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Abe, Kim(1993 - )
Song Without Lyrics No. 1K. Abe 6k00:02:58
Andersen, Mike(1983 - )USA
Jam SessionM. Andersen4k00:02:37
To See Her AgainM. Andersen3k00:02:45
Black Bear (Example of flams, ruffs and rolls) W. Bub2k00:00:39
Aufrance, Mary Kay(1953 - )American
Blue Little GirlM K Aufrance1k00:01:48
Beaver, Raymond(1929 - )English
Cool itR. Beaver9k00:01:42
Bell, Richard
Behold the manR.Bell2k00:01.07
Light of truthR.Bell2k00:01:09
Boethin, Gregg W.
My Mouth Hasn't Caught Up With My HeartG. Boethin4k00:04:01
You Came In The First PlaceG. Boethin4k00:03:53
The Heart That's In This ManG. Boethin4k00:04:25
D'Arcangelo, Raffaele(1949 - )Italian
Pourquoi moi (Why me) R. D'Arcangelo8k00:03:35
Diaz, Louis(1940-)USA
Ben & WadeL. Diaz9k00:04:44
Paisaje FinitoL. Diaz23k00:09:22
Salsa HarpsL. Diaz13k00:06:25
Feliciano, Jose(20th C)Puerto Rican
Affirmation (arr. Steve Marquez) J. Hansche3k00:02:46
Fitzgerald, Duncan(1954 - )USA
If WeD.Fitzgerald6k00:04:20
If We Shortened VersionD.Fitzgerald6k00:03:52
O Sacred Head Now WoundedD.Fitzgerald6k00:04:29
Frazier, Charles Richard(20th C)American
Before I found youC.R. Frazier4k00:03:53
Cold ComfortC.R. Frazier5k00:03:46
For All My Blessings, definable and otherwiseC.R. Frazier5k00:04:17
I KnowC.R. Frazier6k00:03:25
Shadow DanceC.R. Frazier5k00:02:53
Stadium TrashC.R. Frazier4k00:03:52
When We MetC.R. Frazier5k00:04:17
Furio, Nicholas(1986 - )
Love too Deep 2004 N.Furio4k00:01.48
Friedman, Leo(1869-1927)American
Let Me Call You SweetheartJ. Roberts3k00:03:10
Graham, Barry(20th C)Australian
Six Easy Pieces - Zipped up B. Graham13k00:11:45
"Al Dente" B. Graham4k00:02:48
"Bubble Gum" B. Graham2k00:01:58
"Honshu Mist" B. Graham1k00:01:52
"Interlude" B. Graham1k00:00:51
"Pago Pago" B. Graham2k00:02:03
"Red Square" B. Graham2k00:02:18
Hare, Erik(20th C)
The Plague on WheelsE. Hare4k00:03:05
Hayden, Thomas(1987 - )English
Canadian Love WaltzT. Hayden3k00:03:57
Hurting Me Inside T. Hayden2k00:02:20
Superior Inferior T. Hayden3k00:02:45
You make me feel so wild T. Hayden3k00:01:55
Hill, Mildred and Patty
Happy Birthday (arr. Kelly) V. Kelly2k00:02:05
Ho, John(1986-)Singaporean
Alvina (2001) J. Ho2k00:01:49
My Love For Alvina Extended (2002) J. Ho9k00:04:30
Chaos (2001) J. Ho2k00:04:04
Hussain, Iqbal(1971 - )British
Across the WaterI. Hussain2k00:01:38
Autumn LeavesI. Hussain3k00:01:58
Bollywood (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:23
Bollywood 2 (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:30
Cinderella's Dance (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:54
ConversationsI. Hussain3k00:01:32
Country Jaunt (2002) I. Hussain1k00:00:22
Cinnamon and spice (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:44
Country Roads (2003) I. Hussain2k00:01:28
Crinolines and raindrops (2002) I. Hussain1k00:00:28
Dance until Tomorrow I. Hussain2k00:02:02
Disco (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:45
Dracula's theme (2002) I. Hussain1k00:00:32
FarewellI. Hussain3k00:01:26
Gypsy (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:41
Happy go Lucky (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:33
Hold Me, and Love Me I. Hussain2k00:01:01
Indecision (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:34
Looking Glass (2003) I. Hussain2k00:01:05
Mellow (2002) I. Hussain1k00:00:27
Midnight Waltz (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:42
Music Box (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:40
My Life's Love (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:58
Peasant Dance (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:41
ReflectionsI. Hussain1k00:00:48
Remembrances past (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:47
Shadows (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:27
Snowfall and StarlightI. Hussain2k00:01:32
Spanish Theme (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:41
Spring Burst (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:35
Stolen kiss I. Hussain2k00:01:25
The Piper (2003) I. Hussain2k00:01:06
TwilightI. Hussain2k00:01:04
Wild Horses (2002) I. Hussain2k00:00:42
Will you still love me? I. Hussain2k00:02:05
Yeh Kya KyiaI. Hussain2k00:02:13
Jethro Tull
A Passion PlayA. Bodkin82k00:43:51
Thick as a BrickA. Bodkin64k00:41:23
Kelly, Virgil K.
