MacEanruig, Anndra

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MacEanruig, Anndra(Andrew J Henderson)(1984 - )
Single works
String Quartet #1: Bara Berosh, HWN 1 A MacEanruig4k00:04:45
Baruch, HWN 2A MacEanruig3k00:01:39
Christ is Born, HWN 3A MacEanruig7k00:04:46
String Quartet #2: Ex Animo Meo, HWN 4 A MacEanruig2k00:03:19
Sonatina for Flute & Viola, HWN 5A MacEanruig2k00:01:46
Psalm I, HWN 6A MacEanruig4k00:02:42
Harmonious Conflict, HWN 7A MacEanruig3k00:01:37
Music For an Irresponsibly Large Number Of Clarinets (MUFILNOC), HWN 13 A MacEanruig2k00:01:30
Oboe Sonatina, HWN 14A MacEanruig3k00:01:38
String Quartet #3: A Silent Prayer, HWN 15 A MacEanruig2k00:01:29
Sumer Is Icumen In, HWN 16A MacEanruig2k00:01:02
Drei Tänze, HWN 17A MacEanruig3k00:02:12
B.U.B., HWN 18A MacEanruig2k00:01:08
G.E.M., HWN 19A MacEanruig6k00:02:41
D.J.P.S., HWN 20A MacEanruig4k00:02:05
Psalm II, HWN 29A MacEanruig3k00:02:08
String Quartet #4: Glory IS, HWN 30 A MacEanruig2k00:01:32
En Arce, HWN 31A MacEanruig2k00:02:58
Bereshit, HWN 32A MacEanruig3k00:02:18
Psalm 150, HWN 33A MacEanruig3k00:01:49
A.J.H., HWN 34A MacEanruig3k00:01:26
Inside the Castle, HWN 35A MacEanruig4k00:02:04
String Quartet #5: Vars. on Veni Sancte Spiritus, HWN 36 A MacEanruig3k00:03:02
Ich harrte des Herrn, HWN 37A MacEanruig3k00:01:35
He Knows The Future, HWN 42A MacEanruig4k00:02:46
It's time for a Revolution, HWN 43A MacEanruig3k00:00:55
Frijos Nehwundjan þeinana Swe þuk Silban, HWN 44A MacEanruig2k00:01:12
Swa Liuhtjai Liuhaþ Izwar In Andwairþja Manne, HWN 45 A MacEanruig2k00:01:31
Hwas Manna Izwara, HWN 46A MacEanruig2k00:01:37
Hallelujah, HWN 48A MacEanruig5k00:03:06
Mignon, HWN 49A MacEanruig3k00:03:18
Flute Sonatina, HWN 50A MacEanruig3k00:01:31
Dem Gott, der allein weise ist, HWN 54A MacEanruig3k00:02:02
Psalm III, HWN 56A MacEanruig5k00:04:41
Fanfare, HWN 57A MacEanruig1k00:00:22
God Is My Rest, HWN 58A MacEanruig3k00:02:18
Left Me, HWN 59A MacEanruig6k00:03:27
Variations on Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, HWN 60 A MacEanruig2k00:01:36
Asma Asmaton, HWN 61A MacEanruig2k00:01:31
Filisato Me, HWN 62A MacEanruig3k00:01:38
Eilkusan Se, HWN 63A MacEanruig2k00:01:59
Stiriarum Saltatio, HWN 64A MacEanruig3k00:02:51
God is my Help, HWN 65A MacEanruig2k00:02:30
Piano Duet in C Major, HWN 71A MacEanruig7k00:04:22
Si Musica Cibus Amoris Sit, HWN 73A MacEanruig2k00:01:50
Respondit Mihi, HWN 75A MacEanruig1k00:01:36
O Arbor Christi Nativitati, HWN 77A MacEanruig3k00:02:55
String Quartet in Ab minor: (To the Victims of September the Eleventh, 2001 ) A MacEanruig4k00:03:25
Multi-part works
Opus 9: Asma Asmaton - Zipped up A MacEanruig17k00:05:07
1 - Asma Asmatwn A MacEanruig2k00:01:30
2 - Filisato Me A MacEanruig3k00:01:38
3 - Eilkusan Se A MacEanruig2k00:01:59
Opus 1: Epigrams - Zipped up A MacEanruig13k00:07:20
Epigram I - B.U.B. A MacEanruig2k00:01:08
Epigram II - G.E.M. A MacEanruig6k00:02:41
Epigram III: D.J.P.S. A MacEanruig4k00:02:05
Epigram IV:- A.J.H. A MacEanruig3k00:01:26
OPUS 5: In þamma Hazja - Zipped up A MacEanruig5k00:04:20
Frijos Nehwundjan þeinana Swe þuk Silban A MacEanruig2k00:01:12
Swa Liuhtjai Liuhaþ Izwar In Andwairþja Manne A MacEanruig2k00:01:31
Hwas Manna Izwara A MacEanruig2k00:01:37
Mass in C Major, HWN 8-12A MacEanruig12k00:11:41
Gloria - orchestral, HWN 9A MacEanruig10k00:04:27
Opus 6: Psalms - Zipped up A MacEanruig12k00:09:31
Psalm I A MacEanruig4k00:02:42
Psalm II A MacEanruig25k00:02:08
Psalm III A MacEanruig5k00:04:41
Opus 2: St John Passion - Zipped up A MacEanruig21k00:17:46
I:- Chorus:- Now Before the Feast of the Passover A MacEanruig2k00:01:29
II:- Chorus:- Judas, Son of Simon A MacE933k00:01:01
IIIa:- Solo:- These things have I spoken unto you A MacEanruig3k00:01:02
IIIb:- Chorus:- These things have I spoken unto you A MacEanruig4k00:01:07
IV:- Chorus:- Manete Mecum A MacEanruig2k00:02:18
V:- Solo Organ:- This is the Wood of the Cross A MacEanruig3k00:02:38
VI:- Chorus:- The Crucifixion A MacEanruig5k00:05:12
VII:- Female Chorus:- Double Alleluia in D A MacEanruig3k00:03:02
Opus 3: Zimrathim - Zipped up A MacEanruig10k00:05:45
I:- Baruch A MacEanruig3k00:01:38
II:- Bereshit A MacEanruig3k00:02:19
III:- Psalm 150 A MacEanruig3k00:01:49
Organ Symphony : 1st MovementA MacEanruig3k00:02:46