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Lachner, Ignaz(1807 - 1895)German
Concertino for Horn, Bassoon & Orchestra, Op. 43 J. H. White45k00:13:20
Piano Trio No. 4 in D Minor Op. 89 - Zipped up J. White35k00:22:34
I Allegro giusto J. White15k00:09:46
II Andantino, quasi Allegretto J. White8k00:04:26
III Scherzo J. White5k00:03:09
IV Finale J. White8k00:05:16
Quartet in C for 3 Violins and Viola, Op.106 - Zipped up J. White18k00:19:41
I Allegro moderato J. White7k00:07:53
II Andante J. White5k00:05:31
III Menuetto J. White2k00:03:26
IV Finale J. White5k00:02:54
String Quartet in G, Op. 104 - Zipped up J. White31k00:17:11
I Allegro ma non troppo J. White14k00:04:45
II Andante grave J. White6k00:06:17
III Allegro vivace J. White3k00:03:38
IV Finale J. White9k00:02:36
String Quartet in Bb Op. Posth - Zipped up J. White27k00:27:19
I Allegro moderato J. White9k00:07:31
II Menuetto J. White4k00:04:41
III Romanze J. White7k00:06:33
IV Finale J. White9k00:08:42
Trio No 1 in B flat for Piano, Violin & Viola, Op. 37 - Zipped up J. White43k00:29:57
I Allegro moderato J. White14k00:07:38
II Andante J. White12k00:07:23
III Scherzo J. White6k00:05:07
IV Finale J. White13k00:09:51
Lachner, Franz Paul(1803 - 1890)German
Octet for Wind Instruments in B flat major - Zipped up J. White89k00:29:23
I Allegro Moderato J. White29k00:010:3
II Adagio J. White13k00:07:02
III Scherzo J. White10k00:04:37
IV Finale J. White38k00:07:07
Quintet No 1 in C m for Piano and Strings, Op 139. - Zipped up J. H. White141k00:37:37
Quintet No 1 in C m for Piano and Strings, Op 139. 1 J. H. White28k00:12:02
Quintet No 1 in C m for Piano and Strings, Op 139. 2 J. H. White9k00:06:15
Quintet No 1 in C m for Piano and Strings, Op 139. 3 J. H. White9k00:04:39
Quintet No 1 in C m for Piano and Strings, Op 139. 4 J. H. White95k00:14:39
Quintet No 2 in A m for Piano and Strings, Op 145. - Zipped up J. H. White110k00:29:24
Quintet No 2 in A m for Piano and Strings, Op 145. 1 J. H. White50k00:13:14
Quintet No 2 in A m for Piano and Strings, Op 145. 2 J. H. White11k00:05:00
Quintet No 2 in A m for Piano and Strings, Op 145. 3 J. H. White6k00:03:19
Quintet No 2 in A m for Piano and Strings, Op 145. 4 J. H. White44k00:07:50
String Quartet No 1 in B minor - Zipped up J. White36k00:27:24
I Allegro Moderato J. White14k00:010:5
II Adagio J. White9k00:06:12
III Scherzo J. White5k00:05:23
IV Finale J. White9k00:05:02
String Quintet in C minor Op.121 (circa 1850) - Zipped up J. White58k00:41:19
I Allegro Moderato J. White19k00:010:2
II Andante con moto J. White11k00:012:3
III Scherzo J. White10k00:07:10
IV Finale J. White19k00:011:1
Symphony No 8 in G minor, Op. 100 (1851) - Zipped up J White173k00:40:05
I Andante - Allegro maestoso J White61k00:15:13
II Andante J White20k00:08:09
III Scherzo J White17k00:07:30
IV Finale J White77k00:09:13
Trio in E major for Clarinet, Horn and Piano J. H. White24k00:19:17
Lasso, Orlando Di(1532 - 1594)Italian
Adoramus te, Christe Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper3k00:01:33
Ave ReginaM Gibson4k00:02:15
Ave Regina (in English)M Gibson4k00:02:15
