The Random Opus. Op. 1, 2007.

ashrandop.zipApril 200744.19 kB00:33:17
  • 01 Random Prelude Nr. 200:03:10
  • 02 Random Fanfare and Procession00:03:48
  • 03_1 Random Sonata: Minuet00:01:10
  • 03_2 Random Sonata: Rondo00:03:03
  • 03_3 Random Sonata: Sonatina. "Whatever Sean Feels Like Doing"00:05:10
  • 04 Random Interlude00:03:02
  • 05 Toccata, Fugue, & March00:08:41
  • 06 Finale & Recessional00:04:47
  • 07 Random Postlude00:00:26
Composer:Ashcraft, Sean (1989- ), American
Genre:Classical / Neo-Classical
Instruments:Various (Organ, Piano, String Ensemble, Brass Ensemble)
Submitter:Ashcraft, Sean
Email:coandcam08 (e-mail)
No special fonts or soundfonts were used, however occasionally for the organ sound I used a voicing in bank 127 on my soundcard. Some soundcards may only have one pre-set bank, but for the songs this applies to, I left a comment saying that using a typical Hammond organ voicing is fine.
This NoteWorthy file uses a non standard font. This can be obtained as follows:
Tef260 - External download from