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Smith, Gregor (1983 - ), Scottish                First Place
      Piano March in C (2003) - Concert Band Arrangement G. Smith - 4k - 00:02:40 - [ more ]

Randall, Stephen (20th C), British              Second Place
      Blue Arrow S. Randall - 11k - 00:03:43 - [ more ]

Kaplan, Howard L. (1948 - ), Canadian      Third Place
      The Asteria March H. Kaplan - 6k - 00:03:16 - [ more ]

Brechbill, Tim American
      Processional March T. Brechbill - 7k - 00:01:41 - [ more ]

Grace, Ken

Helton, Stan (1953 - ), American
      Celebrant S. Helton - 3k - 00:03:29 - [ more ]
      March for Cornet and Piano S. Helton - 2k - 00:03:24 - [ more ]

Hussain, Iqbal (1971-), British
      The Animals Went in Two by Two (2002) I. Hussain - 3k - 00:01:09 - [ more ]

Jean, Bernard (20th C), French
      200th Anniversary B. Jean - 6k - 00:02:28 - [ more ]

Nachbaur, Fred (1951 - 2004 ), Canadian
      Iolanthe (from Finale Act I) brass arr. F. Nachbaur - 9k - 00:02:20 - [ more ]

Randall, Stephen (20th C), British

      Spring Ahead

S. Randall - 3k - 00:02:25 - [ more ]
      Sospan Fach (Little Saucepan) S. Randall - 3k - 00:03:04 - [ more ]

Rolland, Alain (20thC-), French
      Johnny, I hardly Knew Ye A. Rolland - 6k- 00:03:16 - [ more ]
      Conflict March A. Rolland - 4k- 00:05:48 - [ more ]

Smith, Gregor (1983 - ), Scottish
      Piano March in C (2002) G. Smith - 4k - 00:02:15 - [ more ]

White, John (20thC), British
      Smuggler's March from "Vectis" J. White - 50k z - 00:06:28 - [ more ]

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