Ave Verum Corpus Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper3k00:03:06
Bonjour mon coeur Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper2k00:01:06
Chi chi li chi Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper3k00:02:38
Domine Dominus NosterM Gibson6k00:02:54
Iustorum animae Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper3k00:02:22
La nuit froide et sombre Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper2k00:02:08
Matona, mia cara Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper2k00:02:37
Mon coeur se recommande a vous B. Choppy2k00:01:03
Octavi Toni Mass - Agnus A. Scerri2k00:01:04
Octavi Toni Mass - Gloria A. Scerri3k00:01:45
Octavi Toni Gregorian Mass - Kyrie A. Scerri2k00:01:08
Octavi Toni Mass - Sanctus A. Scerri2k00:01:04
O Lord hear my prayer A. Scerri5k00:02:45
Timor et tremor Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper4k00:04:18
Lawes, Henry (1595 - 1662)English
Zadok the Priest J. Hooper2k00:01:22
Leavitt, John(1608-1691)American
Gloria Y Kim7k00:02:48
Leduc, Maxime(1988 - )Canadian
L'Ange Déchu M Leduc2k00:01:53
Lefebure-Wely, Louis James Alfred(1817 - 1869)Belgian
Sortie (in B flat major)R.Woodroffe7k00:03:58
Sortie in E flat T. Smedley7k00:04:12
Sortie (in E flat Major)R.Woodroffe7k00:03:41
Sortie (in G minor)R.Woodroffe8k00:03:56
Lehar, Franz(1870 - 1948)Austrian
Gern hab' ich die Frau'n geküßt From the Operetta: PaganiniB. Vanbrabant8k00:02:45
Gold and Silver Op. 79B. Vanbrabant21k00:08:11
Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß (Giuditta)B. Vanbrabant9k00:04:25
The Merry Widow - Love in my heart B. Sloman9k00:05:12
The Merry Widow WaltzB. Vanbrabant14k00:05:36
Lemire, Jean-Baptiste(1867 - 1945)French
Acanthe (Schottisch) F. Nachbaur8k00:03:59
Leontovych, Mykola(1877 - 1921) Ukrainian
Shchedryk (Carol of the bells) M Spagni3k00:01:21
Lenzner, Jacob(1928 - ) American
The Fourth of July J.Lenzner3k00:03:00
A Little Song J.Lenzner2k00:03:16
A Minor Etude J.Lenzner3k00:02:58
Dancing Spirits J.Lenzner2k00:04:21
Melody J.Lenzner2k00:03:33
Melody for String Quartet J.Lenzner4k00:04:22
Melody for the Harp J.Lenzner2k00:04:07
Minuet in C (2005) J.Lenzner2k00:01:52
Quartet for Flute, Trumpet, Bassoon, and Bass J.Lenzner2k00:03:02
Rondo for Clarinet and Piano (2007) J.Lenzner6k00:04:35
Roving Rhythms J.Lenzner6k00:06:05
Snake J.Lenzner2k00:02:21
String Quartet(Chonsy) - Zipped up J.Lenzner13k00:31:01
String Quartet(Chonsy) First Movement J.Lenzner3k00:03:27
String Quartet(Chonsy) Second Movement J.Lenzner3k00:03:22
String Quartet(Chonsy) Third Movement J.Lenzner3k00:02:44
String Quartet(Chonsy) Fourth Movement J.Lenzner4k00:03:28
String Quartet in A minor Op.2 - Zipped up J.Lenzner11k00:10:37
String Quartet in A minor Op.2 First Movement J.Lenzner4k00:03:47
String Quartet in A minor Op.2 Second Movement J.Lenzner4k00:02:59
String Quartet in A minor Op.2 Third Movement J.Lenzner3k00:03:51
String Quartet in A minor Op.2 Fourth Movement J.Lenzner3k00:03:39
Trumpet Tune (2010) J.Lenzner4k00:04:10
Leo, Leonardo(1694-1744)Italian
Toccata for Keyboard No. 8 C. Milazzo2k00:03:07
