Musical Humour

Bosworth, Bruce(1944 - )USA
I'm Yer GrandpaB. Bosworth2k00:02:22
Cage, John(1912 - 1992)U.S.A.
4'33"E. iNANÇ1k00:04:33
Diack, John Michael(1869 - 1947)Scottish
Jack and Jill (In the style of Handel)R Woodroffe6k00:02:20
Little Jack Horner (In the style of Handel)R Woodroffe7k00:02:05
Mary had a little LambR Woodroffe4k00:01:44
Sing a Song of Sixpence (In the style of Handel)R Woodroffe6k00:02:19
Hely-Hutchinson, Christian Victor(1901 - 1947)English
Old Mother Hubbard arr. J Michael DiackR. Woodroffe7k00:02:15
The Owl and the Pussy Cat arr. J Michael DiackR. Woodroffe5k00:02:09
Hill, Mildred and Patty
Happy Birthday arr. A Purdam A. Purdam2k00:00:39
Birthday Variations, Book II (2000) (Set of Variations by Grant Hicks) G. Hicks17k00:05:41
Horn, Charles Frank(1851 - 1928)American
Miss Hoolihan's Christmas Cake R. Woodroffe4k00:03:23
Jennings, Samuel David(1940 - )American
Fantasy Toca el PianoforteS.Jennings4k00:02.30
Moffatt, Stuart(1953 - )British
Birthday song for 21/03S.Moffatt3k00:01.14
Birthday dirge with apologies to Franz (Gretchen am Spinnrade) for 1/4S.Moffatt2k00:00:56
Birthday song for 16/10S.Moffatt7k00:01:26
Cowboy birthday song for 17/10S.Moffatt2k00:01:01
Birthday song for 25/10S.Moffatt2k00:01:03
Birthday song for 4/11S.Moffatt2k00:01:04
Birthday song for 23/11S.Moffatt3k00:01:04
Trotting birthday song for 28/12S.Moffatt3k00:01:16
Eurovision S. Moffatt3K00:01:24
Froggy S. Moffatt3K00:04:48
Handel's Limerick S. Moffatt2K00:01:05
Here Lies a TreeS.Moffatt7k00:02:45
Limerick standard tune S. Moffatt2K00:00:45
A Mackeral DayS.Moffatt21k00:12:18
Mice S. Moffatt3k00:02:04
Moffatt & Swinnen, Stuart & Ivo(1953 - )British
Drei Kwart S. Moffatt2k00:00:46
Offenbach, Jacques(1819 - 1880)German-French
Bold GendarmesR. Woodroffe4k00:02:35
Peterson, John(1992 -)
The No Name Song J. Peterson8k00:08:19
Preiszner, Miklós(1978 - )Hungarian
Little exercise for two hands and one nose (2001) M. Preiszner1k00:00:21
Ravenscroft, Thomas(1582/92 - 1635)English
Three Blind Mice arr. Moffatt S Moffatt2k00:00:51
Reissiger, Friedrich August(1809 - 1883)German
Rimler, Walter(20th C)USA
I'm Sorry (1984) W. Rimler2k00:01:42
Rossini, Gioacchino(1792 - 1868)Italian
Duetto Buffo Di Due GattiR. Woodroffe3k00:02:16
Talisman, Rebecca(1989 - )American
Another Baroque SongR.Grey2k00:01.27
Tchaikovsky, Pytor Il'yitch(1840 - 1893)Russian
Tchaikovsky PI from an Imaginary Detective Series J. Walker2k00:00:52
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep arr. Moffatt S. Moffatt4k00:00:57
Deck the Hall arr. Moffatt S. Moffatt6k00:01:46
Dem BonesR. Woodroffe4k00:02:27
Walker, Jason Donal(1970 - )Irish
Nothing SongJ. Walker2k00:01:37
Weyse, Christoph Ernst Friedrich(1774-1842)German
Katte-CavatineM. Spagni3k00:01:15