"Duet" from opera Carmen (1875)

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Composer:Bizet, Georges (1838-1875), French
Lyricist:Henri Meilbac (1831-1897), Luodvic Halevy (1833-????)
First Line:Par le-moi de ma mè-re!
Instruments:Soprano (Micaëla), Tenor (Don Jose), orchestra
Submitter:Tamiya, Takahiro
Email:ttamiya (e-mail)
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This opera carmen is very famous. This duet is for Micaëla and Don Jose at act 1 . Very lovely Duet.
I created this by referrence to Dover Full Opera Score.
I got French lyrics from http://opera.stanford.edu/Bizet/Carmen/acte1.html
I optimized for WinGroove 16 channel software synthesizer. From Original novel Prosper Merimee (1803-1870)
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