Jay Hamilton

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Hamilton, Jay(1951 -)American
10 March 08J. Hamilton2k00:02:06
120 = 8thsJ. Hamilton2k00:01:11
13 Beginning, 2 advanced Cello/Bass exercises - Zipped upJ. Hamilton14k00:07:40
Open strings in ΠnotesJ. Hamilton1k00:00:28
Cello !J. Hamilton1k00:00:40
5 May bow and pluckJ. Hamilton1k00:00:50
Cello 3 just on the D StringJ. Hamilton1k00:00:44
Cello 4J. Hamilton1k00:00:49
Cello 5J. Hamilton1k00:00:34
Cello 6J. Hamilton1k00:00:52
Cello 7J. Hamilton1k00:00:34
Cello 8J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
Violin part for Cello 9J. Hamilton1k00:00:16
Cello open and 4th fingersJ. Hamilton1k00:00:23
Cello 11 open and 4th finger pienceJ. Hamilton1k00:00:23
open 1 the fourth fingerJ. Hamilton1k00:00:14
Cello or Bass exercise (advanced)J. Hamilton1k00:00:18
Cello or Bass exercise 2 (advanced)J. Hamilton1k00:00:16
15 June 14J. Hamilton1k00:02:12
16 June 14J. Hamilton2k00:04:13
17122003J. Hamilton2k00:00:49
19 Short Trombone exercises for a short armed student 2006 - Zipped upJ. Hamilton18k00:09:17
eighth note exerciseJ. Hamilton1k00:00:26
Trombone 2J. Hamilton1k00:00:36
Trombone 3J. Hamilton1k00:00:32
Trombone 4J. Hamilton1k00:00:33
Trombone 5J. Hamilton1k00:00:58
Trombone 6J. Hamilton1k00:00:58
Trombone 7J. Hamilton1k00:00:30
Trombone 8J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
Trombone 9J. Hamilton1k00:00:32
TromBone 10J. Hamilton1k00:00:32
Trombone 11J. Hamilton1k00:00:18
Trombone 13J. Hamilton1k00:00:30
Trombone 14J. Hamilton1k00:00:26
Trombone 15J. Hamilton1k00:00:20
Trombone 16J. Hamilton1k00:00:20
trombone 17J. Hamilton1k00:00:22
Boop boop deedleJ. Hamilton1k00:00:26
An Israeli ModeJ. Hamilton1k00:00:26
Trombone staccatoJ. Hamilton1k00:00:12
21-3,2,1 - Zipped upJ. Hamilton8k00:09:00
21-1J. Hamilton3k00:04:45
21-2J. Hamilton2k00:01:10
21-3J. Hamilton3k00:03:12
23 Piano Exercises for beginning students - Zipped upJ. Hamilton27k00:18:57
First pieceJ. Hamilton1k00:00:16
exercise 0J. Hamilton1k00:00:36
exercise 00J. Hamilton1k00:00:18
exercise 000J. Hamilton1k00:00:16
Exercise 001J. Hamilton1k00:00:16
exercise 002J. Hamilton1k00:00:32
exercise 003J. Hamilton1k00:01:31
exercise 004J. Hamilton1k00:00:36
exercise 005J. Hamilton1k00:00:42
Exercise 014J. Hamilton2k00:02:10
exercise 1J. Hamilton1k00:00:16
exercise 2J. Hamilton1k00:00:56
exercise 4J. Hamilton1k00:00:16
Exercise 5J. Hamilton1k00:00:14
Exercise 6J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
Exercise 7J. Hamilton1k00:00:32
Exercise 8J. Hamilton1k00:00:34
Exercise 9J. Hamilton1k00:00:22
Exercise 10J. Hamilton1k00:00:52
Exercise 11J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
Exercise 12J. Hamilton1k00:01:26
Exercise 13J. Hamilton1k00:01:03
Exercise 14J. Hamilton1k00:00:30
exercise 15J. Hamilton1k00:00:46
exercise 16J. Hamilton1k00:00:38
exercise 17J. Hamilton2k00:02:10
exercise 19J. Hamilton1k00:00:29
