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Hawn Jien Mulej ('Tis me O Lord)A. Scerri3k00:01:56
Traditional American
Dem BonesR. Woodroffe4k00:02:27
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've SeenA. Scerri3k00:01:49
Path Over the Mountain (trad. American Bluegrass)T. Säärelä7k00:04:00
Petronella (trad. American Contradance)C. Alberga2k00:01:04
Swing Low, Sweet ChariotA. Scerri3k00:05:31
- Billings, Williams(1746 - 1800)American
Chester Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper2k00:02:26
- Clayton, WillAmerican
Watch, Hope and Wait Little GirlS. Harriff4k00:04:33
- Foster, Stephen C.American
Beautiful DreamerN.D.Powell2k00:05:18
Beautiful DreamerA. Scerri2k00:02:54
De Camptown RacesA. Scerri2k00:02:42
Gentle AnnieA. Scerri2k00:02:27
If you've only got a moustacheA. Scerri2k00:02:54
Jeanie with the light brown hairA. Scerri2k00:03:12
Old Black JoeA. Scerri2k00:03:00
Oh SusannaA. Scerri3k00:03:24
Ring, ring de banjoA. Scerri2k00:03:54
That's what's the matterA. Scerri2k00:02:38
- Van den Bosch, Bart(1967 -)Belgian
Dixie voor KoenB. Van den Bosch3k00:02:53
- Work, Henry Clay(1832 - 1884)USA
Grandfather's Clock - Zipped up C. Barham5k00:03:39
Grandfather's Clock Further info in zip fileC. Barham3k00:03:38
Grandfather's ClockA. Scerri3k00:04:29
Come Pretty School-GirlA. Scerri3k00:03:04
Ring the Bell, Watchman - Zipped up C. Barham4k00:00:43
Ring The Bell, Watchman Further info in zip fileC. Barham3k00:00:44
Traditional Argentine/Tango
- Donato, Edgardo(1879 - 1963)Uruguayan
A Media Luz (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä6k00:01:38
Muchacho (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä9k00:02:18
- Gardell, Carlos(- 1935)Argentine
El Dia Que Me Quieras (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä12k00:03:53
- Magaldi, Augustin
Vagabundo (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä5k00:02:07
- Mores, Mariano(1922 -)Argentine
Adios Pampa Mia arr. M. Spagni> M. Spagni5k00:01:49
Adios Pampa Mia arr. SääreläT. Säärelä7k00:01:55
Cricel (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä11k00:03:13
Cuartito Azul (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä10k00:03:15
Uno (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä10k00:03:22
- Padilla, José
Santa Claus (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä8k00:02:20
- Rixner, Josef(20thC)German
Blauer Himmel (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä8k00:03:40
- Rodriguez, Gerardo MatosArgentine
La Cumparsita (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä13k00:03:01
La Muchacha del Circo (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä6k00:02:34
- Saarela [Säärelä], Timo(1940 -)Finnish
CabecitaT. Säärelä5k00:02:44
Giuitara de VagabondoT. Säärelä9k00:02:04
Pecho Helado (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä7k00:03:10
- Sanders, J.C.Argentine
Adios Muchachos (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä8k00:01:40
