Felix (Bartholdy) Mendelssohn

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Mendelssohn , Felix (Bartholdy)(1809 - 1847)German
Ach, wie so baldJ. Clement4k00:01:50
Auf Flugeln Des Gesanges (On Wings Of Song) A. Scerri3k00:03:00
Christus (Unfinished) Die Geburt Christi - recitative and trio Y. Forestier8k00:01:48
Christus (Unfinished) Die Geburt Christi J R Jennings8k00:04:30
Psalm 13 - Lord how long wilt Thou forget me?, (Op. 96) (1840) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper26k00:12:03
Lord, how long - 1: Lord, how long wilt Thou forget me? J. Hooper7k00:03:45
Lord, how long - 2: Chorale: Lord, my God, behold and hear me J. Hooper4k00:01:38
Lord, how long - 3: Lord, Thy truth and loving kindness J. Hooper8k00:03:18
Lord, how long - 4: Fugue - Lord, in thankful exultation J. Hooper8k00:03:22
Come let us sing [Psalm 95, "Kommt, lasst uns anbeten" ], Op. 46 (1838) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper70k00:32:00
Come let us sing - No: 1: O come, let us worship J. Hooper12k00:05:57
Come let us sing - No. 2: Come, let us sing J. Hooper16k00:06:22
Come let us sing - No. 3: In His hand J. Hooper6k00:03:27
Come let us sing - No. 4: For His is the sea J. Hooper11k00:03:45
Come let us sing - No. 5: Henceforth, when ye hear His voice J. Hooper13k00:06:08
Come let us sing - No. 6: For His is the sea (alt. version) J. Hooper13k00:06:21
Psalm 43 (Op. 78) (1844) Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper4k00:03:47
Psalm 114, Op. 51 (1839) - Da Israel aus Agypten zog - Zipped upChoral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper38k00:12:04
Psalm 114 J. Hooper7k00:01:49
Psalm 114 - No: 2: Das Meer sah und floh J. Hooper7k00:02:43
Psalm 114 - 3. Was war dir, du Meer, das du flohest? J. Hooper11k00:04:01
Psalm 114 - No: 4: Da Israel aus Agypten zog J. Hooper14k00:03:31
Delirium Op. 85, No. 3 R. Elam5k00:02:37
Drei Motetten für weibliche Stimmen mit Orgel Opus 39 - Zipped up J.Guix26k00:16:57
1: Veni, Domine J.Guix6k00:02:58
2: Laudate, pueri Part 1 J.Guix5k00:03:50
2. Laudate, pueri part 2.Terzetto J.Guix3k00:02:48
3. Dominica II post Pascha part 1.Coro J.Guix5k00:02:23
3. Dominica II post Pascha part 2.Duetto J.Guix3k00:02:04
3. Dominica II post Pascha Part 3 Alto Solo. Part 4 Coro J.Guix5k00:02:54
Elijah - Zipped up J R Jennings252k01:55:06
Elijah Introduction J R Jennings2k00:00:48
Elijah Overture J R Jennings10k00:03:21
Elijah No 1 (Help Lord) J R Jennings9k00:03:50
Elijah No 2 (Lord, bow thine ear) J R Jennings5k00:02:08
Elijah No 3 (Ye People Rend Your Hearts) J R Jennings2k00:00:32
Elijah No 4 (If with all your hearts) J R Jennings4k00:01:42
Elijah No 5 (Yet doth the Lord) J R Jennings10k00:02:53
Elijah No 6 (Elijah, get thee hence) J R Jennings2k00:00:29
Elijah No 7a (For He shall give His angels) J R Jennings7k00:02:40
Elijah No 7b (Now Cherith's Brook) J R Jennings2k00:00:42
Elijah No 8 (What have I to do with thee) J R Jennings12k00:07:25
Elijah No 9 (Blessed are the men who fear him) J R Jennings7k00:02:56
Elijah No 10 (As God the Lord of Sabaoth) J R Jennings7k00:03:30
