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Pachelbel, Johann(1653 - 1706)German
Canon in D - for Harp and RecorderM. Spagni4k00:02:54
Canon in D - Piano arrangement A. Wilson4k00:05:19
Canon in D - Simplified piano arrangement J. Ho2k00:04:00
Canon in D - Piano arrangement S. McGinness5k00:04:21
Canon in D MajorP.Xu1k00:01:09
Kanon in D-Dur Kanon in D-Dur P.Xu4k00:04:34
Canon in D Major - Mallet trio arrangement L. Nuckols4k00:05:19
Canon in D Major - Dance remix J. Ho4k00:03:01
Canon in D Major - Violin trio arrangement J. Ho2k00:03:01
Canon in D Major - Symphony Arrangement C. Hatmaker4k00:03:28
Canon in D MajorA.Benson1k00:02:00
Canon in RemixY. Kim6k00:02:54
Canon/1st Noel mash-up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper4k00:04:30
Chant de Noël (for organ) A. Purdam7k00:05:14
Ciacona in F minor T.206 C. Waterman4k00:08:29
Gigue from "Canon and gigue in D"M. Spagni4k00:01:38
Magnificat for a chorus of four mixed voices and basso continuo J. Guix8k00:05:50
MagnificatM Gibson8k00:05:11
Ricercare in C major C. Waterman2k00:05:53
Ricercare in C minor C. Waterman2k00:06:55
Ricercar in F# minor C. Waterman2k00:04:39
Paganini, Niccolo(1782 - 1840)Italian
Caprice No 6. in G minor from "24 Caprices for solo violin" R. Woodroffe9k00:05:00
Caprice No 24. from "24 Caprices for solo violin" J. Fabian4k00:03:32
Caprice No 24. in A minor from "24 Caprices for solo violin" R. Woodroffe9k00:04:16
Caprice No. 24 (Jazz Arrangement) J.Hauck4k00:02:31
Moto perpetuo, arranged for Trumpet in Bb and piano J. Karageanes5k00:05:06
Paisiello, Giovanni(1740 - 1816)Italian
La Molinara - Nel cor piu non mi sento A. Scerri2k00:00:50
La Molinara - Nel cor piu non mi sentoNwcChorus2k00:01:03
Sweet Maid A. Scerri4k00:03:43
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da(ca.1525 - 1594)Italian
Adoramus Te J. R. Jennings2k00:01:00
Adoramus Te Christe A. Scerri2k00:01:28
Canticum Canticorum (Numbers 1 to 11)See Comments39k00:34:51
Canticum Canticorum - 01 Osculetur me (osculo oris sui)See Comments4k00:03:09
Canticum Canticorum - 02 Trahe me post teSee Comments4k00:03:24
Canticum Canticorum - 03 Nigra sum, sed formosaSee Comments4k00:03:24
Canticum Canticorum - 04 Vineam meam non custodiviSee Comments4k00:02:45
Canticum Canticorum - 5 Si ignoras teSee Comments4k00:03:24
Canticum Canticorum - 6 Pulchrae sunt genae tuaeSee Comments4k00:03:18
Canticum Canticorum - 7 Fasciculus myrrhae (dilectus meus mihi)See Comments4k00:02:51
Canticum Canticorum - 8 Ecce tu pulcher esSee Comments4k00:02:51
Canticum Canticorum - 9 Tota pulchra esSee Comments4k00:02:54
Canticum Canticorum - 10 Vulnerasti cor meumSee Comments4k00:03:15
Canticum Canticorum - 11 Sicut lilium inter spinasSee Comments4k00:03:36
Exsultate Deo Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper3k00:02:06
i vaghi fiori R Balboni2k00:01:53
Gloria Patri et filio J. R. Jennings3k00:00:43
Hodie Christus natus est Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:28
Hodie Christus natus est (a 8: SSAB-ATTB) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:11
Missa Brevis in A major (1570) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper23k00:22:34
Missa Brevis - No 1: Kyrie J. Hooper3k00:03:23
Missa Brevis - No 2: Gloria J. Hooper4k00:03:20
Missa Brevis - No 3: Credo J. Hooper5k00:06:51
Missa Brevis - No 4: Sanctus J. Hooper3k00:02:02
Missa Brevis - No 5: Benedictus J. Hooper3k00:02:18
Missa Brevis - No 6: Agnus Dei I J. Hooper3k00:02:06
Missa Brevis - No 6: Agnus Dei II J. Hooper3k00:02:34
Missa: Nigra sum (1590) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper26k00:31:24
Missa: Nigra sum - Kyrie Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:04:25
Missa: Nigra sum - Gloria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:06:01
Missa: Nigra sum - Credo Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:09:21
Missa: Nigra sum - Sanctus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:03:25
Missa: Nigra sum - Hosanna Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:01:05
Missa: Nigra sum - Benedictus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:02:09
Missa: Nigra sum - Agnus Dei I Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:14
Missa: Nigra sum - Agnus Dei II Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:44
Missa Papae Marcelli (1562) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper35k00:35:15
