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Bach, Carl Phillip Emanuel(1714 - 1788)German
Magnificat in D major, H.772, Wq.215 (1749) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper 71k00:42:30
Magnificat - 1: MagnificatJ. Hooper7k00:03:12
Magnificat - 2: Quia respexitJ. Hooper7k00:05:29
Magnificat - 3: Quia fecit mihi magnaJ. Hooper7k00:03:54
Magnificat - 4: Et misericordia eiusJ. Hooper8k00:05:28
Magnificat - 4a: Et misericordia eiusJ. Hooper5k00:03:44
Magnificat - 5: Fecit potentiamJ. Hooper7k00:03:44
Magnificat - 6: Deposuit potentes de sedeJ. Hooper9k00:05:54
Magnificat - 7: Suscepit IsraelJ. Hooper5k00:03:50
Magnificat - 8: Gloria patriJ. Hooper6k00:02:09
Magnificat - 9: Sicut erat in principioJ. Hooper14k00:05:06
Solfeggietto in C minor, Wq.117/2 1770J. Walker2k00:01:01
Bach, Johann Christian(1735 - 1782)German
6 Keyboard Sonatas: No.2 in Cm: III.) PrestissimoJesse Cohen7k00:06:49
MagnificatR. Woodroffe27k00:10:56
Magnificat Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper28k00:10:41
Organ fugue on B.A.C.H.Y. Forestier7k00:06:23
Quintet - 1st MovementS. Robin8k00:08:08
Quintet - 2nd MovementS. Robin6k00:03:10
Badev, Atanas(1860 - 1908)Macedonian
Heruvimska pesenH. Knutzen3k00:02:35
Jako da tsariaH. Knutzen2k00:02:33
Bairstow, Edward Sir(1874 - 1946)English
Blessed City, heavenly Salem No LyricsM. Gibson10k00:06:46
Jesu, the very thought of Thee Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper2k00:02:10
Let all mortal flesh keep silence Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:02:57
Music, when soft voices dieM. Gibson2k00:02:16
Oak and AshM. Gibson3k00:02:06
Save us, O LordM. Gibson8k00:03:36
Balfe, William(1808 - 1870)Irish
Excelsior (Words by Longfellow)R. Woodroffe7k00:05:36
Bohemian Girl - I dreamt that I dwelt in marble hallsA. Scerri2k00:02:19
The Bohemian Girl - Then you'll remember meA. Scerri3k00:02:43
The lonely roseA. Scerri3k00:03:23
Barbieri, Francisco A.(1823 - 1894)Spanish
El Barberillo de Lavapiés a selectionR. Pajares Box34k00:09:52
Barnby, Joseph(1838 - 1896)English
Sweet and LowJ. Roberts3k00:01:56
O Lord, how manifold are thy worksM.Gibson5k00:02:54
Bartok [Bartók], Béla(1881 - 1945)Hungarian
Four Slovak Folk Songs - Zipped upP. Dechargé11k00:03:58
1- Wedding Song from PonikyP. Dechargé5k00:02:37
2- Song of the Hayharvesters from HiadelP. Dechargé2k00:00:25
3- Dancing Song from MedzibrodP. Dechargé2k00:00:32
4- Dancing Song from PonikyP. Dechargé2k00:00:26
Bataille, Gabriel(1575 - 1630)French
Chanson à boireNWCChorus2k00:02:10
Bateson, Thomas(1570 - 1630)English
Down From Above (1604)T. Ware2k00:02:13
If Love Be Blind (1604)T. Ware2k00:01:45
Whither So Fast? (1604)T. Ware2k00:01:44
Battishill, Jonathan(1738 - 1801)English
O Lord look down from HeavenM. Gbson4k00:03:54
Bazzini, Antonio(1818 - 1897)Italian
Ronde des Lutins (Goblins' Dance) Fantastic Op. 25R. Woodroffe22k00:04:53
Bangs, CarlAmerican
The Blue Diamond PolkaC. Bangs8k00:03:11
Beaver, Raymond(1929 - )English
Prelude for Guitar: Version I.R. Beaver9k00:03:35
Prelude for Guitar: Version II.R. Beaver9k00:03:55
Valse Triste for String OrchestraR. Beaver10k00:06:07
Becker, Zac
Quartet n.1, " Das Gastfreundliche " 1st MovementZ. Becker3k00:02:55
Beelen, Paul(1974 - )Dutch
Bagatelle (in G minor)P. Beelen1k00:00:52
Melody for Organ (in G minor) (Requires Jeux soundfont)P. Beelen1k00:01:51
Utopia (Based on Melody for Organ in G minor)P. Beelen2k00:01:38
Agnus Dei dona nobis pacemP. Beelen2k00:01:53
Tempo Giusto (Etude for piano in A major)P. Beelen3k00:03:55
Duet for Violin and Viola (in A major)P. Beelen2k00:01:16
Dance of LifeP. Beelen3k00:03:09
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Instrumental piece, based on the sequence for Pentecost Sunday)P. Beelen3k00:02:36
Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Organ Version Requires Jeux 1.4)P. Beelen3k00:02:36
Bellini, Vincenzo Salvatore(1801 - 1835)Sicilian
Beatrice Di Tenda - Angiol Di PaceA. Scerri3k00:02:22
Beatrice Di Tenda - Come T'AadoroA. Scerri3k00:03:23
Beatrice Di Tenda - O Native ScenesA. Scerri3k00:02:47
Dolente Immagine Di Figlia MiaA. Scerri3k00:02:43
Fenesta che luciveA. Scerri3k00:03:05
I Puritani - A te o cara (For you dear)A. Scerri5k00:04:18
I Puritani - By A Fountain Was RecliningA. Scerri3k00:02:32
I Puritani - Come Brave The Sea (Suoni La Tromba)A. Scerri3k00:02:18
I Puritani - Son Vergin Vezzosa (Behold Me)A. Scerri4k00:02:43