27 Clarinet exercises/pieces original and traditional - Zipped upJ. Hamilton23k00:23:39
8/4 Up and DownJ. Hamilton1k00:00:56
A friend in needJ. Hamilton1k00:00:48
Ad or habokerJ. Hamilton1k00:00:53
ahavat hadassaJ. Hamilton1k00:00:27
Ai-aiJ. Hamilton1k00:00:32
aquella panadera 3/8J. Hamilton1k00:00:14
Ayrshire LassiesJ. Hamilton1k00:00:32
Bridge of gairn strathspeyJ. Hamilton1k00:00:47
Connaught Mans RamblesJ. Hamilton1k00:01:12
CotillionJ. Hamilton1k00:01:34
Behind the bush in the garden - duetJ. Hamilton2k00:01:12
DuetJ. Hamilton2k00:00:50
Flooble finger exerciseJ. Hamilton1k00:00:16
G major exerciseJ. Hamilton1k00:00:16
4/4 Clarinet in CJ. Hamilton1k00:00:36
Key of D majorJ. Hamilton1k00:00:39
4/4 Key of FJ. Hamilton1k00:00:34
Lawson's StrathspeyJ. Hamilton1k00:00:32
Lesson #1J. Hamilton1k00:01:08
Lesson #2 some melodies 1st easy onesJ. Hamilton1k00:01:18
Lesson # 3J. Hamilton1k00:03:00
Lesson #4J. Hamilton1k00:00:48
Lesson #6J. Hamilton1k00:01:36
The little saucepanJ. Hamilton1k00:00:58
The de'il';s awa wi' th' exciseJ. Hamilton1k00:00:39
6four tripletsJ. Hamilton1k00:01:03
WigglesJ. Hamilton1k00:00:32
32 Beginning Saxophone (alto) exercises - Zipped upJ. Hamilton28k00:18:39
Another simple tuneJ. Hamilton1k00:01:52
Exploring Cmajor scale in 3/4J. Hamilton2k00:01:59
Getting faster and fingeringsJ. Hamilton1k00:00:24
Movement practiseJ. Hamilton1k00:00:35
Peppy J. Hamilton1k00:00:17
Sally SatJ. Hamilton1k00:00:32
sax 1J. Hamilton1k00:00:46
sax 10J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
sax 11J. Hamilton1k00:00:26
sax 12J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
sax 13J. Hamilton1k00:00:27
sax 14J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
sax 15 (polka)J. Hamilton1k00:00:16
sax 16 (reel)J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
sax 17 (reel)J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
sax 18 (jig)J. Hamilton1k00:00:30
sax 19J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
sax 2J. Hamilton1k00:00:32
Sax 20J. Hamilton1k00:00:54
Sax 21J. Hamilton1k00:00:52
Sax 22-June 2006J. Hamilton1k00:00:52
Sax 22J. Hamilton1k00:00:14
sax 3J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
sax 4J. Hamilton1k00:00:17
sax 5J. Hamilton1k00:00:32
sax 6J. Hamilton1k00:00:20
Sax 7J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
Sax 8J. Hamilton1k00:00:30
Sax 9J. Hamilton1k00:00:27
Shortenin bread DuetJ. Hamilton1k00:00:40
Syncopation and countingJ. Hamilton1k00:00:35
TiesJ. Hamilton1k00:00:24
TongueingJ. Hamilton1k00:00:26
28122003J. Hamilton3k00:01:08
5 Pieces from the opera Honor - Zipped upJ. Jamilton12k00:12:43
Great BirdJ. Jamilton2k00:01:20
When I was youngerJ. Jamilton3k00:02:20
Banker's Musical ChairsJ. Jamilton3k00:05:34
There's no where to goJ. Jamilton2k00:01:33
Prayer for sleepJ. Jamilton3k00:02:00
6-14 '06J. Hamilton2k00:01:03
A Fairy tale in fragmentsJ. Hamilton4k00:03:58
Athanatas Sonata- ballet 1984J. Hamilton27k00:34:17
