13 Beginning, 2 advanced Cello/Bass exercises

15hamcelbas.zipJuly 200613.43 kB00:07:40
  • 5 May bow and pluck00:00:50
  • Cello !00:00:40
  • Cello 300:00:44
  • Cello 400:00:49
  • Cello 500:00:34
  • Cello 600:00:52
  • Cello 700:00:34
  • Cello 800:00:24
  • Cello of Bass Exercise00:00:16
  • Cello open and 4th fingers00:00:23
  • Cello or bass exercise (advanced)00:00:18
  • Open and 4th finger Pience00:00:23
  • Open strings in ¼ notes00:00:28
  • Violin part for Cello 900:00:16
  • open 1 the fourth finger00:00:14
Composer:Hamilton, Jay (1951 - ), American
Genre:pieces for beginning low string players (f clef)
Instruments:Cello or bass
Submitter:Hamilton, Jay
Email:info (e-mail)
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CC lic 2.5 some rights reserved Jay Hamilton 2006
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