Il Pirata - Coro Dei PiratiA. Scerri9k00:05:03
Il Pirata - Ebben Si AduniA. Scerri4k00:03:15
Il Pirata - Lasciami Forza UmanaA. Scerri5k00:03:01
Il Pirata - Nel furor delle tempesteA. Scerri5k00:03:20
La Sonnambula - Ah non credea mirartiA. Scerri3k00:03:12
La Sonnambula - Ah non giungeJ. Clement4k00:02:50
La Sonnambula - Ah perche non posso odiartiA. Scerri1k00:02:09
La Sonnambula - Come per me serenoA. Scerri3k00:01:28
La Sonnambula - Prendi l'anel ti donoA. Scerri12k00:11:44
La Sonnambula - Tutto E Gioia, Tutto E FestaA. Scerri7k00:04:50
La Sonnambula - Vi ravviso o luoghi ameniA. Scerri3k00:01:49
La Straniera - Ciel PietosoA. Scerri3k00:01:51
La Straniera - Meco Tu Vieni O MiseraA. Scerri3k00:04:32
La Straniera - Sventurato il corA. Scerri3k00:01:52
MalinconiaJ. Clement2k00:01:19
Norma - Casta DivaJ. Clement8k00:06:43
Norma - Ah can'st thou leave meA. Scerri2k00:02:20
Norma - Casta Diva (Virgin Godess)A. Scerri1k00:04:22
Norma - Casta DivaJ. Clement12k00:11:43
Norma - Gia Mia Pasco Nei Tuoi SguardiA. Scerri5k00:02:29
Norma - Guerra! Guerra! Le Galliche selveA. Scerri5k00:01:38
Norma - Meco all'altarA. Scerri12k00:06:18
Norma - Mira o NormaA. Scerri9k00:07:16
Norma - Oh! di qual sei tu vittimaJ. Clement6k00:04:13
Norma - Oh rimembranzaJ. Clement11k00:10:15
Norma - Qual Cor TradistiA. Scerri7k00:06:13
Norma - Viene Le Cinge La ChiomaA. Scerri6k00:03:35
Norma - Si, fino all'oreJ. Clement4k00:02:06
Norma - Teneri figliJ. Clement1k00:01:31
Norma - Vieni In Roma Ah Vieni O CaraA. Scerri6k00:04:00
Salve ReginaA. Scerri5k00:05:13
Vaga luna che inargentiA. Scerri4k00:03:50
Bendl, Karel(1838 - 1897)Czechoslovakian
Gipsy Songs Part I No. 1A. Scerri4k00:01:31
Gipsy Songs Part 1 No 5A. Scerri3k00:01:09
Gypsy Songs Part 1 No 13A. Scerri3k00:00:56
Gypsy Songs Part 2 No 5A. Scerri3k00:01:26
Bennett, Joe(1952 - )American
The Dark Symphony - Zipped upJ. Bennett25k00:14:39
Allegro ModeratoJ. Bennett11k00:07:20
AndanteJ. Bennett10k00:05:17
Lento GraveJ. Bennett4k00:02:39
Bennett, William Sterndale(1816 - 1875)English
"The Naiades" Concert OvertureJ.White39k00:15:00
Berger, Francesco(1834 - 1933)English
Windsor Castle PolkaR. Woodroffe31k00:06:11
Berlioz, Louis Hector(1803 - 1869)French
Childhood of Christ -The Shepherds' FarewellR. Woodroffe7k00:03:01
L'enfance du Christe (The Childhood of Christ) (1850, 1853 - 54) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper152k01:33:03
The Childhood of Christ: - 1: When in Judah of old J. Hooper3k00:01:56
The Childhood of Christ: - 2: A March by Night J. Hooper17k00:08:33
The Childhood of Christ: - 3: Again, that vision J. Hooper11k00:08:30
The Childhood of Christ: - 4: The Soothsayers of Judah thus J. Hooper4k00:03:47
The Childhood of Christ: - 5: Cabalistic dance J. Hooper4k00:01:21
The Childhood of Christ: - 6: The dream is true, O King! J. Hooper4k00:01:34
The Childhood of Christ: - 7: 'Tis done. J. Hooper10k00:02:42
The Childhood of Christ: - 8: See, darling child J. Hooper10k00:07:35
The Childhood of Christ: - 9: Joseph and Mary. J. Hooper7k00:04:58
The Childhood of Christ: - 10: Overture J. Hooper8k00:05:22
The Childhood of Christ: - 11: Thou must leave thy holy dwelling (Shepherds' Farewell J. Hooper5k00:02:48
The Childhood of Christ: - 12: The repose of the Holy Family J. Hooper9k00:06:39
The Childhood of Christ: - 13: The arrival at Sais J. Hooper6k00:03:25
The Childhood of Christ: - 14: Here in this teeming city J. Hooper18k00:05:24
The Childhood of Christ: - 15: Be welcome, friends J. Hooper16k00:08:01
The Childhood of Christ: - 16: Trio for a harp and two flutes J. Hooper8k00:06:18
The Childhood of Christ: - 17: Thou weepest, tender mother! J. Hooper8k00:04:16
The Childhood of Christ: - 18: Epilogue J. Hooper6k00:09:54
La Damnation De Faust - Chanson D'Etudiantes A. Scerri4k00:01:21
Damnation De Faust - Faust's Aria A. Scerri5k00:03:03
Damnation de Faust - Méphistophélès Serenade A. Scerri3k00:02:48
Grande Messe des morts, Op. 5 (Requiem) (1837) Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper124k01:24:18
Requiem - 1: Requiem and KyrieJ. Hooper14k00:10:48
Requiem - 2: Dies IraeJ. Hooper24k00:13:03
Requiem - 3: Quid sum miserJ. Hooper3k00:02:44
Requiem - 4: Rex tremendae majestatisJ. Hooper14k00:06:10
Requiem - 5: Quaerens meJ. Hooper4k00:05:16
Requiem - 6: LacrymosaJ. Hooper28k00:10:27
Requiem - 7: OffertoriumJ. Hooper12k00:09:24
Requiem - 8: HostiasJ. Hooper3k00:03:24
