In Memoriam

Members of the Noteworthy Composer newsgroup/community offer this heartfelt garland of flowers in memoriam of the 2000 everyday people who were killed so violently on 11th September 2001, the hundred killed so violently in Bali on October 13, 2002, those tragically killed in the Spanish train bombings on 11th March 2004, the London bombings on 7th July 2005, the Egyptian bombings on 23rd July 2005 and all the other victims of violent terrorism inflicted upon this good earth.

Rememberance Dove
May they rest in peace...
...and may those who remain in this world some day soon live in peace.
Rememberance Dove

- József Fábián
Agnus Dei
- Martin Cassell
- Martin Cassell
Quatuor No. 1
- Alain Rolland
Prayer of St. Francis
- Ann Macfarlane
The Last Dove's Flight
- Jason Hackwith
- Bill Mullins
- Andreas Jensen
Freedom Is My Name
- Walter Rimler
11 Sept 2001
- Nigel Pendrey
- Michael Young
Heroes' Requiem
- Vince Quaresima
For the Heroes
- G. Ryan Harrelson
In Memoriam
- Lizzie Enlow
Sleep Gently
- Keith Sheasley
- Andrew Purdam
Ground Zero
- John White
String Quartet in D
- Miklós Preiszner
- Clifford Bohnson
- John Ho
September 11th Memorial
- Bruce Bosworth
- Joe Roberts