Black Bear

bbear.nwcApril 20031.64 kB00:00:39
Genre:Fife and Drum
Instruments:Fife, simulated by piccolo +20 Snare Drum and Bass Drum, simulated by Taiko -10
Submitter:Bub, William
Email:fathafluff (e-mail)
Uses boxmarks.ttf and NWslur.ttf
I was asked to send this by a reply in the forum #3276. It is an example of
how to do drumming with flams, half-drags (ruffs) and rolls, using a hidden
staff, tempo changes (10 32nd notes in a quarter), adjustment of the other
(fife) part due to the tempo changes (hidden extra time).
(in the file's info)
transcribed by William Bub fathafluff (e-mail) Required fonts - NWslur, Boxmark
1st staff (Fife) is Piccolo, transposed +20, panned left 2nd staff is 2 layered staffs: Snare and Bass.
Snare staff (3rd space + grace notes) is muted; for display only Bass staff (1st space) is Taiko Drum, transposed -10, panned center
Hidden staff has the actual drumming, (low D chan 10 = snare drum) Reveal it by File Page Setup Contents SnareX
Note tempo changes to make 10 32nds = 1 quarter
Note added notes required in fife part to compensate (hidden)
Also note Chan 10 cannot have different notes w diff midi settings: hence Bass Drum NOT chan 10.
This NoteWorthy file uses non standard fonts. These can be obtained as follows:
Boxmarks - Scriptorium download at
NWslur - Scriptorium download at