Missa Papae Marcelli - 1: Kyrie J. Hooper4k00:04:12
Missa Papae Marcelli - 2: Gloria J. Hooper6k00:06:19
Missa Papae Marcelli - 3: Credo J. Hooper8k00:08:59
Missa Papae Marcelli - 4: Sanctus J. Hooper5k00:03:35
Missa Papae Marcelli - 5: Benedictus J. Hooper4k00:03:34
Missa Papae Marcelli - 6a: Agnus Dei I J. Hooper4k00:04:14
Missa Papae Marcelli - 6b: Agnus Dei II J. Hooper4k00:04:22
Missa: Nasce la gioja mia (1590) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper23k00:23:41
Missa: Nasce la gioja mia - Kyrie Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:03:02
Missa: Nasce la gioja mia - Gloria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:04:29
Missa: Nasce la gioja mia - Credo Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:07:31
Missa: Nasce la gioja mia - Sanctus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:18
Missa: Nasce la gioja mia - Benedictus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:16
Missa: Nasce la gioja mia - Agnus Dei I Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:01:58
Missa: Nasce la gioja mia - Agnus Dei II Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:07
O Domine Jesu Christe A. Scerri2k00:01:12
Ricercari sopra li Tuono- Primo Tono C. Waterman2k00:02:30
Sanctus from "Missa Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La" P J Ognibene6k00:09:34
Sicut Cervus A.Booth3k00:02:36
Sicut lilium inter spinas (1562) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper21k00:25:46
Missa: Sicut lilium inter spinas - Kyrie Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:03:30
Missa: Sicut lilium inter spinas - Gloria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:06:08
Missa: Sicut lilium inter spinas - Credo Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:08:54
Missa: Sicut lilium inter spinas - Sanctus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:19
Missa: Sicut lilium inter spinas - Benedictus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:01:58
Missa: Sicut lilium inter spinas - Hosanna Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:00:45
Missa: Sicut lilium inter spinas - Agnus Dei Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:02:12
Sicut Cervus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:02:45
Sicut CervusM Gibson2k00:02:25
Tantum ErgoM Gibson2k00:01:59
Tu es Petrus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper6k00:05:51
Tu es PetrusM Gibson4k00:03:07
Panofka, Heinrich(1807 - 1887)German
24 vocalises progressivesSee Comments41k00:36:22
24 vocalises progressives - 1See Comments2k00:00:58
24 vocalises progressives - 2See Comments2k00:01:18
24 vocalises progressives - 3See Comments2k00:01:08
24 vocalises progressives - 4See Comments2k00:01:01
24 vocalises progressives - 5See Comments2k00:01:31
24 vocalises progressives - 6See Comments2k00:00:56
24 vocalises progressives - 7See Comments2k00:01:12
24 vocalises progressives - 8See Comments2k00:01:20
24 vocalises progressives - 9See Comments2k00:01:45
24 vocalises progressives - 11See Comments2k00:01:36
24 vocalises progressives - 12See Comments2k00:01:39
24 vocalises progressives - 13See Comments2k00:01:34
24 vocalises progressives - 14See Comments3k00:02:16
24 vocalises progressives - 15See Comments2k00:01:20
24 vocalises progressives - 16See Comments3k00:02:00
24 vocalises progressives - 17See Comments2k00:02:07
24 vocalises progressives - 18See Comments2k00:01:27
24 vocalises progressives - 19See Comments2k00:02:51
24 vocalises progressives - 20See Comments2k00:01:38
24 vocalises progressives - 21See Comments3k00:01:31
24 vocalises progressives - 22See Comments2k00:01:44
24 vocalises progressives - 23See Comments2k00:01:21
24 vocalises progressives - 24See Comments3k00:02:09
Paradisi, Pier Domenico(1710 - 1792)Italian
Sonata n. 6 J. Karageanes12k00:06.53
Toccata from sonata n. 6 in A+M.Spagni3k00:02.47
Parry, Sir Charles Hubert Hastings(1848 - 1918)English
Blest Pair of Sirens 1887 - Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper16k00:08.20
Blest Pair of Sirens 1887M. Gibson17k00:10:30
I know my soul hath power to know all things J. Aldridge2k00:01:45
Intercessor G. Lowther2k00:01:44
Invocation to Music, 1895 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper99k00:53:28
Invocation to music. Myriad voiced Queen Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper24k00:09:24
