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MacDowell, Edward(1860 - 1908)American
Scotch Poem Op.31, No.2 J.Hauck4k00:02:11
To a Wild Rose from Woodland Sketches Op 51 T.Smedley2k00:01:40
Macfarlane, Ann(1949 - )English
Christmas Flavour for 2 pianosA. Macfarlane4k00:02:06
Reverie (2000) A. Macfarlane5k00:02:29
Magnificat 1989 A. Macfarlane7k00:02:53
Nunc Dimittis 1989 A. Macfarlane4k00:01:28
Paddatjies op skoolA. Macfarlane4k00:01:28
Prayer of St. Francis A. Macfarlane4k00:01:34
Mechaut, Guillaume de(1300 - 1377)French
Chanson balladée M.Spagni2k00:02:56
Quant en moy/Amour et biaute/Amara valde G. Hicks3k00:03:02
Mahler, Gustav(1860 - 1911)Bohemian/Austrian
Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper5k00:06:10
Kindertoten Lieder (Nun will die Sonne) - Piano reduction J. Clement5k00:05:42
Kindertoten Lieder (Nun will die Sonne) - Orchestral J. Clement8k00:06:21
Piano Quartet in Am J. Cohen26k00:11:10
Symphony No 1 in D Major (Titan) - Zipped up T. Billett188k00:55:24
1. Langsam T. Billett49k00:15:56
2. Kräftig bewegt. T. Billett31k00:07:47
3. Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen T. Billett21k00:11:17
4. Stürmisch bewegt T. Billett90k00:20:25
3rd Movement A. Bodkin40k00:08:26
4th Movement A. Bodkin6k00:03:48
Symphonie N°5 - Trauermarsch J. Clement56k00:14:13
Symphonie N°5 - Adagietto J. Clement27k00:11:11
Mainerio, Giorgio(ca. 1535 - 1582)Italian
Il primo libro de' balli (1578)M Spagni51k0:45:55
1 - La BilliardaM Spagni3k00:02:18
2 - Pass'e mezzo anticoM Spagni5k00:03:28
3 - Pass'e mezzo della PaganinaM Spagni3k00:02:28
4 - Caro ortolanoM Spagni3k00:02:12
5 - GagliardaM Spagni2k00:01:09
6 - Putta Nera (Ballo furlano)M Spagni2k00:01:17
7 - La Zanetta padoanaM Spagni3k00:02:37
8 - La saporita padoanaM Spagni3k00:04:16
9 - TedeschaM Spagni3k00:02:04
10 - La lauandara gagliardaM Spagni2k00:01:58
11 - Pass'e mezzo modernoM Spagni5k00:03:55
12 - Schiarazula marazulaM Spagni2k00:00:40
13 - TedeschaM Spagni2k00:01:51
14 - UngareschaM Spagni2k00:01:23
15 - L'arboscello (Ballo furlano)M Spagni2k00:01:31
16 - Ballo milaneseM Spagni2k00:00:38
17 - La ParmaM Spagni2k00:02:34
18 - Ballo franceseM Spagni3k00:01:52
19 - Ballo angleseM Spagni3k00:02:06
20 - TedeschaM Spagni3k00:03:24
21 - La flamengaM Spagni2k00:02:14
Marais, Marin(1656 - 1728)French
Le Basque N. Pendrey4k00:01:33
La Matelotte M. Spagni3k00:02:24
La Musette M. Spagni2k00:02:14
La Provençale M. Spagni3k00:01:30
L'Agréable M. Spagni3k00:02:10
Marcello, Benedetto(1686 - 1739)Italian
Adagio from Oboe concerto in C minorM. Spagni5k00:03:14
Mvt 4. Allegro B. LeBaron3k00:01:27
Marsh, Stephen Hale(1805 - 1888)Australian
Australian National Anthem - Hail to Victoria! A. Scerri5k00:04:17
Marshall, Richard(1982 - )English
Composition on 3 Chords 1999 R Marshall3k00:02:01
Etheriality Series - Zipped up R. Marshall37k01:00:10
Ethereality Series - Part 1 - Counting Sheep. R. Marshall8k00:10:00
