Classical E

Eccles, Henri(1670 - 1742)English
Eilenberg, Richard(1848 - 1927)German
Die Muehle im Schwarzwald Opus 57, 1885 F in't Veld8k00:04:53
Petersburger Schlittenfahrt Opus 52, 1885/1886 F in't Veld4k00:03:11
Quellengeister R Woodroffe5k00:02:57
Verlornes Glück (Nocturno) Opus 33, 1883; F in't Veld7k00:04:31
Eldering, Klaas(1951 - )Netherlands
Concerto Opus1 1st Movt. Supernovae K Eldering8k00:06:57
Concerto Opus1 2nd Movt. Supernovae K Eldering20k00:16:22
Elgar, Edward William Sir(1857 - 1934)English
As torrents in summer Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper9k00:02:00
As torrents in summerM Gibson3k00:01:42
Ave Maria Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper4k00:02:41
Ave MariaM. Gibson3k00:02:12
Ave Maris Stella Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper5k00:03:30
Ave Verum Corpus Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper3k00:02:54
Ave Verum A. Scerri2k00:01:47
Ave VerumM. Gibson3k00:02:49
Benedictus 1897 Op, 34 No 2M. Gibson13k00:07:03
Coronation Ode, Op 44 (1902) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper68k00:34:08
Coronation Ode - No.1: Crown the King J. Hooper23k00:10:04
Coronation Ode - No.2: The Queen J. Hooper5k00:02:17
Coronation Ode - No.3: Daughter of ancient kings J. Hooper3k00:01:49
Coronation Ode - No.4: Britain, ask of thyself J. Hooper12k00:03:51
Coronation Ode - No.5: Hark, upon the hallowed air/Only let J. Hooper13k00:08:16
Coronation Ode - No.6: Peace, gentle peace J. Hooper5k00:03:36
Coronation Ode - No.7: Land of hope and glory J. Hooper8k00:04:15
Coronation Ode 1 - Crown the KingM. Gibson17k00:10:03
Coronation Ode 2 - QueenM. Gibson4k00:01:18
Coronation Ode 3 - Daughter of ancient kingsM. Gibson3k00:01:14
Coronation Ode 4 - Britain, Ask of thyselfM. Gibson9k00:03:50
Coronation Ode 5 - Peace, Gentle PeaceM. Gibson5k00:03:35
Coronation Ode 7 - Land of Hope and GloryM. Gibson5k00:04:35
Dream of Gerontius - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper195k01:27:14
Dream of Gerontius - Nos 1-11 (001-078+) J. Hooper69k00:32:28
Dream of Gerontius - Part 2 - Nos 12-35 (001-137+) J. Hooper126k00:54:48
Enigma Variations - Opus 36 - Zipped up T. Billett85k00:21:48
Variation 1 C.A.E. (Caroline Alice Elgar) T. Billett9k00:02:43
Variation 2 H.D.S.P. (Hew David Steuart-Powell) T. Billett4k00:00:50
Variation 3 R.B.T. (Richard Baxter-Townsend) T. Billett5k00:01:19
Variation 4 W.M.B. (William Meath Baker) T. Billett6k00:00:28
Variations 5 R.P.A (Richard P. Arnold) & 6 Ysobel (Isabel Fitton) T. Billett10k00:03:09
Variation 7 Troyte (Arthur Troyte Griffith) T. Billett11k00:00:57
Variations 8 W.N. (Winifred Norbury) & 9 Nimrod (A.J.Jaeger) T. Billett14k00:03:43
Variation 10 Dorabella (Intermezzo - Dora Penney) T. Billett8k00:02:46
Variation 11 G.R.S. (George Robertson Sinclair) T. Billett9k00:00:52
Variation 12 B.G.N. (Basil G. Nevingson) T. Billett6k00:02:11
Variation 13 Romanza (possibly Lady Mary Lygon) T. Billett6k00:02:53
From the Bavarian Highlands - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper47k00:25:36
Bavarian Highlands - The Dance J. Hooper8k00:02:59
Bavarian Highlands - False love J. Hooper6k00:03:56
Bavarian Highlands - Lullaby J. Hooper6k00:03:13
Bavarian Highlands - Aspiration J. Hooper4k00:02:40
Bavarian Highlands - On the Alm J. Hooper7k00:02:10
Bavarian Highlands - The Marksmen J. Hooper18k00:010:4
Bavarian Highlands - AspirationM.Gibson4k00:02:28
Bavarian Highlands - The DanceM.Gibson7k00:03:30
Bavarian Highlands - False loveM.Gibson4k00:03:39
Bavarian Highlands - LullabyM.Gibson5k00:03:10
Bavarian Highlands - On the AlmM.Gibson7k00:03:04
Bavarian Highlands - The MarksmenM.Gibson13k00:08:15
Death on the Hills Op72M.Gibson4k00:03:34
Give unto the Lord Op74M.Gibson11k00:07:71
Good morrow Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper4k00:03:31
Great is the LordM. Gibson3k00:08:41
Love Op 18 No 2M.Gibson6k00:01:53
Love's Tempest Op73 No 1M.Gibson3k00:02:16
Land of Hope and Glory T. Smedley2k00:00:52
Music Makers Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper97k00:37:10
The Music MakersM. Gibson74k00:27:34
The Music Makers Op 69 Bars 1 - 355M. Gibson24k00:09:05
The Music Makers Op 69 - Bars 356 - 444M. Gibson9k00:03:26
The Music Makers Op 69 - Bars 445 - 619M. Gibson16k00:06:49
The Music Makers Op 69 - Bars 620 - 726M. Gibson12k00:03:13
The Music Makers Op 69 - Bars 726 - 801M. Gibson6k00:02:27
The Music Makers Op 69 - Bars 802 - 909M. Gibson7k00:02:34
My love dwelt in a Northern land Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper4k00:03:55
My love dwelt in a Northern land Op 18 No 3M.Gibson9k00:01:45
Nimrod Enigma Variation 9 - (Opus 36)T. Billett10k00:02:38
O Happy Eyes Op 18 No 1 A. Scerri5k00:01:57
O Happy Eyes Op 18 No 1M.Gibson6k00:01:54
O Salutaris Ostia A. Scerri2k00:02:52
O Happy Eyes Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper3k00:02:43