Invocation to music. 02-Tenor Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper6k00:04:23
Invocation to music: Chorus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper12k00:05:18
Invocation to music. 04-Duet Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper10k00:05:20
Invocation to music. 05a-Dirge Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper10k00:08:13
Invocation to music: Chorus (5b) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper16k00:10:27
Invocation to music. 06-Trio Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper11k00:05:19
Invocation to music: Final Chorus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper12k00:05:04
Jerusalem 1916 - Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper4k00:02.35
Let me know mine end. J. Aldridge13k00:07:51
I was Glad 1887M. Gibson10k00:06:20
I was Glad 1887 - Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper12k00:06:50
My SoulM. Gibson4k00:03:03
Never weather-beaten sail J. Aldridge5k00:02:33
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1905) R. Woodroffe64k00:18:37
Symphony N0 3 in C major, "The English"(1889). - Zipped up J. White118k00:33:46
I Allegro Energico J. White40k00:06:50
II Andante Sostenuto J. White19k00:10:06
III Scherzo J. White18k00:05:02
IV Finale J. White42k00:11:47
Thine Eyes Still Shined For Me A. Scerri5k00:01:37
A Welsh Lullaby A. Scerri3k00:02:30
Parsons, Robert(1535 - 1572)English
Ave Maria Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper4k00:04:10
Patterson, D(20th C)European
La réponse (Mais si, je t'aime!) D.Patterson3k00:04:08
Roses Also D.Patterson3k00:04:00
Passereau, Pierre(1509 - 1547)French
Il est bel et bonJ.Guix2k00:01:12
Il est bel et bonNWCChorus2k00:01:38
Paul, Soumesh Ranjan(1988 - )Bangladeshi
Sonata in F Major - Zipped up S.Paul24k00:11:55
Sonata in F Major No 1 Opus 1 No 1 S.Paul17k00:05:19
Sonata in F Major No 2 Opus 1 No 2 S.Paul2k00:01:56
Sonata in F Major No 3 Opus 1 No 3 S.Paul6k00:04:38
Pearsal, Robert Lucas(1795 - 1856)British
Lay a GarlandM. Gibson4k00:01:46
Pendrey, Nigel(20th C)British
Inventions around a theme of David Popper N. Pendrey12k00:13:16
The Last Flight of Marian Cumlaquoy N. Pendrey9k00:14:16
On Another's Sorrow N. Pendrey3k00:12:22
Scootie-Allans N. Pendrey8k00:10:40
11 Sept 2001 N. Pendrey2k00:01:40
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista(1710 - 1736)Italian
Arietta - Se tu m'ami A. Scerri3k00:02:24
Duetto from Stabat Mater A. Muench4k00:03:20
Magnificat - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper34k00:10:27
Magnificat - No: 1: Magnificat J. Hooper7k00:02:47
Magnificat - No: 2: Et misericordia J. Hooper5k00:01:42
Magnificat - No: 3: Deposuit J. Hooper5k00:01:37
Magnificat - No: 4 Suscepit Israel J. Hooper5k00:01:39
Magnificat - No: 5: Sicut locutus est J. Hooper5k00:00:59
Magnificat - No: 6: Sicut erat in principio J. Hooper7k00:01:52
MagnificatM Gibson28k00:11:29
Magnificat - 1 MagnificatM Gibson90k00:02:49
Magnificat - 2 Fecit PotentiamM Gibson36k00:01:34
Magnificat - 3 Deposuit PotentesM Gibson49k00:01:29
Magnificat - 4 Suscepit IsraelM Gibson26k00:01:45
Magnificat - 5 Sicut locutus estM Gibson24k00:01:30
Magnificat - 6 Sicut erat in principioM Gibson63k00:02:22
Ogni pena più spietataNwcChorus4k00:03:47
Church Hymn For Easter A. Scerri2k00:03:11
Stabat Mater dolorosa (from the Sequence "Stabat Mater") P. Beelen4k00:04:15
Stabat Mater (1736) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper55k00:35:28
Stabat Mater - No, 1: Stabat mater dolorosa J. Hooper5k00:03:47
Stabat Mater - No, 2: Cujus animam gementem J. Hooper4k00:02:22
Stabat Mater - No, 3: O quam tristis et afflicta J. Hooper4k00:01:36
Stabat Mater - No, 4: Quae maerebat et dolebat J. Hooper4k00:02:30
Stabat Mater - No, 5: Quis est homo qui non fleret J. Hooper4k00:02:38
Stabat Mater - No, 6: Vidit suum dulcem natum J. Hooper4k00:03:13
Stabat Mater - No, 7: Eia, mater, fons amoris J. Hooper4k00:02:38
Stabat Mater - No, 8: Fac ut ardeat cor meum J. Hooper6k00:03:13
Stabat Mater - No, 9: Sancta mater, istud agas J. Hooper8k00:04:15
Stabat Mater - No, 10: Fac ut portem Christi mortem J. Hooper4k00:02:26
Stabat Mater - No, 11: In flammatus et accensus J. Hooper5k00:02:24
Stabat Mater - No, 12: Quando corpus morietur J. Hooper3k00:03:04
Stabat Mater - No, 13: Amen J. Hooper3k00:01:22
Tre giorni (Nina) B. Sloman3k00:02:22
Stabat Mater - Sancta Mater A. Scerri11k00:04:25