Largalo! (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä7k00:02:07
- Traditional Argentine
BailecitoM. Spagni3k00:02:13
- Villoldo, Angel Gregorio(1861 - 1919)Argentine
Don Pedro (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä6k00:02:49
El Cachorrito (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä8k00:03:42
El Choclo (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä7k00:02:43
El Torito (Tango) arr. SääreläT. Säärelä4k00:02:03
Traditional Australian
Rydal-MereA. Scerri2k00:01:22
- Marsh, Stephen Hale(1805 - 1888)Australian
Australian National Anthem - Hail to Victoria!A. Scerri5k00:04:17
Traditional Brazilian
Gaúcho Corta-Jaca (Brazilian Tango)S. Laks5k00:02:09
Traditional British
Clog HornpipeG. Walker2k00:02:53
Country Gardens for Brass QuintetN. Simmons4k00:02:52
Four Reels - Zipped up G. Walker6k00:07:19
Fairy DanceG. Walker2k00:01:19
Mason's ApronG. Walker2k00:01:54
Mrs McLeodG. Walker2k00:03:07
The Wind that Shakes the BarleyG. Walker2k00:00:59
Lincolnshire Poacher for Brass QuintetN. Simmons4k00:02:14
On Ilkla' Moor Baht 'At for Brass QuintetN. Simmons7k00:04:02
Packington's PoundG. Walker2k00:02:02
The Peacock followed the HenG. Walker2k00:02:31
Six Hornpipes - Zipped up G. Walker10k00:16:47
CollegeHornpipeG. Walker2k00:03:10
Durham RangersG. Walker2k00:02:13
Harvest HomeG. Walker2k00:03:16
KingofFairies1G. Walker2k00:02:25
SpeedThePloughG. Walker2k00:03:31
The Trumpet HornpipeG. Walker2k00:02:12
Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill for Brass QuintetN. Simmons7k00:02:31
- Gay, John(1685 - 1732)British
Over the Hills and Far AwayI. Hussain83k00:01:09
- Grainger, Percy Aldridge(1882 - 1961)Australian
Scotch Strathspey and ReelR. Woodroffe83k00:07:04
- Woods, OscarBritish
Oscar Woods' Jig in CS. Gray2k00:00:48
- Judge, Jack(1878-1938)English
It's a Long Way to TipperaryR. Woodroffe4k00:02:36
It's a Long Way to TipperaryB. Vanbrabant5k00:02:58
- Hussain, Iqbal(1971 -)British
Run away with me, my lassI. Hussain2k00:01:12
Traditional Bulgarian
TrungalJ. Fabian1k00:01:13
Traditional Caribbean
- Whitmarsh, Jamie(1988 -)American
Four Etudes for Lead Steel Drum with Steel Band Accompaniment - Zipped up J. Whitmarsh10k00:09:41
1st ExampleJ. Whitmarsh3k00:02:05
2nd ExampleJ. Whitmarsh3k00:02:24
3rd ExampleJ. Whitmarsh2k00:01:49
4th ExampleJ. Whitmarsh3k00:03:24
Traditional Childrens
Pussycat, Pussycat, Where Have You Been?D. Pool1k00:00:36
Traditional Danish
Danish songs 1830-1930 - Zipped up A. Kjeldsen16k00:18:14
BjarkemålA. Kjeldsen13k00:03:29
Jeg ser de bøgelyse øerA. Kjeldsen8k00:01:36
Jylland mellem tvende haveA. Kjeldsen11k00:02:20
Jeg elsker de grønne lundeA. Kjeldsen12k00:02:08
Danmark, nu blunder den lyse natA. Kjeldsen11k00:02:37
MidsommerviseA. Kjeldsen13k00:02:42
Den danske sangA. Kjeldsen9k00:01:40
På Sjølunds fagre sletterA. Kjeldsen9k00:01:45
Traditional Dutch
Dutch Nursery Rhyme B met een AR. den Heijer1k00:00:26
