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Hackwith, Jason(1978 - )US
Psalm 13 J. Hackwith5k00:02:54
The Last Dove's Flight J. Hackwith5k00:06:49
Hafiz [Hâfiz] Post(1631? - 1694)Turkish
"Vakt-i Seherde" - Nevâ Ýlâhî (Hymn in Nevâ)- Zipped Up E. iNANÇ3k00:00:51
"Vakt-i Seherde" - Nevâ Ýlâhî See zip file for additional items. E. iNANÇ1k00:00:51
Hakes, Matthew(1959 - )US
Driven 2 M. Hakes8k00:06:16
Halevy [Halévy], Fromental(1799 - 1862)French
La Juive - Il va venir A. Scerri5k00:05:07

Hamilton, Jay
(1951 - ), American
Has his own page

Handel, George Frederic
(1685-1759), German,English
Has his own page

Handl, Jacob(1550 - 1591)German
Adoramus te Jesu ChristeS. Schleussner2k00:01:26
Ecce concipies A.Booth3k00:02:01
Orietur StellaM. Gibson5k00:01:22
Pater noster Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper5k00:03:52
Harmony, Virginia
Amazing Grace Brass quintet - arr. Jeff Adlon J Adlon2k00:01:56
Harrelson, G. Ryan(1987 - )US
Duet for Two Violins: "the Fire" 2003 G. R. Harrelson2k00:02:37
Duet for Two Violins: "the Wind" 2003 G. R. Harrelson1k00:00:47
For the Heroes G. R. Harrelson2k00:02:24
Orchestral Suite No. 1 in G - Zipped up G. R. Harrelson7k00:11:15
Orchestral Suite No. 1 in G; 1. Overture G. R. Harrelson2k00:03:38
2. Air G. R. Harrelson2k00:02:38
3. Gavottes I & II G. R. Harrelson2k00:02:57
4. Gigue G. R. Harrelson2k00:02:05
String Trio No. 1 in G minor - Zipped up G. R. Harrelson8k00:13:37
String Trio No. 1 Allegro in G- G. R. Harrelson2k00:03:08
String Trio in G- 2. Adagio G. R. Harrelson2k00:04:01
String Trio No. 1 in G-; 3. Minuet G. R. Harrelson2k00:02:18
String Trio No. 1 in G-; 4. Finale G. R. Harrelson3k00:04:10
Harris, Tal(1983 - )Israeli
Composed MC Escher Cartoons T. Harris2k00:01:18
Duet in Gujuri-Todi T. Harris3k00:04:00
Duet in Laleit T. Harris2k00:01:40
Etheral Orgasms for solo flute T. Harris2k00:02:30
Four Bulbous Eyes T. Harris7k00:03:37
Had Sisyphus Read Sartre... T. Harris7k00:04:16
The McDonald Suite - Zipped up T. Harris9k00:04:53
In Praise Of The Big Mac - allegro T. Harris4k00:01:11
Fat Girl On A Diet - scherzando T. Harris3k00:01:31
What's In Today's Happy Meal? - mysterioso T. Harris3k00:02:13
Miniature Ballet for a Family out on a Picnic T. Harris4k00:01:38
Morning Sickness T. Harris7k00:05:36
Murder in the Absurd Degree T. Harris1k00:01:23
Nietzsche Barks on Sundays T. Harris3k00:02:53
String Quintet #1 (or for a string orchestra) T. Harris5k00:04:02
Toys Quartet T. Harris10k00:07:48
Varda in S & M bondage T. Harris3k00:02:10
Hasselmans, Alphonse(1845 - 1912)Belgian
Chanson de mai M. Spagni7k00:04:14
Feuilles d'automne 1: Sérénade mélancolique (op. 45) M. Spagni3k00:02:02
Feuilles d'automne 2: Crépuscule (op. 46) M. Spagni2k00:01:27
Feuilles d'automne 3: Calme (op. 47) M. Spagni3k00:03:04
La source (étude op. 44) M. Spagni5k00:03:53
Petite berceuse M. Spagni2k00:00:44
Hassler, Hans Leo(1564 - 1612)German
Cantate Domino D. Hall2k00:01:27
Dixit maria D. Hall2k00:02:19
Dixit maria A. Scerri2k00:02:50