'tis Three Days Since Nina (Tre Giorni Son Che Nina) A. Scerri5k00:03:08
Perotin [Pérotin](fl. 1200)French
Alleluia posui adiutorium G. Hicks4k00:05:42
Pestalozza, Alberto(1851 - 1934)Italian
Ciribiribin - Sung Waltz A. Scerri4k00:04:52
Peterson, John(1992 - )
The No Name Song J. Peterson8k00:08:19
Dimensional Dance J. Peterson3k00:01:53
Ein beinahe unmögliches Quartett für drei Posaunen und eine Tuba J. Peterson6k00:03:50
Happy Time J. Peterson3k00:01:14
Just a Song J. Peterson4k00:02:18
The Fight of a Lifetime; Victory! J. Peterson8k00:06:35
Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm(1867 - 1942)Swedish
Frösöblomster - Bok I - n°1 - Rentrée (Homecoming) Y. Forestier4k00:02:44
Frösöblomster - Bok I - n°2 - "Sommarsang" Y. Forestier3k00:02:29
Frösöblomster Bok I - n°5 "Gratulation" Y. Forestier3k00:03:09
Frösöblomster Bok I - n°7 "I skymningen" Y. Forestier3k00:03:04
Pettett, KenBritish
Concerto for Orchestra in D minor K.Pettett34k00:11:34
Fugue 1a in A Minor K.Pettett5k00:03:20
Fugues in A minor for piano - Zipped up K. Pettett53k00:43:24
Fugue 1a in A minor K. Pettett5k00:03:21
Fugue 1b in A minor K. Pettett4k00:01:46
Fugue 1c in A minor K. Pettett6k00:04:43
Fugue 1d in A minor K. Pettett5k00:03:59
Fugue 1e in A minor K. Pettett6k00:05:24
Fugue 1f in A minor K. Pettett7k00:04:21
Fugue 1g in A minor K. Pettett6k00:04:54
Fugue 1h in A minor K. Pettett7k00:05:22
Fugue 1i in A minor K. Pettett5k00:03:17
Fugue 1j in A minor K. Pettett8k00:06:17
Symphony in C (2004) - Zipped up K Pettett53k00:31:16
Symphony in C: 1st Movement - Allegro K Pettett24k00:12:25
Symphony in C: 2nd Movement - Allegretto K Pettett6k00:03:48
Symphony in C: 3rd Movement - Presto K Pettett6k00:02:37
Symphony in C: 4th Movement - Vivace K Pettett19k00:12:26
Philips Peter(1560 - 1628)English
Ascendit Deus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper4k00:02:07
Surgens Jesus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:02:19
Pierne [Pierné], Gabriel(1863 - 1937)French
Bagatelle Op. 33 M. Spagni4k00:01:41
Impromptu-caprice Op. 9ter M. Spagni9k00:04:27
Introduction et variations sur une ronde populaire M. Spagni14k00:06:46
Marche des pétits soldats de plomb Op. 14 M. Spagni3k00:03:19
Pastorale Op. 14, n. 1 M. Spagni3k00:02:23
Pilkington, Francis(1570 - 1638)English
Rest sweet NymphsM.Gibson2k00:04:12
Pitoni, Giuseppe Ottavio(1657 - 1743)Italian
Cantate Domino G. Lowther2k00:01:44
Poenitz, Franz(1859 - 1913)German
Ständchen - n. 1 from "Drei leichte stücke" Op. 29 M. Spagni2k00:00:57
Die Spieldose (Music box) - n. 2 (Humoreske) from "Drei leichte stücke" Op. 29 M. Spagni2k00:01:27
Wiegenliedchen - n. 3 from "Drei leichte stücke" Op. 29 M. Spagni2k00:01:33
Poglietti, Alessandro(1641 - 1683)Italian/Austrian
Capriccio über dass Hennengeschrey (Capriccio on the Cry of the Hen) G. Hicks2k00:01:37
Pollet, Benoît(1753 - 1823)French
Deuxième sonate sans pèdales M. Spagni10k00:11:47
Ponchielli, Amilcare(1834 - 1886)Italian
Dance of the Hours from La Gioconda. K.Benson3k00:02.07
La Gioconda - Aria Della Cieca (Voce Di Donna O D'Angelo) A. Scerri5k00:02:45
La Gioconda - Cielo e marA. Scerri7k00:03.36
Popper, David(1843 - 1913)Austrian
Dance of the Elves R. Woodroffe16k00:03:14
Requiem Opus 66 O.Firestone10k00:06:52
Porpora, Nicola Antonio(1686 – 1768)Italian
Agrippina - Senti Se L'Ingannai A. Scerri3k00:01:55
Polifemo "Alto Giove" from Act 1J. Clement8k00:08:48
Polifemo "Dolci freschi aurette" from Act 3J. Clement6k00:08:49
Polifemo "Senti il fato" from Act 3J. Clement6k00:07:43
So Ben Che La Speranza A. Scerri6k00:02:48
Preiszner, Miklós(1978 - )Hungary
Allegro for chamber orchestra 2001 M. Preiszner5k00:04:04
Bagatelle for Piano 2001 M. Preiszner2k00:01:24
Capriccio for piano and violin 2002 M. Preiszner31k00:05:08
Fantasia for Piano 2000 M. Preiszner5k00:05:09
Fantasia for Orchestra (2001) M. Preiszner12k00:02:59
Fugue in G major (2001) M. Preiszner3k00:02:23
Little Dance for Igor (2002) M. Preiszner13k00:02:38
Little exercise for two hands and one nose (2001) M. Preiszner1k00:00:21
Little Suite in C (2001) M. Preiszner4k00:03:48
Overture for piano and mezzo-soprano (2002) M. Preiszner9k00:06:18
Piano sonata in G major - Zipped up M. Preiszner22k00:14:43
Sonata in G major I. M. Preiszner9k00:06:26
Sonata in G major II. M. Preiszner4k00:04:04
Sonata in G major III. M. Preiszner8k00:04:13
String Quartet in D (2001) M. Preiszner14k00:09:45