Autumn's Eve (version 2)J. Hamilton3k00:01:16
AvianJ. Hamilton4k00:04:00
B flat Hyperlyd for [Barok] Flute 1976J. Hamilton3k00:03:27
BachwardsJ. Hamilton9k00:11:12
BansheeJ. Hamilton3k00:01:41
BarokJ. Hamilton4k00:02:57
Birds of Fir TreesJ. Hamilton3k00:04:55
Blood/Ficino - Zipped upJ. Hamilton52k00:51:03
Blood moves in the morningJ. Hamilton2k00:01:00
p132 Let meals be seasoned with cinnamonJ. Hamilton6k00:05:21
Kneeplay 25- {core score]J. Hamilton2k00:00:58
People who wish to lengthen their livesJ. Hamilton3k00:01:45
Blood/Ficino:1- kneeplay 15J. Hamilton3k00:06:23
I-II Kneeplay 11J. Hamilton3k00:01:29
Kneeplay 01J. Hamilton2k00:02:15
Kneeplay 24J. Hamilton2k00:02:10
Blood is the tinder of the spiritJ. Hamilton2k00:01:48
Among Grecian Precepts for long lifeJ. Hamilton1k00:00:30
II-Kneeplay 02 w-vocalJ. Hamilton2k00:01:03
knee play 6J. Hamilton1k00:00:41
ZhouJ. Hamilton2k00:01:00
Kneeplay 19J. Hamilton2k00:02:16
Kneeplay 20J. Hamilton2k00:01:10
upon reaching 49 years of ageJ. Hamilton3k00:02:13
Kneeplay 09J. Hamilton1k00:00:55
The founding of MengenJ. Hamilton4k00:02:45
Knee play 5J. Hamilton1k00:00:30
kneeplay 12J. Hamilton1k00:00:40
Kneeplay 09 (2)J. Hamilton1k00:00:55
a Common and Ancient opinionJ. Hamilton4k00:04:00
Kneeplay 25 core scoreJ. Hamilton2k00:00:58
Knee Play 3J. Hamilton1k00:00:54
Song from the garden of EpicurusJ. Hamilton2k00:01:08
Eat Food twice a dayJ. Hamilton2k00:01:25
knee play 4J. Hamilton1k00:00:50
Ficino FinaleJ. Hamilton2k00:04:16
Cassandra, baseball, food, and prophecy - Zipped upJ. Hamilton61k00:22:05
love passedJ. Hamilton1k00:00:16
All day longJ. Hamilton29k00:01:31
Tonight the deadJ. Hamilton7k00:00:56
Duet as Chef cranksJ. Hamilton7k00:00:49
If you husked meJ. Hamilton6k00:00:36
Blue skyJ. Hamilton2k00:01:18
I asked my daughterJ. Hamilton9k00:00:59
As soon as her breastsJ. Hamilton5k00:00:21
You granted me this mad kissJ. Hamilton6k00:00:27
She may as well be muteJ. Hamilton9k00:00:56
I am not who you think you areJ. Hamilton15k00:00:58
RichJ. Hamilton27k00:01:57
mon bien-aimeJ. Hamilton18k00:04:39
What she'd really like to have doneJ. Hamilton7k00:00:46
Salad, musical interludeJ. Hamilton2k00:02:04
Yelling at friendsJ. Hamilton8k00:00:41
The kid of 5J. Hamilton20k00:01:42
She said she loved vegetablesJ. Hamilton9k00:00:51
There is no end to loveJ. Hamilton6k00:00:29
CelloJ. Hamilton2k00:03:03
Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 1 (of 6)J. Hamilton2k00:01:26
Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 2 (of 6)J. Hamilton2k00:02:16
Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 3 (of 6)J. Hamilton1k00:01:23
Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 4 (of 6)J. Hamilton1k00:01:26
Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 5 (of 6)J. Hamilton1k00:01:46
Cello duet 27-12-14 pt 6 (of 6)J. Hamilton1k00:01:36
Chacaglia 1988J. Hamilton2k00:04:32
Chaconne in DbJ. Hamilton4k00:03:38