A Blue King CobraV.Kelly25k00:05:00
Glad to Have Life!V.Kelly7k00:03:53
Kjeldsen, Andreas(20th C)Danish
Spring DayA. Kjeldsen1k00:01:28
Lungershausen, Rainer(1949 - )German
BouquetR. Lungershausen4k00:04:54
Studie für HarfeR. Lungershausen18k00:04:01
Unter einer Tanne (How I am so tired, Giebenrathslied)R. Lungershausen4k00:02:54
Theme for One FoundationR. Lungershausen1k00:01:57
Lyon, Bradford Franklin(1963 - )USA
A Faith Bestowed By LoveF. Lyon4k00:04:11
Always Never ThereF. Lyon4k00:04:42
Bed and BreakfastF. Lyon2k00:02:21
CottonmouthF. Lyon2k00:01:40
Eva the CowgirlF. Lyon4k00:01:57
Forgotten, But Not GoneF. Lyon2k00:04:31
Old Black DressF. Lyon2k00:03:17
Old Country RoadF. Lyon3k00:03:58
People LieF. Lyon2k00:03:09
Ride With Me, FreeF. Lyon2k00:02:07
Small CompensationF. Lyon3k00:03:46
Marshall, Charles(1857 - 1927)
I Hear You Calling MeJ. Roberts6k00:02:34
Marshall, Richard(1982 - )English
Lazy AfternoonR. Marshall4k00:02:41
Martin, Easthope(1882 - 1925)English
Come to the FairM Gibson5k00:03:24
McIntyre, Jim(20th C)USA
meloncholia!J. McIntyre4k00:04:50
(Give me) One more trip around the sunJ. McIntyre6k00:05:05
Sad Song for SundayJ. McIntyre3k00:05:30
Merand [Mérand], Vincent(1955 - )French
Douce pluie V.Mérand3k00:03:53
Météo V.Mérand3K00:03:03
Premier Printemps à L V.Mérand3K00:02:10
Songs from a School - Zipped up V. Merand15k00:11:34
J'ai vu un Chevalier V. Merand3k00:02:39
Le Petit mouton V. Merand3k00:03:38
Le papillon doux V. Merand3k00:01:59
Pshh -Boïng -Bzzz V. Merand3k00:02:13
La Chanson du rayon de lune V. Merand2k00:01:08
Le Tango de Palladuc V.Mérand2K00:02:38
Molinero, Pablo J.Luis(1942 - )Spanish
Concerto for Orchestra in PhiP.J.L. Molinero540k00:17:30
Washington Irving's Alhambra (2010) - Zipped up P J L Molinero378k01:40:52
Acto/Act 1 - Escena/Scene 1 P J L Molinero1k00:12:18
Acto/Act 1 - Escena/Scene 2 P J L Molinero1k00:06:20
Acto/Act 1 - Escena/Scene 3 P J L Molinero1k00:11:14
Acto/Act 1 - Escena/Scene 4 P J L Molinero1k00:04:34
Acto/Act 1 - Escena/Scene 5 P J L Molinero1k00:05:19
Acto/Act 1 - Escena/Scene 6 P J L Molinero1k00:09:14
Acto/Act 2 - Escena/Scene 1 P J L Molinero1k00:18:36
Acto/Act 2 - Escena/Scene 2 P J L Molinero1k00:04:36
Acto/Act 2 - Escena/Scene 3 P J L Molinero1k00:08:05
Acto/Act 3 - Escena/Scene 1 P J L Molinero1k00:03:47
Acto/Act 3 - Escena/Scene 2 P J L Molinero1k00:05:20
Acto/Act 3 - Escena/Scene 3 P J L Molinero1k00:11:29
Nachbaur, Fred(1951 - 2004)Canadian
Allergic To LoveF. Nachbaur12k00:03:48
Air on a D StringF. Nachbaur5k00:03:11
Down Id Da DungeonF. Nachbaur9k00:02:05
My Best FriendF. Nachbaur15k00:05:13
A Song About Frogs (for Rhiannon) F. Nachbaur9k00:02:42
South Nelson MayhemF. Nachbaur11k00:02:35
Storm the CastleF. Nachbaur4k00:01:52
Nachbaur, Sharon(20th C)Canadian
First LoveS. Nachbaur4k00:03:10
Ocean MemoriesS. Nachbaur4k00:02:59
Olivera, Craig(1984 - )
Fantasy #8 for Jazz ComboC. Olivera3k00:02:04
Orwick, Paul E.(20th C)USA
Dance 2002 P Orwick3k00:02:32
Earth's Biodiversity P.Orwick3k00:02:15
Frog Song 2000 P Orwick3k00:01:41
GreenbrierP Orwick3k00:03:14
If You Can't Stand The HeatP Orwick4k00:02:32
I'm a BearP Orwick2k00:02:03
Emlenton in the MistP Orwick4k00:03:31
A Mother's SongP Orwick3k00:03:09
La Petite Pas de Deux P.Orwick1K00:02:36
Please Don't Leave Me High and Dry P.Orwick3k00:02:15
Peterson, John(1992 - )
