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Raff, Joachim(1822 - 1882)Swiss/German
Piano Quintet in A minor Op. 107 - Zipped up J. White78k00:39:10
I Allegro Mosso Assai J. White27k00:12:49
II Allegro vivace, quasi Presto J. White13k00:07:54
III Andante J. White20k00:09:09
IV Allegro broso. patetico J. White19k00:09:23
Symphony No. 2 in C major Op. 140 - Zipped up J.White22k00:33:16
Symphony No 5 in E major, Op. 177 "Lenore" - Zipped up J. White165k00:39:22
I Allegro J. White57k00:10:25
II Andante quasi Larghetto J. White19k00:08:56
III March "The Parting" J. White34k00:08:39
IV "Reunion in Death" J. White56k00:11:26
Sinfonietta for 10 wind instruments, Op. 188 (1873) - Zipped up M. Wiering58k00:25:16
Allegro M. Wiering19k00:08:33
Allegro molto M. Wiering13k00:05:18
Larghetto M. Wiering14k00:07:33
Vivace M. Wiering13k00:03:52
String Quartet in D major, Op. 192 No. 2, "Die Schone Mullerin". - Zipped up J. White49k00:32:20
I Allegretto J. White11k00:11:30
II Die Muhle. J. White4k00:02:08
III. Die Mullerin. J. White12k00:07:03
IV Unruhe J. White5k00:02:31
V. Erklarung. J. White5k00:02:47
VI. Zum Polterabend J. White13k00:06:27
Symphony No.3 in F major, Op. 153, "Im Walde"(1869) - Zipped up J. White163k00:39:10
I. Am Tage. Eindrucke und Emfindungen. J. White54k00:12:24
II. Abtheilung: In der Dammerung. J. White16k00:06:56
II B. Tanz der Dryaden. J. White17k00:03:46
Part III J. White78k00:16:09
Rahmi, Bey(1865 - 1924)Turkish
Süzüp süzüp de ey melek (Song in Nihâvend) - Zipped up E. iNANC6k00:02:09
"Süzüp süzüp de ey melek" E. iNANC2k00:02:09
Ramage, Andrew(1963 - )British
Waltz of the Elves A. Ramage2k00:01:47
Will o' the Wisp A. Ramage1k00:00:50
Randall, Stephen(20th C)British
Blue Arrow S. Randall11k00:03:43
CAT Suite for Clarinet, Alto Sax and Tuba - Zipped up S. Randall8k00:07:28
1: Waltz for Cats S. Randall2k00:01:06
2: The Double Shuffle S. R902k00:00:49
3: A Little Latin S. Randall2k00:02:12
4: Romance S. Randall2k00:02:20
5: Jiggery S. Randall2k00:01:02
Spring Ahead S. Randall3k00:02:25
Ranzato, Virgilio(1883 - 1937)Italian
La Giavanese from Paese dei campanelli A. Scerri4k00:02:52
Ravel, Maurice (1875 - 1935)French
BoleroJ. Clement49k00:17:27
Chanson Francaise - Limousin A. Scerri2k00:02:06
Chanson Italienne Romain A. Scerri2k00:01:34
Concerto en Sol (Adagio assai) Agnus Dei J. Clement14k00:08:39
Schéhérazade - La Flûte Enchantée A. Scerri5k00:01:54
Prélude (1913) B E Young3k00:01:24
Prélude (1913) for string quartet B E Young3k00:01:28
Tableaux d'une expositionM. Spagni 177k00:30:56
Ravenscroft, Thomas(1582/92 - 1635)English
Three Blind Mice arr. Moffatt S Moffatt2k00:00:51
Redford, John(? – 1547)English
Rejoice in the Lord alway (attrib)M. Gibson4k00:02:51
Reger, Max(1873 – 1916)German
Unser lieben Frauen Traum Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper4k00:02:04
Reicha, Antonin(1770 - 1836)Czechoslovakian
Te Deum - Zipped up R Woodroffe69k00:41:18
Te Deum - 1. Te Deum Laudamus R Woodroffe11k00:05:15
