"To The Blackbird" (ca 1810)

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Composer:Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827), German
Genre:Folk song, classical.
Instruments:Piano, Violin, Cello, Voice
Submitter:Dyer, William D
Email:wddyer (e-mail)
This is a song written by the composer to include the lyrics of a poem by David ap Gwillim. It was written for James Thomson, a publisher in Scotland. One of the very first folk melodies arranged by Beethoven, Thomson's complaint was "In this country, there is not one pianist in a hundred who could make the two hands go well together..." The cataloging of the piece was Hess # 206 and written about 1810. One problem. I got the words of the poem to fit the notes, but they don't make much sense, in other words, the cadence points of the poem and music don't coincide. Credits: Credits go to Midi Author, Mark S. Zimmer