Traditional English
As Sylvie was WalkingI. Hussain3k00:01:57
Astley's RideG.Walker1k00:01:11
Cleveland HillsG.Walker3k00:03:01
Davy, Davy,Knick KnackG.Walker1k00:01:32
Drink to me only with thine eyesI. Hussain2k00:01:36
Drink to me onlyM.McKee2K00:02:38
Drunken SailorI. Hussain2k00:00:50
Five jigs - Zipped up G. Walker8k00:11:34
Christmas JigG. Walker2k00:02:24
The Muckin' O' Geordie's ByreG. Walker2k00:02:22
LillibuleroG. Walker2k00:02:04
OysterGirlG. Walker2k00:02:50
Rosin The BeauG. Walker2k00:01:54
Seven English Country Dances - Zipped up C. Alberga11k00:06:36
Christchurch BellsC. Alberga12k00:00:48
Dick's MaggotC. Alberga10k00:01:26
NewcastleC. Alberga7k00:01:04
Orleans BaffledC. Alberga4k00:00:37
The Hare's Maggot, for Up With AilyC. Alberga11k00:01:20
The Queen's BirthdayC. Alberga5k00:00:48
The Twenty-Ninth of MayC. Alberga4k00:00:33
Shooter's HornpipeG.Walker1k00:01:24
Eight English Country Dances - Zipped up C. Alberger14k00:08:41
ChildgroveC. Alberger8k00:01:20
Greenwich ParkC. Alberger9k00:01:06
Indian QueenC. Alberger4k00:01:09
Lilli BurleroC. Alberger10k00:00:50
Mr. Beveridge's MaggotC. Alberger9k00:01:26
Mr. Isaac's MaggotC. Alberger12k00:01:02
Rufty TuftyC. Alberger14k00:00:58
The Coronation DayC. Alberger7k00:00:50
Nine English Country Dances - Zipped up C. Alberger13k00:09:01
Apley HouseC. Alberger10k00:00:51
Cuckolds all in a Row, for Hey, Boys, Up Go WeC. Alberger4k00:00:48
Daphne, for Hit and MissC. Alberger6k00:01:06
Hyde ParkC. Alberger5k00:01:00
MundesseC. Alberger13k00:01:27
PortsmouthC. Alberger8k00:01:04
Sellengers's Round or The Beginning of the WorldC. Alberger6k00:00:48
The Beggar BoyC. Alberger4k00:00:58
The Maid Peeped out at the WindowC. Alberger4k00:01:00
Fourteen English Country Dances - Zipped up C. Alberger19k00:12:10
All in a Garden Green, for The Maid In the MoonC. Alberger2k00:01:19
ArgeersC. Alberger2k00:01:04
Chestnut or Dove's FigaryC. Alberger2k00:00:58
GrimstockC. Alberger1k00:00:51
Jack's MaggotC. Alberger2k00:01:06
JamaicaC. Alberger1k00:00:32
Jog OnC. Alberger2k00:00:35
Juice of Barley or StingoC. Alberger2k00:00:50
Love Lies A-BleedingC. Alberger2k00:00:46
Maids' MorrisC. Alberger2k00:00:50
Nonesuch or A la mode de FranceC. Alberger1k00:00:33
Parson's FarewellC. Alberger2k00:00:50
Siege of LimerickC. Alberger2k00:01:02
The Garter, for Jenny, Come Tie My CravatC. Alberger2k00:00:58
Gathering PeascodsC. Alberga2k00:01:27
HornpipeI. Hussain2k00:00:37
The Liverpool HornpipeG. Walker2k00:03:45
Mr Martin's ReelP. Schmidt2k00:02:23
My Johnny was a shoemakerM.Spagni4k00:02:41
O Sinner ManI. Hussain2k00:01:18
Roger de CoverlyC. Alberga1k00:00:59
Scarborough Fair arr. Ken Pettett, a set of variationsK. Pettett16k00:05:56
Scarborough Fair arr. I HussainI. Hussain2k00:01:08
The Cornish Floral DanceR. Woodroffe7k00:03:03
The MermaidR. Woodroffe4k00:04:30
The Oak and the AshM Gibson3k00:01:14
Vent fin (Hey, ho! Anybody home?)M.Spagni2k00:00:50