Symphony - Zipped up M. Preiszner34k00:16:14
Symphony I., II. movement (Passacaglia, Capriccio) M. Preiszner15k00:07:47
Symphony III., IV. movement (Grave, Finale) M. Preiszner19k00:08:30
II. Symphony (2002) - Zipped up M. Preiszner79k00:29:09
Symphony No 2. (I.movement-Andante) M. Preiszner22k00:09:07
Symphony No 2. (II. movement - Scherzo) M. Preiszner33k00:09:47
Symphony No 2. (III.movement - Vivace) M. Preiszner26k00:010:1
Two little pieces for piano 1 - Zipped up M. Preiszner8k00:03:30
Toccatina M. Preiszner2k00:01:14
Ostinato M. Preiszner6k00:02:17
Praetorius [Prætorius], Michael(1571 - 1621)German
Courante A. Purdam1k00:02:12
Spagnoletta M. Spagni2k00:00:36
Volte M. Spagni2k00:00:57
Puer natus in Bethlehem - Zipped up K. Lamminga14k00:05:25
Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem (deel 1) K. Lamminga7k00:03:22
Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem (deel 2) K. Lamminga6k00:02:04
Prout, Ebenezer(1835-1909)English
String Quartet No 1 in E flat, Op.1. - Zipped up J. White26k00:18:16
I Allegro Grazioso J. White8k00:06:19
II Adagio Sostenuto J. White5k00:05:03
III Scherzo J. White3k00:02:15
IV Finale J. White10k00:04:41
Puccini, Giacomo(1858 - 1924)Italian
Ch'ella mi creda B. Sloman4k00:01:55
Edgar - O Fior Del Giorno A. Scerri11k00:04:17
Gianni Schicchi - O Mio Babbino Caro A. Scerri3k00:01:24
La Boheme - Che Gelida Manina A. Scerri9k00:03:43
La Boheme - Che gelida manina J. Clement21k00:03:52
La Boheme - Mi chiamano Mimi J. Clement15k00:04:08
La Boheme - O Mimi tu piu non torni (Duet) A. Scerri8k00:01:37
La Boheme - Quando m'en vo A. Scerri4k00:01:30
La Boheme - Questa E Mimi A. Scerri3k00:00:45
La Boheme - Vecchia Zimarra A. Scerri4k00:02:42
Fanciulla Del West - Ch'ella Mi Creda A. Scerri5k00:02:25
La Fanciulla Del West - Laggiu Nel Soledad A. Scerri4k00:02:38
La Fanciulla del West - Or son sei mesi A. Scerri7k00:03:26
La Rondine - Chi Il Bel Sogna Di Doretta A. Scerri7k00:03:23
La Rondine - Dimmi Che Vuoi Seguirmi A. Scerri4k00:02:43
Le Villi - Se Come Voi O Vaghi Fior A. Scerri7k00:03:26
Madame Butterfly - Zipped up> J. Clement475k02:05:31
1. Madama Butterfly (E soffito e pareti) J. Clement32k00:06:23
2. Madama Butterfly (Dovunque al mondo) J. Clement48k00:09:28
3. Madama Butterfly (Gran' ventura) J. Clement37k00:08:22
4. Madama Butterfly (E un presente del Mikado) J. Clement39k00:08:12
5. Madama Butterfly (Bimba non piangere) J. Clement56k00:14:39
6. Madama Butterfly (E Izaghi e Izanami) J. Clement31k00:10:29
7. Madama Butterfly (C'è entrate) J. Clement38k00:09:06
8. Madama Butterfly (Ora a noi) J. Clement34k00:10:07
9. Madama Butterfly (Vespa, rospo maledetto) J. Clement60k00:13:18
10. Madama Butterfly (Coro a bocca chiusa) J. Clement5k00:02:24
11. Madama Butterfly (Ohé, ohé) J. Clement36k00:07:32
12. Madama Butterfly (Verrà, vedrai) J. Clement45k00:17:54
13. Madama Butterfly (Come una moscha prigioniera) J. Clement22k00:07:37
Madame Butterfly - Addio fiorito asil A. Scerri4k00:01:42
Madame Butterfly - Amiche J. Clement7k00:02:56
Madame Butterfly - Amore O Grillo A. Scerri3k00:01:04
Madame Butterfly - Dormi Amor Mio A. Scerri2k00:01:00
Madame Butterfly - Dovunque Al Mondo A. Scerri8k00:02:47
Madame Butterfly - Tu, Tu Piccolo Iddio A. Scerri6k00:04:03
Madame Butterfly - Tu Piccolo Iddio J. Clement8k00:05:07
Madame Butterfly - Un bel di vedremo (One fine day) A. Scerri7k00:03:48
Messa Di Gloria 1880 Choral Rehearsal Version - Zipped up J.Hooper85k01:01:34
1: Kyrie J.Hooper7k00:06:04
2: Gloria J.Hooper42k00:17.51
3: Credo J.Hooper24k00:12:55
4: Sanctus J.Hooper6k00:03:14
5: Agnus Dei J.Hooper4k00:02:19
Messa di Gloria, 1880M Gibson70k00:38:13
Messa di Gloria - KyrieM Gibson6k00:05:39
Messa di Gloria - GloriaM Gibson6k00:02:10
Messa di Gloria - Gloria - Laudamus TeM Gibson5k00:01:54
Messa di Gloria - Gloria Pt2M Gibson4k00:01:20
Messa di Gloria - Gloria Qui TollisM Gibson7k00:03:37
Messa di Gloria - Gloria - Quoniam Tu SolusM Gibson3k00:01:18
Messa di Gloria - Gloria Pt 3 Cum Sancto SpirituM Gibson12k00:05:48
Messa di Gloria - Credo 1M Gibson5k00:02:36
Messa di Gloria - Credo 2M Gibson4k00:02:11
Messa di Gloria - Credo 3M Gibson6k00:02:33
Messa di Gloria - Credo 4M Gibson3k00:01:44
Messa di Gloria - Credo Pt 5M Gibson4k00:01:28
Messa di Gloria - SanctusM Gibson5k00:03:13
Messa di Gloria - Agnus DeiM Gibson4k00:02:42
Manon Lescaut - Ah Manon Mi Tradisce A. Scerri6k00:02:10