Chaconne what you think; une tour 1996J. Hamilton3k00:03:30
DifferentJ. Hamilton2k00:03:40
Disposable Melodies #1- 19 - Zipped upJ. Hamilton25k00:21:07
Disposable Melodies #1J. Hamilton1k00:00:44
Disposable Melodies #2J. Hamilton1k00:00:12
Disposable Melodies #3J. Hamilton1k00:00:14
Disposable Melodies #4J. Hamilton1k00:00:11
Disposable Melodies #5J. Hamilton1k00:00:31
Disposable Melodies #6J. Hamilton2k00:00:45
Disposable Melodies #7J. Hamilton1k00:00:14
Disposable Melodies #7 f clefJ. Hamilton1k00:00:14
Disposable Melodies #8J. Hamilton1k00:00:34
Disposable Melodies #9J. Hamilton1k00:00:17
Disposable Melodies #10J. Hamilton2k00:00:23
Disposable Melodies #11J. Hamilton3k00:05:42
Disposable Melodies #12J. Hamilton1k00:00:34
Disposable Melodies #13J. Hamilton2k00:00:51
Disposable Melodies #14J. Hamilton2k00:02:07
Disposable Melodies #15J. Hamilton1k00:00:18
Disposable Melodies #16J. Hamilton2k00:01:01
Disposable Melodies #17J. Hamilton2k00:01:20
Disposable Melodies #18J. Hamilton2k00:04:15
Disposable Melodies #19; Middle of NowhereJ. Hamilton2k00:00:46
Duet- 45J. Hamilton1k00:02:45
Duet Study for three guitars and three chordsJ. Hamilton2k00:03:10
Elegy in Darkness 2003J. Hamilton3k00:06:23
En Francais 2002J. Hamilton2k00:01:59
For Garisimo 2002J. Hamilton3k00:02:46
For Gulan 2002J. Hamilton4k00:07:22
3 pieces from Fred; a sequel to Casserole - Zipped upJ. Hamilton7k00:06:02
Fred - Maurice goes for coffeeJ. Hamilton2k00:03:25
Fred - DragonsJ. Hamilton3k00:02:10
Fred - Hitchings with a jewsharpJ. Hamilton1k00:00:27
for left hand #1 & 2 - Zipped upJ. Hamilton7k00:11.20
For the left handJ. Hamilton3k00:06:08
For left hand #2J. Hamilton4k00:05:12
FugatosJ. Hamilton4k00:05:35
Greenbook all in one fileJ. Hamilton10k00:10:26
Grief: a cello suiteJ. Hamilton4k00:09:14
Guitar Mode AllJ. Hamilton7k00:08:55
Fruit-duo Mangoe 2002J. Hamilton2k00:03:51
Heart Sung on a picnic tableJ. Hamilton2k00:01:04
HefeweiseJ. Hamilton2k00:01:13
Hilloki 2002J. Hamilton5k00:05:05
hyphen1-5 - Zipped upJ. Hamilton8k00:06:43
-1J. Hamilton2k00:01:49
-2J. Hamilton2k00:01:11
-3J. Hamilton2k00:00:57
-4J. Hamilton2k00:00:47
-5J. Hamilton2k00:01:59
In a Mode; for the HollandsJ. Hamilton2k00:02:02
Into SilenceJ. Hamilton4k00:10:00
InvisibleJ. Hamilton3k00:02:34
Irse PinaoJ. Hamilton2k00:07:08
Lir - Zipped upJ. Hamilton35k00:20:10
Lir-1J. Hamilton3k00:02:00
Lir-2 60 YearsJ. Hamilton3k00:01:22
Lir-3 The testJ. Hamilton5k00:04:28
Lir-4 Traveling to Eldest DaughterJ. Hamilton2k00:00:58
Lir-5 My Husband it's clearJ. Hamilton3k00:01:35
Lir-6 Travel from Daughter 1 to Daughter 2J. Hamilton2k00:01:00
Lir-7 Husband I order youJ. Hamilton3k00:01:22
Lir-8 Lir in the mountainsJ. Hamilton2k00:01:09
Lir-9 My lord, I've heard my father's comeJ. Hamilton3k00:00:47
Lir-10 What wisdom thisJ. Hamilton3k00:01:39
Lir-11 I kneel before the QueenJ. Hamilton3k00:01:37
Lir-12 War and winningJ. Hamilton2k00:00:46
Lir-13 Father it has come to passJ. Hamilton2k00:00:35