Ethereality Series - Part 2 - Invocations. R. Marshall3k00:09:32
Ethereality Series - Part 3 - Illusions of Frailty R. Marshall3k00:09:14
Ethereality Series - Part 4 - Falling From Grace. R. Marshall2k00:03:05
Ethereality Series - Part 5 - Rapid Fire Flourescence. R. Marshall2k00:02:06
Ethereality Series - Part 6 - Arrival of the Translucencies. R. Marshall22k00:26:14
Fugue In A Minor R Marshall5k00:03:54
The Gurgling Brook 1997 R Marshall2k00:02:30
Oh Come Dance With Me Tonight 2000 R Marshall5k00:03:04
Portrait of a Princess - Zipped up R. Marshall6k00:07:31
At Sunrise, In A Window. R. Marshall1k00:01:54
Morning As She Walks In The Gardens R. Marshall1k00:01:07
Midday, At The Banquet. R. Marshall2k00:01:06
The Evening, At A Stately Dance R. Marshall1k00:02:10
Night, As She Sleeps. R. Marshall1k00:01:14
Salsa D'Helenia 2002 R Marshall4k00:04:23
Martini, Il Padre Giovanni Battista(1706 - 1784)Italian
Domine, Ad Adjuvandum Me Festina D. Hall14k00:04:26
Plaisir D'Amour R. Woodroffe3k00:02:37
Plaisir D'AmourNwcChorus23k00:02:44
Plaisir D'Amour (Joys Of Love) A. Scerri5k00:02:24
O salutaris hostia B. Choppy2k00:00:47
Massenet, Jules(1842 - 1912)French
Declaration O Sweet Maid A. Scerri3k00:01:06
ElégieJ. Clement3k00:01:52
Hérodiade - Air de Salomé (Il est doux, il est bon)A. Scerri8k00:03.54
Le Roi de Lahore - O Sitâ, rêve de ma vieA. Scerri6k00:02:39
Manon - O dolce incanto (Fermez les yeux)A. Scerri3k00:02:29
Meditation from the opera, Thaïs -1894W.Porter5k00:03:39
Pourquoi Pleures-Tu A. Scerri2k00:01:25
Pour Qui Sera (For Whom Will Be) A. Scerri4k00:01:08
Puisqu Elle A Pris Ma Vie A. Scerri3k00:01:20
Que l'heure est donc brèveA. Jacques2k00:01:39
Sapho - Solitude A. Scerri5k00:02:39
Serenade To Zanetto A. Scerri3k00:01:16
Werther - Pourquoi me réveiller (Why awaken me)A. Scerri4k00:02:06
Mattos, Stephen(1971 - )American
Christmas RecessionalS.Mattos2k00:01:06
Just for FunS.Mattos2k00:01:40
Los Vientos de MaracaiboS.Mattos5k00:03:26
Sonata for Two Clarinets and Two Trumpets - Zipped up S. Mattos4k00:05:39
Sonata for Two Clarinets and Two Trumpets - I S. Mattos2k00:02:01
Sonata for Two Clarinets and Two Trumpets - II S. Mattos2k00:02:12
Sonata for Two Clarinets and Two Trumpets - III S. Mattos1k00:01:26
McCoy, Mike(1953 - )South African
Fanfare for a Christmas Pudding M. McCoy1k00:00:12
Fanfare for Don and Pat 1983 M. McCoy2k00:00:21
Fanfare for Michael and Louise 2002 M. McCoy2k00:00:30
Fanfare 3 Trumpets M. McCoy1k00:00:14
Fanfare 4 Trumpets M. McCoy1k00:00:21
Rondino in F 1974 M. McCoy7k00:03:17
Rondino in F for two trumpets and piano M. McCoy7k00:03:16
Three Cookies for Five Brass - Zipped up M. McCoy10k00:06:11
Cookie No. 1 for Five Brass M. McCoy4k00:01:46
Cookie No. 2 for Five Brass M. McCoy3k00:02:34
Cookie No. 3 for Five Brass M. McCoy4k00:02:11
McKee, Mervyn(1941 - )
Chili, for Violin and Piano M.McKee3k00:01:59
Hot Pepper, for Violin and Piano M.McKee3k00:02:26