Requiem - 9: SanctusJ. Hooper13k00:11:31
Requiem - 10: Agnus DeiJ. Hooper13k00:11:31
Les Nuits d'Ete Op 7 - VillanelleA. Scerri4k00:02:40
Les nuits d'été Op 7J. Clement11k00:06:18
Les Troyens - Errante Sur Les MersA. Scerri8k00:01:58
Les Troyens - Non, Je Ne Verrai PasA. Scerri7k00:02:05
Les Troyens - O Blonde CérèsA. Scerri6k00:03:04
Romance - Le Dépit de la Bergère (1816)A. Scerri3k00:03:28
Te Deum, Op. 22 (1849) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper103k00:51:30
Te Deum - 1: Te DeumJ. Hooper15k00:07:39
Te Deum - 2: Tibi OmnesJ. Hooper14k00:09:04
Te Deum - 3: Dignare, DomineJ. Hooper10k00:06:45
Te Deum - 4: Christe, Rex GloriaeJ. Hooper16k00:05:32
Te Deum - 5: Te Ergo QuaesumusJ. Hooper11k00:06:54
Te Deum - 6: Judex CrederisJ. Hooper28k00:10:23
Te Deum - 7: March (for the presentation of the standards)J. Hooper12k00:05:13
Tristia, Op. 18 (various, published 1852) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper30k00:16:33
Tristia - TristiaJ. Hooper8k00:03:52
Tristia - La Mort d'Ophelie (the death of Ophelia; Ophelias TodJ. Hooper9k00:06:17
Tristia - Funeral March for the last scene of HamletJ. Hooper12k00:06:24
Bertoli, Giovanni Antonio(1598 - c1645)
Bassoon Sonata 1S Schleussner8k00:07:16
Berwald, Franz Adolf(1796 - 1868)Swedish
Symphony No. 3 in C major, "Sinfonie singulière" - Zipped upG. Hicks74k00:29:15
1st Movement (Allegro fuocoso)G. Hicks24k00:11:10
2nd Movement (Adagio-Allegro assai)G. Hicks22k00:09:22
3rd Movement (Presto)G. Hicks33k00:08:40
Bey, Kanuni Haci Arif(1862 - 1911)Turkish
Sultaniyegâh Saz SemaisiMU. EKiNCi5k00:04:37
Bezza, Elìa Mauro(1975 - )Italian
Partite sopra CarulliE. Bezza6k00:10:02
Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz(1644 - 1704)Bohemian-Austrian
Requiem in F minorM. Gibson19k 00:14:35
Requiem in F minor _1M. Gibson2k00:01:03
Requiem in F minor _2M. Gibson1k00:00:40
Requiem in F minor _3M. Gibson2k00:01:20
Requiem in F minor _4M. Gibson1k00:00:33
Requiem in F minor _5M. Gibson1k00:00:53
Requiem in F minor _6M. Gibson1k00:00:30
Requiem in F minor _7M. Gibson2k00:00:43
Requiem in F minor _8M. Gibson1k00:02:17
Requiem in F minor _9M. Gibson2k00:01:00
Requiem in F minor _10M. Gibson2k00:01:05
Requiem in F minor _11 M. Gibson1k00:00:46
Requiem in F minor _12M. Gibson2k00:01:04
Requiem in F minor _13M. Gibson2k00:01:31
Requiem in F minor _14M. Gibson2k00:01:10
Bizet, Georges(1838 - 1875)French
Agnus DeiA. Scerri4k00:03:00
Carmen - Chorus of the Cigarette GirlsT. Tamiya23k00:03:13
Carmen - Duet (Micaëla and Don José)T. Tamiya30k00:07:40
Carmen - Act 3 Entr'acteT. Billett3k00:01:51
Carmen - Act 4 Entr'acteT. Billett4k00:02:04
Carmen - En Vain Pour Eviter La MortA. Scerri6k00:02:35
Carmen - HabaneraT. Tamiya22k00:05:18
Carmen - HabaneraT. Billett3k00:02:55
Carmen - (Habanera) L'amour est un oiseau rebelleA. Scerri3k00:01:50
Carmen - Halte-La (Man From Alcala)A. Scerri2k00:00:29
Carmen - I Pescatori di Perle - Mi par d'udir ancorA. Scerri4k00:02:39
Carmen - Je Dis Que Rien Ne M"epouvanteA. Scerri7k00:04:47
Carmen - Parle-Moi De Ma MereA. Scerri12k00:07:35
Carmen - Seguidille and DuetA. Scerri7k00:04:01
Carmen - Toreador (arr. Smith)A. Purdam6k00:02:05
Carmen - ToreadorT. Billett5k00:03:55
Carmen - La fleurB. Sloman4k00:03:14
Carmen - Le Voici (arr. Smith)A. Purdam3k00:01:18
Carmen - PreludeT. Billett3k00:01:49
Carmen (1875) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper161k01:05:39
Carmen - Act 1: Opening sceneJ. Hooper13k00:05:48
Carmen - Act 1: 3: Chorus of boysJ. Hooper9k00:04:24
Carmen - Act 1: 4: Chorus of cigarette girlsJ. Hooper11k00:04:18
Carmen - Act 1: 5: HabaneraJ. Hooper5k00:03:31
Carmen - Act 1: 6: Chorus of Men and Cigarette GirlsJ. Hooper4k00:01:30
Carmen - Act 1: 8: Chorus- Fight!J. Hooper10k00:04:16
Carmen - Act 2: 12: Chorus - Hurrah! Hurrah, the Torero!J. Hooper4k00:01:19
Carmen - Act 2: 13: Toreador Song and ChorusJ. Hooper10k00:04:51
Carmen - Act 2: Finale Act 2J. Hooper13k00:04:32
Carmen - Act 3: Sextet and Chorus - Take care nowJ. Hooper10k00:03:04
Carmen - Act 3: 21: Quintet and Chorus - They like to flirtJ. Hooper10k00:03:24
Carmen - Act 3: 24: Finale - Come on, it's time to goJ. Hooper14k00:07:21
Carmen - Act 3: 25: Chorus: Two pesetas - three pesetasJ. Hooper6k00:02:00
Carmen - Act 4: 26: March and Chorus - Here they come!J. Hooper25k00:07:08
Carmen - Act 4: 27: Duet and FinaleJ. Hooper21k00:08:13
