Simmons4k00:02:12
Traditional Equadorian
"Tomás Moro" Anthem J. Valverde3k00:02:39
Traditional USA
Bosworth, Bruce(1944 - )USA
God Bless America Again B. Bosworth3k00:03:09
Ward, Samuel Augustus(1848-1903)American
America the Beautiful J. Roberts2k00:03:10

Military Music

Alford, Kenneth J (Maj. Frederick J. Ricketts)(1881 - 1945)English
The Army of the Nile W. Dyer8k00:03:03
Colonel Bogey's March arr. Purdam A. Purdam6k00:03:38
Eagle Squadron W. Dyer13k00:03:06
The Great Little Army W. Dyer7k00:02:53
Holyrood W. Dyer7k00:02:51
The Mad Major W. Dyer9k00:02:23
The Middy W. Dyer7k00:02:45
Old Panama W. Dyer7k00:02:44
On the Quarterdeck W. Dyer7k00:02:48
The Standard of St. George W. Dyer6k00:02:48
The Thin Red Line W. Dyer8k00:03:02
The Vanished Army W. Dyer8k00:03:08
The Vedette W. Dyer7k00:03:31
Bagley, E. E.
National Emblem March W. Dyer7k00:02:53
National Emblem March B. Young5k00:03:00
Bidgood, Thomas(1858-1925)English
Sons of the Brave P. Struys12k00:02:55
Holzmann, Abe(1874 - 1939)USA
Blaze Away R. Woodroffe5k00:03:41
King, Karl L.(1891-1971)USA
Neddermeyer Triumphal W. Dyer7k00:02:48
Long, Matthew(1994 - )American
Artillery March M. Long6k00:02:12
Pereira, Jose M.
Minha Patria Jose M. Pereira8k00:04:30
Purdam, Andrew(1963 - )Australian
Brass Gallows A. Purdam2k00:02:09
Theirs Is The Glory A. Purdam3k00:01:00
Selcuk [Selçuk], Münir Nurettin(1900 - 1981)Turkish
Mahur Mehter March - Zipped up (Extras in Zip file) M. Ekinci144k00:03:02
Mahur Mehter Marþý M. Ekinci3k00:03:02
Sousa, John Philip(1854 - 1932)USA
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company (1920) W. Dyer8k00:02:15
Beau Ideal (1893) W. Dyer6k00:03:22
Black Horse Troop (1924) W. Dyer10k00:03:23
Belle of Chicago (1892) W. Dyer5k00:02:11
Corcoran Cadets (1890) W. Dyer7k00:02:55
The Crusader (1888) W. Dyer6k00:03:02
Daughters of Texas (1929) W. Dyer9k00:03:16
El Capitan P. Struys14k00:02:11
Esprit du Corps (1878) W. Dyer7k00:02:28
Fairest of the Fair (1908) W. Dyer9k00:03:32
Free Lance/On to Victory (1906) W. Dyer14k00:04:14
Gallant Seventh (1922) W. Dyer8k00:02:56
George Washington Bicentennial (1930) W. Dyer10k00:03:22
George Washington Bicentennial March (Dr. Zorba)J. Karageanes8k00:03:24
Gladiator (1886) W. Dyer7k00:02:11
Gladiator March (Dr. Zorba)J. Karageanes6k00:02:44
Glory of the Yankee Navy (1909) W. Dyer9k00:03:16
Golden Jubilee (1928) W. Dyer6k00:03:24
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty (1900) W. Dyer8k00:03:10
Kansas Wildcats (1931) W. Dyer6k00:02:27
King Cotton (1894) W. Dyer7k00:02:44
King Cotton P. Struys14k00:02:37
Liberty Bell (1893) W. Dyer8k00:03:32
Manhattan Beach P. Struys10k00:02:00
Medley Quadrille S. Clemente4k00:02:59
National Game (1925) W. Dyer7k00:02:47
New Mexico (1928) W. Dyer7k00:02:48
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine March (Dr. Zorba)J. Karageanes7k00:03:18
Revival March (1876) W. Dyer6k00:03:03
The Rifle Regiment (1886) W. Dyer11k00:03:06
Sabre and Spurs P. Struys17k00:02:59
Semper Fidelis (1883) W. Dyer14k00:02:39
Sound Off (1885) W. Dyer7k00:02:33
Stars and Stripes ForeverJ.Hauck5k00:03:19
Stars and Stripes ForeverJ.Duhon16k00:03:32
Stars and Stripes Forever (Dr. Zorba)J. Karageanes12k00:03:49
The Washington Post P. Struys12k00:02:19
Steffe, William(circa 1830 - 1890)
Mine Eyes Have Seen the GloryE.Duhon19k00:08:10
Sweeley, Charles C.
Repasz BandJ. Butler4k00:02:55
Tieke, Carl(1864 - 1922)German
Alte Kameraden B. Vanbrabant5k00:04:58
Old Comrades W. Dyer7k00:02:44
Traditional Dutch
Traditional Dutch Marches - Zipped up P. Struys41k00:17:06
Mars van de jonge Prins van Friesland P. Struys3k00:01:01
Mars van Lindeboom P. Struys2k00:00:48
Mars van Oranje-Friesland P. Struys2k00:00:45
Mars van de Graaf van Rechteren P. Struys3k00:01:01
Mars van de Staten van Holland P. Struys3k00:01:07
Mars der Zwitsers P. Struys3k00:01:02
Garde Dragonders-Mars P. Struys3k00:00:46
Dragonders-Mars P. Struys3k00:01:21
Mars van de Heer van der Duyn P. Struys3k00:00:56
Mars van de Heer Boudaan P. Struys3k00:01:14
Mars van Oxenstierna P. Struys3k00:01:27
Mars van Marlborough P. Struys3k00:01:12
Mars van Prins Eugenis I P. Struys3k00:00:58
Mars van Prins Eugenis II P. Struys3k00:01:02
Mars van Ramillies (23 mei 1706) P. Struys3k00:01:17
Mars de Taptoe P. Struys3k00:01:10
Wagner, Joseph Franz(1856 - 1908)Austrian
Under the Double Eagle W. Dyer5k00:03:20
Under the Double Eagle Opus 159 H.Parr3k00:03:14