Interlude, for String Quartet M.McKee3k00:02:41
Intermezzo, for Violin and Piano M.McKee2k00:02:36
St. Clement Variatons, for String Quartet. M.McKee3K00:05:36
Tortilla, for Violin and Piano M.McKee3k00:01:53
Meacham, Frank W(19th C)US
Rêvé D'Amour Polka Op. 95 arr. for piano S. Clemente4k00:03:15
Mehul [Méhul], Etienne-Nicolas(1763 - 1817)French
Joseph - My Heart In Its Youth (Sortir De L'Enfance) A. Scerri3k00:02:34
Joseph - Romanza di BenjaminA. Scerri3k00:02.22
Joseph - Sing The Name Of Our Lord A. Scerri4k00:03:55
Mendelssohn-Hensel, Fanny(1805 - 1847)German
Italien ("Italy") arr. for voice and guitar F. Nachbaur6k00:03:09
Trio Opus 11 J. Clement6k00:24:53
Menegali(circa 1700 )Italian
Jesu, Salvator mundi B. Choppy1K00:00:20
Merand [Mérand], Vincent(1955 - )French
La valse de Palladuc V.Mérand2K00:02:09
Mercadante, Saverio(1795 - 1870)Italian
Il Giuramento - Bella Adorata A. Scerri4k00:01:59
La prece dell'Orfana (The Orphan's prayer) A. Scerri4k00:01:53
Le voci del Creato A. Scerri2k00:01:47
The Forsaken One A. Scerri2k00:03:02
Merikanto, Oskar(1868 - 1924)Finnish
Valse lente J. Clement3k00:03:39
Merulo, Claudio (Claudio da Correggio, Merlotti)(1533 - 1604)Italian
Toccata J. Fábián1k00:00:45
Messager, André (1853 - 1929)French
Rose rougeNWCChorus4k00:04:01
Messaus, Guillielmus (1585 - 1640)Flemish
Dies est laetitiaeNWCChorus2k00:00:58
Meyerbeer, Giacomo(1791 - 1864)German
L'Africaine - Addio Terra Nativa A. Scerri4k00:03:28
L'Africaine - O Paradis A. Scerri9k00:05:28
Le Prophète - Ah! My Child!A. Scerri4k00:02:56
Les Huguenots - In Preda Al Duol A. Scerri7k00:04:28
Les Huguenots - Nobil donnaA. Scerri4k00:02:09
Les Huguenots - No, No Caso Egual A. Scerri8k00:04:58
Milan [Milán], Luys(ca. 1500 - 1561)Spanish
Fantasía del quarto tono (Fantasia in the fourth mode) J.J.L. Hofland2k00:02:01
Fantasía de consonancias y redobles (Fantasia of chords and scale passages) J.J.L. Hofland3k00:02:07
Mill, Carl B.(1938 - 2008)American
De Profundo Out of the Depths C.Mill4k00:02:52
Grant us Peace (Benediction) C.B. Mill3k00:01:15
No Rest C.B. Mill3k00:03:11
Soldier's Lament C.Mill2k00:01:49
Twenty Third Psalm C.B. Mill6k00:04:48
Moffatt, Stuart(1953 - )British
A serial quartet S. Moffat8k00:03:58
Bad Kittens S. Moffatt2K00:00:48
Birthday song for 21/03S.Moffatt3k00:01:14
Birthday dirge with apologies to Franz (Gretchen am Spinnrade) for 1/4S.Moffatt2k00:00:56
Birthday song for 12/04S.Moffatt3k00:01:37
Birthday song for 15/06S.Moffatt3k00:01:09
Birthday song for 23/07S.Moffatt3k00:01:28
Birthday song for 25/08S.Moffatt3k00:02:48
Birthday song for 31/08S.Moffatt3k00:02:29
Birthday song for 05/09S.Moffatt3k00:02:00
Birthday song for 06/09S.Moffatt3k00:02:17
Birthday song for 16/10S.Moffatt7k00:01:26
Cowboy birthday song for 17/10S.Moffatt2k00:01:01
Birthday song for 25/10S.Moffatt2k00:01:03
Birthday song for 31/10S.Moffatt3k00:00:59
Birthday song for 4/11S.Moffatt2k00:01:04