Leoncavallo, Ruggero(1857 - 1919)Italian
La Mattinata M. Spagni3k00:01:40
La Mattinata A. Scerri3k00:01:42
Pagliacci - O Colombina B. Sloman2k00:01:28
Pagliacci - Un Tal Gioco, Credetemi A. Scerri6k00:03:07
Pagliacci - Vesti la giubba (Recitar) A. Scerri3k00:02:24
Lester, Duane(1966 - )
Aberrance the Voice D.Lester3K00:03:50
Autumn Leaves D Lester3k00:03:39
Consolation No1. D.Lester2k00:02:14
Fantasia in E for Pianoforte D Lester4k00:05:31
Lewandowski, Louis(1821 - 1894)Jewish/German
Baruch Haba Beshem Adonai B. Sloman2k00:01:18
Liddell, Connor
The March of Nature C.Liddell5k00:05.11
Lillenas, Haldor
Wonderful Grace of Jesus J. P. Tate III5k00:02:20
Wonderful Grace of Jesus W. Schwan2k00:01:04
Lim, Robert
Seranade for Orchestra (2002) - Zipped up C. Lim57k00:24:11
Serenade for Orchestra - I (Introduction) C. Lim22k00:08:27
II - Intermezzo C. Lim11k00:04:24
III - Lament C. Lim7k00:03:42
IV - Finale C. Lim18k00:07:40
Lisle de, Claude-Joseph Rouget(1760 - 1836)French
La Marseillaise A. Scerri3k00:03:43
Liszt, Ferencz (Franz)(Franz)(1811 - 1886), Hungarian
4ème Grande Paraphrase (God save the Queen) J. Clement15k00:05:08
Après une lecture de Dante J. Clement71k00:18:48
Ave Maria I Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper6k00:04:43
Campanella J. Guix21k00:04:16
Campanella H. Lee22k00:04:39
Consolation No. 1 J. Clement2k00:01:09
Consolation No. 2 J. Clement4k00:03:03
Consolation No. 3 D. Lester6k00:03:44
Consolation No. 4 J. Clement3k00:02:46

Grandes Études de Paganini

Étude No. 1 in G minor (Tremolo) R. Woodroffe18k00:04:17
Étude No. 2 in E Flat major (Andante capriccioso) R. Woodroffe16k00:05:03
Étude No. 3 G-sharp minor (Allegretto) (La Campanella)R. Woodroffe16k00:04:34
Étude No. 4 in E major (Vivo) ("Arpeggio")R. Woodroffe8k00:01:55
Étude No. 5 in E major (La Chasse)R. Woodroffe8k00:02:47
Étude No. 6 in A minor (Theme and Variations)R. Woodroffe18k00:04:33

God Save the QueenR. Woodroffe16k00:04:44
Hungarian Rhapsodie No. 2 See One thousandth Entry A. Purdam37k00:09:47
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C sharpE.Duhon17k00:08:20
Introitus A. Purdam1k00:01:36
Joyful and mournful (Freudvoll und leid) A. Scerri3k00:01:57
La Marseillaise J. Clement12k00:04:41
La Prédication aux oiseaux (St. François d'Assise) J. Clement18k00:05:53
Liebestraum J. Clement7k00:05:19
Liebestraum No.3 "A Love Dream" M. L. Ng9k00:03:54
Miserere from Il Trovatore by G. Verdi J. Clement18k00:06:18
Missa Choralis 1865 - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper51k00:30:36
Missa choralis - 1: Kyrie J. Hooper9k00:06:17
Missa choralis - 2: Gloria J. Hooper9k00:04:53
Missa choralis - 3: Credo J. Hooper14k00:06:40
Missa choralis - 4: Sanctus J. Hooper6k00:02:31
Missa choralis - 5: Benedictus J. Hooper8k00:04:43
Missa choralis - 6: Agnus Dei J. Hooper7k00:05:32
Missa choralis 1865M Gibson42k00:30:47
Missa Choralis - KyrieM Gibson47k00:05:02
Missa Choralis - GloriaM Gibson68k00:05:28
Missa Choralis - CredoM Gibson115k00:07:40
Missa Choralis - SanctusM Gibson32k00:01:59
Missa Choralis - BenedictusM Gibson47k00:05:23