Dixit maria Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper2k00:02:13
ten Have, William(1830 - 1925)
Allegro Brillant Cadenza : Warren Porter W. Porter10k00:05:59
Hawkes, John(1942 - )English
Bifurcations 2001 J. Hawkes15k00:07:36
Conceto for Violin, Viola and Orchestra 2001 J. Hawkes19k00:07:33
Horn Concerto (1st movement) 2002 J. Hawkes17k00:05:45
Perpetual Night 2001 J. Hawkes12k00:04:39
Prelude for Brass and Wind 1996 J. Hawkes14k00:06:45
Seranade for Strings 2003 J. Hawkes20k00:15:18
Hayden, Thomas(1987 - )English
Something From A Dream T. Hayden3k00:02:41
A Waltz Of The Future T. Hayden2k00:01:22
Haydn, Johann Michael(1737 - 1806)Austrian
Missa tempore Quadragesimae in D minor (MH 553)M Gibson25k00:12:45
Missa tempore Quadragesimae - 1 KyrieM Gibson4k00:01:26
Missa tempore Quadragesimae - 2a Credo - Patrem OmnipotentemM Gibson4k00:01:38
Missa tempore Quadragesimae - 2b Credo - Et IncarnatusM Gibson2k00:00:35
Missa tempore Quadragesimae - 2c Credo Et ResurexitM Gibson6k00:02:18
Missa tempore Quadragesimae - 3 SanctusM Gibson3k00:01:42
Missa tempore Quadragesimae - 4 BenedictusM Gibson3k00:01:50
Missa tempore Quadragesimae - 5 Agnus DeiM Gibson5k00:03:16
Symphony No 25 in G major - Zipped up J. White24k00:11:33
Symphony X J. White10k00:05:27
II Andante Sostenuto J. White6k00:03:12
Finale J. White9k00:02:57
Requiem in C minor (MH155) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper73k00:35:34
Requiem in C minor.: No 1: Introitus et Kyrie J. Hooper9k00:06:16
Requiem in C minor.: No 2: Sequentia - Dies Irae etc J. Hooper19k00:07:23
Requiem in C minor.: No 3: Offertorium: Domine Jesu Christe J. Hooper9k00:03:24
Requiem in C minor.: No 4: Offertorium: Hostias et preces J. Hooper6k00:02:43
Requiem in C minor.: No 5: Sanctus & Hosanna J. Hooper5k00:02:32
Requiem in C minor.: No 6: Benedictus & Hosanna J. Hooper7k00:03:18
Requiem in C minor.: No 7: Agnus Dei J. Hooper7k00:03:57
Requiem in C minor.: No 8: Cum sanctis tuis J. Hooper5k00:02:15
Requiem in C minor.: No 9: Requiem aeternam J. Hooper7k00:03:46
St Ursulae Mass (MH 546) (1793) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper76k00:42:15
St Ursulae Mass - Kyrie Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper7k00:03:26
St Ursulae Mass - Gloria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper19k00:08:30
St Ursulae Mass - Credo Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper25k00:13:15
St Ursulae Mass - Sanctus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper4k00:02:15
St Ursulae Mass - Benedictus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper10k00:06:32
St Ursulae Mass - Agnus Dei Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper13k00:08:17
Vesperae Solennes MH321 - Zipped up K. Lamminga73k00:33:29
Vesperae solennes - 1. Dixit K. Lamminga12k00:04:40
Vesperae solennes - 2. Confitebor K. Lamminga14k00:05:26
Vesperae solennes - 3. Beatus Vir K. Lamminga13k00:06:47
Vesperae solennes - 4. Laudate pueri K. Lamminga10k00:06:23