Widdicombe FairR. Woodroffe3k00:02:45
- Traditional Northumbrian
Blow the Wind SoutherlyG. Walker2k00:03:30
Bonny at MornG. Walker2k00:02:36
Felton LonnenG. Walker3k00:03:34
Morpeth Lasses/Stay a wee bit Bonnie LadG. Walker2k00:02:15
Upstairs and to BedG.Walker1k00:01:17
The Water of TyneG. Walker2k00:01:58
- Traditional Playford's Dancing
All in a Garden GreenG. Walker1k00:02:08
WestmorlandG. Walker1k00:02:29
- Traditional Morris Dances
Six Morris Dance tunes - Zipped up G. Walker7k00:09:38
The Blue Eyed StrangerG. Walker1k00:01:47
Constant BillyG. Walker1k00:01:37
The Blue Eyed Stranger (Sherborne)G. Walker2k00:01:46
I'll Go and Enlist for a SailorG. Walker2k00:01:35
Idbury HillG. Walker1k00:01:47
The Ladies PleasureG. Walker1k00:01:06
A Morris Dance SetG. Walker2k00:04:03
Traditional European
- Jackson, Alan(1946 -)British
Three European Folk SongsA. Jackson3k00:03:50
Wandering waltz contraM. Spagni3k00:02:25
Traditional French
CongoS. Gray2k00:00:55
La palombe Choir and Piano VersionM. Spagni3k00:03:09
La palombe Choir and Guitar VersionM. Spagni4k00:03:09
Traditional French (Breton)(Breton)
Le corsaire Le Grand CoureurM. Spagni4k00:01:31
Traditional Filipino
Filipino 2M. Hirt1k00:00:45
Traditional Greek
KalamatianosA. Purdam2k00:03:04
Traditional Gaelic
DFhir a Bhata (The Boatman)G. Morris2k00:01:54
Traditional German
Wenn der Wind von Süden her wehtE. Lüke2k00:05:11
Wenn alle Bruennlein fliessenR. Lungershausen2k00:03:00
Traditional Hungarian
AkasztósJ. Fábián1k00:01:10
Csárdás from BunhyaJ. Fábián1k00:00:35
Dunántúli CsárdásJ. Fábián4k00:01:33
KanasztancJ. Fábián2k00:00:59
Ritka Magyar - slow from FeketelakJ. Fábián1k00:00:51
DunántúliJ. Fábián2k00:01:18
Dunántúli csardasJ. Fábián2k00:00:56
Elment, elment az én párom (My darling has gone)J. Fábián3k00:00:59
Flute (or recorder) music from Felsoiregh, HungaryJ. Fábián1k00:00:32
Felsotiszavideki csardas EcsedrolJ. Fábián2k00:00:41
Slow Csárdás from GagyJ. Fábián1k00:00:34
"Jumping" type dance music from Great Hungarian plainJ. Fábián1k00:00:33
"Boot hitting"(Csizmaverõs) dance from Lakócsa, HungaryJ. Fábián1k00:00:39
Lassú Csárdás from GagyJ. Fábián1k00:00:31
Fast "csardas" from Magyarpalatka, Mezõség, TranssylvaniaJ. Fábián1k00:01:02
It's of Szabo Gyorgy boy (Quart from Szek, Transylvania)J. Fábián2k00:01:50
Old Hungrian (Quart from Szek, Transylvania)J. Fábián2k1:06:00
Se alla festa vuoi andarM. Spagni2k00:01:01
Szek village Lad's Dance (Verbunk from Szek, Transylvania)J. Fábián2k00:01:19
Lad's dance from VálaszútJ. Fábián2k00:01:54
'Slow Hungarian' from VálaszútJ. Fábián2k00:02:52
Válaszúti lassú - vagy ritka magyar (Hungarian pair dance from Válaszút village, Transylvania)J. Fábián2k00:02:52
Verbunk Collection of Kõrispatak, no. 1J. Fábián8k00:02:42
- Bihari,János (1807)
VerbunkJ. Fábián1k00:01:46
- Csermák,Antal, 1826
Lassú magyarJ. Fábián2k00:02:11
- Lavotta, János, 1790 és 1800 között
VerbunkJ. Fábián8k00:01:14
- Zsákai Ferenc - Sárközi Béla