Manon Lescaut - Cortese Damigella A. Scerri8k00:02:58
Manon Lescaut - Donna non vidi mai A. Scerri5k00:01:48
Manon Lescaut - Guardate pazzo son A. Scerri2k00:02:08
Manon Lescaut - In Quelle Trine Morbide A. Scerri4k00:01:34
Manon Lescaut - Sola, Perduta, Abbandonata A. Scerri8k00:04:30
Manon Lescaut - Tra voi belle brune e bionde A. Scerri3k00:01:10
Nessun Dorma J.Bel.1k00:01:02
O soave fanciulla B. Sloman6k00:02:49
Recondita Armonia (Tosca, Act 1) B. Sloman4k00:02:45
Salve Regina A. Scerri3k00:01:40
Sogno D'Or (Ninna Ninna) A. Scerri1k00:00:59
Suor Angelica - Senza Mamma A. Scerri26k00:15:00
Tosca, opera, act 3, orchestral selection (1900) R Pajares Box34k00:14:21
Tosca - E lucevan le stelle A. Scerri4k00:02:00
Tosca - E lucevan le stelle J. Clement8k00:03:28
Tosca - Io De Sospiri (Canzone Del Pastore) A. Scerri4k00:02:21
Tosca - Lo Dici Male A. Scerri25k00:06:59
Tosca - O dolci mani A. Scerri3k00:01:34
Tosca - Vissi d'arte (A life of art) A. Scerri5k00:02:58
Tosca - Vissi d'arte J. Clement5k00:02:51
Turandot (1926) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version> J. Hooper96k00:41:05
Turandot: Act 1: Opening scene J. Hooper27k00:07:55
Turandot: Act 1: Is the moon never coming? J. Hooper9k00:04:31
Turandot: Act 1: Unhappy youth! Mercy! J. Hooper9k00:06:12
Turandot: Act 1: What art thou doing? J. Hooper15k00:05:58
Turandot: Act 1: What art thou doing? (2nd ver) J. Hooper15k00:05:58
Turandot: Act 1: Tarry no longer J. Hooper8k00:03:49
Turandot: Act 1: Oh, weep no more, Liu! J. Hooper13k00:06:42
Turandot - In questa reggia J. Clement5k00:05:37
Turandot - Nessun dorma A. Scerri5k00:02:20
Turandot - Non piangere Liu B. Sloman4k00:01:48
Purcell, Henry(1659 - 1695)English
Britons, strike home! Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper3k00:02:51
Celestial Music, 1689 - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper39k00:18:37
Celestial Music - Oveture J. Hooper5k00:03:31
Celestial Music - Celestial music J. Hooper6k00:01:37
Celestial Music - Her charming strains expel J. Hooper5k00:04:18
Celestial Music - Thus Virgil's genius lov'd J. Hooper5k00:01:48
Celestial Music - When music did improve Amphion's song J. Hooper3k00:01:39
Celestial Music - Ritornello J. Hooper3k00:01:21
Celestial Music - When Orpheus sang J. Hooper3k00:01:27
Celestial Music - Let Phillis by her voice but charm the air J. Hooper4k00:00:59
Celestial Music - Let Phillis by her voice but charm the air - 2 J. Hooper5k00:01:57
Chaconne - Three Parts on a Ground G. Walker7k00:05:13
The Fairy Queen, 1692 - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper226k02:03:30
The Fairy Queen - No 1: First Music - Prelude J. Hooper3k00:01:43
The Fairy Queen - No 2: First Music - Hornpipe J. Hooper3k00:00:55
The Fairy Queen - No 3: Second Music - Air J. Hooper3k00:00:53
The Fairy Queen - No 4 Second Music - Rondeau J. Hooper3k00:01:32
The Fairy Queen - No: 5: Overture J. Hooper4k00:01:16
The Fairy Queen - No 6: Come let us leave the town J. Hooper5k00:02:21
The Fairy Queen - No 7: Scene of the drunken poet J. Hooper14k00:06:23
The Fairy Queen - No 8: First Act Tune - Jig J. Hooper3k00:01:01
The Fairy Queen - No 09-Come all ye songsters J. Hooper6k00:02:06
The Fairy Queen - No 10, 11, 12: May the God of wit inspire/Echo J. Hooper5k00:03:16
The Fairy Queen - No 13 abc: Now join warbling voice/sing while trip J. Hooper8k00:02:29
The Fairy Queen - No 14: See, even Night herself is here J. Hooper3k00:05:19
The Fairy Queen - No 15: I am come to lock all fast J. Hooper2k00:00:40
The Fairy Queen - No 16: One charming night gives more delight J. Hooper3k00:02:24
The Fairy Queen - No 17: Hush, no more J. Hooper5k00:03:45
The Fairy Queen - No 18: Dance for the followers of Night J. Hooper3k00:01:16
The Fairy Queen - No 19: Second Act Tune - Air J. Hooper3k00:01:10
The Fairy Queen - No 20: If love's sweet passion J. Hooper5k00:02:08
The Fairy Queen - No 21: Symphony - While the swans come ... J. Hooper4k00:01:30
The Fairy Queen - No 22: dance for the fairies J. Hooper3k00:00:52
The Fairy Queen - No 23: Dance for the Green Men J. Hooper3k00:01:45
The Fairy Queen - No 24: Ye gentle spirits of the air J. Hooper6k00:04:46
The Fairy Queen - No 25: Dialogue between Coridon and Mopsa J. Hooper8k00:04:01
The Fairy Queen - No 26: When I have often heard young maids J. Hooper4k00:02:59
The Fairy Queen - No 27: Dance for the haymakers J. Hooper2k00:00:55
