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Composer:Hamilton, Jay (1951 - ), American
First Line:A great bird fell crashing to earth
Genre:combo- the Turtling Dithers
Instruments:Flute, Alto Sax, guitars, bass, mouth percussion and jewsharps, voice
Submitter:Hamilton, Jay
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Ziptitle:5 Pieces from the opera Honor
I began to think about honor when I read about a boy who was sent out to kill his sister. She was seen taling to a man who was not a family member. What struck me was that the boy was deeply disturbed by his act. He had protected his family's honor, but his life was irrevocably damaged. I began to think about how we act and think about honor. What does it mean to be honorable ~ as a nation, as a person, as a business?
Honor is from the heart.
The entire opera is about 90 minutes long very little dialogue, there are 19 pieces of music most are just lead sheets without the melody written out. What I have included are the few that were notated as fully as possible.