Classical A

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Abatini, Antonio Maria(1595-1679)Italian
Dilatatae sunt tribulationes cordis meiM. Edwards2k00:03:56
Abe, Kim(1993-)
Amusement Park SuiteK. Abe32k00:13:28
Amusement Park Suite - 1. OvertureK. Abe8k00:04:09
Amusement Park Suite - 2-0. Merry-Go-RoundK. Abe7k00:02:00
Amusement Park Suite - 2-1. Merry-Go-Round - var 1K. Abe5k00:03:05
Amusement Park Suite - 2-2. Merry-Go-Round - var 2K. Abe6k00:02:13
Amusement Park Suite - 3.IntermezzoK. Abe7k00:02:02
Impromptu No. 1K. Abe2k00:02:46
Nocturne No. 1 in E majorK. Abe3k00:02:37
String Quintet No. 1K. Abe3k00:01:05
The Lord's Prayer(2011)K. Abe10k00:03:11
The Lord's Prayer (English Lyrics - 2011)K. Abe9k00:02:44
Piano Concert No 1 - WaterdropsK. Abe5k00:00:57
Piano Sonata No. 1K. Abe13k00:08:52
1. AllegroK. Abe4k00:03:22
2. ModeratoK. Abe4k00:02:38
3. Allegro giocosoK. Abe4k00:02:53
Symphony No. 1K. Abe4k00:01:54
Symphony No 2K. Abe28k00:11:06
Symphony No.2 - 1K. Abe7k00:04:00
Symphony No.2 - 2K. Abe3k00:01:56
Symphony No.2 - 3K. Abe7k00:02:09
Symphony No.2 - 4K. Abe12k00:03:02
Variation on Flute SonatineK. Abe11k00:03:06
Violin Sonata No. 1K. Abe4k00:01:55
Abt, Franz Wilhelm(1819-1885)
Lord for ever at thy sideA. Scerri4k00:02:22
Abolafia, Daniel(1992-)American
CelebrationsD. Abolafia2k00:02:15
InventionD. Abolafia3k00:02:32
Lively StepsD. Abolafia2k00:01:25
MagnificoD. Abolafia3k00:02:58
Piano Duet of MagnificoD. Abolafia6k00:02:58
Magnum OpusD. Abolafia5k00:04:26
New RoadsD. Abolafia2k00:01:02
OeuvreD. Abolafia3k00:01:58
Twenty-First Century MinuetD. Abolafia2k00:01:06
Adams, Stephen(1841-1913)English
Nancy LeeA. Scerri3k00:03:44
Ahmed Aga, Vardakosta Seyyid(1725-1794)Turkish
Sevkefzâ Sarký "Geçip de Karsima Gözlerin Süzme"E. iNANÇ2k00:01:56
Ahnfelt, Oscar(1813-1882)
Alpha and OmegaT. Hayden2k00:02:21
Albanese, Antoine(1729-1800)Italian
Les tendres souhaitsB. Choppy2k00:02:01
Albéniz, Isaac(1890-1909)Spanish
Aragón (Fantasía) Op 47. Part 6A. Purdam8k00:04:20
AsturiasJ. Clement5k00:05:11
Cantos d'España - Prélude Op. 232, N. 1 (Asturias)M. Spagni5k00:05:28
Castilla (Seguidillas) Op 47. Part 7A. Purdam7k00:03:29
Zortzico (from España, Op.65)M. Spagni8k00:02:23
Albéniz, Mateo(1760-1831)Spanish
Sonata (zapateado) . for guitarR. Pajares Box7k00:01:37
Albert, Prince Consort(1819 - 1861)German
Te DeumJ Hooper11k00:06:57
Albinoni, Tomaso(1671-1751)Italian
Adagio in G minor (1722)W. Porter5k00:09:02
Adagio in G minorJ. Cohen11k00:06:01
Concerto a 5 in C for oboe and strings, Opus 9, No.5 (1722)D. Holmes10k00:07:54
Movement 1D. Holmes4k00:03:36
Movement 2D. Holmes2k00:01:07
Movement 3D. Holmes4k00:03:11
Allegri, Gregorio(1582-1652)Italian
