Piano Sonata Op. 106 in Bb

beet_ps_106.nwcMarch 2002141.16 kB00:41:44
Composer:Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827), German
Genre:Classical piano repetoire
Submitter:Lunsford, Danny Ross
Email:antimatter33 (e-mail)
Arranger:(Interpretation) Danny Ross Lunsford
A good soundcard with wavetable capability and genuine piano
samples (e.g Roland, Yamaha) is recommended.
Care has been given to both visual playback as well as printing. The
transcription is as faithful to the original score as possible within the
limitations of the software.
For best printing, use the following page setup:
Staff size 14
Top and edge margins at 0.4 inch
Bottom margn at 0.6 inch
No title page info
No bar numbering
User fonts 1-4, Times Roman, 13 pts.
User fonts 5-6, Times Roman, 8 pts.
For best visual playback, unselect "Active Staff frame" and make inactive
staff color match active staff color.
-Danny Ross Lunsford