Milleneum (Verbunk)J. Fábián21k00:03:46
Connellan, Thomas(c. 1640/1645 - 1698)
Carolan’s DreamM. Spagni2k00:01:55
Traditional Irish
Ancient Irish Music - Zipped up P. Beard88k01:01:28
If To A Foreign Clime You GoP. Beard2k00:01:35
No. 2. The Foxes SleepP. Beard4k00:00:48
Joice's TuneP. Beard2k00:00:35
The Brown ThornP. Beard4k00:00:24
The Fairy QueenP. Beard3k00:01:48
Girls, Have You Seen GeorgeP. Beard5k00:00:39
The Summer Is ComingP. Beard4k00:00:39
Kitty TyrrelP. Beard5k00:01:17
The Beardless BoyP. Beard4k00:00:32
Planxty DruryP. Beard5k00:00:59
Old TruaghP. Beard4k00:00:24
Molly St GeorgeP. Beard5k00:01:12
The Fair-haired ChildP. Beard5k00:00:36
Love In SecretP. Beard7k00:00:48
Open The Door SoftlyP. Beard3k00:00:18
Madam ColeP. Beard2k00:02:08
The Young Man's DreamP. Beard4k00:01:02
The Charmer With The Fair LocksP. Beard4k00:00:24
The Twisting Of The RopeP. Beard4k00:00:45
Dennis Don't Be Threat'ningP. Beard3k00:00:17
Planxty KellyP. Beard6k00:00:44
The Pleasant RocksP. Beard5k00:01:00
The Fair WomanP. Beard3k00:00:18
Rose Dillon + JiggP. Beard3k00:02:05
The Parting Of FriendsP. Beard4k00:00:36
The Ugly TaylorP. Beard7k00:00:27
Castle O'NeilP. Beard4k00:00:30
Kitty The CuckooP. Beard4k00:00:29
The Harvest MoonP. Beard5k00:01:22
John, Heir Of The GlenP. Beard6k00:01:03
The Banks Of The ShannonP. Beard4k00:00:31
The Brown MaidP. Beard3k00:00:27
The Jointure + JiggP. Beard9k00:02:07
The Forlorn QueenP. Beard5k00:00:36
The Snowy-breasted PearlP. Beard4k00:01:25
Madge MaloneP. Beard6k00:01:50
Dermot O'DowdP. Beard3k00:00:48
Kitty O'BrianP. Beard6k00:01:01
My Dear Stay With MeP. Beard3k00:00:22
The Dear Black MaidP. Beard4k00:00:48
Mary Do you Fancy MeP. Beard5k00:00:43
Carolan's ConcertoP. Beard7k00:01:22
The Little Harvest RoseP. Beard5k00:00:32
Molly MacAlpinP. Beard2k00:01:04
Abigail JudgeP. Beard2k00:01:58
Planxty ReillyP. Beard7k00:01:12
The Maid Of The ValleyP. Beard7k00:00:48
I Would Rather Than IrelandP. Beard5k00:00:43
John O'Reilly The ActiveP. Beard6k00:00:45
An Irish LullabyP. Beard2k00:00:24
The Blossom Of The RaspberryP. Beard4k00:00:42
The Lamentation Of Owen O'NeilP. Beard4k00:01:10
Nanny McDermotroeP. Beard4k00:00:48
The Pretty Girl Milking The CowsP. Beard3k00:00:36
Young Terence McDonougP. Beard6k00:01:55
Isabella BurkP. Beard4k00:00:43
Have You Seen My ValentineP. Beard4k00:00:45
Planxty JohnstonP. Beard5k00:00:59
Bob JordanP. Beard6k00:01:23
If The Cat Had GoldP. Beard4k00:01:00
We Brought The Summer With UsP. Beard8k00:00:48
Thomas O'BurkP. Beard6k00:01:17
The Little And Great MountainP. Beard2k00:01:10
Planxty McGuireP. Beard5k00:00:55
Grace NugentP. Beard5k00:01:17
Planxty DillonP. Beard1k00:01:00
Billy from BruffP. Schmidt2k00:01:36
Boys of Blue HillG.Walker1k00:01:47
Black NagM. Spagni2k00:01:18
Brian Boru's marchM. Spagni2k00:02:26
ButterflyM. Spagni2k00:01:23
Chalk SundayP. Schmidt1k00:01:06
Cherish the LadiesP. Schmidt1k00:00:47
Comb Your HairG.Walker1k00:01:27