MisereriW. Porter10k00:08:59
Andersen, Mike(1983-)USA
Intensity (2000)M. Andersen3k00:02:09
Random Thoughts (2000)M. Andersen4k00:03:57
The Island (2000)M. Andersen2k00:02:01
Anderson, Mark(20thC)USA
3-D Suite in A-FlatM. Anderson6k00:03:20
1. DeclarativeM. Anderson2k00:00:41
2. DancingM. Anderson2k00:01:17
3. DashingM. Anderson2k00:01:23
Angerer, Edmund(1740-1794)German
Kindersymphonie G dur (Toy Symphony in G Major)M. Spagni9k00:09:43
Anerio, Felice(1560-1614)Italian
Christus factus est Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:02:00
A Noble Flow'r of Juda (arr. M Praetorius)A. MacEanruig1k00:01:16
Ad mortem festinamusM Spagni2k00:01:35
Alfonso X el sabioM Spagni2k00:00:48
An Italian RantG. Walker1k00:01:35
Angelus ad virginemM Spagni2k00:01:27
Brighton Camp or The Girl I've Left Behind MeC. N. Alberga2k00:01:36
Cancionero de Upsala - n°27 "Falalalàn"Yann Forestier2k00:02:02
Chevaliers de la table rondeM Spagni1k00:00:26
Cinco diferencias sobre "Las vacas"M Spagni3k00:02:57
Come Lasses and LadsT. Ware3k00:01:59
DanzaM. Spagni1k00:01:03
The Country Garden or The Vicar of BrayC. N. Alberga2k00:03:12
DaphneG. Walker1k00:02:23
Dona Nobis PacemJ.Hauck1k00:01:47
Fairest Lord JesusJ. Adlon2k00:01:35
FricasséeG. Hicks4k00:01:57
GagliardaM. Spagni1k00:00:43
GreensleevesI. Hussain2k00:00:46
GreensleevesJ. W. Ruhl3k00:02:05
Greensleeves (or "Greensleeves and Yellow Lace" or "Greensleeves to a Ground")G. Walker4k00:05:00
Heart's EaseG. Walker1k00:01:32
Ik wandel in het licht met JezusB. Van den Bosch2k00:01:32
King Orfeo (Child Ballad #19, XIII century)M Spagni2k00:02:21
Lamento di Tristano - RottaM Spagni3k00:01:54
L'autrier m'en aloieM Spagni2k00:01:11
Na fonte está LianorM Spagni3k00:01:19
Old-Time religionM. Spagni2k00:01:27
Om tare tuttare ture sohaM. Spagni1k00:01:04
SaltarelloM Spagni2k00:01:17
Se io m'accorgoM. Spagni1k00:01:11
Tempus transit gelidumM Spagni2k00:01:37
The Orchestra SongC. Bohnson2k00:02:16
The Song of AgincourtC. N. Alberga2k00:04:23
There Is A Fountain (Trad./ Hastings, Thomas (1784-1872))J P. Tate III2k00:02:53
This Is The DayR Wouters1k00:00:40
Vaghe bellezze et bionde trecce d'oro vedi che per ti moroM. Spagni1k00:01:11
Anrooij (Anrooy, Aanroy), Peter van(1879-1954)Dutch
Piet Hein RhapsodyP. Struys8k00:09:07
Aramburu, Luis(1905-)Basque
Txistu and Chamber Orchestra Concert in DmF. Vigor8k00:06:04
Arbeau, Thoinot(1519-1595)French
Pavane: "Belle, qui tiens ma vie" (~1573)R. Dahl1k00:01:35
Pavane: "Belle, qui tiens ma vie" from Orchesographie (1588)J. Guix2k00:04:46
Arcadelt, Jacques(1507-1568)
Ave MariaM. Spagni3k00:01:34
Ave MariaA. Scerri2k00:01:47
Ave MariaNwcChorus3k00:01:11
Give Ear Unto My Prayer (55th Psalm)A. Scerri3k00:01:37