Te Deum - 2. Te Gloriosus Apostolorum R Woodroffe7k00:03:46
Te Deum - 3. Te Per Orbem Terrarum R Woodroffe8k00:05:13
Te Deum - 4. Tu Rex gloriae R Woodroffe7k00:03:07
Te Deum - 5. Tu Ad Liberandum R Woodroffe3k00:01:53
Te Deum - 6. Tu ad Dexteram Dei Sedes R Woodroffe6k00:04:02
Te Deum - 7. Te Ergo Quaesumas R Woodroffe5k00:03:21
Te Deum - 8. Salvum fac populum tuum R Woodroffe4k00:02:37
Te Deum - 9. Per Singulos Dies R Woodroffe7k00:03:23
Te Deum - 10. Dignare Domine R Woodroffe4k00:02:33
Te Deum - 11. In Te Domine R Woodroffe11k00:06:19
Reinagle, Alexander(1750 - 1809)English
Minuet in G J. Hauck1k00:00:44
Reinecke, Carl(1824 - 1910)German
Kinder-Sinfonie, Op.239 - Zipped up M. Spagni31k00:14:59
1 Allegro M. Spagni14k00:06:48
2 Andantino M. Spagni4k00:03:55
3 Moderato M. Spagni4k00:01:58
4 Molto Vivace M. Spagni8k00:02:21
Respighi, Ottorino(1879 - 1936)Italian
Antiche Danze ed Arie per liuto, suite 1 - Zipped up R Pajares Box50k00:13:19
Antiche Danze ed Arie per liuto, suite 1 no. 1 (1917) R Pajares Box9k00:02:30
Antiche Danze ed Arie per liuto, suite 1 no. 2 (1917) R Pajares Box12k00:03:30
Antiche Danze ed Arie per liuto, suite 1 no. 3 (1917) R Pajares Box9k00:04:06
Antiche Danze ed Arie per liuto, suite 1 no. 4 (1917) R Pajares Box22k00:03:33
Invito alla danza A. Scerri 4k00:02:49
Stornellatrice (Singer of Stornelli) (1917) A. Scerri 2k00:01:15
The Birds - Prelude P.Struys 11k00:01:26
Rheinberger, Joseph Gabriel(1839 - 1901)Lichtenstein
Abendlied Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper3k00:03:05
Mass in C (Op 169) (1893?) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper57k00:27:09
Mass in C - 1: Kyrie J. Hooper10k00:06:08
Mass in C - 2: Gloria J. Hooper13k00:05:05
Mass in C - 3: Credo J. Hooper14k00:06:15
Mass in C - 4: Sanctus J. Hooper5k00:02:05
Mass in C - 5: Benedictus J. Hooper7k00:02:54
Mass in C - 6: Agnus Dei J. Hooper9k00:04:42
Stabat Mater (Op 138) (1884) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper21k00:12:53
Stabat Mater - 1: Stabat mater dolorosa J. Hooper4k00:01:58
Stabat Mater - 2: Quis est homo J. Hooper4k00:02:07
Stabat Mater - 3: Eja mater, fons amoris J. Hooper5k00:03:37
Stabat Mater - 4: Virgo virginum praeclara J. Hooper8k00:05:11
Stabat Mater NwcChorus15k00:12:51
Riley, Jeffrey(1986 - )American
Etude A Minor J.Riley3k00:01:33
Gallop into Battle J.Riley6k00:03:53
Imploring Soliloquoy J.Riley5k00:04:08
Melancholy Evening No. 2 J.Riley4k00:02:19
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nicolai(1844 - 1908)Russian
Easter - Christ Is Risen A. Scerri2k00:01:41
Sadko - Song Of India A. Scerri5k00:02:11
Song Of India (Version B) A. Scerri3k00:02:57
The Flight of the Bumblebee from "Tsar Saltan" Opus 57 (1900) M. J3k00:01:17
The Flight of the Bumble BeeE.Duhon3k00:01:00
Roberts, Joseph(1933 - )American
Cosmic Enlightenment - PolkaJ.Roberts5k00:03:28
Four Choral Love Songs - Zipped up J. Roberts37k00:23:25
Angel of Peace J. Roberts5k00:05:20
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains J. Roberts4k00:03:40
