Musical Humour

Bosworth, Bruce(1944 - )USA
I'm Yer GrandpaB. Bosworth2k00:02:22
Cage, John(1912 - 1992)U.S.A.
4'33"E. iNANÇ1k00:04:33
Diack, John Michael(1869 - 1947)Scottish
Jack and Jill (In the style of Handel)R Woodroffe6k00:02:20
Little Jack Horner (In the style of Handel)R Woodroffe7k00:02:05
Mary had a little LambR Woodroffe4k00:01:44
Sing a Song of Sixpence (In the style of Handel)R Woodroffe6k00:02:19
Hely-Hutchinson, Christian Victor(1901 - 1947)English
Old Mother Hubbard arr. J Michael DiackR. Woodroffe7k00:02:15
The Owl and the Pussy Cat arr. J Michael DiackR. Woodroffe5k00:02:09
Hill, Mildred and Patty
Happy Birthday arr. A Purdam A. Purdam2k00:00:39
Birthday Variations, Book II (2000) (Set of Variations by Grant Hicks) G. Hicks17k00:05:41
Horn, Charles Frank(1851 - 1928)American
Miss Hoolihan's Christmas Cake R. Woodroffe4k00:03:23
Jennings, Samuel David(1940 - )American
Fantasy Toca el PianoforteS.Jennings4k00:02.30
Lehrer, Thomas Andrew(1928 - )American

Please note that ALL music written by Tom Lehrer is now in the Public Domain even though there is no legal way of doing this.
Quote from the Tom Lehrer Website :
I, Tom Lehrer, and the Tom Lehrer Trust 2000, hereby grant the following permission: All the lyrics on this website, whether published or unpublished, copyrighted or uncopyrighted, may be downloaded and used in any manner whatsoever, without requiring any further permission from me or any payment to me or to anyone else. The music of all the songs on this website that were written by me may also be downloaded and used as described above. In other words, all the lyrics herein and all the music herein that was written by me should be treated as though they were in the public domain.

AlmaR. Woodroffe5k00:04:44
A Christmas CarolR Woodroffe5k00:01:32
Be PreparedR. Woodroffe4k00:01:37
I hold your hand in mineR. Woodroffe4k00:01:27
My Home TownR. Woodroffe5k00:02:03
Oedipus RexR. Woodroffe5k00:02:17
Poisoning Pigeons in the ParkR. Woodroffe5k00:02:32
The Hunting SongR. Woodroffe4k00:01:26
The Irish BalladR. Woodroffe4k00:02:36
The Masochism TangoR. Woodroffe7k00:02:42
The Wild WestR. Woodroffe5k00:01:56
Who's Next?R. Woodroffe5k00:01:36
Moffatt, Stuart(1953 - )British
Birthday song for 21/03S.Moffatt3k00:01.14
Birthday dirge with apologies to Franz (Gretchen am Spinnrade) for 1/4S.Moffatt2k00:00:56
Birthday song for 16/10S.Moffatt7k00:01:26
Cowboy birthday song for 17/10S.Moffatt2k00:01:01
Birthday song for 25/10S.Moffatt2k00:01:03
Birthday song for 4/11S.Moffatt2k00:01:04
Birthday song for 23/11S.Moffatt3k00:01:04
Trotting birthday song for 28/12S.Moffatt3k00:01:16
Eurovision S. Moffatt3K00:01:24
Froggy S. Moffatt3K00:04:48
Handel's Limerick S. Moffatt2K00:01:05
Here Lies a TreeS.Moffatt7k00:02:45
Limerick standard tune S. Moffatt2K00:00:45
A Mackeral DayS.Moffatt21k00:12:18
Mice S. Moffatt3k00:02:04
Moffatt & Swinnen, Stuart & Ivo(1953 - )British
Drei Kwart S. Moffatt2k00:00:46
Offenbach, Jacques(1819 - 1880)German-French
Bold GendarmesR. Woodroffe4k00:02:35
Peterson, John(1992 -)
The No Name Song J. Peterson8k00:08:19
Preiszner, Miklós(1978 - )Hungarian
Little exercise for two hands and one nose (2001) M. Preiszner1k00:00:21
Ravenscroft, Thomas(1582/92 - 1635)English
Three Blind Mice arr. Moffatt S Moffatt2k00:00:51
Reissiger, Friedrich August(1809 - 1883)German
Rimler, Walter(20th C)USA
I'm Sorry (1984) W. Rimler2k00:01:42
Rossini, Gioacchino(1792 - 1868)Italian
Duetto Buffo Di Due GattiR. Woodroffe3k00:02:16
Talisman, Rebecca(1989 - )American
Another Baroque SongR.Grey2k00:01.27
Tchaikovsky, Pytor Il'yitch(1840 - 1893)Russian
Tchaikovsky PI from an Imaginary Detective Series J. Walker2k00:00:52
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep arr. Moffatt S. Moffatt4k00:00:57
Deck the Hall arr. Moffatt S. Moffatt6k00:01:46
Dem BonesR. Woodroffe4k00:02:27
Walker, Jason Donal(1970 - )Irish
Nothing SongJ. Walker2k00:01:37
Weyse, Christoph Ernst Friedrich(1774-1842)German
Katte-CavatineM. Spagni3k00:01:15