Away In A Manger (medley)

adloaway.nwcOctober 20001.85 kB00:01:29
Composer:Murray and Spillman, James and Jonathan (1841-1905)
Lyricist:Luther, Martin , McFarland, John Thomas or Anonymous
Instruments:woodwind quartet
Submitter:Adlon, Jeff
Email:jadlon (e-mail)
Arranger:Jeff Adlon
This arrangement uses the two different melodies associated with Away In A Manger. The first melody is written by James Murray (1841-1905). The second melody by Jonathan Spillman. The lyrics are attributed to Martin Luther, John Thomas McFarland and good old anonymous, depending upon which hymnal or source you are looking at (and I looked at four different sources).
With this particular arrangement, the instrumentation is scored as follows with suggested alternate instrumentations:
1st part - flute (clarinet)
2nd part - clarinet (oboe, flute)
3rd part - clarinet (alto clarinet)
4th part - horn (tenor or alto sax, bassoon)