Missa Choralis - Agnus DeiM Gibson40k00:05:15
Réminiscenses de Lucia di Lammermoor J. Clement14k00:05:32
Thou Art Like A Flower (Du Bist Wie Eine Blume) A. Scerri3k00:01:22
Via Crucis J Fabian18k00:32:30
Littlejohn, Martin Layne(1962 - )USA)
Credo M.L. Littlejohn2k00:01:43
Litolff, Henry Charles(1818 - 1891)English
Scherzo from Concerto Symphonique No 4 R. Woodroffe11k00:04:17
Loeillet, Jean Baptiste(1680 - 1730)Flemish
Sonata in C Major for Oboe and Piano J.J.H.Hofland12k00:13:02
Sonate C+ Op. 1 Nr. 6M.Spagni8k00:09:21
Sonata in F Major (Opus III/3) A. Macfarlane8k00:08:22
Loewe, Carl(1796 - 1869)German
Im VorübergehnM Gibson4k00:00:43
Long, Matthew(1994 - )American
Into the Dungeons Overture M. Long3k00:06:33
Longo, Alessandro(1864-1945)Italian
6 pezzi per arpa, op. 51M Spagni27k00:22:26
1 - PreludioM Spagni4k00:04:33
2 - ImprovvisoM Spagni5k00:02:52
3 - BarcarolaM Spagni4k00:02:39
4 - MinuettoM Spagni5k00:05:28
5 - NotturnoM Spagni6k00:04:23
6 - SerenataM Spagni6k00:02:31
Lonneke, Michael(1943 - )American
Easter Fanfare No. 2 M. Lonneke 4k00:00:50
Procession of the Perukes - A Conscious Counterfeit M. Lonneke 5k00:03:31
Concerto of Praise M. Lonneke 6k00:03:46
Minuet, Variations & Quodlibet M. Lonneke 5k00:06:23
O Man, Bewail Thy Grievous Sin M. Lonneke 4k00:04:55
This Joyful Eastertide M. Lonneke 8k00:03:06
Loosemore, Henry(c1605 - 1670)English
O Lord, increase our faith G. Lowther 3k00:01:07
Lotti, Antonio(1667 - 1740)
Crucifixus a 8 8 VoiceM Gibson4k00:02:45
Crucifixus a 8 8 Voice C.B. Mill5k00:02:24
Crucifixus a 8 voci 8 Voice NWCChorus3k00:02:03
Crucifixus Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper5k00:03:13
Miserere mei Deus A. Scerri2k00:01:17
Louis XIII
Gavotte M Spagni2k00:00:48
Lowden, C. Harold
Living for Jesus J. P. Tate III4k00:03:44
Lowther, George J.(1951 - )
Elisabeth's Waltz G. J. Lowther3k00:03:38
Epicyclic (or, Wheels within wheels). G. J. Lowther2k00:02:30
Eucharistic Coda in Gmin G. J. Lowther3k00:04:11
Great and Wonderful G. J. Lowther4k00:01:15
Introit Lent 1 G. J. Lowther2k00:00:54
Introit Lent 2 G. J. Lowther3k00:01:40
Introit for Passion Sunday (Lent 5) G. J. Lowther3k00:01:12
Introit for Trinity Sunday G. J. Lowther2k00:01:18
Magnificat in Fmaj G. J. Lowther5k00:02:50
Nunc Dimittis in Fmaj G. J. Lowther2k00:01:31
Rudolph G. J. Lowther2k00:01:23
Simon's Raindrops G. J. Lowther1k00:02:03
There & back again G. J. Lowther3k00:03:24
Lumbye, Georg August(1843-1922)Danish
Dina PolkaB. Vanbrabant8k00:02:54
Lumbye, Hans Christian(1810 - 1874)Danish
Bouquet Royal - GalopB. Vanbrabant10k00:03:08
Britta PolkaB. Vanbrabant5k00:02:10
Camilla PolkaB. Vanbrabant7k00:03:50
Caroline - Polka MazurkaB. Vanbrabant5k00:02:15
Champagne Galop Op. 14B. Vanbrabant5k00:02:20
Dronning Louise ValsB. Vanbrabant9k00:05:00
Gjensyns - Glaede GalopB. Vanbrabant7k00:02:49
Kanon-GalopB. Vanbrabant8k00:02:26
Københavns Jernbane Damp GalopB. Vanbrabant12k00:03:35
Salut for August Bournonville - GalopB. Vanbrabant5k00:03:32
Senora Ysabel Cuba's PolkaB. Vanbrabant9k00:03:12
Tivoli - Gondolen GalopadeB. Vanbrabant10k00:03:06
Tivolis Rutschbane - GalopB. Vanbrabant8k00:01:54
