Tin Pan Alley Vaudeville

Abrahams, Maurice(1883-1931)USA
He'd Have to Get Under-Get Out Get Under (to fix up his automobile) D. Ferguson4k00:02:31
Armstrong, Henry W.(Harry Armstrong)(1879-1951)
Bayes, Nora(1880-1928)USA
Shine On Harvest MoonC. Barham3k00:01:43
Bosworth, Bruce(1944 - )USA
I Love You AmandaB. Bosworth2k00:01:19
I'm Yer GrandmaB. Bosworth2k00:02:22
I'm Yer GrandpaB. Bosworth2k00:01:46
JuneB. Bosworth2k00:02:21
Brantford, Bert
What a FaceC. Grey3k00:04:04
Cohan, George M.(1878 - 1942)USA
Give My Regards To BroadwayS. Moffatt3k00:02:37
Give My Regards To BroadwayD. Ferguson3k00:01:39
Mary's a Grand Old NameD. Ferguson3k00:01:44
Over ThereD. Ferguson3k00:01:43
Yankee Doodle BoyD. Ferguson4k00:01:45
You're A Grand Old FlagF. Beaumier6k00:03:24
Dacre, Harry(1860 - 1922)English
Daisy BellJ.Hauck3k00:04:27
Edwards, Gus(1879-1945)German
By the light of the silvery moon S.Moffatt5k00:03:19
Forman, Edmund(19th C)British
Two Lovely Black Eyes J. White2k00:02:00
Gardner, Geoffrey Y.(1939 - )USA
Marmaduke overtureG Y Gardner14k00:06:20
Hayden, Thomas(1987 - )English
Let Me In 2002 T. Hayden2k00:01:03
This is reflection T. Hayden2k00:01:52
Herbert, Victor(1859-1924)Irish
Howard, Joe(1867-1961)USA
Hello, My BabyD. Ferguson3k00:01:32
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her NowD. Ferguson3k00:01:57
Ilton, Shirley
Why Can't You Do That?C. Grey4k00:04:07
Kelly, Virgil K.
Theme for a Cop ShowV. Kelly4k00:02:22
LeBrunn, Geo
Among my Knick--KnacksC. Grey3k00:05:58
Sullivan, Arthur(1842 - 1900)English
My dearest heart A. Scerri5k00:02:52
Tilzer, Albert von(1878-1956)
Take Me Out To The Ball Game J.Hauck4k00:04:03
Whiting, Richard A.(1891-1938)
Till We Meet Again J. Roberts4k00:04:04