Ragtime & Boogie-Woogie

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Anderson, Willie
Keystone RagJ. Butler4k00:02:39
Botsford, George(1874 - 1949)American
Black and White RagR. Woodroffe5k00:02:29
Bratton, John W.(1867 - 1947)USA
Teddy Bears' PicnicC. Barham5k00:04:11
Copeland, Les C(USA)
Cabbage-Leaf RagJ. Butler4k00:02:21
Dobyns, Geraldine(1883 - ?)
Possum RagJ. Butler4k00:02:44
Joe Ellerbrock(1956 - )USA
Chantilly RagJ. Ellerbrock5k00:03:28
Charleston Street RagJ. Ellerbrock3k00:03:05
Jazz RagJ. Ellerbrock6k00:04:13
Los Alamos RagJ. Ellerbrock7k00:04:11
New Age RagJ. Ellerbrock4k00:03:21
Potato RagJ. Ellerbrock4k00:03:44
Santa Fe RagJ. Ellerbrock4k00:03:15
Kiesling, S G(19th C)
Electric Light SchottischC. Bohnson3k00:01:28
Jimerson, Elijah
Checkerboard RagJ. Butler7k00:03:03
Joplin, Scott(1868 - 1917)USA

The Scot Joplin Piano Rags - Transcribed by Tina Billett- All 38

Bethena, A Concert WaltzJ. Walker3k00:05:21
The EntertainerD. Hall3k00:04:03
The Entertainer - arr. for recorder/flute/oboe and pianoG. Walker4k00:04:13
Maple Leaf RagD. Hall3k00:02:57
Maple Leaf Rag - arr. for trumpet/tubaA. Nosal2k00:01:54
Ragtime Dance a stop-time two-step (1906) J. Walker5k00:03:18
SolaceJ. Walker7k00:05:22
Purdam, Andrew(1963 - )Australian
Rip It!A. Purdam2k00:01:01
Saxon, Barbara(1941 - )American
Pretty and Pink Rag B. Saxon4k00:02:32
So There Rag B. Saxon4k00:02:54
Shaked, Itai
A Dirty RagI Shake1k00:00:33
BossaI Shaked2k00:01:09
Steele, Henry
Slippery FingersR. Woodroffe2k00:02:01