Greensleeves to a ground

anongreensleeves.nwcAugust 20033.54 kB00:05:00
Genre:Early Music
Instruments:Descant, Tenor Recorders and Basso Continuo
Submitter:Walker, Geoff
Email:geoff.walker (e-mail)
In the 16th. cent. Greensleeves seems to have existed as a set of variations on a ground, the tune we know today simply being one of them. In this example, the first melody is a variant of the familiar "Greensleeves Melody" and appears in Playford's Dancing Master under the title "Greensleeves and Yellow Lace". I have added a parallel set of variations for Tenor recorder to "fill out" the sound a little. If you want the original, simply mute the tenor line.