Classical Q

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Quantz, Johann Joachim(1697 - 1773)German
Larghetto (from Trio-Sonata in C)C. Bohnson3k00:03:43
Quaresima, Vincent A(20thC)US
Heroes' Requiem - Requiem Mass - Zipped upV. Quaresima65k00:55:07
1 IntroitV. Quaresima5k00:05:50
2 Kyrie V. Quaresima2k00:06:15
3 Dies Irae V. Quaresima26k00:19:55
4 Offertorium V. Quaresima3k00:02:48
5 Sanctus V. Quaresima3k00:02:43
6 Benedictus V. Quaresima4k00:03:32
7 Agnus Dei V. Quaresima4k00:03:49
8 Lux Aeterna V. Quaresima4k00:03:34
9 In Paradisum V. Quaresima4k00:06:43