Six Morris Dance tunes

6morris.zipDecember 20016.72 kB00:09:38
  • Constant Billy00:01:37
  • I'll Go and Enlist for a Sailor00:01:35
  • Idbury Hill00:01:47
  • The Blue Eyed Stranger00:01:47
  • The Blue Eyed Stranger (Sherborne)00:01:46
  • The Ladies Pleasure00:01:06
Instruments:Fiddle/whistle, accordion bass or 3-hole pipe & tabor
Submitter:Walker, Geoff
Email:geoff.walker (e-mail)
Morris Dances are English Ceremonial Dances. Their origins are unkown, but there are thought to be pagan elements in them. One theory about the name "Morris" is that is from "Morisco" or "Moor", the Islamic Rulers of Spain during much of the Middle Ages, but the dances themselves may well have other origins.
The traditional instruments for playing Morris Dance tunes was the 3-hole pipe and tabor and there is a painting of Richmond Park in Surrey which shows Morris Dancers being accompanied by this combination. However after the invention of the accordion in the 19th. century it gradually took over and most Morris Dancers now dance to various combinations of accordion, concertina, fiddle and sometimes, penny whistle.