Adagio Cantabile from Piano Sonata #8 in C minor, Op. 13 "Pathetique"

beetadag.nwcJanuary 200210.88 kB00:04:57
Composer:Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827), German
Genre:Classical, Guitar
Instruments:solo guitar (orig. for piano)
Submitter:Nachbaur, Fred
Email:fnachbaur (e-mail)
Arranger:Fred Nachbaur
includes full fingerings in score
Completely re-edited January, 2002 to take advantage of many of the new featured in NWC since the original edition. Download of update highly recommended.
This NoteWorthy file uses a non standard font. This can be obtained as follows:
Boxmarks - Scriptorium download at
This arrangement for solo guitar was developed over the course of approximately one year.
It is not particularly difficult, the hardest part is getting smooth shifts in position
without excessive fret noise.
The original is in A-flat major, but the guitar adaptation was done in the much easier key
of A major. If you wish to adhere to the original tonality, tune your guitar one semitone
flat. This also gives a deep, rich quality which is especially appropriate for this
beautiful composition.
I have maintained the original tempo and time signature, even though all those sixteenth
notes make the piece look more formidable than it really is. Suggested tempo is 30 beats
per quarter note (or set your metronome for 60 beats and count eighth notes).
The .nwc file contains a "score" group which is muted, and a "sound" group which is hidden;
this consists of six tracks, one for each string of the guitar.
Dynamics were intentionally left out of the score, to encourage the performer to become
involved in the process of arranging by working out his/her own interpretation. Similarly,
tempo variances were kept to a bare minimum.
Fingering is extensively marked in the first 2/3 of the piece. However, if you find easier
or better fingerings for your own playing style, don't adhere to the ones provided just
because they are written. The last section is essentially the same fingering as the opening
theme, except with a different rhythm. For this reason the fingerings were not provided here.
To properly view the score, you'll have to have BOXMARKS.TTF installed and available in
your font manager.
To make the score properly viewable using the Browser Plug-in or NoteWorthy Player, increase
the top staff size of the first staff to 30.
To print the score, set your printer driver for A4 size. (If you live in North America and
can't get A4-size paper, set for single-sheet mode and use legal-size paper, trimming as
necessary afterwards.)
Fred Nachbaur, Nelson BC Canada, September 1998
Update January 2002:
This edition has been extensively revamped, to take advantage of the many
improvements in NoteWorthy Composer since the original edition. The resulting
score is now much more readable, with proper beaming throughout. There have
also been minor (but noticable) improvements in the midi rendition.