Carmen (1875) - Zipped upJ. Clement560k 02:37:49
Carmen (Ouverture)J. Clement17k00:03:57
CARMEN N° 2 (Choeur) Sur la place, chacun passeJ. Clement23k00:06:09
CARMEN N° 3 (Choeur des gamins)J. Clement16k00:04:12
CARMEN N° 4 (Choeur des cigarières)J. Clement20k00:04:53
CARMEN N° 5 (Habanera)J. Clement19k00:06:27
CARMEN N° 6 (Parle-moi de ma mère)J. Clement26k00:10:39
CARMEN N° 7 (Au secours, au secours)J. Clement20k00:03:04
CARMEN N° 8 (Près des remparts de Séville)J. Clement26k00:10:21
CARMEN N° 9 (Entr'Acte)J. Clement5k00:01:56
CARMEN N° 10 (Les tringles des sistres tintaient)J. Clement18k00:05:08
CARMEN N° 11 (Vivat le Torero !)J. Clement34k00:09:15
CARMEN N° 12 (Quintette)J. Clement27k00:05:10
CARMEN N° 13 (Halte là, qui va là, dragon d'Alcala)J. Clement42k00:15:17
CARMEN N° 14 (Final)J. Clement28k00:05:06
CARMEN N° 15 (Entr'Acte)J. Clement5k00:02:16
CARMEN N° 16 (Sextuor et choeur)J. Clement22k00:07:00
CARMEN N° 17 (Trio)J. Clement18k00:07:01
CARMEN N° 18 (Quant au douanier)J. Clement20k00:04:13
CARMEN N° 19 (Je dis que rien ne m'épouvante)J. Clement11k00:05:34
CARMEN N° 20 (Je suis Escamillo, toréro de Grenade)J. Clement61k00:11:45
CARMEN N° 21 (Entr'acte)J. Clement10k00:02:10
CARMEN N° 22 (A deux cuartos)J. Clement11k00:02:50
CARMEN N° 23 (Tambourin)J. Clement12k00:03:47
CARMEN N° 24 (Danse Bohémienne)J. Clement11k00:03:38
CARMEN N° 25 (Marche et choeur)J. Clement35k00:07:17
CARMEN N° 26 (C'est toi - Final)J. Clement36k00:08:44
L'Arlésienne, suite 1 - Overture (1872) M. Spagni19k00:06:32
L'Arlésienne, suite 1 - 2.Minuetto (1872)R. Pajares Box10k00:03:11
L'Arlésienne, suite 2 - 3.Menuett (1875)R. Pajares Box7k00:04:25
L'Arlésienne, suite 2 - 4.Farandole (1875)M. Spagni15k00:03:42
L'Arlesienne - AdagiettoW. Porter4k00:02:45
L'Arlesienne - PastoraleA. Scerri4k00:02:41
Les pêcheurs de perles (Pearl fishers) - No 2 - Au Fond du Temple Saint 1863R. Aarons11k00:06:47
Les Pecheurs de Perles - Je Crois EntendreA. Scerri4k00:03:59
Les Pecheurs de PerlesJ. Clement4k00:03:04
Les pêcheurs de perles (Pearl fishers) - Au Fond du Temple Saint 1863NWCChorus10k00:07:15
Blaney, Gordon Francis Jr.(1982 - )USA
The Opus Of Judgment Day (1999)G. F. Blaney11k00:11:10
It Came Upon An Eve Of Joy (2000)G. F. Blaney2k00:01:59
A French Variation (2000)G. F. Blaney2k00:03:02
Variations on a German Song (2000)G. F. Blaney2k00:02:35
Blanken, Ivo(1946 - )
Divertimento for winds (2008)I. Blanken4k00:06:23
Bleyer, Nicolous
MascaradaA. Purdam1k00:01:05
Bloch, Peter(1941 - )English/NZ
Wildflower Wanderin'P. Bloch4k00:01:54
Blow, John(1649 - 1708)English
Behold, O God our defender Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:02:02
Behold, O God our defenderM.Gibson4k00:01:29
Let My PrayerM.Gibson2k00:00:48
Let Thy hand be strengthened Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper2k00:01:36
Salvator Mundi Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper5k00:04:00
Blohm, Georg(1661 - 1733)German
PrestoD. Fitzgerald3k00:01:04
Boccherini, Luigi(1743 - 1805)Italian
Minuet from String Quintet in E (Piano reduction)M. Weed2k00:02:29
Minuetto e Trio from String Quintet in E major G275M Spagni3k00:03:27
Boëllmann, Leon(1862 - 1897)French
Suite Gothique for Grand Organ - Zipped upT. Smedley15k00:13:54
Introduction - ChoraleT. Smedley3k00:01:52
MenuetT. Smedley4k00:03:00
Prière à Notre DameT. Smedley4k00:04:25
ToccataT. Smedley5k00:04:39
Ronde Francaise (Transcribed for Organ) Op 37T. Smedley6k00:05:40
Bohnson, Clifford N.(1934 - )
Ave VerumC.Bohnson4k00:02.41
ElegyC. Bohnson3k00:05:42
Postlude on "Abbot's Leigh"C. Bohnson5k00:02:36
ProcessionalC. Bohnson2k00:03:04
Boito, Arrigo(1842 - 1918)Italian
Mefistofele - Dai campi, dai pratiA. Scerri3k00:02:02
Mefistofele - Giunto Sull Passo EstremoA. Scerri3k00:02:03
Mefistofele - L'altra notte infondo al mareA. Scerri5k00:04:05
Bonnet, Joseph(1884 - 1944)French
Ave MariaM. Gibson3k00:01:41
Bononcini, Giovanni Battista(1670 – 1747)Italian
Deh piu a me non v'ascondeteA. Scerri5k00:02:34
Deh piu a me non v'ascondeteNwcChorus3k00:02:57
Griselda - Per la gloria d'adorarviA. Scerri3k00:03:09
Boren, Robert(1954 - )American
String Quartet No 1 Movement 1R. Boren11k00:08:15
String Quartet No 1 Movement 2R. Boren6k00:06:41
Borghi, Giovani Battista(1738-1796)Italian
Sonata n.1 - Viola e contrabbassoM Spagni10k00:09:42
Borodin, Alexander(1833 - 1887)Russian
In the Steppes of Central AsiaG. Richardson15k00:06:13