The Fairy Queen - No 28: A thousand, thousand ways J. Hooper7k00:02:31
The Fairy Queen - No 29: Third Act tune - Hornpipe J. Hooper2k00:00:55
The Fairy Queen - No 30-ActIV-Symphony J. Hooper16k00:06:09
The Fairy Queen - No 31/32: Now the night/Let the fifes J. Hooper8k00:03:34
The Fairy Queen - No 33/34: Phoebus/Winter/Hail J. Hooper10k00:05:40
The Fairy Queen - No 36: Thus the ever grateful Spring J. Hooper4k00:02:26
The Fairy Queen - No 37: Here's the Summer, sprightly gay J. Hooper3k00:01:05
The Fairy Queen - No 38/39: See my fields/Now Winter comes J. Hooper8k00:05:38
The Fairy Queen - No 40: Fourth Act Tune - Air J. Hooper3k00:01:00
The Fairy Queen - No 41: Act V - Prelude J. Hooper2k00:01:10
The Fairy Queen - No 42: Thrice happy lovers J. Hooper6k00:02:51
The Fairy Queen - No 43: The Plaint J. Hooper6k00:06:48
The Fairy Queen - No 44: Entry dance J. Hooper3k00:01:13
The Fairy Queen - No 45: Symphony J. Hooper3k00:01:03
The Fairy Queen - No 46: Thus the gloomy world J. Hooper4k00:04:08
The Fairy Queen - No 47: Thus happy and free J. Hooper3k00:00:46
The Fairy Queen - No 48: Yes, Daphne J. Hooper3k00:02:01
The Fairy Queen - No 49: Monkeys' dance J. Hooper3k00:00:51
The Fairy Queen - No 50: Hark how all things J. Hooper5k00:01:55
The Fairy Queen - No 51: Hark! The echoing air J. Hooper5k00:02:41
The Fairy Queen - No 52: Sure the dull God J. Hooper6k00:02:31
The Fairy Queen - No 53: Prelude J. Hooper2k00:00:26
The Fairy Queen - No 54-55-56-57: See-Turn-My-Torch J. Hooper8k00:05:07
The Fairy Queen - No 58: Chaconne J. Hooper6k00:02:51
The Fairy Queen - No 59: Chorus J. Hooper4k00:00:45
Funeral Sentences Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper10k00:11:16
Ground in F with variations M. Spagni2k00:02:37
Hear my prayer, O Lord Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper4k00:02:23
Hear my prayer, O LordM. Gibson5k00:02:04
Indian Queen - I attempt from Love's sicknessNwcChorus3k00:01:29
I was glad Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper10k00:04:18
Jehova, quam multi sunt hostes mei! Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper10k00:06:41
King Arthur - Cold Song J. Clement3k00:04:08
King Arthur - Venus's SongNWC Chorus2k00:01:43
King Arthur (1691) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper174k01:32:37
King Arthur - a: First Music - Chaconne Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:03:31
King Arthuer - Second Music - Overture Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:02:43
King Arthur - OO3: Air Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:01:20
King Arthur - 004: Overture Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:02:13
King Arthur - 05: Scene 2: Sacrifice scene Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:04:16
King Arthur - 08: Brave souls, to be renown'd in story Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:02:44
King Arthur - 09: I call, I call you all to Wodden's Hall Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:01:58
King Arthur - 10: Come if you dare Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:04:35
King Arthur - Hither Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:02:04
King Arthur - 13-14: Let not a moonborn elf mislead ye Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:02:03
King Arthur - Come follow me. Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:02:18
King Arthur - 16: How blest are shepherds, how happy their lass Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:03:43
King Arthur - 17: Shepherd, shepherd leave decoying Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:01:48
King Arthur - 18: Come shepherds, lead up a lively measure Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:01:27
King Arthur - 19: Second Act Tune - Air Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:01:59
King Arthur - 20: Prelude [as Cupid descends] Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper12k00:08:51
King Arthur - 27: Chorus of cold people - See, we assemble Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:02:45
King Arthur - 28-29: 'Tis I - 'Tis Love/Sound a parley Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper10k00:07:01
King Arthur - 30: Third Act Tune - Hornpipe Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:00:38
King Arthur - 31: Two Daughters Duet Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:02:16
