Fidelio (Opus 72 - 1814) - No 3 Quartet - "Mir ist so wunderbar"

beetfid72_3.nwcDecember 200810.19 kB00:04:12
Composer:Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827), German
Lyricist:Joseph Sonnleithner (1776-1835, Austrian)
First Line:Mir ist so wunderbar
Instruments:Vocal quartet (Soprano, Soprano, Tenor, Bass) plus piano or orchestra accompaniment
Submitter:Aarons, Robert
Email:Robert.Aarons (e-mail)
The NWC file contains both a piano accompaniment and a full orchestral accompaniment. Modify which one is displayed from Page Setup...Contents. Modify the playing staffs from Tools..Mute List. Text in German. Piano part typed in from Schirmer 1907 score (courtesy of William and Gayle Cook Music Library at Orchestral parts from a very tatty score of unknown origin c.1870 in my own possession (title page missing).
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