Ronde Francaise (Transcribed for Organ) Op 37

boelronde.nwcSeptember 20115.21 kB00:05:40
Composer:Boëllmann, Leon (1862-1897),French
Submitter:Smedley, Tony
Email:htonysmedley (e-mail)
Arranger:Choisnel, Gaston
Originally written for piano by Boëllman The recommended stops are Swell=Oboe 8’, Choir=Flute 8’+4’. Great=Diapason and Flute 8’, Pedal=Open and Stopped Diapason 16’+8’
Because of the limitations of the General MIDI sound font, “Church Organ” and “Reed Organ “ have been used, Typed in by hand from the original manuscript.