Lully, Jean Baptiste(1632 - 1687)French
Alceste - Le Heros Que J'attends (The Hero I Wait) A. Scerri3k00:02:13
Gavotte M. Westwood2k00:01:24
Bois epais B. Sloman3k00:02:00
Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs Y. Forestier2k00:01:16
Lynam, Brian(1986 - )
Ave Maria. B. Lynam 6k00:03:20
Ave Verum Corpus. (2006) B. Lynam 3k00:02:35
Confutatis (from Requiem) B. Lynam 4k00:02:27
Elegy. (2006) B. Lynam 2k00:03:56
'The Expedition,' Suite for Solo Trumpet, Violin, Strings and Timp. - Zipped up B. Lynam20k00:21:28
The Expedition, Op. 1, No. I B. Lynam4k00:03:34
The Expedition, Opus 1, No. II - Siciliano (Strings) B. Lynam2k00:02:21
The Expedition, Opus 1, No. III B. Lynam3k00:02:14
The Expedition, Op. 1, No. IV B. Lynam2k00:01:38
The Expedition, Opus 1 - V - Andante B. Lynam2k00:03:00
The Expedition, Opus 1, No. VI (Strings Only) B. Lynam2k00:01:00
The Expedition, Opus 1, No. VII B. Lynam2k00:02:28
The Expedition, Opus 1, No. 8 ("Ditty") B. Lynam2k00:01:00
The Expedition, Opus 1, No. IX - Finale B. Lynam4k00:04:12
Five Preludes for Piano Op14 - Zipped up B. Lynam10k00:07:56
Prelude No.1 in E-flat Dorian B. Lynam2k00:01:11
Prelude No.2 in C B. Lynam3k00:01:49
Prelude No.3 in F-sharp minor B. Lynam2k00:02:27
Prelude No.4 in E B. Lynam2k00:02:06
Prelude No.5 in A Phrygian B. Lynam2k00:00:23
Fugue in G Major, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" 2007 B. Lynam 4k00:02:56
Invocation, Op.18 B. Lynam 7k00:06:53
O vos omnes. (2006) B. Lynam 4k00:01:52
Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor, Op.2, 'Shostakovich' B. Lynam 8k00:08:23
Prelude in E flat minor, 'a la Scriabin' B. Lynam 3k00:02:17
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano Op. 17 - Zipped up B. Lynam21k00:17:56
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano - I - Larghetto B. Lynam8k00:09:04
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano - II - Allegretto B. Lynam7k00:04:40
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano - Tempo ad Libitum B. Lynam1k00:01:21
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano - III - Allegro assai B. Lynam5k00:02:52
Symphony No. 1 in F minor, 1st movement B. Lynam 18k00:12:49
Three Songs on Texts by Wallace Stevens, Op.15 - Zipped up B. Lynam8k00:05:6
Depression Before Spring B. Lynam3k00:01:17
Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock B. Lynam3k00:02:14
Gubbinal B. Lynam3k00:01:35
Two Miniature Dances for String Orchestra Op. 6 - Zipped up B. Lynam5k00:04:30
Two Pieces for Strings, Op. 6 No.1 - Andante B. Lynam3k00:03:06
Two Pieces for Strings, Op. 6 No. 2 - Allegro animato B. Lynam3k00:01:26
Two Poems for Piano - Zipped up B. Lynam5k00:05:26
Poeme in F major - No. 1 - Andante cantabile B. Lynam3k00:03:53
Poeme in F minor - No. 2 - Allegretto B. Lynam2k00:01:34
Lyon, Bradford Franklin(1963 - )USA
1890sF. Lyon4k00:04:19
Ireland to America F. Lyon4k00:08:22
Going Down F. Lyon1k00:02:31
Looking Back F. Lyon1k00:03:10
Pinocchio Goes to War F. Lyon4k00:04:22
Renaissance for Karen F. Lyon3k00:02:39
Resonance F. Lyon1k00:03:53
Shadows of Chopin F. Lyon2k00:03:07