Lullaby J. Roberts7k00:07:40
Primavera Mia J. Roberts7k00:06:45
The Golden Goose - OvertureJ.Roberts25k00:08:00
The Golden Goose - Act 1, Opening SceneJ.Roberts23k00:08:02
The Golden Goose - Act 1, Scene 2J.Roberts10k00:07:01
The Golden Goose - Act 1, Scene 3J.Roberts9k00:03:45
The Golden Goose - Act 1, Scene 4J.Roberts9k00:04:03
The Golden Goose - Act 1, Scene 5J.Roberts8k00:08:02
The Golden Goose - Act 1, Scene 6J.Roberts9k00:03:45
The Golden Goose - Act 1, Scene 7J.Roberts9k00:04:03
The Golden Goose - Act 1, Scene 8J.Roberts8k00:08:02
Lord of All BeingJ.Roberts5k00:04:30
Oh God, Our Help in Ages PastJ.Roberts3k00:02:15
Play by the NumbersJ.Roberts3k00:01:14
Remember: 9-11-2001J.Roberts2k00:02:51
She Walks in BeautyJ.Roberts4k00:03:24
Where There is LoveJ.Roberts3k00:02:24
Yes, Dear Departed Cherished DaysJ.Roberts3k00:02:15
Rodgers, Taylor(1991 - )American
Corpse March for Flute and Oboes T.Rodgers2k00:00:59
Enigma Mysterium T.Rodgers1k00:00:42
Enigma Mysterium 3 T.Rodgers1k00:01:02
Gloom 2004 T.Rodgers1k00:00:40
Ode to Eggplant T.Rodgers2k00:01:38
Roeckel, ArmandAustralian
The Australian Polka MazurkaL.Pardy6k00:02:16
Rolland, Alain(20th C)French
Quatuor No. 1 - Zipped up A. Rolland5k00:04:57
Quatuor n°1 opus 8 / 1st: andante A. Rolland2k00:00:59
Quatuor n°1 opus 8 / 2nd:Scherzo A. Rolland2k00:02:12
quatuor n°1 opus 8 / 3rd:vivace A. Rolland2k00:01:46
Symphonie n°1 en 3 mouvements opus 15 /2002 - Zipped up A. Rolland15k00:16:34
Symphonie en 3 mouvements /opus 15 / 1°Allegro A. Rolland5k00:04:55
Symphonie en 3 mouvements op 15/ 2° Andante molto A. Rolland4k00:06:03
Symphonie en 3 mouvements op 15/ 3° scherzo/Allegro A. Rolland7k00:05:40
Rontgen, Julius(1855 - 1932)Dutch
Piano Quintet in C major, Op.100 - Zipped up J. White30k00:13:38
I Andante J. White8k00:03:48
II Allegro J. White8k00:02:52
III Finale J. White14k00:07:01
Root, Donald L(1931 - )USA
Brasswinds D. Root4k00:04:06
Chanda D. Root11k00:03:18
He Has Been Raised D. Root4k00:02:00
Horn Sounds D. Root4k00:04:29
Triplicity (Prime Mover, Reflections, Neo Energy) D. Root9k00:04:03
Psalm 100 D. Root5k00:01:52
Root, George F(1820 - 1895)
Jesus Loves the Little Children D. Pool4k 1:52 -
Rootham, Cyril Bradley(1875 – 1938)English
Magnificat Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper9k00:04:02
Nunc Dimittis Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper6k00:03:20
Rosario, Vince(1986 - )Puerto Rican
Amen V. Rosario2k00:00:58
Fanfare Grandioso V. Rosario33k00:05:22
Cloths of Heaven V. Rosario3k00:01:17
Rhapsody (2010) V. Rosario11k00:05:59
Themes to "The Discovery of Utopia" - Zipped up V. Rosario33k00:11:28
Themes to "The Discovery of Utopia" I. The Find V. Rosario9k00:02:42
Themes to "The Discovery of Utopia" II. The Utopian Sphere V. Rosario6k00:03:15
Themes to "The Discovery of Utopia" III. The Machine Empire V. Rosario7k00:02:16
Themes to "The Discovery of Utopia" IV. The Guardians Awaken V. Rosario12k00:03:12