Vesperae solennes - 5. Laudate dominum K. Lamminga4k00:02:20
Vesperae solennes - 6a. Magnificat t/m maat 180 K. Lamminga15k00:05:28
Vesperae solennes - 6b. Magnificat (Gloria) K. Lamminga7k00:02:31
Vesperae solennes (1782) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper68k00:33:42
Vesperae solennes - 1: Dixit Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper11k00:04:41
Vesperae solennes - 2: Confitebor Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper12k00:05:28
Vesperae solennes - 3: Beatus Vir Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper12k00:06:48
Vesperae solennes - 4: Laudate Pueri Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:06:25
Vesperae solennes - 5: Laudate Dominum Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:02:21
Vesperae solennes - 6: Magnificat Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper19k00:07:59

Haydn, Franz Joseph
(1732 -1809), Austrian
Has his own page

Hely-Hutchinson, Christian Victor(1901 - 1947)English
The Owl and the Pussy Cat arr. J Michael DiackR. Woodroffe5k00:02:09
Old Mother Hubbard arr. J Michael DiackR. Woodroffe7k00:02:15
Henderson, Andrew J.(1984 - )English - (see Anndra MacEanruig)
Henschel, George(1850 - 1934)German/English
Morning Hymn, Op. 46, No 4 Carl B. Mill6k00:01:21
Herbert, Victor(1859-1924)Irish
Hearts of Erin - Stars and Rosebuds A. Scerri5k00:02:30
Hicks, Grant(1958 - )USA
Birthday Variations, Book II (2000) (Set of Variations by Grant Hicks) G. Hicks17k00:05:41
Christmas Carol (lyrics - Sara Teasdale) G. Hicks2k00:01:50
Little Star Suite for String Quartet (2001) Complete G. Hicks19k00:13:12
1. Overture G. Hicks4k00:01:55
2. Gigue G. Hicks2k00:01:42
3. Chaconne G. Hicks2k00:03:20
4. Minuet G. Hicks3k00:04:28
5. Fugue G. Hicks3k00:01:29
Hill, Mildred and Patty
Happy Birthday (arr. Purdam) A. Purdam1k00:00:39
Hilton, John(c1569 - 1608)English
Lord for thy tender mercies sakeM Gibson17k00:01:43
Ho, John(1986-)Singaporean
Alla Marcia from Symphony No. 2, Opus 52 J. Ho6k00:02:30
Hoekstra, Tim(1962 - )Dutch
Andantino T. Hoekstra2k00:01:09
Christmas eve in the spring T. Hoekstra3k00:01:55
Sonnet 49 T. Hoekstra3k00:02:13
Hoffmann, Georg Melchior(1679-1715)German
Meine Seele rühmt und preist, 1st movement Y. Forestier7k00:07:26
Schlage doch, gewünschte Stunde Y. Forestier5k00:05:45
Hoffmeister, Franz Anton(1754 - 1812)Austrian
Viola Concerto in D, 1st mvt. (piano reduction) B. LeBaron25k00:07:19
Viola Concerto in D major - Zipped up Y. Hirao39k00:18:49
Concerto in D Major Mve 1 Y. Hirao20k00:07:45
Concerto in D Major Mve 2 Y. Hirao10k00:06:23
Concerto in D Major Mve 3 Y. Hirao9k00:04:42
Hoffstetter, Roman(1742 - 1815)Austrian
String Quartet in F - Zipped up J. White13k00:20:21
String Quartet in F Movement 1, Presto J. White5k00:04:29
II Serenade J. White3k00:09:36
III Menuetto J. White2k00:02:48
IV Finale J. White3k00:03:28
Holborne, Anthony(???? - 1602)English
Heigh Ho Holiday G. Walker1k00:01:41
The Honiesuckle G. Walker1k00:02:55
The Night Watch G. Walker2k00:02:26
Noel's Galliard G. Walker2k00:02:12
