Franz Joseph Haydn

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Haydn, Franz Joseph(1732 - 1809)Austrian
Mass No 1 - Hob XXII-3 - Missa brevis in G [Missa 'Rorate coeli desuper'], 1750 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper19k00:06:54
Missa Brevis in G - Rorate coeli desuper - Kyrie Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:00:50
Missa Brevis in G - Rorate coeli desuper - Gloria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:00:49
Missa Brevis in G - Rorate coeli desuper - Credo Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:02:04
Missa Brevis in G - Rorate coeli desuper - Sanctus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:00:40
Missa Brevis in G - Rorate coeli desuper - Benedictus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:00:45
Missa Brevis in G - Rorate coeli desuper - Agnus Dei Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:01:46
Mass No 2 - Hob XXII-1 - Missa brevis in F, 1750 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper26k00:11:34
Missa brevis in F - 1: Kyrie Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:01:13
Missa brevis in F - 2: Gloria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:01:32
Missa brevis in F - 3: Credo Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:02:38
Missa brevis in F - 4: Sanctus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:00:56
Missa brevis in F - 5: Benedictus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:02:48
Missa brevis in F - 6: Agnus Dei Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:02:27
Cecilienmesse (Missa Cellensis. Hob. XXII:5), 1766 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper139k01:04:07
Cecilienmesse (Hob XXII.5): 01: Kyrie 1 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:02:52
Cecilienmesse - 2: Christe Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:03:28
Cecilienmesse - 3: Kyrie II Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:03:10
Cecilienmesse - 4: Gloria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:03:01
Cecilienmesse - 5: Laudamus te Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:04:25
Cecilienmesse - 6: Gratias agius tibi propter magnam Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:02:29
Cecilienmesse - 7: Domine Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper11k00:06:08
Cecilienmesse - 8: Qui tollis peccata mundi Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:04:40
Cecilienmesse - 9: Quoniam tu solus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:03:20
Cecilienmesse - 10: Cum sancto spiritu Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:00:42
Cecilienmesse - 11: In Gloria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:03:03
Cecilienmesse - 12: Credo in unum Deum Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper13k00:03:56
Cecilienmesse - 13: Et incarnatus est Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:06:26
Cecilienmesse - 14: Et resurrexit tertia die Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper17k00:04:59
Cecilienmesse - 15: Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:01:36
Cecilienmesse - 16: Benedictus qui venit Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:05:44
Cecilienmesse - 17: Agnus Dei Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper3k00:01:53
Cecilienmesse - 18: Dona nobis pacem Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper7k00:02:15
Mass no. 3 in C major - Missa Cellensis in honorem Beatissimae Virginis Mariae
Hob XXII:5 (St Cecilia)
- Zipped up

Cäcilienmesse - No. 1: KyrieM.Gibson4k00:01:26
Cäcilienmesse - No. 2: GloriaM.Gibson3k00:00:47
Cäcilienmesse - No. 3: CredoM.Gibson6k00:03:02
Cäcilienmesse - No. 4: SanctusM.Gibson3k00:00:54
Cäcilienmesse - No. 5: BenedictusM.Gibson6k00:04:02
Cäcilienmesse - No. 6: Agnus DeiM.Gibson5k00:03:25
Mass No 5 - Hob XXII4 - Missa in honorem B.V.M. in E flat major, 1766 Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper65k00:36:36
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 1: Kyrie Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:05:28
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 2: Gloria Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:01:05
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 3: Gratias agimus tibi Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper8k00:05:52
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 4: Quoniam in solus Sanctus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:01:46
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 5: Credo Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper6k00:02:09
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 6: Et incarnatus est Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper5k00:03:43
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 7: Et resurrexit/8. Et vitam venturi Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:03:32
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 9: Sanctus Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper4k00:01:39
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 10-Benedictus/11-Osanna Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper11k00:05:46
Missa in hon, BVM in Eb - 12: Agnus Dei/13: Dona nobis pacem Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper9k00:05:36
Mass No. 6 in G major - Missa Sancti Nicolai (Nicolaimesse)
Hob XXII:6
Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version

