Double Violin Concerto BWV 1043

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Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), German
Instruments:2 Violins, Strings, Basso Continuo (Bass)
Submitter:Dojo, Jinx
Email:JinxDojo0 (e-mail)
Arranger:"Eulenburg Edition"
Concerto in D Minor for 2 Violins and String Orchestra - "Double Violin Concerto", BWV 1043, Believed to be composed around 1717-1723.
Note - This is only movement 1, the most
commonly played movement. I intend to add the
other two movements in the near future if I find
the time. I hope my small contribution to the
scriptorium helps.
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Please note that this file is not designed to
*sound* very accurately. It has been copied
directly from my mini-score with little to no
alteration. If the dynamics are taken out, the
sound will be much more full. In my opinion, this
piece is written in such a way that the piece
controls the dynamics without them being specified.