Recit. nr.23 from St. Matteus Passion

bachsteh.nwcJuly 20001.05 kB00:01:11
Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), German
First Line:Ich will hier bei dir stehen
Submitter:Grecay, Paul
Email:Pagrecay (e-mail)
Apologia- I feel a brief explanation of this submission is
appropriate. I have little musical training outside of many years of celtic
music (highland piping)...despite this I have always been captivated by the
music of J.S. Bach and if I had my druthers, I would have gotten training in
keyboard work...particularly the three part inventions and organ fugues. My
background in piping gives me no experience with musical dynamics, key
signatures, notes outside of a 9 note diatonic scale...and the mystery of the
bass clef!! This is my attempt to remedy my ignorance with the help of the
NWC software. There is an additional wrinkle...when I was a very young boy,
I received some musical training on (please don't laugh) the accordion. I
quit playing at age 10 and for 40 years never told a soul that I could play
one. Well, recently I purchased a used 120 bass accordion. It struck me
that music can be coaxed out of many odd instruments and I began to look at
this accordion differently. On the right hand we have a piano type keyboard
with several stops to change to sound. We have a bellows which can enhance
dynamics and volume. On the left hand we have all the notes of the lower
register arranged in an oddly logical way as a series of buttons. There are
also buttons for major, minor, diminished, and seventh chords. I reasoned
that an arrangement of this piece could be made within the constraints of the
instrument...and since I will never be able to play an pipe organ this little
"reed organ that you wear on your chest" might be able to produce these
pieces in my living room. So I arranged the bass staff using the available
keys and worked with a score from a church was necessary to
eliminate notes in the left (button) hand that were played in the right
(keyboard) hand to make it physically possible to play. None of the chord
buttons are used (that would be cheating)...when I played it as written, I
was so happy to hear this beautiful piece coming out of that funnly little
squeeze box. So, dear reader, if you are still reading and have not fallen
off your chair with laughter, I would appreciate your opinion of my little
arrangement. I really enjoyed working on it...and I am amazed how Bach's
work can be expressed in some unlikely forms...certainly a credit to his
genius which I sincerely hope I have not insulted with this attempt at
arrangement. Please let me know what you think...and be gentle...this is my
first time.
Yours truly............a musical novice and keyboard wannabee......Paul Grecay