Sevkefzâ Sarký "Geçip de Karsima Gözlerin Süzme"

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Composer:Ahmed Aga, Vardakosta Seyyid (1725?-1794), Turkish
First Line:"Geçip de kar??ma gözlerin süzme"
Genre:Classical (Turkish)
Instruments:Voice, Guitar, Percussion
Submitter:iNANC [iNANÇ], Ertugrul
Email:ertugrulinanc (e-mail)
A song, primary means of expression in urban music.
I implemented simulated instrumental accompaniment. Mute the hidden staves to get the "pure" melody.
Lyrics - Geçip de kar??ma gözlerin süzme
Bar??mam! Bo? yere ard?mda gezme
Yok sana meylim, kendini üzme
Bar??mam! Bo? yere ard?mda gezme
A "raw" translation:
Don't look at me with your half-closed eyes
I won't get reconciled! Don't come after me.
I don't have interest of you, don't make yourself sorry