Quartet, I. Allegro Op. 2, No.3 V.Rosario2k00:00:47
Rosas, Juventino(1770 - 1827)Mexican
Sobre las olas M. Spagni5k00:07:20
Sobre las olasB. Vanbrabant8k00:05:50
Rosetti, Antonio(1750 - 1792)Czech
Quintett in E flat majorI Blanken17k00:14:03
Kwintet in Es - AllegroI Blanken7k00:05:50
Divertimento in Es Andante ma AllegrettoI Blanken5k00:03:49
Kwintet in Es, Rondo Allegro ModeratoI Blanken6k00:04:24
Rossi, Luigi(1597  – 1653)Italian
Il Palazzo Incantato - Se mi toglie ria sventura A. Scerri4k00:01:51
Non La Volete Intendere A. Scerri6k00:02:45
Rossini, Gioacchino(1792 - 1868)Italian
Allegretto per arpa M.Spagni3k00:01:31
Ave MariaM. Gibson5k00:03:46
Barber of Seville Overture for Piano J.Hauck22k00:06:52
Barber of Seville - Largo Al Factotum (Figaro) R. Woodroffe14k00:04:29
Il Barbiere Di Siviglia - Cessa di più resistereNwcChous12k00:10:59
Il Barbiere Di Siviglia - Ecco Ridente In CieloNwcChous5k00:04:12
Il Barbiere Di Siviglia - Ecco Ridente In Cielo A. Scerri5k00:04:21
Il Barbiere di Siviglia - La Calunnia (The Slander) A. Scerri7k00:04:59
Il Barbiere Di Siviglia - Pacee Gioa A. Scerri5k00:02:42
Il Barbiere di Siviglia - Se il mio nome saper voi bramate A. Scerri2k00:00:58
Il Barbiere Di Siviglia - Una Voce Poco Fa A. Scerri6k00:05:44
Il Barbiere Di Siviglia - Zitti, Zitti, Piano, Piano. A. Scerri4k00:01:36
Cenerentola - Come Un Ape Nei Giorni D"aprile A. Scerri11k00:07:58
Cenerentola - Si Ritrovarla Io Giuro A. Scerri5k00:02:57
Cenerentola - Sventurata Mi Credea A. Scerri7k00:04:36
Cinderella - Green hills of Tyrol A. Scerri3k00:03:32
Cinderella - Strike for Tyrol & Liberty A. Scerri3k00:02:32
Deh calma o ciel (Otello) A. Scerri3k00:01:12
Duetto Buffo Di Due Gatti R. Woodroffe3k00:02:23
Easter Offertory - This Is The Day Of Joy & Gladness A. Scerri4k00:02:35
Kyrie from Petite Messe Solennelle R. Woodroffe12k00:06:22
L'Italiana in Algeri, Overture R. Pajares23k00:08:11
La Cenerentola - Una volta c'era un Re A. Scerri2k00:01:23
La danza (Tarantella) M. Spagni7k00:02:54
La gazza ladra - Overture (Thieving Magpie) M. Spagni45k00:09:28
Le comte Ory J. Clement6k00:03:44
O Salutaris Hostia Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper4k00:03:03
Petite Messe Solennelle 1864 Choral Rehearsal Version - Zipped up J.Hooper152k01:18:28
1: Kyrie J.Hooper12k00:06:27
2: Gloria J.Hooper3k00:00:36
3: Laudamus Te J.Hooper3k00:01:28
4: Gratias J.Hooper5k00:06.00
5: Domine Deus J.Hooper6k00:05:12
6: Qui Tolis J.Hooper8k00:06:14
7: Quoniam J.Hooper10k00:06:51
8: Cum Sancto Spirito J.Hooper26k00:06:38
9: Credo J.Hooper14k00:04:29
10: Crucifixus J.Hooper4k00:02:38
11: Et Resurrexit J.Hooper19k00:05:09
12: Et Vitam J.Hooper20k00:04:19
13: Preludio religioso J.Hooper7k00:06:41
14: Ritornello J.Hooper1k00:00:24
15: Sanctus J.Hooper5k00:03:37
16: O Salutaris J.Hooper5k00:05:43
17: Agnus Dei J.Hooper13k00:06:13
Petite Messe Solennelle - Crucifixus A. Scerri3k00:02:32
Petite Messe Solennelle - Gratias A. Scerri6k00:04:35
Mose - Preghiera - Dal Tuo Stellato Soglio A. Scerri5k00:03:31