Prince Igor - Choral Dance No. 17 (Polovtsian Dances)R. Woodroffe30k00:10:48
String Quartet No. 2 - Zipped upG. Richardson78k00:26:39
Quartet No. 2 in D major, 1st mvntG. Richardson21k00:07:12
Quartet No. 2 in D major, 2nd mvntG. Richardson18k00:04:20
Quartet No. 2 in D major, 3rd mvmtG. Richardson16k00:08:05
Quartet No. 2 in D major, 4th mvntG. Richardson22k00:07:02
Bortniansky, Dimitri(1840 - 1893)Russian
Cherubim - Song (No. 7)C.Mill6k00:02.56
Ik bin in diene haand o HeerJ. Hollander2k00:01:02
Bottesini, Giovanni(1821-1889)Italian
Elegia n.1 in DM. Spagni6k00:02:33
Introduzione e TarantellaM. Spagni9k00:05:06
Bosworth, Bruce(1944 - )USA
Joy of Life (2001)B. Bosworth1k00:01:23
September 11th Memorial (2001)B. Bosworth1k00:03:05
Boulanger, Lili(1893 - 1918)French
Je Garde Une Medaille D'ElleA. Scerri2k00:01:01
Pour les Funérailles d'un Soldat 1912R. Woodroffe11k00:07:18
Boxman, Bruce(1946 - )Israeli
Rain on TimeR.Boxman2k00:01.00
Brahms, Johannes(1833 - 1897)German
Academic Festival OvertureC. Hall38k00:11:20
Alto Rhapsody Opus 53M. Gibson14k00:06:59
Begräbnisgesang Op 13K. Lamminga5k00:07:04
Concerto for Violin and Cello in a minor Op. 102, First movementD.Carrasco59k00:15:02
Concerto for Violin and Cello in a minor Op. 102, 3rd MovementD.Carrasco30K00:07:24
"Edward" Ballade Opus 10D.Carrasco6k00:03.13
Geistliches Lied (op. 30)K. Lamminga4k00:04:11
Geistliches Lied (op. 30)M. Gibson5k00:04:28
Four Songs (Vier Gesange: Op 17) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper15k00:15:46
Four Songs - 1: The Harp resounds with wild refrainJ. Hooper3k00:05:13
Four Songs - 2: Song from Twelfth NightJ. Hooper2k00:01:52
Four Songs - 3 The GardnerJ. Hooper3k00:03:04
Four Songs - 4: Song from FingalJ. Hooper7k00:05:48
21 Hungarian Dances for piano 4 hands; No. 5D.Carrasco8k00:02.00
21 Hungarian Dances for piano 4 hands; No. 6D.Carrasco9k00:02.49
21 Hungarian Dances for piano 4 hands; No. 9D.Carrasco5k00:01:37
German Requiem (Ein Deutsches Requiem: Op 45), 1861-68M Gibson78k01:02:20
Selig sind, die da Leid tragenM Gibson8k00:08:19
Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie GrasM Gibson14k00:13:44
Herr lehre doch michM Gibson15k00:10:18
Wie lieblich sind deine WohnungenM Gibson8k00:05:00
Ihr habt nun TraurigkeitM Gibson7k00:05:32
Denn wir haben hie keine bleibende StattM Gibson19k00:11:33
Selig sind die TotenM Gibson10k00:07:54
German Requiem (Ein Deutsches Requiem: Op 45), 1861-68 Choral parts onlyNWCChorus50k00:47:26
Ein deutsches Requiem - No 1 Blessed are they that mournNWCChorus9k00:07:54
Ein deutsches Requiem - No 2 Behold, all flesh is as the grassNWCChorus16k00:14:04
Ein deutsches Requiem - No 4 How lovely are Thy dwellingsNWCChorus8k00:05:57
Ein deutsches Requiem - No 6 For we have here no abiding cityNWCChorus12k00:11:13
Ein deutsches Requiem - No 7 Blessed are the dead which die in the LordNWCChorus7k00:08:18
A German Requiem Op 45 - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper103k01:11.31
Blessed are they that mournJ.Hooper9k00:09.32
Behold, all flesh is as the grassJ.Hooper19k00:14.24
Lord, let me know mine endJ.Hooper19k00:10.35
How lovely are Thy dwellingsJ.Hooper9k00:05.36
Ye now have sorrowJ.Hooper8k00:07:35
For we have here no abiding cityJ.Hooper29k00:12.19
Blessed are the dead which die in the LordJ.Hooper12k00:11:32
Gipsy Songs (Zigeunerlieder) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper32k00:15:12
1: Gipsy, ho!J. Hooper4k00:01:34
2: Where the Rima river rollsJ. Hooper3k00:01:03
3: Would you like to know ...J. Hooper3k00:01:23
4: Heav'n alone can tell ...J. Hooper2k00:01:02
5: Dark-eyed lad ...J. Hooper3k00:01:05
6: Heav'n alone can tell ...J. Hooper3k00:01:50
7: Dearest, dost thou ever ...J. Hooper3k00:01:04
8: Hark the wind sighs ...J. Hooper3k00:01:17
9: Far and wide no kind glance i findJ. Hooper4k00:01:32
10: Though the moon's face clouded beJ. Hooper3k00:02:05
11: Rosy clouds of evening ...J. Hooper4k00:01:19
Hungarian Dance No. 5P. Struys10k00:02:10
Im Herbst Op. 104 N° 5D. Portier3k00:02:55
Liebeslieder Op. 52 Only the 12 SATB songsM Gibson36k00:18:21
Liebeslieder - 01 - Rede, MädchenM Gibson4k00:01:28
Liebeslieder - 02 - Am Gesteine rauscht die FlutM Gibson3k00:00:59
Liebeslieder - 05 - Die grüne HopfenrankeM Gibson3k00:01:52
Liebeslieder - 06 - Ein kleiner, hübscher VogelM Gibson5k00:02:45
Liebeslieder - 08 - Wenn so lind dein Auge mirM Gibson3k00:01:39