Elijah No 11 (Baal, we cry to thee) J R Jennings10k00:03:27
Elijah No 12 (Call him louder!) J R Jennings3k00:01:13
Elijah No 13 (Call him louder!) J R Jennings5k00:02:11
Elijah No 14 (Draw near, all ye people) J R Jennings5k00:02:44
Elijah No 15 (Cast thy burden upon the Lord) J R Jennings2k00:01:19
Elijah No 16 (O thou, who makest thine angel spirits) J R Jennings7k00:02:04
Elijah No 17 (Is not His word like a fire?) J R Jennings6k00:02:05
Elijah No 18 (Woe unto them who forsake him) J R Jennings3k00:01:46
Elijah No 19 A (O man of God, help thy people!) J R Jennings2k00:00:26
Elijah No 19 B (Thou hast overthrown thine enemies!) J R Jennings8k00:04:39
Elijah No 20 (Thanks be to God) J R Jennings10k00:03:22
Elijah No 21 (Hear ye Israel) J R Jennings10k00:04:59
Elijah No 22 (Be not afraid) J R Jennings9k00:03:41
Elijah No 23 (The Lord, hath exalted thee) J R Jennings7k00:03:53
Elijah No 24 (Woe to him!) J R Jennings6k00:01:48
Elijah No 25 (Man of God) J R Jennings3k00:02:07
Elijah No 26 (It is enough) J R Jennings7k00:04:10
Elijah No 27 (See, now he sleepeth) J R Jennings1k00:00:25
Elijah No 28 (Lift thine eyes) J R Jennings2k00:01:33
Elijah No 29 (He, Watching Over Israel) J R Jennings7k00:03:10
Elijah No 30 (Arise Elijah) J R Jennings3k00:01:23
Elijah No 31 (O rest in the Lord) J R Jennings4k00:01:56
Elijah No 32 (He that shall Endure) J R Jennings4k00:01:29
Elijah No 33 (Night falleth round me) J R Jennings2k00:01:11
Elijah No 34 (Behold God the Lord passed by) J R Jennings2k00:03:49
Elijah No 35 (Holy is God the Lord) J R Jennings4k00:02:25
Elijah No 36 (Go return upon thy way) J R Jennings3k00:01:04
Elijah No 37 (For the mountains shall depart) J R Jennings3k00:02:10
Elijah No 38 (Then did Elijah) J R Jennings8k00:03:10
Elijah No 39 (Then shall the righteous shine forth) J R Jennings4k00:01:21
Elijah No 40 (Behold, God hath sent Elijah) J R Jennings2k00:00:51
Elijah No 41 (But the Lord from the north) J R Jennings7k00:02:46
Elijah No 42 (O come, everyone that thirsteth) J R Jennings6k00:02:45
Elijah No 43 (And then shall your light break forth) J R Jennings9k00:03:02
Elijah, Op. 70 (1846) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper252k02:13:14
Elijah - Introduction J. Hooper2k00:01:02
Elijah - Nos 00 & 1: Overture & Help, Lord J. Hooper18k00:07:38
Elijah - No 2: Lord, bow Thine ear to our prayer J. Hooper5k00:02:10
Elijah - Nos 3 & 4: Ye people, rend your hearts J. Hooper5k00:02:59
Elijah - No 5: Yet doth the Lord see it not J. Hooper12k00:03:48
Elijah - No 6: Elijah, get thee hence J. Hooper2k00:00:45
Elijah - No 7: For he shall give His angels charge over thee J. Hooper8k00:02:32
Elijah - No 7a: Now Cherith's brook is dried up J. Hooper2k00:01:12
Elijah - Nos 8 & 9: What have I to do, & Blessed are the men J. Hooper17k00:09:55
Elijah - No 10: As God the Lord of Sabaoth liveth J. Hooper7k00:04:24
Elijah - No 11: Baal, we cry to thee J. Hooper9k00:03:34
Elijah - No 12: Call him louder, & Hear our cry, O Baal! J. Hooper4k00:01:17
Elijah - No 13: Call him louder, & Baal, hear and answer! J. Hooper5k00:01:57