1: Kyrie J.Hooper6k00:02:42
2: Gloria J.Hooper9k00:04:15
3: Credo J.Hooper8k00:05:32
4: Sanctus J.Hooper4k00:02:34
5: Benedictus J.Hooper8k00:04:49
6: Agnus Dei J.Hooper8k00:05:51
Mass No.7 in B-flat Major Missa brevis St Joannis de Deo (Kleine Orgelmesse)
Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version

1: Kyrie J.Hooper4k00:01:23
2: Gloria J.Hooper3k00:00:46
3: Credo J.Hooper6k00:02:59
4: Sanctus J.Hooper3k00:00:54
5: Benedictus J.Hooper6k00:04:02
6: Agnus Dei J.Hooper5k00:03:23
Mass No.8 in C Major Missa Cellensis (Mariazellermesse)
Hob. XXII:8 ,
Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version

J. Hooper76k00:32:54
Mariazellermesse - No 1: Kyrie J. Hooper12k00:04:37
Mariazellermesse - No 2: Gloria in exchelsis Deo J. Hooper23k00:08:22
Mariazellermesse - No 3: Credo in unum Deum J. Hooper15k00:08:17
Mariazellermesse - No 4: Sanctus J. Hooper6k00:02:22
Mariazellermesse - No 5: Benedictus J. Hooper9k00:04:49
Mariazellermesse - No 6: Agnus Dei J. Hooper12k00:04:27
Mass No.9 in B-flat Major - Missa Sancti Bernardi von Offida (Heilig-messe)
Hob. XXII:10
- Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version

J. Hooper69k00:36:48
Heilig Messe - No 1: Kyrie J. Hooper11k00:04:14
Heilig Messe - No 2: Gloria J. Hooper19k00:08:48
Heilig Messe - No 3: Credo J. Hooper17k00:09:42
Heilig Messe - No 4: Sanctus J. Hooper4k00:01:31
Heilig Messe - No 5: Benedictus J. Hooper9k00:06:20
Heilig Messe - Nos 6 & 7: Agnus Dei & Dona nobis pacem J. Hooper11k00:06:23
Mass No. 10 in C major Missa in tempore belli (Mass in Time of War - Paukenmesse)
Hob. XXII:9
aka Kettledrum mass - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version

1: Kyrie J.Hooper11k00:04:41
2a: Gloria J.Hooper8k00:02:50
2b: Qui Tollis J.Hooper13k00:07:25
3: Credo J.Hooper18k00:09:02
4: Sanctus J.Hooper5k00:01:50
5: Benedictus J.Hooper9k00:06:30
6: Agnus Dei J.Hooper10k00:05:08
Mass No.11 in D Minor - Missa in Angustiis' (Mass in Troubled Times - Nelson Mass)
1798 - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version

1: Kyrie Eleison J.Hooper11k00:04:53
2: Gloria in Excelsis J.Hooper8k00:04:01
3: Qui tollis J.Hooper6k00:03:54
4: Quoniam tu solus J.Hooper7k00:03:08
5: Credo J.Hooper5k00:01:53
6: Et incarnartus J.Hooper6k00:03:17
7: Et resurrexit J.Hooper9k00:03:59
8: Sanctus J.Hooper5k00:02:04
9: Benedictus J.Hooper11k00:04:47
10: Agnus Dei J.Hooper4k00:02:05
11: Dona nobis J.Hooper6k00:02:39
Mass No. 12 in B flat major Theresien-messe (Maria Theresa of the Two Sicilies)
Hob XXII:12
Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version

1: Kyrie J.Hooper9k00:05:45
2: Gloria J.Hooper23k00:13:03
3: Credo J.Hooper21k00:09:37
4: Sanctus J.Hooper5k00:02:10
5: Benedictus J.Hooper13k00:06:26
6: Agnus Dei J.Hooper14k00:07:18
No. 13 in B flat major Schopfungsmesse (Creation Mass)
Hob XXII:13
- Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version

