Racca - Cornish Folk Music Collection

Trad. and composed Cornish folk tunes

All pieces were submitted by the publishers of RACCA, and are all less than 1k in size.
Numbering refers to their place in the Racca2 tunebook.
Bodmin RidingTrad.001
Fer Liskerys (Liskeard Fair) V1Trad.002
Fer Liskerys (Liskeard Fair) V2Trad.003
Withiel FurryKyt Le Nen Davey004
HevaH. Whipps005
Seaton FuryMike Hartland006
Calstock May RevelWill Coleman007
Revelling HarmoniousRosie Fierek008
Truro Agricultural ShowTrad.009
De Hala Me (May Feast)Trad.010
Tom Bawcock'sTrad.011
Tansys GolowanJohn Mills012
Lostwithiel GiantsJohn and Francis Web013
Breannick Feast/St AgnesTrad.014
Duncan HunkinTrad.015
The Quay FairTrad.016
St Keverne FeastTrad.017
LandithyStephen Hall018
Be Gone From The WindowTrad.019
Polka Aberfal/Falmouth PolkaTrad.020
Polka CovathRay Delf032
Classic BretonMike Smith033
Turning of the TideAndy Davy034
Maids of Carnon DownsAndy Davy035
Sandy's PolkaMike A. Smith036
Geranium PolkaJon Mills037
Albaston Hairy DanceJon Mills038
Ewon An MorNeil Davey039
The Woolly MonkeyNeil Davey040