Elijah - No 14: Lord God of Abraham J. Hooper5k00:03:47
Elijah - No 15: Cast thy burden upon the Lord J. Hooper2k00:01:58
Elijah - No 16: O Thou, The fire descends .., Is not His word J. Hooper15k00:04:58
Elijah - No 18: Woe unto them that forsake Him J. Hooper4k00:03:00
Elijah - Nos 19 & 20: O man of God.., O Lord.., & Thanks to God J. Hooper17k00:09:50
Elijah - Nos 21 & 22: Hear ye, Israel & Be not afraid J. Hooper20k00:09:50
Elijah - Nos 23 & 24: The Lord hath exalted thee & Woe to him J. Hooper14k00:06:01
Elijah - No 25: Man of God J. Hooper3k00:02:33
Elijah - Nos 26 & 27: It is enough & See, now he sleepeth J. Hooper8k00:06:51
Elijah - No 28: Lift thine eyes J. Hooper2k00:01:34
Elijah - No 29: He's watching over Israel J. Hooper6k00:03:38
Elijah - Nos 30 & 31: Arise, Elijah & O rest in the Lord J. Hooper6k00:05:44
Elijah - No 32: He that shall endure to the end J. Hooper4k00:02:32
Elijah - No 33: Night falleth around me J. Hooper3k00:01:36
Elijah - No 34: Behold, God the Lord passed by J. Hooper12k00:03:33
Elijah - Nos 35, 36 & 37: Holy, .., Go, .., I go .., For the .. J. Hooper10k00:07:12
Elijah - No 38: Then did Elijah J. Hooper9k00:02:14
Elijah - No 39: Then shall the righteous .. J. Hooper5k00:02:31
Elijah - No 40: Behold, God hath sent Elijah J. Hooper2k00:01:17
Elijah - No 41: But the Lord, from tne North has raised one J. Hooper8k00:03:24
Elijah - No 41A: O come every one that thirsteth J. Hooper5k00:03:12
Elijah - No 42: And then shall your light break forth J. Hooper10k00:03:02
The First Walpurgis Night [Die erste Walpurgisnacht], Op. 60 (1831/1842) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper93k00:33:00
Walpurgis Night - Overture + 1 + 2 J. Hooper43k00:15:14
Walpurgis Night - 3/4 J. Hooper12k00:03:34
Walpurgis Night - 5/6/7/8/9 J. Hooper39k00:14:12
Hear My Prayer (including O for the wings of a Dove) R. Woodroffe13k00:09:12
Hear My Prayer / Hör mein Bitten Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper15k00:09:28
Hochzeitmarsch (Wedding March) J P. Tate13k00:04:48
Hör mein Bitten, Herr NWCChorus14k00:06:13
Hymn of Praise ["Lobgesang" ], Op. 52 (1840) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper142k00:59:19
Hymn of Praise - No: 1: Sinfonia J. Hooper51k00:21:22
Hymn of Praise - Nos. 2 & 2.5: All men, all things J. Hooper22k00:06:31
Hymn of Praise - No. 3: Sing ye praise J. Hooper5k00:02:56
Hymn of Praise - No. 4: All ye that cried unto the Lord J. Hooper6k00:02:23
Hymn of Praise - No. 5: I waited for the Lord J. Hooper9k00:04:52
Hymn of Praise - No. 6: The sorrows of death J. Hooper7k00:03:21
Hymn of Praise - No. 7: The night is departing J. Hooper16k00:05:02
Hymn of Praise - No. 8: Let all men praise the Lord J. Hooper6k00:03:54
Hymn of Praise - No. 9: My song shall be always Thy mercy J. Hooper7k00:04:01
Hymn of Praise - No. 10: Ye nations offer to the Lord J. Hooper14k00:05:00
Im Advent (No 5 of 6 Anthems [Sechs Sprüche], Op. 79) (1843-4) Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper3k00:01:24
Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt! (psalm 100) - Zipped up K. Lamminga5k00:03:41
Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt! (psalm 100) 1 K. Lamminga2k00:01:21
Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt! (psalm 100) 2 K. Lamminga2k00:01:20
Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Welt! (psalm 100) 3 K. Lamminga2k00:01:00
Lost Illusions Op. 67 No. 2 R. Elam11k00:01:31
Saint Paul - Zipped up J.R. Jennings157k01:16:22
Overture No. 1 J.R. Jennings13k00:06:27
Lord, thou alone art God No. 2 J.R. Jennings10k00:05:14
To God on high No. 3 J.R. Jennings2k00:00:58
And the many that believed No. 4a J.R. Jennings2k00:00:43
We verily have heard No. 4b J.R. Jennings3k00:01:14
Now this man ceaseth not No 5 J.R. Jennings9k00:03:41
And all that sat in the council No 6 J.R. Jennings8k00:04:18
Jerusalem, Jerusalem No. 7 J.R. Jennings5k00:02:22
Then they ran upon him No. 8a J.R. Jennings1k00:00:20
And They Stoned Him No. 9a J.R. Jennings2k00:00:35
To Thee, O Lord No. 9b J.R. Jennings2k00:00:42
And the witnesses No. 10 J.R. Jennings2k00:00:40
Happy and blest are they No. 11 J.R. Jennings6k00:04:31
And Saul made havock of the church No 12a J.R. Jennings1k00:00:20
Consume them all No 12b J.R. Jennings5k00:02:19
And he journeyed with companions No. 13a J.R. Jennings1k00:00:24
But the Lord is Mindful of His Own No. 13b J.R. Jennings3k00:01:39
The Conversion No. 14 J.R. Jennings4k00:01:48
Rise up! Arise No. 15 J.R. Jennings12k00:05:10
Sleepers wake, a voice is calling No. 16 J.R. Jennings3k00:01:06
And his companions No. 17 J.R. Jennings2k00:00:55
O God, have mercy No. 18 J.R. Jennings3k00:04:17
And there was a disciple No. 19 J.R. Jennings3k00:01:20
I praise thee, O Lord No. 20 J.R. Jennings10k00:04:57
And Ananias went his way No. 21 J.R. Jennings4k00:01:51
O great is the depth No. 22 J.R. Jennings11k00:05:08
And Paul came to the congregation No. 24 J.R. Jennings2k00:00:45
Now we are ambassadors No. 25 J.R. Jennings3k00:01:14
How Lovely Are the Messengers No. 26 J.R. Jennings7k00:02:21
I will sing of Thy great mercies No. 27 J.R. Jennings4k00:02:04
But when the Jews No. 28a J.R. Jennings2k00:00:28
Thus saith the Lord No. 28b J.R. Jennings3k00:00:45
And they laid wait for Paul No. 28c J.R. Jennings1k00:00:15
And though he be offered No 44 J.R. Jennings2k00:00:49
Not only unto him No 45 J.R. Jennings10k00:04:23
St Paul (Paulus), (1836) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper251k02:10:57
St Paul - No 1: Overture J. Hooper12k00:06:50
St Paul - No. 2: Lord, Thou alone art God. J. Hooper12k00:04:33
St Paul - No.3: To God on high J. Hooper2k00:01:30
St Paul - No. 4: And the many that believed J. Hooper4k00:02:06
St Paul - No. 5: Now this man ceaseth not J. Hooper10k00:03:43
St Paul - No. 6: And all that sat in the Council J. Hooper10k00:04:48
St Paul - No. 7: Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets J. Hooper6k00:03:18
St Paul - No. 8a: Then they ran upon him J. Hooper1k00:00:22
St Paul - No. 8b: Stone him to death J. Hooper7k00:01:53
St Paul - No. 9: And they stoned him/To Thee O Lord J. Hooper4k00:02:29