Birthday song for 23/11S.Moffatt3k00:01:04
Trotting birthday song for 28/12S.Moffatt3k00:01:16
Caedmon's hymn S. Moffatt4K00:01:50
Dance of the tired ducklings S. Moffatt2K00:00:56
Death is 2004 S. Moffat6k00:03:10
The Deserted Island S. Moffatt4K00:07:00
Duet for two equal voicesS.Moffatt2k00:01:39
Es ist gekommenS.Moffatt5k00:03:27
Es tut mir leid S. Moffatt3K00:01:57
Eurovision S. Moffatt3K00:01:24
Fanfare for May S. Moffatt3K00:01:24
Fanfare for the eleventh S. Moffatt3K00:01:34
Fast march S. Moffatt2K00:00:35
Fragile is my flower S. Moffatt3K00:01:27
Froggy S. Moffatt3K 4:48 -
Goe, and catche a falling starreS.Moffatt3k00:01:36
Goe, lovely rose S. Moffatt3K00:02:03
The Grand Old Duke of York variations S.Moffatt6k00:03:41
Handel's Limerick S. Moffatt2K00:01:05
Hebenus et eburS.Moffatt5k00:02:45
Here Lies a TreeS.Moffatt7k00:02:45
Herz, mein HerzS.Moffatt3k00:00:47
I found you S. Moffatt3K00:01:02
Ich schreibe dir 2001 S. Moffat2k00:01:44
Im Krieg S. Moffat3k00:03:05
Impromptu in C and Trio in Bflat S. Moffat8k00:10:54
Je veux 2002 S. Moffat4k00:03:43
Komm, du süsse TodesstundeS.Moffatt3k00:01:49
Limerick standard tune S. Moffatt2K00:00:45
A Mackeral Day S.Moffatt21k00:12:18
March S. Moffatt2K00:02:18
March from Bozrah S. Moffatt2K00:01:08
Mice S. Moffatt3k00:02:04
No MoreS.Moffatt3k00:01:52
O love of God!S.Moffatt6k00:01:29
O my Lord S. Moffat2k00:00:55
Parting isS.Moffatt1k00:02.00
PJ's songS.Moffatt3k00:03:32
Polka for PJS.Moffatt3k00:02:11
Rogue fugue S. Moffatt3K00:01:51
Ruth: The Redeemer and the Redeemed - Zipped up S. Moffatt567k01:49:05
August - Overture for Ruth - first act S. Moffatt5k00:06:27
August - Overture for Ruth - first act S. Moffatt5k00:05:00
Ruth - Act one scene one S. Moffatt4k00:02:29
Ruth - Act one scene two S. Moffatt6k00:06:53
Ruth - Act one scene three S. Moffatt8k00:06:17
August - second act overture S. Moffatt2k00:00:00
Ruth - Act two - scenes two and three S. Moffatt3k00:04:50
Ruth - Act two - scenes two and three S. Moffatt12k00:09:17
August - second act scene three S. Moffatt10k00:05:10
Ruth - Act three - prelude S. Moffatt7k00:02:55
Ruth - Act three - scene one S. Moffatt5k00:03:26
Ruth - Act three -scene two S. Moffatt8k00:04:12
Ruth - Act three - scene three S. Moffatt23k00:17:38
Ruth - Act three - scene four S. Moffatt8k00:02:47
August - fourth act overture S. Moffatt2k00:00:00
Ruth - fourth act scene one S. Moffatt5k00:03:06
Ruth - Act four - scene two S. Moffatt17k00:11:12
Ruth - Act four - scene three S. Moffatt18k00:12:48
Ruth - Act four - scene four S. Moffatt16k00:07:35
Seraphine 1971 S. Moffatt4k00:01:32
Sweetest loveS.Moffatt5k00:03:20
The anniversary S. Moffatt8K00:02:41
This was not the wayS.Moffatt4k00:05:40
Three hoops for two clarinetsS.Moffatt4k00:06:12
Unfinished quartet S. Moffatt5K00:02:47
The vision is not yet (Habakkuk 2:2-4)S.Moffatt5k00:03:28
Wie kamst du zu liebenS.Moffatt3k00:02:01
Wo bist du gewesen?S.Moffatt4k00:03:38