King Arthur - 32 - How happy the lover, how easy his chain Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper11k00:06:05
King Arthur - 33: Fourth Act Tune - Air Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:00:38
King Arthur - 334: Consort of trumpets - Tumpet tune Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:00:46
King Arthur - 35: Ye blustr'ing brethren Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:02:32
King Arthur - 36: Symphony Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:02:03
King Arthur - 37: Round thy coast, fair nymph of Britain Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:03:14
King Arthur - 38: For folded flocks, and fruitful plains Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:01:55
King Arthur - 39: Your hay it is mowed, and your corn is reap' Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:27
King Arthur - 40: Fairest isle, all isles excelling Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:02:55
King Arthur - 41: Dialogue: You say 'tis love creates the pain Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:05:51
King Arthur - 42: Warliike consort - Trumpet tune Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:00:38
King Arthur - 43: Saint George Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:03:20
Let mine eyes run down with tears Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper10k00:07:36
Lord, how long wilt Thou be angry? Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper7k00:03:50
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in G minor - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version> J. Hooper9k00:07:16
Magnificat J. Hooper5k00:03:44
Nunc Dimittis J. Hooper4k00:03:32
Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary (1695) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper18k00:17:13
Funeral Sentences - 1: March J. Hooper2k00:02:02
Funeral Sentences - 2: Man that is born of a woman J. Hooper4k00:02:41
Funeral Sentences - 3: Canzona J. Hooper2k00:02:29
Funeral Sentences - 4: In the midst of life we are in death J. Hooper5k00:04:51
Funeral Sentences - 6: Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts J. Hooper5k00:04:11
Funeral Sentences - 7: March J. Hooper2k00:00:59
O God, the King of glory Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper8k00:01:38
O God, Thou art my God Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper8k00:03:36
Rejoice in the Lord alway Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper12k00:07:21
Remember not, Lord, our offences Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper5k00:02:28
Te Deum Laudamus & Jubilate Deo in D (1694 ) Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper35k00:18:52
Jubilate DeoJ. Hooper12k00:07:01
Te Deum LaudamusJ. Hooper22k00:11:51
Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper4k00:01:42
Thy word is a lantern Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper8k00:05:00
Come Ye Sons of Art 1694 Choral Rehearsal Version - Zipped up J.Hooper24k00:22:13
Overture J.Hooper3k00:03:07
Come Come J.Hooper4k00:02:07
Sound the Trumpet J.Hooper4k00:02:20
Strike the Viol J.Hooper3k00:04:33
The Day That J.Hooper3k00:03:04
Bid the Virtues J.Hooper4k00:02:26
These are the Scared Charms J.Hooper3k00:01:48
See Nature, Rejoicing J.Hooper5k00:02:48
Declare His Honour (fr. O Sing unto the Lord) P. Edwards14k00:05:40
Dido & Aneas 1689 Choral Rehearsal Version - Zipped up J.Hooper67k00:52:33
Overture J.Hooper4k00:02:06
Act 1 (a) J.Hooper9k00:07:15
Act 1 (b) J.Hooper3k00:01:50
Act 1 (c) J.Hooper9k00:04.49
Act 2,1 (a) J.Hooper8k00:05:13
Act 2,1 (b) J.Hooper5k00:02:30
Act 2,2 (a) J.Hooper10k00:06:22
Act 2,2 (b) J.Hooper3k00:02:47
Act 3 (a) J.Hooper10k00:06:17
Act 3 (b) J.Hooper10k00:13:24
Dido & Aenas - When I Am Laid In Earth A. Scerri2k00:01:57
Dido & Aenas - When I am laid in earth J. Clement3k00:03:39
Dido & Aenas - When I am laid in earth Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper3k00:04:32
My Heart is Inditing Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper26k00:18:34
Rondeau from Abdelazar J.Hauck2k00:01:33
Toccata A. Purdam6k00:03:09
Two in one upon a ground Geoff Walker2k00:02:40
Welcome to all the pleasures (Ode for St Cecilia's Day, 1683) Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper18k00:16:42
Purdam, Andrew(1963 - )Australian
Shock A. Purdam3k00:05:15