Liebeslieder - 09 - Am DonaustrandeM Gibson4k00:02:18
Liebeslieder - 10 - O wie sanft die QuelleM Gibson3k00:01:05
Liebeslieder - 11 - Nein, es ist nicht auszukommenM Gibson3k00:01:11
Liebeslieder - 12 - Schlosser auf, und mache Schl?sserM Gibson3k00:00:50
Liebeslieder - 15 - Nachtigall, sie singt so schönM Gibson3k00:01:12
Liebeslieder - 16 - Ein dunkeler Schacht ist LiebeM Gibson4k00:01:24
Liebeslieder - 18 - Es bebet das GesträucheM Gibson3k00:01:38
Liebestreu Op 3 No 1A. Scerri3k00:03:34
Minnelied (Love-Song)A. Scerri4k00:02:20
Neue Liebeslieder Op. 65 Only the 7 SATB songsM Gibson26k00:12:36
Neue Liebeslieder - 01 - VerzichtM Gibson3k00:01:06
Neue Liebeslieder - 02 - Finstere Schatten der NachtM Gibson4k00:01:53
Neue Liebeslieder - 07 - Vom Gebirge Well' auf Well'M Gibson3k00:01:49
Neue Liebeslieder - 08 - Weiche Gräser im RevierM Gibson3k00:01:35
Neue Liebesleider - 12 - Schwarzer Wald, dein SchattenM Gibson4k00:02:05
Neue Lieberlieder - 14 - Flammenauge, dunkles HaarM Gibson5k00:02:12
Neue Liebeslieder - 15 - Zum Schluss: Nun, ihr Musen, genug!M Gibson5k00:01:56
Nicht Mehr Du Sehen (No More To See Thee)A. Scerri4k00:02:29
Ninna nanna (Wiegenlied)A. Scerri2k00:01:22
Piano Quintet in f minor Op. 34: Mov. 3D.Carrasco27k00:07:25
Piano Quintet in f minor Op. 34: Mov. 4 D.Carrasco55k00:09:34
Rote Abendwolken Zigeunerlieder #11G. Hicks5k00:01:13
First mov. from Sonata for Clarinet and PianoD. Hall29k00:07:42
Rhapsody in b minor, Op. 79, No. 1D.Carrasco12k00:08:27
Serenade No. 1 in D major - Menuetto 1 and 2, Opus 11I.J. Blanken3k00:03:42
So clear thine eyes Op 59 No 8A. Scerri3k00:01:22
Song of Destiny (Schicksalslied) (1871) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper22k00:14:34
Song of the fates (Gesang der Parzen) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper19k00:11:28
String Quintet in F major No. 1 Op. 88D. Carrasco16k00:09:53
Symphonie N°3 - Poco allegrettoJ. Clement14k00:06:28
21 Hungarian Dances for piano 4 hands - Zipped upD. Carrasco27k00:06:55
Ungarisch Tänz 1D. Carrasco12k00:02:31
Ungarisch Tänz 2D. Carrasco10k00:02:46
Ungarisch Tänz 3D. Carrasco5k00:01:39
Variations and Fugue on a theme of Handel for orchestra [arr. of Brahms Op.24]J. Karageanes82k00:27:43
Waltz No 1, Op. 39, No. 1D.Carrasco2k00:00:46
Waltz No. 3, Op. 39, No. 3D.Carrasco2k00:00:41
Waltz No 4, Op. 39, No. 4D.Carrasco2k00:01.18
Waltz No. 6, Op. 39, No. 6D.Carrasco5k00:00:56
Waltz No. 9, Op. 39, No. 9D.Carrasco2k00:01:05
Waltz No. 14, Op. 39, No. 14D.Carrasco3k00:01:27
Waltz No. 15 in A-Flat Major Op. 39 W. Porter4k00:02:31
Waltzes Op. 39M. Spagni24k00:17:33
Brakebill, Greg(1958 - )American
Psalm 121G. Brakebill3k00:01:57
Bravo, Jean-Michel(1969 - )French
Chevaliers d'ArgonieJ.Bravo17k00:04:37
Images de la Belgariade - Zipped upJ. Bravo21k00:16:06
I Le Val d'Aldur - BelgarathJ. Bravo9k00:05:37
II La Ferme de FaldorJ. Bravo4k00:03:32
III Ce'Nedra à RivaJ. Bravo4k00:03:24
IV Sire MandorallenJ. Bravo5k00:03:33
Brennan, Jay(1958 - )American
Little Fugue on a Theme of Albert HagueJ.Brennan2k00:01:42
Breton [Bretón], Tomás(1850 - 1923)Spanish
Escenas andaluzas - 1. BoleroR. Pajares Box27k00:07:06
Escenas andaluzas - 2. Polo gitanoR. Pajares Box12k00:04:33
La Verbena de la Paloma - PreludioR. Pajares Box14k00:03:43
Briccialdi, Giulio(1818 - 1881)Italian
Carnival of Venice Op. 78R. Woodroffe24k00:05:56
Bridge, Frank(1879-1941)British
The Graceful Swaying WattleM. Gibson4k00:02:38
Britten, Benjamin(1913 - 1976)British
The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra variations and fugue on a theme of Purcell, op. 34 (1946)R. Pajares Box74k00:16:17
Brosig, Moritz(1815 - 1887)German
2nd Postludium, Op.11, Nr.5H M Müller5k00:02:21
Bruckner, Anton(1824 - 1896)Austrian
Allegro moderato from Symphony No. 7R. Pajares Box38k00:20:25
Graduale (Locus iste)A. Scerri2k00:02:11
Geistliche Chore - Eleven Motets - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper39k00:37:21
Geistliche Chore - 1: Ave MariaJ. Hooper3k00:03:03
Geistliche Chore - 2. OffertoriumJ. Hooper3k00:01:44
Geistliche Chore - 3: Pange linguaJ. Hooper2k00:04:49
Geistliche Chore - 4: Locus isteJ. Hooper2k00:02:34
Geistliche Chore - 5: AntiphonJ. Hooper4k00:03:04
Geistliche Chore - 6. Graduale: Os justiJ. Hooper4k00:03:42
Geistliche Chore - 7. Graduale - Christus factus est pro nobisJ. Hooper4k00:04:08
Geistliche Chore - 8. Ecce sacerdosJ. Hooper8k00:04:30