J. Hooper89k00:44:07
Creation Mass (Schopfungsmesse) - No. 1: Kyrie J. Hooper14k00:06:14
Creation Mass (Schopfungsmesse) - No. 2: Gloria J. Hooper23k00:10:27
Creation Mass (Schopfungsmesse) - No. 3: Credo J. Hooper20k00:10:21
Creation Mass (Schopfungsmesse) - No. 4: Sanctus J. Hooper7k00:03:26
Creation Mass (Schopfungsmesse) - No. 5: Benedictus J. Hooper13k00:07:03
Creation Mass (Schopfungsmesse) - No. 6: Agnus Dei J. Hooper13k00:06:46
Mass No.14 in B-flat Major - Harmonie Mass (Wind-band Mass)
Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version

1: Kyrie J.Hooper11k00:07:04
2: Gloria J.Hooper22k00:09:58
3: Credo J.Hooper5k00:10:00
4: Sanctus J.Hooper5k00:02:24
5: Benedictus J.Hooper11k00:04:09
6: Agnus Dei J.Hooper4k00:05:25

Sacred Vocal Works (excl. Masses) (Top)

Abendlied zu Gott Evening Song to God) D. Hall8k00:04:21
Non Nobis DomineM. Gibson5k00:03:37
Sept denières paroles du christ (Seven Last Words of Christ) - Zipped up S. Robin42k01:13:57
Introduction S. Robin 5k00:04:38
1st Sonata S. Robin 5k00:06:13
2nd Sonata S. Robin 4k00:09:26
3rd Sonata S. Robin 5k00:24:19
4th Sonata S. Robin 5k00:05:09
5th Sonata S. Robin 5k00:11:15
6th Sonata S. Robin 5k00:07:35
7th Sonata S. Robin 5k00:03:29
Finale S. Robin 4k00:01:37
Seven last Words of Christ on the Cross, 1786 - Zipped up
Choral Rehearsal Version
J. Hooper81k01:04:27
Seven Last Words - Introduction J. Hooper6k00:06:00
Seven Last Words - No. 1: Father, forgive them J. Hooper11k00:07:05
Seven Last Words - No. 2: Verily I say unto you J. Hooper8k00:07:30
Seven Last Words - No. 3: Woman, behold your Son J. Hooper11k00:08:21
Seven Last Words - No. 4: My God, my God J. Hooper9k00:07:47
Seven Last Words - 5a Intermezzo J. Hooper5k00:04:00
Seven Last Words - No. 5: I thirst J. Hooper10k00:08:14
Seven Last Words - No. 6: It is finished J. Hooper9k00:06:32
Seven Last Words - No. 7: Father, into Thy hands J. Hooper9k00:06:54
Seven Last Words - Il Terremoto J. Hooper6k00:02:04
Stabat Mater (1767) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper94k00:57:05
Stabat Mater - I: Stabat Mater J. Hooper11k00:06:26
Stabat Mater - II: O quam tristis J. Hooper8k00:06:12
Stabat Mater - III: Quis est homo J. Hooper5k00:01:57
Stabat Mater - IV: Quis non posset contristari J. Hooper8k00:05:24
Stabat Mater - V: Pro peccatis suae gentis J. Hooper7k00:02:28
Stabat Mater - VI: Vidit suum dulcem natum J. Hooper6k00:04:20
Stabat Mater - VII: Eia Mater, fons amoris J. Hooper7k00:03:11