Lir-14-Youngest Daughter wisest KindestJ. Hamilton3k00:00:59
Jats 1-10; Suite for alternating instruments, 9/2005 - Zipped upJ. Hamilton32k00:32:04
jat-1; suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton2k00:01:07
jat-2: suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton2k00:02:27
jat-3; suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton2k00:02:29
jat-4; suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton2k00:02:07
jat-5; suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton3k00:02:02
jat-6; suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton4k00:04:22
jat-7; suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton4k00:04:12
jat-8: suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton5k00:06:19
jat-9: suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton5k00:03:42
jat-10: suite for alternating instrumentsJ. Hamilton6k00:03:20
Lamentations for the innocentJ. Hamilton6k00:04:11
<=7 2002J. Hamilton4k00:04:51
Mandala 2003J. Hamilton28k00:30:38
MarketJ. Hamilton7k00:03:31
Melange Suite - Zipped upJ. Hamilton21k00:15:39
Melange I 1979J. Hamilton2k00:02:14
Melange II 1979J. Hamilton2k00:02:03
Melange III Lilt 1979J. Hamilton2k00:02:27
Melange IV 1979J. Hamilton2k00:01:10
Melange V Struggling Waltz 1979J. Hamilton2k00:00:41
Melange VI Liltingly 1979J. Hamilton2k00:01:00
Melange VII MelicJ. Hamilton2k00:01:24
Melange IX Orelob-Manchabiso 1982J. Hamilton5k00:04:33
Middle of NowhereJ. Hamilton1k00:01:32
Mynamar ShaveJ. Hamilton4k00:00:43
Music for Gül's weddingJ. Hamilton2k00:02:49
My thoughts are not complexJ. Hamilton3k00:02:08
New Quark 2; 1993 - Zipped upJ. Hamilton6k00:05:41
New Quark 2 Le Tang; 1st movementJ. Hamilton3k00:03:13
New Quark 2 Chordals; 2nd movementJ. Hamilton2k00:01:07
New Quark 2 Quark; 3rd movementJ. Hamilton2k00:01:21
Old Friends 2002J. Hamilton2k00:03:31
Opportunistic Pianism 1992J. Hamilton8k00:05:28
PequodJ. Hamilton2k00:00:48
Prayer of ThanksgivingJ. Hamilton4k00:02:20
Poor Cirkus 1977J. Hamilton3k00:10:02
Qtet; for any 4 instruments 1998J. Hamilton5k00:05:41
Robert Walser is not GodJ. Hamilton5k00:04:55
Roi-man-s 1,2,3 - Zipped upJ. Hamilton10k00:10:59
Roi-man-s 1J. Hamilton2k00:01:00
Roi-man-s-2J. Hamilton3k00:02:34
Roi-man-s 3J. Hamilton5k00:07:25
Rough Suite; for guitarJ. Hamilton2k00:01:48
Running for the CenterJ. Hamilton7k00:04:44
Selendro XJ. Hamilton2k00:02:20
Shadow Catcher J. Hamilton4k00:05:29
S4#1 October 12thJ. Hamilton12k00:11:07
S4 #xJ. Hamilton2k00:07:04
S4 0aJ. Hamilton12k00:15:00
S4 '07'J. Hamilton2k00:01:48
S4 24thJ. Hamilton2k00:01:32
S4 no 10J. Hamilton2k00:02:52
Seventh HeavenJ. Hamilton3k00:05:44
SchultzJ. Hamilton2k00:01:37
She wanted a date he just wanted a cup of CoffeeJ. Hamilton1k00:00:50
Silence-1J. Hamilton4k00:04:13
Solstice 2002 2002J. Hamilton5k00:03:04
Solstice 2004J. Hamilton2k00:01:03
Solstice 2011J. Hamilton2k00:05:05
Solstice 2008J. Hamilton5k00:03:37