Moffatt, Stuart/Swinnen, IvoBritish
Drei Kwart S. Moffatt2k00:00:46
Montanari, Antonio(1676 - 1737)Italian
La Portinaia A. Scerri2k00:00:53
Monti, Vittorio(1868 - 1922)Italian
Czardas R. Woodroffe8k00:03:26
Czardas (Orchestral)M.Spagni15k00:04:00
Montenegro, Paúl(1984 - )Ecuatorian
Yumbo mixlídico Rojo J. Valverde1k00:00:30
Montenegro, Ramiro(1982 - )Ecuatorian
Yumbo mixlídico Naranja J. Valverde1k00:00:32
Monteverdi, Claudio(1567 - 1643)Italian
Addio Florida bella R. Balboni4k00:03:14
Alcun non mi consigli R. Balboni3k00:04:24
Arianna - Lasciatemi Morire A. Scerri2k00:01:13
Beatus Vir R. Woodroffe11k00:08:06
Beatus Vir Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper13k00:08:41
Cantate Domino Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper4k00:01:50
Christe, adoramus te Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper4k00:02:26
Christmas Vespers - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper84k01:08:11
Christmas Vespers - No 1: Dixit Dominus J. Hooper18k00:10:59
Christmas Vespers - No 2: Confitebor tibi J. Hooper10k00:07:02
Christmas Vespers - No 3: Beatus vir J. Hooper13k00:10:38
Christmas Vespers - No 4: Laudate pueri J. Hooper11k00:09:27
Christmas Vespers - No 5: Laudate Dominum J. Hooper8k00:05:15
Christmas Vespers - No 6: Christe redemptor omnium J. Hooper3k00:06:25
Christmas Vespers - No 7: Magnificat J. Hooper22k00:18:25
Con Che Soavita A. Scerri9k00:03:20
Dixit Dominus S. Schleussner10k00:06:25
Il Balletto Delle Ingrate - Ahi, Troppo E Duro A. Scerri4k00:02:12
L'incoronazione di Poppea (the coronation of Poppea) Y. Forestier3k00:02:45
Laetatus sum S. Schleussner7k00:08:00
Lauda Jerusalem S. Schleussner8k00:06:36
Laudate, pueri, Dominum S. Schleussner6k00:05:55
Nisi Dominus S. Schleussner8k00:10:30
Scherzo Musicale - Maledetto Sia L'aspetto A. Scerri2k00:01:50
Il sesto libro dei madrigali a cinque voci - Zipped up R. Balboni13k00:12:22
Incenerite spoglie R. Balboni2k00:02:00
Ditelo Voi R. Balboni2k00:01:32
Darà la notte il sol R. Balboni2k00:01:48
Ma te raccoglie R. Balboni3k00:02:04
O chiome d'or R. Balboni3k00:02:07
Dunque amate reliquie R. Balboni3k00:02:50
Taci Armelin deh taci R. Balboni3k00:02:24
O mio bene R. Balboni2k00:03:55
Vespers, 1610 - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper91k01:02:58
Vespers 1610 - No. 1: Deus in adjutorium J. Hooper4k00:02:04
Vespers 1610 - No. 2: Dixit Dominus J. Hooper16k00:08:45
Vespers 1610 - No. 3: Laudate pueri J. Hooper12k00:07:10
Vespers 1610 - No. 4: Laetatus sum J. Hooper11k00:07:48
Vespers 1610 - No. 5: Nisi Dominus J. Hooper10k00:05:52
Vespers 1610 - No. 6: Lauda Jerusalem J. Hooper10k00:05:28
Vespers 1610 - No. 1: Deus in adjutorium J. Hooper6k00:07:45
Vespers 1610 - No. 8: Magnificat J. Hooper22k00:18:06
Morales, Cristobal de(1500 - 1553)Spanish
Missa Mille Regretz (1540) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper23k00:26:30
