Classical Y

Young, Brian(1982 - )American
Concert Fantasy - Zipped up B. Young19k00:12:21
Concert Fantasy, Movement 1B. Young8k00:04:27
Concert Fantasy, Movement 2B. Young6k00:04:35
Concert Fantasy, Movement 3B. Young5k00:03:19
Eight Preludes - Zipped up B. Young17k00:14:44
Prelude No 1 in A Minor ("A Lonely Heart Will Break")B. Young2k00:01:05
Prelude No 2 in F MinorB. Young2k00:01:12
Prelude No. 3B. Young3k00:02:51
Prelude No 4B. Young2k00:02:01
Prelude No. 5B. Young3k00:01:41
Prelude No 6B. Young3k00:02:04
Prelude No 7B. Young2k00:02:33
Prelude No 8B. Young2k00:01:17
Young, Michael(1984 - )Australian
Bermuda TriangleM. Young8k00:04.34
End of an EraM. Young4k00:03:10
End of an Era Brass band arrangement M. Young6k00:03:10
InvereskM. Young7k00:02:41
Maiden VoyageM. Young7k00:03:27
May 2002M. Young3k00:02:34
MemoriamM. Young2k00:02.38
Symphony No. 1 - Zipped up M. Young40k00:16:20
PreludeM. Young6k00:05:18
Ternary in E MinorM. Young6k00:04:12
MemoriamM. Young6k00:02:38
Finale M. Young8k00:04:12
Symphony Number 2 (aka: the Boat Symphony) - Zipped up M. Young31k00:16:14
The Bermuda TriangleM. Young8k00:04:34
Maiden VoyageM. Young7k00:03:27
March of Celebration and FestivityM. Young8k00:02:58
The Final VoyageM. Young9k00:05:16
String Quartet in G MajorM. Young2k00:01:48
The Final Voyage M. Young7k00:05:16
Yradier, Sebastian(1809 - 1865)Spanish
The Dove (La Paloma)A. Scerri3k00:04:17