Semiramide J. Clement9k00:07:26
Semiramide - Ah Quel Giorno Ognor Rammento A. Scerri7k00:05:06
Semiramide - Al Mio Pregar A. Scerri3k00:01:36
Sonata No.1 in G major (Viola added) - Zipped up Y. Hirao19k00:15:20
Moderato Y. Hirao10k00:09:27
Andantino Y. Hirao4k00:03:16
Allegro Y. Hirao6k00:02:37
Sonata No.6 in D major (Viola added) - Zipped up Y. Hirao25k00:21:21
Allegro Spiritoso Y. Hirao14k00:12:49
Andante Assai Y. Hirao2k00:02:03
Allegro Y. Hirao9k00:06:29
Stabat Mater - Cujus Animam (Tenor Solo) A. Scerri6k00:04:44
Stabat Mater - Fac Ut Portem A. Scerri4k00:03:14
Stabat Mater - Inflammatus A. Scerri6k00:05:08
Stabat Mater 1842 Choral Rehearsal Version - Zipped up J.Hooper83k01:01:45
1: Introduzione J.Hooper12k00:09.28
2: Cujus animam J.Hooper8k00:06:37
3: Quis est homo J.Hooper7k00:07:07
4: Pro peccatis J.Hooper5k00:04:47
5: Eja, Mater fons amoris J.Hooper5k00:04:36
6: Sancta mater, istud agas J.Hooper11k00:08:21
7: Fac ut portem Christi mortem J.Hooper5k00:04:48
8: Inflammatus et accensus J.Hooper9k00:05:07
9: Quando corpus morietur J.Hooper3k00:05:19
10: Finale - Amen J.Hooper16k00:05:36
Stabat MaterM. Gibson71k00:32:20
Stabat Mater - 1 IntroM. Gibson10k00:03:30
Stabat Mater - 2 Cujus AnumamM. Gibson7k00:04:18
Stabat Mater - 3 Quis est homoM. Gibson7k00:01:46
Stabat Mater - 4 Pro peccatisM. Gibson5kCovington:03:11
Stabat Mater - 5 Eia MaterM. Gibson5k00:02:16
Stabat Mater - 6 Sancta Mater, istud agasM. Gibson10k00:04:54
Stabat Mater - 7 Fac ut portemM. Gibson4k00:01:38
Stabat Mater - 8 Inflammatus et AccensusM. Gibson7k00:02:54
Stabat Mater - 9 Quando CorpusM. Gibson6k00:02:34
Stabat Mater - 10 In sepiterna saecula, amenM. Gibson14k00:05:19
Sonata No. 3, in C maj. (1804) complete (3 movements) - Zipped up T. Tamiya39k00:11:16
Sonata III mov.1 T. Tamiya17k00:04:18
Sonata III mov.2 T. Tamiya9k00:03:59
Sonata III mov.3 T. Tamiya12k00:02:59
Tancredi J. Clement8k00:06:37
Tancredi - Here we meet A. Scerri5k00:02:03
The Maid of Judah - Martial Song A. Scerri4k00:02:52
Vieni O Ruggiero (Come Dearest Darling) A. Scerri4k00:03:03
William Tell - Asile Héréditaire A. Scerri7k00:04:44
William Tell - Overture AndanteM. Covington4k00:02:08
William Tell - OvertureM. Spagni37k00:10:37
Allegro vivace from the "Overture to William Tell"L.Pardy28k00:03:49
Roth, Elton M.
In My Heart J. P. Tate III4k00:02:14
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques(1712 - 1778)French
Deuxiéme Menuet from "Le Devin du village" M. Spagni1k00:00:36
Menuets I et II from "Le Devin du village" M. Spagni5k00:03:38
Roussel, Albert(1869 - 1937)French
Canon perpétuel J. Clement5k00:04:23
Rubinstein Anton Grigoryevich(1829 - 1894)Russian
Kanzonetta - Melody in F A. Scerri3k00:02:14
Morning Song (Morgen Lied) A. Scerri3k00:01:34
Ruhl Justin W.
River Moods J.Ruhl7k00:05:33
Rutter, John(1945 - )English - We cannot offer NWC files of pieces by Rutter due to copyright restrictions.
Ryssel, Thomas(1984 - )German
Telling A Story T. Ryssel7k00:03:33