Straight Jazz J.Peterson3k00:01:00
Pettett, KenBritish
Return Of The RodentK.Pettett36k00:09:35
Pieces Of SixK.Pettett19k00:05:35
Speechless (2014) - Zipped up K. Pettett97k00:29:41
Speechless 1 K. Pettett44k00:11:23
Speechless 2 K. Pettett9k00:03:37
Speechless 3 K. Pettett11k00:02:26
Speechless 4 K. Pettett33k00:12:15
Suite Fugue (Parts 1 to 7) - Zipped up K Pettett126k00:38:60
Jazz Fugue 1 K Pettett28k00:08:00
Jazz Fugue 2 K Pettett6k00:01:35
Jazz Fugue 3 K Pettett14k00:05:23
Jazz Fugue 4 K Pettett18k00:05:47
Jazz Fugue 5 K Pettett19k00:05:00
Jazz Fugue 6 K Pettett15k00:05:53
Jazz Fugue 7 K Pettett28k00:07:22
Suite Fugue 8K.Pettett23k00:05:56
Plunkett, Bruce(1965 - )New Zealander
Ebony, in C major B.Plunkett5k00:05:07
I Don't KnowB.Plunkett3k00:04:04
Outside (2006)B.Plunkett3k00:03:21
Outside 2 (2006)B.Plunkett4k00:03:23
There are peopleB.Plunkett7k00:04:52
Pool, Don(20th C)USA
A Tune for Truett (2002) D. Pool2k00:01:12
Brass TooD. Pool2k00:01:08
Y Uno Mas Twinkle (2002) D. Pool2k00:01:46
Procter, Leigh(1988 - )New Zealander/European
I Can Make a DifferenceL. Procter4k00:02:43
Rhu, in tae(DJ.Pops)(DJ.Pops)(1998 - ), South Korean
DJ.Pops - Ladies and gentlemeni. Rhu5k00:03:48
Sweet Band 3i. Rhu7k00:05:15
Rimler, Walter(20th C)USA
Freedom Is My Name (2001) W. Rimler2k00:01:09
I'm Sorry (1984) W. Rimler2k00:01:42
Roberts, Ron(1961 - )USA
A Song for Sandie R.Roberts3k00:04:04
Rosario, Vince(1986 - )Puerto Rican
Sunset PlayaV. Rosario8k00:03:02
Saarela [Säärelä], Timo(1940 - )Finnish
Come September (Tule syyskuu) (Foxtrot) T. Säärelä7k00:02:49
I Missing You evelynT. Säärelä6k00:02:48
Why Not'sT. Säärelä11k00:03:10
Sims, Damian(1991 - )American
Chasing Chelsey (2012) - Zipped up D. Sims21k00:21:32
The Perfect Stranger D. Sims4k00:04:38
Here's to Hoping You Come After Me D. Sims3k00:04:54
Clearing the Slate D. Sims6k00:05:05
Never Again D. Sims4k00:03:57
In the End D. Sims6k00:02:58
Here's To Hoping You Come After MeD. Simms3k00:04:54
Sokol, Matt(1991 -)English
Blues for one 2004 M.Sokol2k00:01:32
Soltis(1986 - )Irish, German
Sunny Weather(Kaya's Thoughts)J.Soltis2k00:01:28
Talisman, Rebecca(1989 - )American
Aunt Jemima (The Bad Pop Song) (2004) R.Talisman2k00:01:42
Traditional French
Au clair de la lune V.Mérand11K00:00:59
Traditional USA
Smiling Gold-Brown EyesT. Säärelä6k00:02:26
Vanbrabant, Bertrand(1951 - )Belgian
Dance in BrazilB. Vanbrabant8k00:02.40
He Plays The ShakuhachiB. Vanbrabant6k00:03:38
Jamaica GuitarB. Vanbrabant4k00:02.52
Musette de ParisB. Vanbrabant6k00:02:35
Ringo and the ExecutionerB. Vanbrabant7k00:04:01
Walker, Jason Donal(1970 - )Irish
Nothing SongJ. Walker2k00:01.37
Waylett, John B,(1952 - )Canadian
The Bellfounder of EssexJ. Waylett4k00:03:23
The CrossingJ. Waylett6k00:03:14
Young, Michael(1984 - )Australian
All that Jazz!M. Young17k00:06:34
Give up the PokiesM. Young3k00:02:41
Grade 10 Ternary CompositionM. Young2k00:01:04
Neighbours in the Hood M.Young4k00:02:46
Public LiabilityM. Young4k00:03:22
Rhapsody for Piano and BassM. Young6k00:04:59
Slipping Away M.Young4k00:03:34
Television ShowsM. Young3k00:03:27
That Ska FeelingM. Young11k00:05:29
The Dove's Last FlightM. Young5k00:04.22
The Dream is overM. Young2k00:01.48
Three MusiciansM. Young3k00:01:34
Victim of OppressionM. Young4k00:03:31
Zimmerman, Charles A.(1862 - 1916)American