Stabat Mater - VIII: Sancta Mater, istud agas J. Hooper9k00:06:09
Stabat Mater - IX: Fac me vere tecum flere J. Hooper5k00:06:21
Stabat Mater - X: Virgo virginium praeclara J. Hooper11k00:05:37
Stabat Mater - XI: Flamis orci ne succendar J. Hooper5k00:01:48
Stabat Mater - XII: Fac me cruce custodiri J. Hooper5k00:02:19
Stabat Mater - XIII: Quando corpus morietur J. Hooper3k00:01:58
Stabat Mater - XIIIb: Paradiso gloria ut animae donetur J. Hooper7k00:03:13
Te Deum Hob XXIIIc:2 1799 - Choral Rehearsal Version
Te Deum Hob XXIIIc:1 1764 - Choral Rehearsal Version
The Creation (Die Schopfung) 1797/8 - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper166k01:46:51
1: Introduction - The Representation of Chaos J.Hooper6k00:05:46
2: In the beginning J.Hooper3k00:02:43
3: Now vanish before the holy beams J.Hooper7k00:04:38
4: And God made the Firmanent J.Hooper4k00:02:04
5: The Marvellous Work J.Hooper4k00:02:09
6: And God said: let the Waters J.Hooper1k00:00:54
7: Rolling in foaming billows J.Hooper5k00:03:47
8: And God said: let the Earth J.Hooper1k00:00:33
9: With verdure clad J.Hooper6k00:04:36
10: And the Heavenly Host 11: Awake the Harp J.Hooper7k00:02.32
12: And God said: let there be lights J.Hooper1k00:00:49
13: In splendour bright J.Hooper2k00:01:39
14: The Heavens are telling J.Hooper7k00:04:36
15: And God said: let the waters J.Hooper1k00:00:34
16: On mighty pens J.Hooper9k00:07:41
17: And God created great whales J.Hooper3k00:02:12
18: And the Angels J.Hooper1k00:00:29
19: Most beautiful appear J.Hooper7k00:04:34
20: The Lord is great J.Hooper5k00:02:23
21: And God said: let the earth J.Hooper1k00:00:28
22: Straight opening J.Hooper4k00:03:25
23: Now Heaven in fullest glory shone J.Hooper6k00:03:45
24: And God created Man J.Hooper1k00:00:48
25: In native worth J.Hooper6k00:04:05
26: And God saw everything that He had made J.Hooper1k00:00:33
27: Achieved is the glorious Work J.Hooper4k00:01:31
27a: On each living Soul awaits J.Hooper5k00:03:30
27b: Achieved is the glorious Work J.Hooper7k00:03:10
28: In rosy mantle appears J.Hooper4k00:04:11
29: By Thee with bliss J.Hooper13k00:10:38
30: Our duty we have now performed J.Hooper2k00:02:22
31: Graceful Consort J.Hooper10k00:08:58
32: O happy pair J.Hooper1k00:00:31
33: Sing the Lord, ye voices all J.Hooper8k00:04:20
The Heavens are Telling from The Creation S. Warner6k00:03:26
The Heavens are telling from The Creation R.Bishop11k00:06:31

Other Works (Top)