O hearken Thou Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper6k00:03:58
Enigma Pomp and Circumstance March Op.39 No 1 in D major T. Billett38k00:06:32
Enigma Pomp and Circumstance March Op.39 No 2 in A minor T. Billett23k00:05:28
Enigma Pomp and Circumstance March Op.39 No 4 in G major T. Billett33k00:04:46
Salut d'Amour Op 12 T. Smedley4k00:03:00
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf (1896) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper207k01:14:00
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:03:00
King Olaf - Summon now the God of Thunder Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:00:54
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - 2: The Challenge of Thor Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper13k00:04:30
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - King Olaf's return Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper16k00:06:29
Saga of King Olaf - 4: Tell how Olaf bore the cross Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper55k00:17:50
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - 6-7: Child - Bridal Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper16k00:06:56
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - How the wraith of Odin Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:00:43
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - 9-The Guests were loud Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper17k00:05:19
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - 10/11: Sisters/Sigrid sits Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper21k00:07:40
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - 12: Hark! She flies from Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:00:32
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - 13: Thyryl Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper13k00:04:34
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - 14: The gray land breaks Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper15k00:07:23
Scenes ... Saga of King Olaf - 15: After Queen Gunhild's death Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:01:42
Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf - 16: The death of Olaf Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper24k00:06:45
Serenade Op73 No 2M.Gibson2k00:01:34
Spanish Serenade Op23R. Woodroffe12k00:04:11
The Light of Life (1896) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper122k01:02:32
The Light of Life - 1: Meditation Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:05:25
The Light of Life - 2: Seek him that maketh the seven stars Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper10k00:06:44
The Light of Life - 3: As Jesus passed by Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:01:28
The Light of Life - 4: Be not extreme, O Lord Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:03:05
The Light of Life - 5: Neither hath this man sinned Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:02:56
The Light of Life - 6: Light out of darkness Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper11k00:04:16
The Light of Life - 7: And when He had thus spoken Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:01:14
The Light of Life - 8: Doubt not thy father's care (Chorus) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:02:20
The Light of Life - 8: Doubt not thy father's care (Solos) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:02:20
The Light of Life - 8: Doubt not thy father's care Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:01:58
The Light of Life - 9: He went his way therefore Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper11k00:04:41
The Light of Life - 10: As a spirit didst Thou pass before mine Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:03:54
The Light of Life - 11: They brought him to the Pharisees Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper10k00:02:33
The Light of Life - 12: Thou only hast the words of life! Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:02:08
The Light of Life - 13: But the jews did not believe Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:03:53
The Light of Life - 14: Woe to the shepherds of the flock Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:02:51
The Light of Life - 15: Jesus heard that they had cast him out Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:05:36
The Light of Life - 16: Light of the world, we know thy praise Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper11k00:05:10
Te Deum 1897 Op, 34 No 1M. Gibson19k00:11:20
Te Deum & Benedictus (op 34) (1897) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper35k00:18:49
Benedictus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper14k00:07:06
Te Deum Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper21k00:11:43
There is sweet music Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper4k00:05:04