Pavan G. Walker1k00:01:39
Holst, Gustav(1874 - 1934)English
(For Tina Billett's Sequence of Holst's Planet suite, click Planet Suite)
Christmas DayR.Woodroffe14k00:06:22
I vow to thee My Country J. Walker2k00:01:57
Ode to Death Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper 17k00:11:14
Swansea TownM. Gibson4k00:03:18
The Perfect Fool A. Scerri4k00:02:47
Horne, Nigel(1959 - )British
Perpetuum Mobile N. Horne7k00:03:35
Hovgaard, Thomas(1984 - )Danish
Country Dance 2003 T. Hovgaard2k00:01:13
Organ-Choral (Prelude to Jesus Kristus, bliv her hos os) 2003 T. Hovgaard1k00:00:48
Jesus Kristus, bliv her hos os 2003 T. Hovgaard1k00:01:07
Howard, GeorgeEnglish
Jack-a-Dandy Polka J. White 3k00:02:39
Hubay, Jeno (Eugen)(Eugen)(1858 - 1937), Hungarian
Berceuse, Op. 74 No. 2 (1898) N. Ciantar5k00:03:35
Blumenleben, Op. 30 No. 1 (1887-1889) N. Ciantar4k00:02:48
Bolero, Op. 51 No. 3 (1893) N. Ciantar12k00:02:38
Menuet, Op. 52 No. 2 (1894) N. Ciantar4k00:03:32
Souvenir, Op. 49, No. 1 (1894) N. Ciantar3k00:03:42
Hughes, Jay(1979 - )USA
Ballade a al Rouge J. Hughes4k00:03:35
Piano Concerto in E-flat major J. Hughes12k00:02:53
Prelude No. 1 for Piano in F# minor J. Hughes7k00:02:01
Prelude and Sonata for Piano op.2, no.1 J. Hughes9k00:08:42
String Orchestra in B minor J. Hughes3k00:02:17
Hummel, Johan Nepomuk(1778 - 1837)Austrian
Mass in B flat Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper60k00:28:42
1: Kyrie EleisonJ.Hooper8k00:03:19
2a: Gloria in ExcelsisJ.Hooper7k00:02:13
2b: Qui tollisJ.Hooper11k00:05:09
3: CredoJ.Hooper13k00:06:36
4: SanctusJ.Hooper5k00:01:56
5: BenedictusJ.Hooper9k00:04:35
6a: Agnus DeiJ.Hooper5k00:02:45
6b: Dona nobisJ.Hooper6k00:02:11
Mass No: 3 in D Major (Op. 111), 1830 - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper62k00:36:13
Mass in D major - 1: Kyrie J. Hooper7k00:04:41
Mass in D major - 2: Gloria J. Hooper16k00:09:50
Mass in D major - 3: Credo J. Hooper21k00:10:18
Mass in D major - 4: Sanctus J. Hooper5k00:02:13
Mass in D major - 5: Benedictus J. Hooper7k00:04:11
Mass in D major - 6: Agnus Dei J. Hooper8k00:05:00
Trumpet Concerto in Eb Major - Zipped up T. Saarela50k00:17:16
Trumpet concerto I Allegro T. Saarela28k00:09:36
Trumpet concerto II Andante & III Rondo T. Saarela22k00:07:43
Hurlstone, William(1876 - 1906)English
Phantasie for String Quartet J. White14k00:07:06
Trio in G for Pianoforte, Violin and Violoncello( Op. posth.) - Zipped up J. White52k00:22:06
I Allegro moderato J. White14k00:07:12
II Andante J. White10k00:03:44
III Molto vivace J. White10k00:05:54
IV Finale J. White19k00:05:16
Humperdinck, Engelbert(1854 – 1921)German
Hansel & Gretel - Tra la la la little mother A. Scerri2k00:01:17
Hussain, Iqbal(1971 - )British
Greensleeves - variation (2002) I. Hussain1k00:00:35
Voyage (2003) I. Hussain3k00:01:19
Hutchings, A EBritish
Dudley Castle PolkaR. Woodroffe7k00:03:33
Hyman, Tony(1954 - )South African
Rainy Day Dreams T. Hyman1k00:01:20
Salig in U Hande(Tranquill in Thy Hands) T. Hyman2k00:02:39