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Nachbaur, Fred(1951 - 2004)Canadian
Aella - A Character Sketch (orchestral) F. Nachbaur8k00:03:02
Aella (string quartet version) F. Nachbaur7k00:02:58
Bridge the GapF. Nachbaur8k00:03:01
Caverns of the Heart (original) F. Nachbaur6k00:02:43
(piano reduction)A. Wilson4k00:02:39
"The Changeling", Concerto for Elec. Guitar in G min. - Zipped up F. Nachbaur44k00:13:58
The Changeling, Part I: PupationF. Nachbaur9k00:03:35
The Changeling, Part II: HibernationF. Nachbaur15k00:05:23
The Changeling, Part III: EmergenceF. Nachbaur20k00:05:04
Divertimento "Für Rhiannon" Op. 1, No. 1aF. Nachbaur7k00:05:01
East of MiraF. Nachbaur3k00:03:11
Impending DoomF. Nachbaur3k00:02:39
Northern LightsF. Nachbaur5k00:04:20
Seasonal Impressions (Quartet No. 1) F. Nachbaur31k00:23:24
Seasonal Impressions (Quartet No. 1) (Parts) F. Nachbaur31k00:23:23
Westerly GaleF. Nachbaur8k00:03:58
Naderman, François-Joseph(1781-1835)French
Anglaise rondolettoM Spagni1k00:01:29
Prelude & sonatinaM Spagni5k00:03:35
Nakada, Yoshinao(1923 - )Japanese
Allegro EtudeA. Wilson3k00:02:35
Narvaez [Narvâez], Luys de(1490 - 15??)Spanish
Diferencias sobre "Guádama las vacas" (Herd my cows) J.J.L. Hofland2k00:01:33
Canción del Emperador (Song of the Emperor - based on "Mille Regretz") J.J.L. Hofland2k00:02:21
Baxa de contrapunto (Dance in counterpoint) J.J.L. Hofland2k00:01:38
Negri, Cesare(1535 - 1604)Italian
Bianco fioreM. Spagni1k00:00:48
Newton, John(1725 - 1807)Scottish
Amazing Grace (arr. for solo trumpet & organ) T. Säärelä2k00:02:52
Norifumi, Aizawa(1962 - )Japanese
Aisha - The Princess of Desert from Morocco Suite T. Tamiya10k00:03:03
Fatima - The Lady of Desert from Morocco Suite T. Tamiya13k00:02:50
Novaro, Michele(1822 - 1885)Italian
Inno di Mameli (Italian National Anthem)A. Scerri2k00:02:22
Numan [Nûman] Aga(1725? - 1794)Turkish
Sabâ Sarki "Degilsem de sana lâyik"E. iNANÇ2k00:02:48
Nunn, Philip John(1961 - )Australian
Double Concerto (The Gift of the Magi) - Zipped up P. Nunn30k00:18:54
Part 1P. Nunn11k00:07:09
Part 2P. Nunn4k00:04:10
Part 3P. Nunn17k00:07:36
The Ladye of ShallotteP. Nunn10k00:10:02
Searching for Plum BlossomsP. Nunn18k00:05:03
The Pioneer - Zipped up P. Nunn18k00:15:43
Left PanelP. Nunn3k00:02:52
Centre PanelP. Nunn7k00:05:24
Right PanelP. Nunn9k00:07:29