Divertimento HII/14 in E Flat Major arranged for windquartet I. Blanken3k00:04:55
Divertimento HII/46 in B Flat Major arranged for windquintet I. Blanken8k00:10:04
Insanae et vanae curae Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper12k00:06:27
Insanae et vanae curaeM. Gibson10k00:06:56
Piano Sonata in D major. - Zipped up J. White17k00:10:21
Piano Sonata in D Major I J. White12k00:04:46
Piano Sonata in D Major II J. White6k00:05:37
Psalm 31 HOB XXIII-2 B. Choppy2k00:01:20
Psalm 50 HOB XXIII-4 B. Choppy2k00:01:12
Psalm 69 HOB XXIII-6 B. Choppy2k00:01:06
String Quartet in A major Op.20. No.6 - Zipped up J. White18k00:19:10
I Allegro J. White8k00:08:11
II Adagio Cantabile J. White5k00:05:19
III Minuet J. White2k00:02:35
IV Finale J. White5k00:03:10
String Quartet in D minor, Op. 42.(1785) - Zipped up J. White13k00:13:11
I Andante J. White5k00:05:15
II Minuet J. White2k00:02:54
III Adagio J. White3k00:02:51
IV Finale J. White3k00:02:16
String Quartet in D minor Op. 76, No. 2. - Zipped up J.White22k00:19:19
I QuintenJ.White8k00:07:27
III MinuetJ.White3k00:03:40
IV FinaleJ.White7k00:03:58
String quartet in E flat, Op 1, No 2 (1757) - Zipped up J. White13k00:17:40
I Allegro J. White4k00:03:12
II Menuetto J. White3k00:03:36
III Adagio J. White3k00:05:12
IV Menuetto J. White2k00:03:27
V Finale J. White3k00:02:14
String Quartet in G major, Op 77 No 1 - Zipped up J. White24k00:21:25
I Allegro J. White7k00:07:10
II Adagio J. White6k00:05:11
III Menuetto J. White4k00:04:19
IV Finale J. White7k00:04:47
Stücke für Flötenuhr (Pieces for Mechanical Clock) (Hoboken XIX) - Zipped up M. Spagni57k00:30:59
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 1 M. Spagni2k00:00:57
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 2 M. Spagni2k00:01:03
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 3 M. Spagni2k00:00:45
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 4 M. Spagni2k00:00:50
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 5 M. Spagni1k00:00:46
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 6 M. Spagni2k00:00:46
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 7 M. Spagni2k00:01:02
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 8 M. Spagni2k00:00:31
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 9 M. Spagni2k00:00:35
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 10 M. Spagni2k00:00:44
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 11 M. Spagni3k00:01:02
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 12 M. Spagni2k00:00:58
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 13 M. Spagni2k00:01:04
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 14 M. Spagni3k00:01:05
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 15 M. Spagni3k00:00:59
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 16 M. Spagni3k00:01:02
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 17 M. Spagni2k00:00:48
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 18 M. Spagni2k00:01:09
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 19 M. Spagni2k00:00:51
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 20 M. Spagni1k00:00:36
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 21 M. Spagni2k00:00:43
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 22 M. Spagni2k00:00:40
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 23 M. Spagni2k00:00:51
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 24 M. Spagni2k00:00:43
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 25 M. Spagni2k00:01:07
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 26 M. Spagni2k00:01:09
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 27 M. Spagni3k00:01:19
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 28 M. Spagni3k00:01:19
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 29 M. Spagni3k00:01:37
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 30 M. Spagni2k00:01:22