Danny BoyS. Nachbaur5k00:02:59
Dever the DancerG.Walker1k00:01:27
Downfall of ParisA. Purdam10k00:02:16
Drowsy MaggieM. Spagni2k00:00:43
Foxhunter's JigG.Walker1k00:01:43
Johnny from GandsayP. Schmidt1k00:00:48
King Of the Fairies (arr. for SATB recorders)G. Walker1k00:02:25
The Glass of BeerM. Spagni2k00:00:55
The Lark In The Clear AirA. Scerri2k00:01:17
The Last Rose Of SummerA. Scerri4k00:02:33
Mo ghile mearM.Spagni3k00:02:35
My sorrow is greater than I can tellP. Schmidt10k00:00:55
Old Jerry DoyleP. Schmidt2k00:01:18
Remember the Poor (words supplied Dec. 2010)M Lonneke2k00:02:26
SilverminesP. Schmidt1k00:00:58
The Tenpenny BitG.Walker1k00:01:09
Horn, Charles Frank(1851 - 1928)American
Miss Hoolihan's Christmas Cake arr. WoodroffeR. Woodroffe4k00:03:23
Traditional Israeli
Hine Ma TovA. Purdam2k00:01:52
Traditional Italian
Sia maledetta l'acquaM. Spagni5k00:03:42
TarantellaA. Purdam1k00:00:40
Stephen Johnson(1989 -)American
CarnivalS Johnson2k00:01:26
Traditional Japanese
SakuraW. Porter3k00:05:33
Latin American
D'Arcangelo, Raffaele(1949 -)Italian
Rio - A Colombian cumbiaR. D'Arcangelo7k00:04:11
Traditional Macedonian
Srce me boliE. iNANÇ1k00:00:25
Blagunjo DejcheE. iNANÇ2k00:00:30
Traditional Patagonian
The Patagonian Strut (Op.2)J. Gore2k00:02:12
Traditional Portugese
Maria ElenaT. Säärelä6k00:03:47
Traditional Polka
Medley: Clarinet Polka/Jenny Lind PolkaW. Dyer4k00:01:23
Traditional Romanian
De a saritaJ. Fábián1k00:00:59
Traditional Russian
The Bell Rings Monotolously (Entonigt Ringer Lilla Klockan)T. Säärelä3k00:02:50
Lyon, Bradford Franklin(1963 -)SA
Fiddlers in TverB. Lyon3k00:03:27
Traditional Salsa
Dios Te Bendiga (God Bless You)L. Diaz13k00:03:48
Traditional Scottish
Auld Robin GrayA. Scerri3k00:04:16
Afton Water and OthersG.Walker2k00:03:21
The Blue Bells of ScotlandA. Scerri7k00:02:30
Jessie the flower of DumblaneA. Scerri3k00:02:50
My Love is Like a Red, Red RoseR. Woodroffe2k00:01:56
Scottish MedleyA. Purdam2k00:01:37
Spirit of the HighlandsT. Saarela12k00:04:14
Clumsy Lover (1983)A. Purdam4k00:00:47
Traditional Slovakian
Ej, ne do násJ. Bielik2k00:02:21
Ej popod makovicuJ. Bielik3k00:05:32
Ej, rozmajrín, rozmajrínJ. Bielik3k00:03:50
Ket ja i¹ol kolo mlynaJ. Bielik1k00:02:13
Na tú svatú KaterínkuJ. Bielik2k00:03:38
Nerád som ja videu dieuèa za mladiJ. Bielik3k00:04:55
Piesne z KlenovcaJ. Bielik10k00:04:43
Vychovaj ma, mamkoJ. Bielik3k00:03:38
Traditional Spanish
A la Rurro Niño (arr. Michael Neaum)B. Dowden3k00:03:03
Traditional Swedish
Gammal Fäbodpsalm från Älvdalen (arr. Timo Säärelä)T. Säärelä3k00:04:50
Traditional Turkish
Çay benim (Nevâ Türkü - Turkish folk song)E. iNANÇ1k00:01:11
ESTERGON KAL'ASI - Turkish traditional (Rumeli, 17th C)E. iNANÇ1k00:01:13
Huseynî Türkü, "Elem çekme gönül"E. iNANÇ1k00:01:10
OYUN HAVASI (dance song from Amasya)E. iNANÇ1k00:01:19
Ismâîl Dede Efendi, Hammâmîzâde(1777-1846)Turkish
Mâhûr Beste, "Ey gonca dehen..."E. iNANÇ1k00:02:33