St Paul - No. 10: And the witnesses J. Hooper2k00:00:48
St Paul - No. 11: Happy and blest are they J. Hooper6k00:04:34
St Paul - No.12: And Saul made havock/Consume them all. J. Hooper7k00:02:35
St Paul - No. 13: But the Lord is mindful of His own J. Hooper4k00:02:03
St Paul - No. 14: The Conversion J. Hooper5k00:02:31
St Paul - No. 15: Rise! Up! Arise! J. Hooper14k00:05:11
St Paul - No. 16: Sleepers, wake, a voice is calling J. Hooper4k00:01:20
St Paul - No. 17/18: And his companions/O God, have mercy J. Hooper9k00:07:02
St Paul - No. 19: And there was a disciple J. Hooper3k00:01:23
St Paul - No. 20: I praise Thee, O Lord J. Hooper12k00:03:39
St Paul - Nos 21/22: And Ananias went .. /O great is the depth J. Hooper14k00:07:49
St Paul - No. 23: The nations are now the Lord's J. Hooper11k00:04:26
St Paul - No. 24/25: And Paul came/Now we are ambassadors J. Hooper4k00:02:42
St Paul - No. 26: How lovely are the messengers J. Hooper6k00:03:35
St Paul - No. 27: I will sing of Thy great mercies J. Hooper4k00:02:12
St Paul - No. 38: But when the Jews J. Hooper2k00:00:42
St Paul - No. 29: Thus saith the Lord J. Hooper3k00:00:47
St Paul - No. 30: And they laid wait for Paul J. Hooper2k00:00:31
St Paul - No. 29: Is this he? J. Hooper8k00:01:51
St Paul - No. 29a: O Thou, the true and only light J. Hooper4k00:03:30
St Paul - No. 29a: O Thou, the true and only light J. Hooper4k00:03:30
St Paul - No. 30: But Paul and Barnabas spake freely J. Hooper2k00:01:01
St Paul - No. 31. For so hath the Lord J. Hooper6k00:02:34
St Paul - Nos 32/33/34/35: And there/The Gods/And they/O be J. Hooper10k00:05:29
St Paul - No. 36: Now when/For know ye not/But our God abideth J. Hooper12k00:08:16
St Paul - Nos 37/38/39: And then/This is Jehova's/And they all J. Hooper8k00:03:26
St Paul - No. 40: Be thou faithful unto death J. Hooper4k00:03:06
St Paul - No. 41/42: And Paul sent /Far be it from thy path J. Hooper6k00:04:08
St Paul - No. 43: See what love J. Hooper6k00:03:21
St Paul - No. 44/45: And though he be offered/Not only unto Him J. Hooper12k00:05:24
Paulus Oratorio - Arioso A. Scerri4k00:01:56
Sinfonie VIII in D, AdagioC. Waterman4k00:04:59
Song Of Spring A. Scerri4k00:03:36
Songs without Words: No.1 Sweet Remembrance Op. 19 J. Cohen4k00:04:09
Songs without Words: Book 5, No.6 Spring Song Op 62 J. Cohen4k00:02:17
Veni Domine - Allelujavers zum 4.Sonntag im Advent - Opus 39, Nr.1 HM Müller7k00:03:00
Verleih uns Frieden Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper2k00:03:52
Violin Concerto in E Opus 64R. Woodroffe64k00:23:20
Violin Concerto N°1 for violino and orchestra Opus 64J. Clement103k00:22:32
Wer nur lieben Gott lasst walten (1829) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper16k00:10:31
Chorale-Wer nur lieben Gott lasst walten - 1: Mein Gott J. Hooper2k00:01:04
Chorale-Wer nur lieben Gott lasst walten - 2: Wer nur den lieb J. Hooper6k00:03:47
Chorale-Wer nur lieben Gott lasst walten - 3: Er kennt die rec J. Hooper4k00:03:38
Chorale-Wer nur lieben Gott lasst walten - 4: Sing, bet und ge J. Hooper4k00:02:02