Bryniau Casia

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Composer:Alaw, Hen (c. 19th), Welsh
Lyricist:Unknown, (19th century?), Welsh
First Line:Y Gwr wrth Ffynon Jacob
Instruments:SATB - a cappella
Submitter:Moffatt, Stuart
Email:music (e-mail)
The tune is known Bryniau Casia and may be used for other hymns of this metre. The lyricists are only known by their initials as TW and TP. Hen ('old') Alaw may be a pen name; a device traditionally used in the Eisteddfof competitions, but was the piece a competition piece for the choirs, or was it itself written as an entry in a competition? The first line is not difficult Welsh: The man(cur) at the well(ffynon) of Jacob introduces us the the Lord's meeting with the woman of Samaria.