Geistliche Chore - 9. Virga JesseJ. Hooper4k00:03:40
Geistliche Chore - 10: Vexilla regisJ. Hooper3k00:03:59
Geistliche Chore - 11: [Anhang] Inveni DavidJ. Hooper3k00:02:08
Locus Iste (This is God's house)C. B. Mill3k00:02:12
Locus IsteNwcChorus2k00:01:55
Mass in D minor (Mass No 1) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper104k00:41:37
Mass No 1 in D - KyrieJ. Hooper11k00:07:20
Mass No 1 in D - GloriaJ. Hooper18k00:05:57
Mass No 1 in D - CredoJ. Hooper39k00:12:04
Mass No 1 in D - SanctusJ. Hooper6k00:01:47
Mass No 1 in D - BenedictusJ. Hooper14k00:06:31
Mass No 1 in D - Agnus DeiJ. Hooper15k00:07:58
Mass in D minor (Mass No: 1)M Gibson81k00:40:57
Mass No 1 in D minor KyrieM Gibson11k00:07:17
Mass No 1 in D minor Gloria CantorM Gibson1k00:00:07
Mass No 1 in D minor GloriaM Gibson16k00:06:05
Mass No 1 in D minor Credo Cantor M Gibson1k00:00:05
Mass No 1 in D minor CredoM Gibson25k00:12:27
Mass No 1 in D minor SanctusM Gibson6k00:01:59
Mass No 1 in D minor BenedictusM Gibson12k00:06:36
Mass No 1 in D minor Agnus DeiM Gibson12k00:06:21
Mass in E minor (Mass No 2) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper52k00:37:46
Mass in E-minor - No 1: KyrieJ. Hooper5k00:06:44
Mass in E-minor - No 2: GloriaJ. Hooper12k00:05:54
Mass in E-minor - No 3: CredoJ. Hooper16k00:10:24
Mass in E-minor - No 4: SanctusJ. Hooper5k00:03:29
Mass in E-minor - No 5: BenedictusJ. Hooper8k00:06:20
Mass in E-minor - No 6: Agnus DeiJ. Hooper7k00:05:13
Mass in E minor (Mass No: 2)M Gibson52k00:29:52
Mass No 2 in E Minor 1. KyrieM Gibson7k00:03:54
Mass No 2 in E Minor 2. CantorM Gibson1k00:00:07
Mass No 2 in E Minor 2. GloriaM Gibson12k00:08:13
Mass No 2 in E Minor 3. CantorM Gibson1k00:00:05
Mass No 2 in E Minor 3. CredoM Gibson16k00:07:41
Mass No 2 in E Minor 4. SanctusM Gibson5k00:01:42
Mass No 2 in E Minor 5. BenedictusM Gibson7k00:04:00
Mass No 2 in E Minor 6. Agnus DeiM Gibson6k00:04:10
Mass in F minor (Mass No 3) - Zipped upM.Gibson108k00:50:28
Mass No 3 in F - KyrieM.Gibson13k00:07:20
Mass No 3 in F - GloriaM.Gibson29k00:05:57
Mass No 3 in F - CredoM.Gibson38k00:12:04
Mass No 3 in F - SanctusM.Gibson6k00:01:47
Mass No 3 in F - BenedictusM.Gibson13k00:06:31
Mass No 3 in F - Agnus DeiM.Gibson11k00:07:58
Overture in G minorJohn White33k00:08:52
Te Deum - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper46k00:25:28
No. 1: Te Deum laudamusJ. Hooper13k00:07:29
No. 2: Te ergo quaesumusJ. Hooper4k00:02:48
No. 3: Aeterna fac cum sanctis tuisJ. Hooper5k00:01:45
No. 4: Salvum fac populum tuumJ. Hooper9k00:07:35
No. 5: In Te Domine speraviJ. Hooper15k00:05:51
Te DeumM Gibson40k00:22:18
Te DeumM Gibson12k00:06:27
2. Te ergoM Gibson4k00:02:07
3. Aeterna facM Gibson4k00:01:42
4. Salvum facM Gibson8k00:06:46
5. In te, Domine, speraviM Gibson13k00:05:16
Buck, Michael(1986 - )American
Opus 2, #25M. Buck10k00:02:24
Buck, Dudley(1839 - 1909)American
O Gladsome LightJ.Roberts4k00:02:10
Operetta "Deseret" - SerenadeA. Scerri5k00:03:39
Bull, John(1563 - 1628)English
Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, laC. Alberga5k00:03:55
WalsinghamC. Alberga15k00:24:01
Busoni, Ferruccio(1866 - 1924)Italian
Sonatina IV in diem nativitatis Christi MCMXVIIG. Hicks11k00:07:06
Buxtehude, Dietrich(ca. 1635 - 1707)German
Befiehl dem Engel, daß er kommK. Lamminga9k00:05:43
Choralvariationen 1. Ach Gott und HerrJ. Jennings3k00:01:33
Choralvariationen 2. Danket dem Herrn, denn er ist sehr freundlichJ. Jennings3k00:02:16
Choralvariationen 3a. Magnificat primi toniJ. Jennings3k00:01:39
Choralvariationen 3b. Magnificat noni toniJ. Jennings4k00:03:44
Choralvariationen 4a. Nun lob mein Seel den HerrenJ. Jennings5k00:07:12
Ciacona in C minorC. Waterman5k00:09:43
Das Neugebor'ne Kindelein Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper15k00:07:43
Der Herr ist mit mir Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper14k00:07:39
In dulci jubiloK. Lamminga6k00:05:55
Lobet, Christen, euren heilandNwcChorus8k00:10:47
Magnificat Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper10k00:08:28
Membra Jesu Nostri - Zipped upS. Schleussner13k00:09:20
I. Ad pedes - 2. Ecce super montesS. Schleussner2k00:01:10
I. Ad pedes - 5. Salve mundi salutareS. Schleussner2k00:00:44
II. Ad genua - 7. Ad ubera portabiminiS. Schleussner2k00:01:12
III. Ad manus - 11. Quid sunt plagaeS. Schleussner2k00:01:16
IV. Ad latus - 15. Surge amica meaS. Schleussner2k00:01:29