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 31 M. Spagni2k00:00:38
Stück für Flötenuhr n. 32 M. Spagni3k00:02:20
Symphony No. 17 C. Waterman11k00:22:04
Symphony No. 18 C. Waterman11k00:15:10
Symphony No. 25 C. Waterman11k00:19:21
Symphony No 30 - Alleluia (1765) - Zipped up C. Waterman11k00:16:17
1. Allegro Sym. 30 No. 1 C. Waterman5k00:07:12
2. Andante Sym. 30 No. 2 C. Waterman3k00:04:46
3. Menuetto Sym. 30 No. 3 C. Waterman3k00:04:16
Symphony No 94 - Surprise in G (1792) - Zipped up R. Pajares Box58k00:22:34
1. Adagio cantabile-Vivace assai Sym. 94 No. 1 R. Pajares Box23k00:08:37
2. Andante Sym. 94 No. 2 R. Pajares Box11k00:05:57
3. Menuetto-Allegro molto Sym. 94 No. 3 R. Pajares Box8k00:04:09
4. Finale-Allegro molto Sym. 94 No. 4 R. Pajares Box16k00:03:55
The Seasons (1801) - Zipped up Choral Rehearsal Version J. Hooper282k02:10:40
Seasons - Spring - No. 2: Overture + Behold where surly Winter J. Hooper12k00:07:26
Seasons - Spring - No. 3: Come, gentle Spring J. Hooper9k00:03:01
Seasons - Spring - No. 4: At last, the bounteous Sun J. Hooper2k00:00:31
Seasons - Spring - No. 5: With joy the impatient husbandman J. Hooper7k00:03:29
Seasons - Spring - No. 6: Laborious man hath done his part J. Hooper1k00:00:32
Seasons - Spring - No. 7: Be propitious, bounteous Heaven J. Hooper1k00:05:03
Seasons - Spring - No. 8: Our fervent prayers are heard J. Hooper1k00:00:52
Seasons - Spring - No. 9: Spring, her lovely charms unfolding J. Hooper1k00:04:24
Seasons - Spring - No. 10: God of light J. Hooper1k00:05:05
Seasons - Summer - 11-13: Face/fold/aslant J. Hooper10k00:06:54
Seasons - Summer - No 14: Behold on high he mounts J. Hooper1k00:04:28
Seasons - Summer - No: 15: Now swarms the village o'er the mead J. Hooper1k00:00:31
Seasons - Summer - No: 16: 'Tis noon, and now direct the sun J. Hooper1k00:00:49
Seasons - Summer - No: 17: Distressful Nature fainting sinks J. Hooper1k00:03:50
Seasons - Summer - No: 18: O welcome now J. Hooper1k00:03:13
Seasons - Summer - No: 19: O how pleasing to the senses J. Hooper1k00:04:05
Seasons - Summer - Nos 20&21: Behold! Slow settling/Hark!, The J. Hooper16k00:05:47
Seasons - Summer - No 22: Now cease the conflicts J. Hooper1k00:04:03
Seasons - Autumn - Nos: 23/24: Overture/Whate'er blossom'd J. Hooper1k00:03:01
Seasons - Autumn - No: 25: Thus nature, ever kind J. Hooper1k00:09:11
Seasons - Autumn - No 26: Ye swains, now hasten J. Hooper1k00:01:38
Seasons - Autumn - No 27: Ye gay and painted fair J. Hooper1k00:07:50
Seasons - Autumn - No 28: Lo! Where the precious harvest wav'd J. Hooper1k00:01:23
Seasons - Autumn - No: 29: Behold, along the dewy grass J. Hooper1k00:02:48
Seasons - Autumn - Nos: 30-31: Ere yet the sun/Hark, the mounta J. Hooper15k00:04:27
Seasons - Autumn - No 32: The vineyard now its wealth displays J. Hooper1k00:01:34
Seasons - Autumn - No: 33: Joyful the liquor flows J. Hooper1k00:05:15
Seasons - Winter. No 34: Introduction J. Hooper1k00:02:09
Seasons - Winter - No 35: Now sinks the pale declining year J. Hooper1k00:02:18
Seasons - Winter. No 36: Light and life dejected languish J. Hooper1k00:02:16
Seasons - Winter - No 37: A crystal pavement lies the lake J. Hooper1k00:01:29
Seasons - Winter. No 38: The trav'ler stands perplexed J. Hooper1k00:04:23
Seasons - Winter - No 39: As he draws night J. Hooper1k00:01:33
Seasons - Winter - No 40: Let the wheel, move gaily J. Hooper1k00:02:03
Seasons - Winter - No 41: The ev'ning's task anon performed J. Hooper1k00:00:41
Seasons - Winter - No 42: A wealthy Lord, who long had lov'd J. Hooper1k00:03:19
Seasons - Winter - No 43: From out the East J. Hooper1k00:00:56
Seasons - Winter. No 44: In this, O vain misguided man J. Hooper1k00:03:27
Seasons - Winter - No 45: Truth only lasts J. Hooper1k00:00:32
Seasons - Winter - No 46: Then comes the dawn J. Hooper1k00:05:02
The Storm 1792 - Choral Rehearsal Version J.Hooper19k00:08:59