Missa Mille Regretz - 1: Kyrie J. Hooper4k00:04:16
Missa Mille Regretz - 2: Gloria J. Hooper4k00:03:45
Missa Mille Regretz - 3: Credo J. Hooper6k00:08:33
Missa Mille Regretz - 4: Sanctus J. Hooper3k00:02:39
Missa Mille Regretz - 5: Benedictus J. Hooper3k00:02:07
Missa Mille Regretz - 6: Agnus Dei J. Hooper4k00:05:14
Morrison, Andrew C.(1991 - )American
Snow That Never Ends A. Morrison2k00:01:38
Mudarra, Alonso(ca 1510 - 1580)Spanish
Fantasía que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Ludovico C. Alberga4k00:02:17
Fantasía - que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Ludovico J.J.H.Hofland3k00:02:16
Galarda J.J.H.Hofland2k00:01:36
Diferencias sobre el conde Claros J.J.H.Hofland3k00:02:08
Muller, Wenzel(1767 - 1835)Austrian
Gloria in Excelsis R. Akintola 4k00:04:08
Mudd, Thomas(1619-1667)English
Let Thy merciful ears, O Lord Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper2k00:01:21
Mullins, Bill(1951 - )USA
Aftermath B. Mullins2k00:02:15
Alleluyah! (Fugue) B. Mullins2k00:01:14
Munday, William(1529 - 1591)English
A New CommandmentM. Gibson4k00:01:43
Munier, Carlo(1859 - 1911)Italian
Quartetto in Re MaggioreB.Foley18k00:11.48
Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovitch(1839 - 1881)Russian
Complete Piano Works - Zipped up (Now includes "pictures" ) M. Spagni97k01:19:48
A Tear M. Spagni2k00:02:55
Children's game (Ugolki) - Scherzo (1st version) M. Spagni7k00:03:33
Children's game - Scherzo (2nd version) M. Spagni5k00:02:38
Close to the southern shore of Crimea (Capriccio) M. Spagni4k00:04:01
Douma (Rêverie) M. Spagni3k00:03:23
Gopak of joyful fellows (from "Sorochintsy fair") M. Spagni4k00:01:43
Impromptu passionné (1st version) M. Spagni4k00:02:56
Impromptu passionné (2nd version) M. Spagni4k00:03:06
In the village (Improptu) M. Spagni4k00:05:11
Intermezzo in modo classico (1st version) M. Spagni7k00:07:40
Intermezzo in modo classico (2nd version) M. Spagni14k00:10:15
La capricieuse M. Spagni3k00:02:00
Méditation (Feuillet d'album) M. Spagni3k00:03:09
Nanny and me M. Spagni3k00:01:22
On the southern shore of Crimea M. Spagni3k00:03:04
Pictures at an Exhibition M. Spagni40k00:31:05
Porte-enseigne. Polka M. Spagni5k00:02:08
Scherzo (1st version) M. Spagni5k00:03:58
Scherzo (2nd version) M. Spagni10k00:05:41
Souvenir d'enfance M. Spagni5k00:03:15
The first punishment M. Spagni3k00:01:34
The market scene (from "Sorochintsy fair") M. Spagni7k00:04:21
The seamstress - Scherzino M. Spagni5k00:01:53
Four-Hand Piano Sonata M. Spagni23k00:10:59
Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade A. Purdam4k00:01:25
Pictures at an Exhibition - Gnomus A. Purdam4k00:02:32
Pictures at an Exhibition - Gopak (from "Sorotchinsy Fair") J. Hauck5k00:01:29
Pictures at an Exhibition - The Great Gate of Kiev> A. Purdam13k00:05:53
Pictures at an Exhibition - Night on the Bare Mountain M. Spagni53k00:10:37
Pictures at an Exhibition (complete) M. Westwood36k00:31:19