VII. Ad faciem - 27. Illustra faciem tuamS. Schleussner2k00:01:17
VII. Ad faciem - 28.c) Cum me jubes emigrareS. Schleussner2k00:00:53
VII. Ad faciem - 29. AmenS. Schleussner2k00:01:20
Sicut Moses (BuxWV No. 97)S. Schleussner6k00:06:49
Bunt, Andrew(1991 - )English
Nocturne No. 1 Op.2A.Bunt2k00:04:12
Byrd, William(1543 - 1623)English
Ave Maria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:01:56
Ave Verum CorpusA. Scerri3k00:03:05
Ave Verum Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper2k00:02:28
Ave VerumM. Gibson3k00:03:38
The BellsC. Alberga5k00:08:13
Callino CasturameC. Alberga4k00:01:58
Deo Gratias Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper1k00:00:36
Ego sum panis vivus 1607 G.Lynch3k00:02:00
Haec Dies Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:02:10
I will not leave you comfortless - Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper2k00:01:34
Infelix ego Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper8k00:12:21
Justorum Animae Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper2k00:01:45
Laetentur coeli Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:04:35
Laudibus In SanctisS. Schleussner6k00:04:49
Lullaby, my sweet little baby Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:04:18
Magnificat and Nuc Dimittis Second Service (CRV) Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper12k00:06:26
Magnificat Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:04:05
Nunc Dimittis Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:02:21
Mass for Three Voices - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper17k00:17:16
Mass for Three Voices - 1: KyrieJ. Hooper2k00:00:28
Mass for Three Voices - 2: GloriaJ. Hooper4k00:04:24
Mass for Three Voices - 3: CredoJ. Hooper5k00:06:39
Mass for Three Voices - 4: SanctusJ. Hooper2k00:01:57
Mass for Three Voices - 5: BenedictusJ. Hooper2k00:00:49
Mass for Three Voices - 6: Agnus DeiJ. Hooper3k00:02:59
Mass for Three Voices - Zipped upS. Schleussner13k00:15:18
Kyrie eleisonS. Schleussner1k00:00:20
Gloria in excelsis DeoS. Schleussner3k00:04:06
CredoS. Schleussner5k00:06:32
SanctusS. Schleussner2k00:01:31
BenedictusS. Schleussner1k00:00:38
Agnus DeiS. Schleussner2k00:02:11
Mass for Four Voices - Zipped upS. Schleussner12k00:19:26
1 KyrieS. Schleussner2k00:02:05
2 GloriaS. Schleussner3k00:05:52
3 CredoS. Schleussner4k00:06:08
4 SanctusS. Schleussner2k00:02:42
5 Agnus DeiS. Schleussner2k00:02:41
Mass for Five Voices No Lyrics - Choir Rehearsal OnlyM Gibson21k00:22:06
Mass for 5 Voices - 01 KyrieM Gibson15k00:01:46
Mass for 5 Voices - 02 GloriaM Gibson43k00:04:53
Mass for 5 Voices - 03 CredoM Gibson78k00:09:09
Mass for 5 Voices - 04 SanctusM Gibson20k00:02:10
Mass for 5 Voices - 05 BenedictusM Gibson14k00:01:20
Mass for 5 Voices - 06 KyrieM Gibson23k00:02:48
Miserere mei Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:02:40
Ne irascaris, Domine - Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper5k00:07:49
Non Nobis Domine Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper1k00:00:58
O quam gloriosum Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper4k00:05:00
Preces & Responses Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:04:10
Preces and Responses - O Lord, open Thou our lips Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:01:08
Preces and Responses - The Lord be with you Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:00:34
Preces and Responses - O Lord, shew thy mercy upon us Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:02:28
Sacerdotes DominiG.Walker2k00:01:03
Sing Joyfully Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper3k00:02:53
Teach Me, O Lord Choral Rehearsal VersionJ. Hooper4k00:03:53
This day Christ was born Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper4k00:02:37
This sweet and merry month of May Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper3k00:03:02
Though Amaryllis Dance in Green Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper3k00:05:18
Upon a summer's day Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper3k00:03:00
Venite Comedite No LyricsM. Gibson4k00:01:53
Vigilate (Cantiones Sacrae I (1589), no.16 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper5k00:05:26
A VoluntarieG.Lynch2K00:02:50
A Voluntarie: for my Ladye Nevell 1591G.Lynch3k00:03:21
Walsingham LXVIIIC. Alberga9k00:13:30
Wounded I am Choral Rehearsal VersionJ.Hooper2k00:01:51