Il Bianco e dolce cigno Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:01:15
Il Bianco e dolce cignoR. Balboni2k00:01:33
Margot, hasten to the vineyard ("Margot, labourez les vignes") Choral Rehearsal VersionJ Hooper2k00:00:50
Margot, labourez les vignesM. Edwards2k00:02:11
Margot, labourez les vignesM. Gibson2k00:02:48
Arditi, Luigi(1822-1903)Italian
Il Bacio (The Kiss)A. Scerri7k00:04:15
La Farfalletta (The Butterfly)A. Scerri7k00:05:18
L'Incantatrice (The Enchantress)A. Scerri8k00:04:18
Arne, Thomas(1710-1778)English
Where the Bee SucksJ. Wilcock2k00:01:25
Arriaga, Juan C. de(1806-1826)Spanish
Los Esclavos Felices (1820), OvertureR. Pajares Box25k00:07:33
Symphony in D 1826 - Zipped upR. Pajares Box72k00:24:22
Movement 1 - Adagio. Allegro vivaceR. Pajares Box31k00:09:22
Movement 2 - AndanteR. Pajares Box13k00:06:47
Movement 3 - MinuettoR. Pajares Box8k00:03:41
Movement 4 - Allegro con motoR. Pajares Box20k00:04:40
Arrowsmith, Geoff(1945-)British
Fugue in BG Arrowsmith3k00:02:12
Fugue in C (1979, revised 2004)G Arrowsmith4k00:02:32
In Romantic StyleG Arrowsmith11k00:07:09
18th Street (1999, rev. 2002,2004)G Arrowsmith22k00:06:10
Ascher, Joseph(1829-1869)Netherlands
VaillanceP. Struys8k00:03:00
Ashcraft, Sean(1989-)American
Prelude from Unfinished VariationsS. Ashcraft3k00:04:14
Suite for Strings No. 1: Three Short Songs for Small Ensemble. Op. 2, Nr. 1-3S. Ashcraft7k00:05:08
The Random OpusS. Ashcraft45k00:33:17
Random Prelude Nr. 2S. Ashcraft3k00:03:10
Random Fanfare and ProcessionS. Ashcraft4k00:03:48
Random Sonata: MinuetS. Ashcraft3k00:01:10
Random Sonata: RondoS. Ashcraft4k00:03:03
Random Sonata: Sonatina. "Whatever Sean Feels Like Doing"S. Ashcraft10k00:05:10
Random InterludeS. Ashcraft5k00:03:02
Toccata, Fugue, & MarchS. Ashcraft11k00:08:41
Finale & RecessionalS. Ashcraft6k00:04:47
Random PostludeS. Ashcraft2k00:00:26
Ashworth, Colin(1958-)UK
My God and is thy Table spreadC Ashworth2k00:01:26
Festal PostludeC Ashworth6k00:02:40
Attaingnant, Pierre(1494-1551/52)French
TourdionM. Spagni2k00:00:40
Attwood, Thomas(1765-1838)English
Come Holy GhostA. Scerri5k00:04:31
Teach me, O LordG. Lowther2k00:01:26
Teach me O LordA. Scerri2k00:01:58
Auber, Daniel-François(1782-1871)French
El jaleo de Xeres (The Evening Dance)M. Spagni6k00:02:40
Fra Diavolo - Ne Craignez PasA. Scerri5k00:02:47
Fra Diavolo - Quel Uomo Al Fiero AspettoA. Scerri3k00:01:55
Manon Lescaut - C'ést l'histoire amoureuseA. Scerri3k00:01:06
Manon Lescaut - Errant Depuis HierA. Scerri25k00:15:22
Manon Lescaut - O Bonheur! O Jour Enchanteur!A. Scerri3k00:02:29
Masaniello - My Sister DearA. Scerri3k00:01:23
Persian love song - Dark-eyed oneA. Scerri2k00:01:50