Solstice on Ice (2009) - Zipped upJ. Hamilton11k00:10:13
Solstice on Ice part 1J. Hamilton3k00:04:34
Solstice on Ice part 2J. Hamilton5k00:03:39
Solstice on Ice part 3J. Hamilton3k00:02:00
Something SweetJ. Hamilton2k00:00:45
Something for BevisJ. Hamilton2k00:00:23
Spain 2J. Hamilton5k00:05:34
Spain-treeJ. Hamilton6k00:05:28
SummerJ. Hamilton6k00:06:53
Tao Movement - Zipped upJ. Hamilton66k01:19:35
Tao Movement 1J. Hamilton5k00:13:48
Tao Movement 2J. Hamilton3k00:04:24
Tao Movement 3J. Hamilton3k00:02:27
Tao Movement 4J. Hamilton5k00:09:20
Tao Movement 5J. Hamilton2k00:02:36
Tao Movement 6J. Hamilton3k00:02:08
Tao Movement 8J. Hamilton2k00:08:17
Tao Movement 9J. Hamilton2k00:04:30
Tao Movement 10J. Hamilton4k00:03:15
Tao Movement 11J. Hamilton2k00:06:28
Tao Movement 12J. Hamilton12k00:12:19
Tao Movement 13J. Hamilton7k00:04:35
Tao Movement 14J. Hamilton7k00:05:05
The H Series - Zipped upJ. Hamilton6k00:04:47
HalloweenJ. Hamilton2k00:01:14
hapicoatingJ. Hamilton2k00:01:00
happiermodeJ. Hamilton1k00:00:38
happymodeJ. Hamilton2k00:01:56
The HoursJ. Hamilton5k00:11:16
The Map (an opera with moments of comedy and Epicurean Philosophy)J. Hamilton77k01:04:00
The Passing of Ten Years - Zipped upJ. Hamilton16k00:11:06
Adolescent SexJ. Hamilton4k00:00:47
The passing of ten years-(part 4 and 5)J. Hamilton7k00:04:47
The passing of ten yearsJ. Hamilton5k00:05:32
TherapyJ. Hamilton2k00:04:08
Thunderperfectmind irca 1998J. Hamilton17k00:09:58
To Set the SceneJ. Hamilton2k00:02:02
Trio '07 - Zipped upJ. Hamilton6k00:05:30
Trio '07 Movement 1J. Hamilton2k00:01:40
Trio '07 Movement 2J. Hamilton2k00:01:00
Trio '07 Movement 3J. Hamilton2k00:02:51
Trio Suite - Zipped upJ. Hamilton14k00:12:39
Trio 1st mvmntJ. Hamilton2k00:01:40
Trio-WaltzJ. Hamilton2k00:01:48
Invisible Day (viola solo)J. Hamilton1k00:00:24
trio duetJ. Hamilton2k00:01:00
Trio - AdagioJ. Hamilton2k00:02:51
15 MarchJ. Hamilton2k00:00:45
Trio- 26 (cello Solo)J. Hamilton2k00:02:48
Trio- MarchJ. Hamilton2k00:01:26
Tromclar; duet for clarinet and trombone 1998J. Hamilton1k00:00:44
Tune Diary - Zipped upJ. Hamilton27k00:24:18
Tune Diary 1-3J. Hamilton2k00:03:35
Tune Diary 4J. Hamilton2k00:01:30
Tune Diary 5J. Hamilton2k00:01:08
Tune Diary 6J. Hamilton2k00:00:46
Tune Diary 7J. Hamilton2k00:01:25
Tune Diary -8J. Hamilton1k00:00:30
Tune Diary 9-10J. Hamilton2k00:01:49
Tune Diary 10J. Hamilton2k00:01:20
Tune Diary 11J. Hamilton2k00:01:38
Tune Diary 12J. Hamilton2k00:01:37
Tune Diary 13J. Hamilton2k00:01:20
Tune Diary 13.5J. Hamilton2k00:01:20
Tune Diary 14J. Hamilton2k00:01:19
Tune Diary 15J. Hamilton2k00:01:13
Tune Diary 16J. Hamilton2k00:00:38
Tune Diary 17J. Hamilton2k00:00:59
Tune Diary 18J. Hamilton2k00:01:02
Tune Diary 19J. Hamilton2k00:01:09
UnsureJ. Hamilton77k00:05:25
UntitledJ. Hamilton5k00:05.27
WaneJ. Hamilton5k00:02:42
WaxJ. Hamilton7k00:04:22
Whisperings of wind and sea 1977J. Hamilton3k00:02:48
Xmas FanfareJ. Hamilton3k00:01:55