There is sweet musicM. Gibson6k00:04:30
The Apostles, Op. 49 (1903) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper213k01:56:48
The Apostles - 0: Prologue; The Spirit of the Lord is upon me J. Hooper10k00:05:51
The Apostles - 1: And it came to pass in those days J. Hooper2k00:00:48
The Apostles - 2: The voice of thy Watchman J. Hooper9k00:06:25
The Apostles - 3: The Dawn/Morning Psalm - It shines/It is a good J. Hooper8k00:03:49
The Apostles - 4: And when it was day, J. Hooper6k00:02:35
The Apostles - 5: The Lord hath chosen them J. Hooper20k00:08:24
The Apostles - 6: By the wayside: Blessed are the poor J. Hooper11k00:07:00
The Apostles - 7: And straightway Jesus constrained his Disciples J. Hooper3k00:01:32
The Apostles - 8: O Lord Almighty, God of Israel, J. Hooper7k00:03:34
The Apostles - 9: Whatsoever mine eyes desired J. Hooper9k00:02:10
The Apostles - 10: This ye shall have of mine hand J. Hooper18k00:07:42
The Apostles - 11: When Jesus came into the parts of Caesarea J. Hooper7k00:03:58
The Apostles - 12: And I will give unto you the keys J. Hooper10k00:06:42
The Apostles - 13: Turn you to the stronghold J. Hooper12k00:07:02
The Apostles - 14: Part II - Introduction J. Hooper4k00:03:36
The Apostles - 15: And it came to pass that He went throughout J. Hooper17k00:08:27
The Apostles - 16: Then led they Jesus unto the hall of judgement J. Hooper22k00:13:51
The Apostles - 17: Truly this was the Son of God J. Hooper5k00:04:22
The Apostles - 18: And very early in the morning they came J. Hooper7k00:04:05
The Apostles - 19: We trusted that it had been He that should J. Hooper31k00:14:55
The Black Knight - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper88k00:34:04
The Black Knight - No 1: 'Twas Pentecost J. Hooper18k00:06:03
The Black Knight - No 2a: To the barrier of the fight J. Hooper10k00:02:46
The Black Knight - No 2b: When he rode into the lists J. Hooper12k00:03:23
The Black Knight - No 3a: Pipe and viol call the dances J. Hooper13k00:05:10
The Black Knight - No 3b: Doth with her the dance begin J. Hooper7k00:03:05
The Black Knight - No 4a: To the sumptuous banquet J. Hooper6k00:02:48
The Black Knight - No 4b: 'Twixt son and daughter J. Hooper11k00:03:47
The Black Knight - No 4C: Each the father's breast embraces J. Hooper4k00:03:08
The Black Knight - No 4d: Woe! the blessed children J. Hooper9k00:03:54
They are at rest Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper3k00:03:24
The Kingdom, Op. 49 (1903) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper175k01:21:15
The Kingdom - start-15 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper13k00:07:40
The Kingdom - 15-34 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper17k00:06:45
The Kingdom - 35-55 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper20k00:07:42
The Kingdom - 56-66 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:04:37
The Kingdom - 67-73 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:03:01
The Kingdom - 73-76 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:02:12
The Kingdom - 76-94 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper17k00:04:52
The Kingdom - 94-104 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper12k00:06:37
The Kingdom - 107-122 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper15k00:06:49
The Kingdom - 123-144 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper18k00:07:49
The Kingdom - 144-167 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper16k00:08:33
The Kingdom - 168-183 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper16k00:05:30
The Kingdom - 184-end Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper16k00:09:08
The Fountain Op71 No 2M.Gibson3k00:02:47
The Shower Op71 No 1M.Gibson2k00:01:46
Three Part Songs (Op. 18) (1890) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper10k00:09:02
O happy eyes Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:02:40
Love Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:26
My love dwelt in a Northern land Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:03:56
Elkutlu, Râkým(1872 - 1948)Turkish
Usshák Sharký, "Bir gün ne olur gel beni vaslýnla sevindir" E. Inanc3k00:02:23
Ellerbrock, Joe(1956 - )USA
Bitonal Studies - Zipped up J. Ellerbrock7k00:05:17
I. White on Black J. Ellerbrock2k00:01:19
II. Black on White J. Ellerbrock3k00:02:10
III. A Mixed Rag J. Ellerbrock3k00:01:49
Enescu, George(1881 - 1955)Romanian
Romanian Rhapsody No. 1, op. 11, no. 1 (1901) R Pajares Box82k00:13:11
Englund, Gunnar(1939 - )Swedish
Den helige Franciskus' bön (St. Francis' Prayer) S.Schleussner3k00:02:13
Enlow, Lizzie(1986 - )US
Flute Quartet no. 1 in B flat minor (2001) L. Enlow1k00:01:46
How Scary the Thought L. Enlow2k00:03:36
In Memoriam L. Enlow1k00:03:36
The Warrior L. Enlow2k00:01:27
Evans, Daniel(1987 - )American
Spring D. Evans2k00:00:46